Đồng nghĩa của natty

Alternative for natty

nattier, nattiest

Đồng nghĩa: dapper, dashing, jaunty, raffish, rakish, snappy, spiffy, spruce,

Tính từ

Neat and trim in dress and appearance
smart sharp dapper dashing spruce stylish fashionable chic elegant trendy trim debonair snazzy modish rakish cool jaunty snappy neat nifty spiffy clever fly groovy kicking kicky sassy schmick tony well-dressed crucial ingenious trig well dressed well-turned-out chichi classy clean dainty prim slick swanky well-groomed well turned out with it on fleek spruced up dressed to kill dressed to the nines as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox dressy swank sporty gay voguish sophisticated besuited raffish saucy tidy swish flashy swell ritzy well-tailored well groomed swagger hip perky well turned-out a la mode pert casual crisp jazzy showy loud attractive ornate exclusive happening supercool fresh in polished flamboyant au courant smartly dressed glamorous soigné presentable fashionably dressed in vogue well-presented formal elaborate in fashion funky flash ultra-modern breezy stylin' dress informal excellent distinctive first-class as if you had just stepped out of a bandbox lovely confident fancy stunning gorgeous dressed up to the nines up-to-the-minute in style swinging groomed suave devil-may-care splashy pizazzy pizzazzy dressed up looking sharp beautiful bright upscale ostentatious uptown colorful now becoming nice with style dressed to the teeth spick and span charming clean-cut spiffed-up sleek fine dolled up in high feather colourful in good taste snug spry bandbox nobby doggy posh nimble brisk spiff neat and tidy tidily dressed turned out dressed to nines of smart appearance glittering glittery flaunting brazen gaudy glitzy fit to be seen

Tính từ

Trendy or in fashion
swank stylish smart chic trendy modish now dashing fly trendsetting contemporary modern popular chichi current mod swanky latest upscale hot rakish trig posh new favoured favored faddy newfangled prevailing usual customary genteel in vogue with it up-to-the-minute all the rage in style a la mode in-thing up to the minute well-liked latest thing last word a go-go fashionable voguish hip in cool happening tony kicky snazzy in fashion up to date spiffy sassy designer sharp au courant snappy fresh swish supercool up-to-date elegant exclusive swell kicking big nifty schmick on fleek swinging groovy funky classy dapper with-it in thing bang up to date dressy ultra-modern flash swagger culty all the go du jour ritzy debonair tasteful sophisticated def hep downtown turned-on avant-garde faddish de rigueur newest styleworthy attractive trim modernistic fancy flattering high-fashion understated le dernier cri vogue high-class dap showy red-hot well turned-out à la mode well-heeled expensive sexy youthful party young smartest nice finest formal Sunday nicest high-toned glamorous down the new massive crisp spruce good last-word pop crowd-pleasing large popularized favorite well groomed well dressed jaunty shiny well turned out smartly dressed cutting-edge favourite popularised desired sought-after prevalent as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox in favour in demand well-groomed well put together well-dressed clean big thing fad chi-chi craze latest fad dernier cri in favor new look latest fashion latest wrinkle on the cutting edge in the latest style in with it flashy fine polished bling fancy-pants beautiful urbane sleek jazzy ostentatious pretentious steezy slick uptown in the mainstream dressed to the teeth dressed to kill new-fashioned advanced progressive forward-looking cutting edge leading-edge leading edge go-ahead high-tech recent hi-tech state-of-the-art modern-day brand-new modernised modernized stylin' leading newly discovered contemporaneous novel latter-day space-age ground-breaking updated groundbreaking plugged-in innovative innovatory present-day nouvelle pioneering ultramodern new age recently developed neoteric never-before-seen revolutionary radical futuristic unconventional trailblazing ingenious original inventive unorthodox innovational creative unusual unfamiliar disruptive just out experimental enlightened unprecedented late liberal off-centre imaginative forward-thinking highly developed left-field avant developed topical forward present open-minded today enterprising different complex unique evolved offbeat dynamic uncommon automated originative newborn improved out of the ordinary contempo breakthrough visionary elaborate latter up-and-coming singular the latest untried unknown freethinking ambitious strange go-getting higher spirited bold far ahead well along far along well ahead nontraditional nonconformist brand new ultra modern out-of-the-box established progressivist hot off the press extant seminal refined vital future technologically advanced cosmopolitan bohemian ahead of its time alternative extreme gnarly rare relevant intricate high-end untested surprising exotic atypical highly-developed unaccustomed ahead of the times timely clever inspired unheard-of of late hot off the fire Promethean just released breaking new ground hottest today's supermodern gimmicky mould-breaking lively perfected innovating spearheading high liberated appealing impressive undercool wicked active present-time concurrent coincident concomitant hippest surrealistic avant garde quite recent bleeding edge unwonted exciting resourceful mature landmark vivacious artful broad-minded antitraditional anticonventional nonconventional nonorthodox large-minded way-out entrepreneurial afresh transformational later out of the common eccentric just issued forefront variational vigorous driven energetic enthusiastic twenty- first century de nos jours existent 21st-century far-out awake perceptive familiar observant alive conscious savvy knowledgeable versed knowing informed apprehensive aware instant this season's new-fangled deviceful up abreast antiestablishment high-level daring audacious adventurous intrepid rising high-powered courageous high-style underground head lead beat vanguard special inspiring refreshing twenty-first century dewy recently discovered switched on hep to on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on wise to hip to bang up-to-date distinctive artistic peculiar odd self-regulating robotic automatic existing occurring recently the newest in the know mistakenly trendy new wave reforming appearing recently powerful artificially intelligent germinal well-thought-out well-designed well-planned strategic multifaceted formative involved well-built balanced holistic planetary astrological supernaturalist spiritual mystic occult gumptious recognized set common SOTA newfound foremost far cry newsworthy intelligent prime ahead supreme hot off press ordinary widespread ubiquitous rampant pervasive accepted general nonconservative complicated pre-eminent foreseeing pushing farseeing proactive positive forethoughtful farsighted forehanded prescient provident foresighted just completed immediately prior just done immediately prior to just finished weird excellent paramount precocious exceptional principal reformist capable of learning pressing important universal individualistic outlandish idiosyncratic freakish bizarre individual right-on buzzworthy crystal healing way out quirky esoteric Age of Aquarius reigning recognised leftist left-wing libertarian subjective interesting nominal in the news thematic fundamental rad wacky deep hippie oddball wild PC free-thinking latitudinarian humanistic drastic unhackneyed in force far out off the wall computerized digital multimedia out of this world technological game-changing world-shattering computerised politically correct more recent most recent

