Đồng nghĩa của embroiled

Alternative for embroiled

embroils, embroiled, embroiling

Đồng nghĩa: drag, drag in, sweep, sweep up, tangle,

Động từ

To have made something more complex
confused complicated confounded convoluted obfuscated muddled befuddled clouded discombobulated distorted garbled muddied obscured blurred jumbled perplexed twisted beclouded befogged raveled ravelled darkened disoriented entangled tangled intricated made a mess of made complex made difficult made more difficult made unclear muddied the waters rendered uncertain upset set hurdles embarrassed complexed sophisticated complexified mixed up involved snarled up impeded clogged interfused rendered unintelligible made waves messed up misled thwarted fouled up screwed up interweaved made complicated folded muddied up mired mucked up snagged handicapped multiplied led astray deranged elaborated disarranged made difficulties infolded interrelated bedevilled disordered made intricate confuscated opened can of worms bedeviled misinformed obnubilated combined interwove snafued interwoven added fuel to fire overcast fogged misted shadowed shrouded overshadowed hazed dimmed blackened bedimmed overclouded bleared dislimned fuzzed up shaded eclipsed veiled clouded over cast a shadow over mystified fuddled concealed adumbrated murked puzzled flummoxed cloaked bamboozled hid screened masked addled deepened loured dulled grayed greyed filmed tarnished clouded up blotted out made hazy smeared beat stupefied dusked fuzzed gloomed enveloped smudged benighted mantled faded blacked out misted over shielded blinded made indistinct made dark cast a shadow on made dim made vague made darker distracted from become cloudy become shaded become hazy cast a shadow tainted grown dim blocked out become blurred put out of sight become indistinct grew dim hidden grown dark grew dark baffled bemused streaked obstructed bewildered covered vexed vext repressed blanketed blocked enshrouded foxed mazed gravelled graveled buffaloed buried camouflaged misrepresented misted up bedarkened disguised suppressed unfocussed unfocused closed in posed encased ensconced curtained obliterated stained blotted spotted besmeared become fuzzy dazzled become dim rattled grown darker opaqued become less sharp grown blacker inumbrated pettifogged hindered become black become vague blemished got became blurred covered up falsified clouded the issue steamed up become obscure became indistinct kept out of sight become covered in condensation steamed extinguished made black glared grew darker discoloured made less distinct muddied the waters of dazed occulted become misty cached become gloomy bemisted formed mist showered belied grown black stonewalled blocked off the light to discolored papered over grew blacker wrapped turned black fogged over made obscure wrapt sheltered umbraged glazed over become clouded overhung enveloped in shadow colored became hazy filmed over become overcast grew black made cloudy coloured equivocated became cloudy toned down made blacker became shaded fogged up blanked out beaten became overcast became gloomy gotten gat became vague became fuzzy became dim became less sharp threw up smoke screen thrown up smoke screen threw a veil over thrown a veil over became misty became clouded became covered in condensation became obscure became black

Động từ

Past tense for to involve or draw into an (unpleasant) activity or situation
involved implicated mired entangled enmeshed incriminated ensnared broiled embrangled engaged entrapped bogged down caught up mixed up tangled trapped snared associated concerned inculpated connected hooked roped in dragged into netted entoiled sucked in sucked into meshed linked immeshed drawn in drew in imputed set back ensnarled stitched up made party to boxed in pulled in roped into dragged in troubled interested occupied stuck clung clinged detained sticked floundered exposed caught captured drew into drawn into devoted committed busied muddled affected tangled up drawn drew compromised complicated sucked lured seduced enticed deceived tricked bothered snarled beguiled allured bagged preoccupied immersed got into hung up landed inveigled tied up intertwined consumed implicated in born on involved in snarled up led on betrapped benetted engrossed participated enwrapped absorbed absorpt wrapped attended entailed bound distracted wrapped up in laid for made a party to reeled in setted a trap for mixed up in gotten into threw thrown snagged seized nabbed collared nailed trammelled trammeled grabbed got snatched copped glommed corralled grappled nobbled rapped snapped up ambushed lift lassoed knotted twisted gotten raveled ravelled lifted fettered enchained springed wired waylayed ambuscaded run to ground waylaid arrested decoyed laid hold of run to earth rounded up laid a trap for sprent took captive taken captive took taken ran to ground ran to earth gotten hands on gotten hold of got hands on got hold of

Động từ

Past tense for to be relevant or important to
concerned involved affected applied to impacted on pertained to born on interested had to do with impacted implicated dealt with had a bearing on included related to encompassed enmeshed entailed entangled had an impact on touched had relevance for had something to do with occasioned referenced covered concerned itself with looked into referred to touched on delved into pointed to appertained to borne upon went into gone over went over gone into bore upon born upon regarded had relevance to applied had reference to appertained related pertained referred connected with addressed belonged to treated beared fit canvased contended with connected discussed examined scrutinized told of reviewed analysed reported on analyzed studied explored documented detailed talked about bore borne tackled belonged deliberated on investigated provided details of probed recounted expounded on alluded fitted suited touched upon sifted through inquired about scrutinised embodied talked through debated conferred on described informed of comprised of dug into commented on explained depicted brought up joined befitted associated combined vested corresponded with pointed at corresponded to inhered with had a relation to had a reference to connected to centered upon had a connection to had an effect on given details of gave details of gave a rundown of gave details on gave the facts on given a rundown of looked at given details on gave an account of given the facts on given an account of took on taken on spoke about spoken about took in taken in

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