Đồng nghĩa của hitched

Alternative for hitched

hitches, hitched, hitching

Đồng nghĩa: bind, block, catch, clasp, difficulty, drawback, fasten, hook, jerk, obstacle, snag, stopping, tie, yank,


Past tense for fasten or tether
connected coupled fastened yoked harnessed joined tied tethered catenated chained compounded concatenated conjugated hooked interconnected interlinked linked united bound bounden lashed strapped make fasted secured fixed fixt moored clamped annexed anchored set roped knit tied up trussed affixed bonded wed fettered sticked stuck pinned caught glued hooked up appended pinioned spliced fused welded clipt clipped cemented rivetted riveted put together bolted knitted bracketed shackled leashed added soldered brought together clasped paired wedded conjoined hooked on tacked on tagged on combined slapped on taped pegged melded adhered bridged subjoined entwined locked associated battened clinched interfaced linked up hitches on hitched on restrained berthed manacled tacked buckled amalgamated teamed buttoned banded screwed strung picketed nailed knotted tied together unified hitched up married cohered tagged tightened dovetailed joined up merged networked strapped up held melded with plugged into locked up tied in with locken lassoed docked synthesized blended mingled blent handcuffed mixt mixed coalesced inspanned intertwined interweaved grafted hasped laced grappled interlaced intermingled consolidated adjoined positioned interlocked trammeled gyved trammelled confined matched braided plaited interrelated intersected communicated stapled concocted alloyed commingled commixed admixed fixt firmly cabled meshed fastened together held together adjusted integrated intertwisted enfettered enchained bended bent girt girded come together spanned allied consociated clicked braced weaved settled imprisoned hobbled knitted together yoked together coagmented synthesised prefixed immixed assembled juxtaposed incorporated networked with battened down closed compressed tied down cinched buttoned down pinned down pegged down imbedded holden stayed enslaved planted immobilised dropped immobilized bootstrapped to pasted mated joined up with latched onto hog-tied got hitched become man and wife become espoused linked together made up got yoked joined in matrimony made port walked down the aisle tied the knot fixed together bound up joined together joined in wedlock chained up interwove interwoven browden came together span drew together drawn together woven wove became man and wife became espoused got married gotten married underjoined landed sealed posted grasped hanged squeezed hung made more secure prest pressed nailed down disembarked gripped clenched come in fastened down clamped down boarded up fastened securely covered up dropped anchor screwed up made firm came in


Having distinct limits or boundaries

Trái nghĩa của hitched

hitched Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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