Tính từ

Clean and tidy in appearance or character
neat tidy orderly trim shipshape prim trig uncluttered spruce organised organized groomed crisp smart kempt methodical tidied systematic bandbox antiseptic smug snug systematised systematized regular arranged methodic straight immaculate fastidious besuited exact nice dainty spotless tricksy proper correct finical finicky well-ordered in order well ordered well turned out spick and span neat and tidy spick-and-span well kept well organized in good order well groomed picked up well-kept in good shape in apple-pie order well-turned out apple-pie order shipshape and Bristol fashion arranged well as neat as a new pin neat as a pin well-designed dapper well-groomed elegant chic clean slick clean-cut as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox sleek taut snappy spiffy sharp efficient compact well-pressed meticulous symmetrical soigné businesslike well maintained well looked-after well turned-out to rights ordered structured disciplined well-organized planned precise logical methodized careful controlled well-regulated coherent fixed together formal regimented well regulated consistent well thought out standardized coordinated sorted out deliberate scrupulous standardised systematical well planned strict well-dressed well-turned-out presentable chipper straightened out uniform all together routine regulated standard practical analytical thoroughgoing complete painstaking out-and-out by the book by the numbers joined-up well-maintained effective tight well-arranged rigid steady self-controlled impeccable well-presented well thought-out sorted in place in position cleanly well arranged personable well disciplined law-abiding well-behaved peaceable settled nonrandom in good condition fit to be seen in tip-top condition put to rights Bristol fashion as fresh as paint in sync no-nonsense unchanging even unvarying unvaried punctilious monotonous strictly regulated unbroken dull framed thorough alike rangé scientific set-up conventional correlated cataloged classified tabulated restricted grouped formed catalogued prearranged prepared formulated in shape closely controlled strictly controlled on a tight rein neat as button neat as pin

Tính từ

Forming a thick tangled mess
matted knotted tangled knotty tousled uncombed unkempt ratty dishevelled entangled felted tangly dirty disheveled disordered entwined greasy intertwined kinky rumpled snarled twisted messy untidy bedraggled ungroomed ruffled slovenly scruffy daggy mussed up shaggy sloppy frowzy mussed windblown shabby ragged blowsy scraggly slatternly ravelled wild sleazy blowzy draggle-tailed disarrayed raveled disarranged straggly windswept coiled dowdy draggletailed ill-groomed inappropriately dressed poorly dressed ill-clad badly dressed badly groomed worse for wear muddled jumbled slobbish raggedy slobby mussy tumbled frowsy sloven hanging loose wrinkled messed up unneat slapdash in a mess unbrushed tacky raunchy schlumpy seedy intertwisted enmeshed snarled up messed cluttered disorderly interlaced trapped chaotic littered topsy-turvy hugger-mugger pell-mell higgledy-piggledy upside-down in disarray messed-up mussed-up out of joint grungy drawn seized engaged snagged gnarled banded clumped clenched linked perplexed bent clustered knitted whirled lashed meshed clinched tight hitched furrowed fastened lassoed braided bunched warped secured tense spliced looped hard tied taut dishabille grubby unpolished grotty down-at-heel frayed frazzled in rags ragtag coarse vulgar tatty confused disorganized at sixes and sevens disorganised shambolic haywire mixed-up in disorder in a muddle in a jumble in chaos mixed up helter-skelter tumultuous anarchic disrupted out of order in a state every which way haphazard orderless upset unruly riotous out of place in confusion upside down in a shambles all over the place in turmoil rough scrambled scraggy lawless unsystematic unsettled random awry askew deranged turbulent uncontrolled frenzied hectic overturned dislocated disjointed rampageous purposeless in uproar utterly confused harum-scarum in pandemonium tarty unsorted not made lank slept-in unorderly convoluted muddly discombobulated dilapidated neglected crude strewn strewed like a bomb's hit it irregular untidied piled scattered crowded in a clutter out of kilter misplaced displaced shuffled tossed indiscriminate out-of-place unmade snafu top dingy slipshod all over the shop all over the lot all over the map unfastidious inside-out unhinged cockeyed upended upturned luxated downside-up

Tính từ

Having a lively or cheerful manner or character
jaunty lively animated vivacious energetic spirited sprightly merry peppy perky active cheerful frisky bubbly buoyant vital cheery sparkling breezy happy sunny bouncy exuberant upbeat brisk joyful bright effervescent jolly ebullient pert chirpy snappy animate bouncing pizazzy pizzazzy frolicsome jazzy springy kinetic mettlesome gay zippy jovial gleeful playful blithesome spry chipper sparky gamesome zappy impish exhilarated jocose peart fresh rollicking sparkly bold sportive wick airy devilish glad sporty light perk racy spanking easy trim venturesome flip joking showy spruce high-spirited bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans full of life in good spirits full of vim and vigour full of the joys of spring go-go as lively as a grig as merry as a grig blithe light-hearted carefree vigorous joyous zestful zingy gladsome in high spirits happy-go-lucky mirthful lighthearted dynamic enthusiastic genial untroubled elated jocund vibrant radiant optimistic positive smiley laughing of good cheer grinning unworried frolic dashing without a care in the world lightsome good-humoured smiling good-humored irrepressible fun-loving hopeful bright and breezy jocular euphoric ludic alert cock-a-hoop excited jubilant content zesty festive crank nimble full of pep easy-going strong contented forceful lusty spunky alive and kicking feisty full of hope kittenish insouciant fiery full of fun agile mischievous debonair roguish coltish prankish casual winsome eupeptic canty skittish brash keen devil-may-care full of energy tireless free and easy bubbling entertaining boisterous blissful exultant flippant ecstatic smart funny full of get-up-and-go passionate ball of fire swinging hearty wild puckish vivid convivial pleasant hilarious powerful waggish indefatigable cheering hardy gingery sturdy forcible untiring jumping red-blooded elvish larkish hyper saucy scintillating witty wonderful confident neat humorous exciting romping easygoing stimulating ardent jokey rascally robust frivolous arch wicked rocking antic eager potent frolicky quick high tricksy driving nonchalant naughty enterprising unflagging stalwart industrious strenuous high-powered informal feeling one's oats on top of the world rakish relaxed amusing sassy overjoyed beaming delighted unthinking daring thrilled sexy comic gratified whimsical chucklesome elastic resilient laid-back energized activated unconcerned satisfied facetious pleased game uninhibited thankful tickled chuffed wrapped flourishing tough friendly enlivening cheerly colorful colourful rapturous comical slaphappy boon teasing sanguine wanton bantering energised on cloud seven beside oneself with joy on cloud nine heartening on the go unruly pixieish scampish pixie sly leprechaunish knavish pixy elfish larky fay sportful peppery mobile offhand alive thriving Pickwickian joshing larking sharp intense daffy delightful dizzy aggressive bustling flush stirring in fine fettle enjoyable virile busy rugged impassioned over the moon barnstorming zealous go-getting sound hale and hearty fun effective giddy pushy full of zip raring to go excitable lots of laughs stylish full of joie de vivre without a care graceful at ease dapper diverting uncaring unconsidered heedless indifferent effusive beatific bonny unserious insubstantial outgoing fairylike grooving gladdened frothy agitated gushing aware tumultuous bullish salacious glitzy fancy jazzlike psychedelic amiable fanciful volatile pertinent relevant interesting dull tight fervent expansive supple invigorated excellent outstanding fast swift striking magnificent marvellous new whopping marvelous rapid remarkable exceptional breathless dramatic youthful gallant gritty turnt pleasure-seeking willful rhapsodical valiant laid back loony festal nutty chaffing jollying rapt enraptured avid heated full of the joy of living forward self-assertive presuming coquettish transported pleasurable stoked popping espiègle full of vim and vigor jumpy hot burning flipping fantastic flying occupied coy exhilarating heady moving demoniac motive kinematic dynamical locomotive motile droll jesting enlivened easy-breezy low-pressure ventilated affable mellow blessed heartwarming vitalized flirtatious elfin eventful dexterous dextrous deedful on the move bubbling over as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy off-the-wall doing handsprings floating on air distinctive piquant rich poignant tart clever tasty tangy pungent troublemaking mischief-making frolicking capering unconstrained spicy cute to the point electrifying sportsmanlike gentlemanly fair pixilated fiendish full of mischief implike glib tongue-in-cheek risible flamboyant dazzling natural unforced happening vehement humming buzzing rousing gladdening hopping coruscating intensive astir abuzz determined shallow superficial cheeky trivial rip-roaring rowdy storming resounding ballsy punchy sensitive vibrating emphatic gutsy responsive clowning in fun in jest full-blooded all-out muscular abubble have-a-go hard-hitting high-octane aboil full of spirit spontaneous open unceremonious rumbustious roisterous empty-headed demure silly scatterbrained flirty feather-brained warming satisfying uplifting welcome pleasing good considerate sportsmanly decent generous noisy robustious rambunctious encouraging gratifying knockabout hell-raising cavorting swashbuckling riotous raucous unrestrained loose unstudied footloose nonformal childish honest honourable evenhanded just honorable reasonable square soul-stirring heart-warming rollicksome thumping ripping loud footloose and fancy-free healthy sporting bucked free as the wind free as a bird straight shooting square shooting square dealing fit strapping fine athletic able-bodied blooming roseate rosy up good-natured in good health hale strong as an lion in good trim in good kilter strong as an ox strong as an horse in tip-top condition in good shape in good condition persuasive take-over steamroller fighting fit take-charge efficient hard-driving sunny side up glass half full full of vim in the pink fit as a fiddle employed engaged working assiduous diligent laborious sedulous tied-up assertive violent at work well on the job able resolute hectic stout perceptive firm wholesome restored whole quick-witted well-conditioned hard at work capable Herculean ready brawny refreshed earnest burly buff husky in harness at it intelligent rehabilitated courageous influential hard-pressed fanatical astute hustling unwearied busy as a bee gifted buzzy sinewy on the hop hard at it bursting with health bright-eyed bushy-tailed ambitious compelling shredded jacked beefy engrossed quick off the mark on the ball tenacious tied up young acute physically fit mighty stark militant involved go-ahead pushing rested shrewd quivering effectual revived rushed off your feet brilliant clear trembling resourceful two-fisted brainy committed quaking pulsating dedicated staunch sharp-witted shaking interested fit as a flea throbbing beating restless supersmart hyperintelligent ultrasmart as fit as a fiddle glowing wrapped up like new in rude health hungry wide awake right as rain belligerent combative muscly bellicose quick on the uptake normal ingenious pugnacious unsteady imaginative hard arduous hired laboring signed selected operating inked ripped chaotic argumentative productive well built quarrelsome extreme inventive dogged taxing aerobicized exhausting frantic contentious confrontational full in place in collar plugging away on board on duty physical truculent severe hunky creative disputatious crowded warlike scrappy thewy on the payroll in a job agonistic impressive frenetic frenzied rigorous chippy swarming persistent gladiatorial lithe discordant assaultive awake preoccupied plucky brawly labouring absorbed teeming telling talented immersed penetrating fierce thronging all right hardworking brave adventurous OK devoted overloaded in good physical condition in good physical shape steadfast snowed quick-thinking motivated well-built in shape furious hard-working innovative on the run have one's hands full in-your-face in fine feather expressive wholehearted nimble-witted observant discerning up to one's ears busy as a beaver lucid eloquent warm perspicacious driven pulling no punches faithful enthused obsessed coming on strong puissant genius whip-smart pumped intent unyielding raring craving itching yearning like Piccadilly Circus great willing as fit as a flea full of go full of commotion agog solicitous voracious all there as strong as an ox appetent thirsty desirous anxious impatient nuts antsy keen as mustard crazy athirst gung ho greedy unused undimmed stimulated verdant relieved florid ruddy unfaded dewy creamy unwithered retained gregarious concentrated fluid ambulatory invigorating health-conscious jobholding better concerted unremitting pertinacious piercing healthful right healthier heaving powerfully built broad-shouldered thickset recovered envigorating party zoolike rapier-like ok healed afoot herculean full of activity A1 mended cured manly refreshing finely honed clubby social peaches-and-cream lucrative money-making paying rewarding well-proportioned mesomorphic in trim unavailable revitalized reinvigorated with it blunt uncontrolled unbridled live sweeping partyish welcoming masculine inspired practical persevering remunerative gainful fruitful taken outdoor outdoorsy revivified rejuvenated renewed fitter manful inexhaustible rushing thronged nifty holiday virulent up and about in motion hunky-dory as strong as a horse as strong as a lion full-bodied well-developed built focused on utilized utilised sports-loving deviceful in action charged revitalised reenergized sound in body and limb in good form in excellent shape solid as a rock fine and dandy skipping irregular springing bounding leaping hurdling have a previous engagement with a customer tied down have a prior engagement on assignment fast-moving important galvanic unwearying unfailing receptive heavy valid cogent original hurried on the trot clocked up inspirited strengthened fortified pepped up freshened reanimated perked up significant rabid still going strong going strong incessant fervid time-poor savvy convincing weighty radical warring fighting head over heels grind fearless titillated apt delicate canny deft in an occupation contemporary sophisticated modern hip fascinated passional unfatigued fresh as a daisy like a new person untired quickened ultra-active contending extremist combating rushed off one's feet audacious too much on plate competent wise adroit slick adept skilful knowing weariless rhapsodic geeked aflame wacky perfervid afire concerned tantalized unqualified iron-willed embattled juiced keyed up hepped up gone on red-hot bugged hopped-up ready and willing as keen as mustard mad keen gaga hot to trot tantalised chomping at the bit conscientious champing at the bit warmblooded smart as a whip sharp as a tack skillful quick on the trigger whiz mercurial quick on the draw curt wired in demand having a full plate having many irons in the fire slaving having enough on one's plate harried having fish to fry unimpaired rosy-cheeked safe and sound in use solid enduring reinforced stable secure fixed durable steady big substantial hard-nosed uncompromising stubborn unflinching electric magnetic plausible armed efficacious militaristic rebellious warrish assertory martial offensive military revolutionary like a new man good at sports intrepid sagacious unwavering obstinate strong-willed sure loyal self-confident unbending in full swing well-founded hard as nails heavy-duty well-made up-to-date trendy graphic realistic up to snuff in top form the picture of health drastic conclusive coercive credible unanswerable compulsory motivating impellent major urging propulsive venturous free-swinging up-and-coming entrepreneurial nervy emboldened adventuresome nerved strong-minded decisive single-minded unfaltering detailed exacting tiring ornery in arms up in arms lifelike evocative affecting picturesque arresting firm in spirit independent resolved heroic indomitable certain mean purposeful stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad unhesitating take charge touchy progressive gumptious advancing self-starting aspiring lusting challenging demanding difficult visual unforgettable memorable authentic haunting charismatic activating self-motivated highpowered energising energizing hyped-up go-getter vitalizing diehard spark plug hard ball turbulent testing harsh trying unsparing gutty pictorial delineated emotive distinct thin-skinned graphical fascinating hot-blooded burdensome flustering madhouse PDQ prompt on the warpath high-strung habitual trembly pulsing shuddery reverberant play hard ball play for keeps true-to-life true to life definite crystal clear theatrical sharply-etched highly coloured bumpy onerous full on wearing imperious action-packed quavering oscillating shivering rhythmic rhythmical reverberative reverberating shivery cadent cadenced palpitating hurrying about rushing about in a hurry in a rush dashing about engrossed in at work on rushed off one's feet with preoccupied with absorbed in immersed in shaky fluttering quavery shuddering jittery longing amenable inclined restive hung up hankering disposed unreluctant pining covetous strident aquiver tremulous atremble thunderous tottering lilting conscious wabbling wabbly juddering rocky tottery wobbly sonorant wobbling insomnolent awakened sleepless with a steady pulse insomniac roused wakeful cognizant not asleep wide-awake tossing and turning not sleeping

Tính từ

Small and attractive
dinky small diminutive little adorable bantam cute dainty dear dwarfish fine fun-size half-pint Lilliputian mini miniature neat petite pint-size pint-sized pocket pocket-size pocket-sized puny pygmy shrimpy slight smallish subnormal toylike trim undersize undersized wee adorbs bush-league compact insignificant lesser little-bitty minor minor-league secondary small-fry small-time teensy-weensy teeny tiny fun size second rate teeny weeny minute teeny-weeny minuscule midget microscopic itsy-bitsy toy short baby teensy bitty bitsy elfin small-scale itty-bitty vest-pocket dwarf weeny minikin minuscular runty titchy stunted infinitesimal nanoscopic peewee fragile microscopical tiddly delicate weensy little bitty imperceptible underdeveloped small-boned feeble micro portable light skimpy miniaturized peanut cramped pintsize eensy pintsized scrubby pee-wee ickle eensy-weensy miniaturised bijou stubby atomic microminiature slim undeveloped charming frail runtish meager sweet thin homuncular reduced meagre darling precious lovely delightful embryonic shriveled wizened shrivelled bitesize not large not big fair yea big bite-sized bonny bite-size knee-high to a grasshopper poky pygmyish atrophied underweight squat low dwarfed sawn-off negligible trifling minimum efficient lilliputian button pygmaean measly handy abridged potted concise condensed piddling piffling munchkin capsule boxy narrow with no room to swing a cat economic of space very small knee high to a grasshopper weak underfed weakly skinny sickly twiggy spare slender reedy undernourished attenuate gracile stick skeleton broomstick weedy unsubstantial niggling zero useless zilch inferior picayune nothing unsound scrawny runt infirm two-bit shrimp unconsequential worthless slightly built size-zero lightly-built not heavy insufficient small time inconsiderable sparse inappreciable limited nano scant snub truncated babyish young immature infant fleeting junior hasty brief short-lived hardly any flyspeck scaled-down exquisite elegant knee-high endearing refined nickel-and-dime not worth bothering about innocent angelic lovable cherubic pretty graceful loveable cuddly disarming tasteful winsome fetching winning cherubical childlike perky enchanting cutesy pleasant engaging airy subtle rare select choice nuanced lovesome likeable likable kawaii twee bonnie chocolate-box pretty-pretty as pretty as a picture beautiful soft lacy attractive comely ethereal superior well-made deft tender recherche pleasing diaphanous stocky squatty dumpy fubsy stumpy exiguous thickset chunky scanty heavyset mite modest paltry restricted deficient inadequate low-lying low-slung solid sturdy stout miserable stingy skimp pitiful scarce sparing invisible not tall beggarly close to the ground thick sawed-off poor broad pathetic invisible to the naked eye very little sprightly spindly bonsai smaller unimportant runted scrub shot undergrown model teenty nanosized tincy teentsy youthful microbic low-set miserly hand-to-mouth molecular shallow yea high small fry indiscernible unnoticeable minim heavy not long bare tenuous confined petty extremely small barely perceptible meek lank mere a slip of a … pudgy beefy bull-necked granular submicroscopic fragmentary knee high to a gnat itsy bitsy incy wincy tincy wincy teensy weensy heavily built thin on the ground disappointing insubstantial lean lamentable trivial lowly contemptible base ordinary chubby nuggety mesomorphic pyknic thick-bodied fat

Tính từ

The best of its kind or class
nifty excellent slick neat cool dandy groovy keen marvelous peachy quick sharp swell terrific agile A-OK awesome bang-up banner beautiful blue-chip blue-ribbon boffo bonnie bonny boss brag brave bully bumper capital choice classic clever corking crackerjack cracking deft divine dope down dynamite fab fabulous famous fantabulous fantastic fine first-class first-rate first-string five-star four-star frontline gangbuster gangbusters gilt-edge gilt-edged gone grand great heavenly high-class hot hype immense jim-dandy lovely marvellous mean noble out-of-sight phat prime primo prize prizewinning quality radical righteous sensational smart splendid stellar sterling superb superior superlative supernal tip-top top topflight top-notch top-of-the-line topping top-shelf unsurpassed wizard wonderful adroit apt attractive chic convenient enjoyable good handy ingenious pleasing schmick skilful skillful spruce stylish super well-designed number one numero uno par excellence peachy keen out of this world outstanding magnificent brilliant exceptional supreme wicked smashing ace too much exquisite tremendous brill glorious champion perfect supercalifragilisticexpialidocious very good sublime select rad admirable top-hole world-class magic impressive beaut best bosting spiffing matchless peerless ripping on fleek mega sik remarkable amazing bodacious striking delightful tiptop topnotch premier accomplished A-1 formidable dazzling exo crack bonzer belting spectacular worthy chillin' amazeballs extraordinary stunning mind-blowing premium elegant rare incomparable class sovereign elite flawless applaudable unreal pre-eminent top-drawer of the first water highest pearler of high quality barrie phenomenal high-grade incredible def eminent preeminent deluxe stupendous desirable transcendent unrivaled consummate fly dreamy sound of the highest quality greatest winning unrivalled of the highest standard gorgeous awesomesauce top-level high-quality top-class inspired crucial bosker breathtaking finest splendiferous A1 too good to be true of the first order grade A exclusive entrancing unparalleled special enchanting fancy notable outrageous vintage masterly exemplary unique nice bad leading lofty optimum spanking top-grade effective optimal beezer way-out model top-tier top-quality hunky-dory far out very best highest quality super-duper of the highest order dominant valuable illustrious ideal invaluable charming certified praiseworthy bewitching laudable alluring commendable noted high distinguished meritorious priceless estimable pleasurable standout prodigious unequalled legit radiant plush captivating memorable mint fantastical unexcelled surpassing cream star fashionable delectable lead unmatched flagship top-of-the-range scrumptious renowned faultless unbeatable quintessential uppermost tops marvy untouchable solid ritzy pleasant fabby effusive goodly singular extreme excessive far-out exciting inflated lank unequaled exaggerated kif worthiest classy exalted gnarly foxy the dog's bollocks thrilling solid gold award-winning without equal beyond compare the best in a class all by itself top of the line top of the range out of sight top-flight above and beyond of highest order classical of a high standard superfine reliable majestic enviable key advanced crowning bestselling unforgettable arresting celebrated agreeable satisfying rewarding colossal sophisticated polished virtuoso masterful really good blissful posh unorthodox deep wild refined top quality high quality idyllic rapturous gratifying ravishing mighty juicy rocking creditable upmarket upscale peak paragon hand-picked elect really nice pick fat luxurious selected distinctive choicest first noteworthy ka pai out-of-this-world dainty high-test best ever like wow cat's meow sup rior all very well well and good elevated august splendorous second to none not too shabby moving eloquent surprising agitating most unbelievable proud favored 10 popular preferred preferential prize-winning grade-A congenial above average slap-up diverting not bad ambrosial superhuman yummy paradisal lush adorable spiritual paradisaic paradisic saintly virtuous top drawer baller crash hot nang No. 1 the very best state-of-the-art a standout with it pretty cool handpicked plum favorite precious zero cool favoured favourite uncommon cherry-picked unusual 24-karat carefully chosen first-line stirring inspiring affecting skilled influential profound expert momentous consequential intense vital rousing crash-hot gee-whizz important forcible impassioned well-done charismatic fascinating seductive appealing intriguing glitzy beguiling fetching luring irresistible magnetic tantalizing elfin engaging glam well dressed siren opulent tantalising trendy looking like a million flashy prestigious glamorous drop-dead gorgeous adept resplendent delicate wondrous imposing proficient practised experienced practiced awe-inspiring dexterous master astonishing dextrous able talented competent versed impeccable veteran educated astounding complete professed compleat unblemished workmanlike sightly gifted stately artful beauteous fair bravura staggering massive venerable statuesque immaculate honorable honourable pretty eye-catching cute pure unmarred prominent capable commanding good-looking taking coruscating heroic favorable royal extravagant monumental joyous professional spotless tasty exhilarating stainless mind-boggling indefectible comely well-known dignified genius favourable finished bright absolute pulchritudinous shining regal grandiose paradisiacal paradisiac positive epic baronial well-favored recherche magnific esteemed utopian heroical honored Homeric well versed copacetic powerful big acceptable shipshape irreproachable enthralling welcome cheery honoured refreshing to die for miraculous delightsome demon dramatic handsome intoxicating fun famed imperial untainted jaw-dropping culminating triumphant up to snuff photogenic efficient immortal blameless trained drop-dead glamourous graceful effulgent sumptuous extremely good time-honored angelic delicious shapely enticing exceptionally good satisfactory likable high-end considerable symmetrical intact well-formed big league luxury reputable unbroken undamaged whole inimitable lavish amiable unimpaired super-eminent super-excellent hotshot unspoilt splendacious unexampled ecstatic sunny entire hypnotic utmost entertaining aesthetic comforting lovesome comfortable tempting euphoric presentable profitable virtuosic amusing knockout magical sweet eye-popping gallant dollish showstopping blessed prettyish esthetic likeable lordly crazy qualified telegenic A-list darling dulcet blest recreative relishable happy rockin promising portentous ridiculous jolly knowledgeable irie banging authoritative extraordinaire likely major splendrous unsurpassable eye-opening costly foremost central dear pricey expensive fine and dandy schooled uplifting nice-looking aesthetically appealing aesthetically pleasing fine-looking savvy spendy ultraexpensive pricy nonpareil fit easy on the eyes first class up to standard up to scratch up to par big-ticket palatine celestial palatial towering prepossessing princely solemn kingly swanky seemly queenly easy on the eye fanciable ominous top-end high-ticket ten aces untarnished foolproof excelling defectless picturesque piked uninjured unharmed unhurt scintillating vivid frabjous splendent unprecedented unimpeachable conspicuous blinding unflawed ultimate marked principal tophole eventful signal magnolious particular proper definitive convivial balmy predominant rich significant intelligent awing weird outlandish bizarre crashing something else cordial chief hundred-proof what thoroughbred first rate better than expected very fine exacting jovial A-number-1 mostest insane theatrical unutterable high-ranking worthwhile especial very agreeable very pleasant very nice meritable dream good quality high-caliber a cut above strong deserving respectable chur overwhelming better improved enhanced creative eclectic the heartwarming well executed a million dollars awful good-quality high-calibre imaginative well trained awe-striking heart-stopping eximious transcendental sacred inspirational holy abstract five star of the highest type top grade best-quality highest-quality strange absurd mad far-fetched A-grade like a million dollars ostentatious daring bold absorbing touching couthy cheerful mooi lekker felicitous hunky dory what great better than usual of the best quality better than average titantic large unusually good innovational innovative surpassing belief the most innovatory one in a million in a league of their own acclaimed intellectual herculean enterprising original inventive well-versed cordon bleu worthy of admiration worthy of commendation cat's pajamas portly resourceful affable hunky clear mild tasteful tutored multitalented fitted well-rounded multiskilled sure-handed effectual taught practical all-round all-around a hand at seasoned sexy physically attractive enormous pronounced maximum gigantic astral self-important pompous overblown immodest top-ranking highest-ranking glossy snazzy flamboyant OK splashy showy in order dishy relief glad cunning zingy soothing hospitable spellbinding prized primary titanic humungous humongous uttermost monstrous giant extensive gargantuan dapper voluptuous curvaceous winsome sheen beddable willowy personable sensual camera-friendly debonair propitious auspicious adored genial passable elating copasetic savory grateful paradisaical calming specialist opportune indispensable valued inestimable respected treasured optimistic advantageous hopeful inviting mesmeric heady mesmerizing severe astronomic acute leviathan max thumping vast mountainous ginormous astronomical savoury facile leet enchanted entranced charmed bewitched rosy heartening encouraging providential au fait unmarked of genius fairylike roseate upbeat hot property without blemish pristine dreamlike mesmerising fiendish conjuring fortunate immensely skilled highly qualified very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled extraordinarily skilled highly trained picture-book correct picture-perfect letter-perfect accurate seamless error-free unerring fairy-tale golden unsullied copybook unspoiled without fault as good as new as sound as a bell just so full of promise one-off rose-colored most valuable most precious

Tính từ

Behaving in a mean or unfair way
shabby contemptible despicable dirty low mean cheap rotten shameful unworthy dishonourable disreputable ignoble low-down shoddy discreditable sorry unfair base mean-spirited nasty ungentlemanly unkind hateful scurvy ungenerous unpleasant beastly beggarly cruel despisable disgraceful dishonorable disrespectful ignominious inconsiderate inglorious mercenary miserly scummy selfish shady stingy thoughtless vile sordid wretched reprehensible detestable unprincipled execrable bad infamous wicked odious snide abject deplorable low-minded paltry immoral heinous currish disgusting loathsome abominable scandalous villainous offensive foul corrupt uncharitable unscrupulous blameworthy degrading nefarious dastardly lousy obnoxious vicious shocking wrong depraved crooked appalling treacherous opprobrious degenerate worthless unrespectable abhorrent notorious malicious knavish spiteful filthy shameless egregious flagitious beyond contempt dishonest distasteful atrocious revolting hurtful pitiful humiliating unspeakable dirty rotten horrible sinful miserable monstrous reprobate underhand shy louche deceitful degraded grubby lame diabolical ratty sneaking cowardly scabby beyond the pale obscene improper disagreeable untrustworthy no-good evil poor unsavoury rascally horrid scoundrelly vulgar pitiable iniquitous inexcusable unforgivable pathetic dreadful unacceptable unethical fiendish outrageous deceptive indefensible terrible fraudulent underhanded lamentable unsavory cruddy stinking impure barbarous undignified unlawful servile menial unbecoming not cricket out of order below the belt malevolent off-color shaming insensitive unfriendly repulsive ugly callous harsh repugnant objectionable unfeeling uncaring unsympathetic devilish debased repellent petty squalid heartless unwarranted sly inhuman nauseating roguish off hard-hearted brutal coarse indecent hostile ill-natured savage perverted illegal lewd sad gross awful sneaky catty slimy dark coldhearted crass malignant unrighteous debauched exceptionable inhumane diabolic blackguardly cold-blooded sadistic criminal dissolute black scungy sleazy low-life not nice illegitimate uncalled for devious inequitable caitiff illicit inelegant unpardonable debasing intolerable unseemly embarrassing poxy culpable perfidious traitorous disdainable unjustifiable unfortunate regrettable poisonous unheroic unsuccessful unregenerate hateworthy measly remiss ungodly wrongful swinish outcast inferior demeaning mortifying failed irreligious sacrilegious profane impious unholy blasphemous pitiless ruthless compassionless mischievous erring fallen dislikable horrifying wounding cold-hearted merciless upsetting murderous godless craven uncivil inhospitable unkindly unamiable pixieish tricksy impish scampish arch pixie lying leprechaunish waggish puckish pixy prankish elvish opprobious miscreant putrid sullied tainted bent lawless unsporting crafty unchivalrous warped malfeasant unchristian hardhearted beneath contempt below contempt double-dealing peccable immodest ribald intemperate flagrant unclean drunken carnal profligate cunning wily hard ill frolicsome arrant black-hearted morally wrong Machiavellian cheating shifty conniving designing calculating guileful peasant ordinary reproachful modest simple plain deceiving unsportsmanly shrewd unsportsmanlike slick scheming impoverished destitute needy poverty-stricken sickening ill-gotten against the rules Janus-faced off-putting indigent penniless beggared yucky penurious impecunious gut-churning hellish icky sick-making God-awful damnable vomitous sick bogging noisome noxious yucko disgustful loathly skint needful pauperized dirt-poor broke necessitous threadbare down-and-out famished distressed abandoned tawdry graceless hard up vomit-inducing meagre meager vindictive malign despiteful virulent remorseless cold unmerciful stony unsparing hard-boiled severe obdurate bitter rancorous rude venomous thick-skinned affectless unforgiving desensitized stonyhearted stoney take-no-prisoners ironhearted indurate case-hardened pachydermatous insensate slash-and-burn soulless maleficent desensitised uncompassionate impolite surly truculent unpitying stony-hearted tough indifferent unconcerned unrelenting unemotional discourteous unmoved grim malefic fierce ungracious barbaric antagonistic abusive with a heart of stone intolerant vitriolic stern bellicose vengeful brutish belligerent pernicious cantankerous relentless inimical pugnacious uncongenial ornery evil-minded aggressive churlish baleful boorish evil-intentioned antipathetic wrathful rough unmannerly tactless confrontational combative militant implacable angry violent apathetic bad-tempered bestial ill-tempered adverse unresponsive sharp destructive lacking compassion scrappy ill-mannered unsociable sour tyrannical gruff revengeful wanton ill-humored sinister uncompromising impertinent ill-humoured frigid draconian bad-natured cross undiplomatic exacting rigorous dour ill-bred curt viperous austere blunt bloodthirsty unbending hard as nails butcherly brute hard-nosed adversarial sanguinary aloof warlike inclement unloving hardened argumentative alien sullen resentful indelicate negative acrimonious contrary unpropitious irritable unmannered disinterested inflexible ferocious defamatory brash unhandsome grouchy short ghastly grumpy bad-mannered untouched strict harmful splenetic oppressive ill-disposed wolfish injurious lukewarm halfhearted aversive uncalled-for bloodless heedless self-centered feelingless self-centred icy unwelcoming brusque disapproving adversary contentious uncouth hideous waspish irascible unjust stroppy insolent intimidating biting jaundiced unreceptive unrefined sarcastic antisocial testy narky fractious petulant heavy touchy unmindful cool miffy poison murder cut-throat asocial ungallant snappish snappy onerous unceremonious stone-hearted without sentiment unthoughtful cranky unconsiderate disdainful indiscreet offhand chippy soreheaded huffy frightful ignorant unyielding abrupt contemptuous damaging prejudicial unsusceptible detrimental joyless furious annoying disparaging deleterious unladylike short-tempered hot-tempered quick-tempered grisly gruesome inexorable cussed authoritarian flinty rigid illiberal crude tyrannous uncivilized cold fish uncivilised unremitting obtuse imperceptive incurious crotchety hardhanded heavy-handed unstirred forbidding unhappy detached disregardful censorious stonehearted unsympathizing grudge-bearing loveless uncommiserating impenetrable demanding challenging taxing avenging fell cannibalistic impudent gauche cavalier sulky infernal bearish trying grievous rugged intense terse wreakful out for revenge retaliatory grudging firm tetchy unreasonable punishing cutthroat satanic insensible hatchetjob coldblooded dog-eat-dog dead disadvantageous inauspicious unfavourable unattractive querulous shirty peevish tormenting torturous forceful abrasive excessive constant punitive unlikable excruciating searing loutish insidious marble-hearted peckish liverish grumbling curmudgeonly waxy lifeless unlovable full of hate menacing of evil intent shrewish no-nonsense browbeating ironfisted bullying difficult baneful troublesome dangerous nocuous unempathetic anesthetized sensationless emotionless anaesthetized deadened uncordial crabbed bloody avaricious greedy unrepenting indefatigable uncontrite hard-bitten obloquious derisive derogatory insulting acerbic full of spleen impervious inattentive unaffected unsensitive oblivious despotic dictatorial killer instinct mechanical spiritless artful perilous counter untoward unfavorable unbearable insufferable irritating morose oafish burdensome stiff unimpressionable impassive impassible insusceptible suppressive uncool envious as hard as nails on a short fuse short-fused hazardous bothersome scathing berating scurrilous reviling denigratory belittling pejorative uncomplimentary unloveable rowdy extreme ramrod faceless utilitarian inexpressive gray subhuman grey feral bleak inured to frank outspoken critical vituperatory calumniating vituperative impolitic bluff timid weak quarrelsome loudmouthed contumelious homicidal classless clownish cloddish fiery feisty threatening defiant exasperated hard-shell speaking as one finds plain-spoken calling a spade a spade snarly pettish fretful mighty assaultive peppery prickly crabby agonistic discordant arsey choleric snippy clodhopping uncultured crusty cross-grained polite unpolished rustic lowbred unneighborly horrific ill-deserved amoral harrowing horrendous fearful licentious self-indulgent vitiated delinquent errant exploitative libertine slippery unconscionable demonic scrofulous self-seeking felonious conscienceless two-faced incorrigible scornful dodgy decadent defiled unconscientious questionable corrupted hair-raising macabre nightmarish slaughterous roughshod terrifying frightening alarming unthinking careless grewsome spine-chilling lurid formidable terrific nightmare terrorizing bloodcurdling from hell terrorising dire eerie lou reckless incautious hasty

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