Đồng nghĩa của blackened

Alternative for blackened

blackens, blackened, blackening

Đồng nghĩa: black, char, melanise, melanize, nigrify, scorch, sear,


Dirty to the point of appearing black
dirty filthy smudged begrimed soiled cruddy draggled foul grimy smutty stained sullied unclean befouled bemired besmirched dusty grubby grungy mucky bedraggled black dingy grotty muddy sordid uncleanly nasty squalid yucky sooty festy skanky scuzzy polluted messy manky gungy smeared icky scummy slimy bogging unwashed scungy gross feculent sloppy tarnished sleazy muddied unhygienic defiled shabby mud-caked dirt-encrusted unsanitary slovenly putrid smelly fetid rotten besmeared foetid unpleasant contaminated miry grimed smeary unkempt tainted loathsome spotted disgusting repulsive revolting disheveled dishevelled insanitary crummy grody yukky ruined uncleaned not clean greasy distasteful horrible disagreeable sickening untidy offensive odious repellent nauseating vile repugnant blemished discolored marked obnoxious awful undusted objectionable abominable dreadful unappetizing nauseous impure horrendous unpalatable hideous noxious appalling terrible horrid malodorous noisome frightful rancid stinking unsavoury atrocious unswept fouled lousy uninviting rank acrid ghastly beastly gruesome mephitic diabolical ugly pongy stinky whiffy bad niffy unsportsmanlike repellant fulsome wretched sneaking shocking despicable bitter contemptible sorry unfair pitiful funky scandalous deplorable displeasing obscene miasmal ratty loathly uncongenial unlovely unwelcome unpleasing unsavory harsh abhorrent scabby cheap scurvy illegal evil sour wicked paltry mean lame discoloured pitiable disgustful yucko olid hellish poison bum ungodly unholy on the nose sick-making off-putting God-awful sludgy putrefied decaying murky seedy bespattered sticky mud-encrusted dreggy slatternly rundown dungy spattered foul-smelling evil-smelling unlaundered pigpen insalubrious slushy scruffy dust-filled spotty dust-covered oozy raunchy slummy frowzy gloopy dowdy caked sloughy tatty grim arenaceous arenose dust-ridden miserable flea-bitten mucous muculent clammy viscous glutinous cloudy mud-spattered straggly disarrayed unsightly dishabille mung smoky faecal fecal horry yecchy verminous slipshod soily detestable execrable hateful base reprehensible low heinous monstrous shameful dishonourable poor dishonorable low-down disgraceful ignoble grisly dire ignominious horrifying cruel unacceptable distressing unattractive lamentable disreputable intolerable abject vicious outrageous immoral unspeakable villainous vulgar snide undesirable unappealing currish woeful low-minded annoying inferior pathetic degenerate abysmal insufferable dishonest wrong shoddy hellacious corrupt macabre unsatisfactory worthless infamous unprincipled coarse nefarious depraved unscrupulous godawful substandard rebarbative egregious grievous beyond the pale upsetting forbidding inadequate poisonous vomitous dismal horrific sad dark creepy off rough stomach-turning invidious stomach-churning rubbish underhand disturbing iniquitous useless gut-churning vomit-inducing discreditable grotesque dislikable unworthy unbearable degraded very bad brutal irritating malicious harrowing unfortunate exceptionable malevolent savage damnable unwholesome sinful nightmarish deficient hairy dodgy mediocre tasteless frightening subpar sick from hell troublesome hurtful uncharitable fiendish alarming inhuman crooked traumatic tawdry unseemly shady direful barbarous chronic lurid second-rate painful unkind trashy terrifying ominous crude spiteful duff opprobrious galling deformed excruciating disquieting off-color reeking difficult irksome severe unethical fearful hopeless uncomfortable dissatisfactory punk debased trying ruthless seamy regrettable murderous suboptimal faulty agonizing common strong low-grade indecent unwanted shameless improper grave dislikeable hostile disfigured rubbishy ropy daunting bush-league unsuitable bestial harmful hard calamitous desperate disastrous servile menacing sinister third-rate brutish agonising weak fugly vexatious brackish reeky threatening unsettling terrific grewsome nightmare merciless junky flagitious morbid cowardly ill-favoured musty fusty tacky heartbreaking pants dastardly stenchy insupportable scary very unpleasant ill-favored wanting treacherous ill sneaky pestilential deceitful lewd wack bush no-good as ugly as sin dangerous decayed indelicate barbaric unwished-for below the belt debauched malignant perturbing infernal criminal dismaying stressful pestiferous rude troubling abusive bothersome unsporting tough underhanded inexcusable intimidating disappointing cringe-making pesky unlikable discomforting pits below par a load of pants unhappy accursed unforgivable heavy poor-quality poxy mean-spirited below standard unlawful high torturous frowsy frowsty inequitable tragic miasmic distressful reprobate dissolute worrying injurious crass ripe tormenting baleful defective sly devious pungent petty scurrilous menial dirty rotten inadmissible crumby afflictive stale inappropriate adverse unprepossessing foreboding junk gut-wrenching cheapjack gimcrack pernicious unlucky boorish baneful low-rent unhealthy crafty catty unpretty trumpery unhandsome unbeautiful unfriendly fraudulent plain callous devilish el cheapo disconcerting uncouth uncivilised uncivilized hated uncomely emetic taxing gnarly fraught notorious repelling sadistic ornery intense cursed below average beyond contempt insipid hateable worrisome flavourless formidable beggarly unreasonable despisable unpopular perverted illegitimate dull meretricious depressing troublous inhospitable undignified uncool deleterious laughable fierce unbecoming agitating preposterous huckery loathed unrighteous illicit unnerving diabolic inauspicious imperfect unpardonable godforsaken flat insufficient unearthly degrading black-hearted flavorless sickly humming deadly decomposed heart-rending out of order bleak ghoulish diseased wanton Brummagem burdensome unfavorable unfavourable unpropitious blameworthy venomous pitiless cheapo minatory unimpressive indecorous gloomy tinny heartless afflicting inconvenient unenviable against the rules heartrending inelegant ill-boding lemon unsound untrustworthy in poor taste hair-raising spine-chilling tactless not cricket spoiled not up to snuff plain-looking minacious maleficent unconscionable plain-featured spoilt from hunger reptilian hard-hearted low-quality ungentlemanly ill-smelling brute second rate poorly strong-smelling tenth-rate second-class run-down two-bit weird discouraging inclement tremendous embarrassing biting cutting infelicitous dubious rascally maddening exasperating feral conniving satanic animal revulsive unwarranted thoughtless flagrant inedible uneatable swinish scabrous deceptive censurable churlish cheating ridiculous uninteresting glaring double-dealing doleful homely meanspirited unjust trifling offending detested truculent disrespectful bad-looking toxic execrated louche oppressive shifty demonic eerie discourteous despised short on looks discomposing contumelious confounded portentous unrelenting relentless fearsome tricky abominated vituperative great disdainable mischievous serious violent abandoned schlock inglorious scheming mouldy putrescent cacodemonic petrifying chilling awkward rigorous tragical mortifying spooky wrongful unenticing dilapidated savorless unendurable average rejected ungenerous cheesy bargain-basement cut-rate schlocky disadvantageous disparaging insulting extreme inhumane detrimental sleazoid profane solemn humourless humorless sober inimical destructive searing onerous stiff rugged nerve-racking redoubtable uninvited abnormal gamy sedate ghostly mercenary uncanny moldy doomy vexing unsought measly ferocious decomposing niffing unrefined inexorable outcast shuddersome impious blasphemous indefensible dud inexpedient rotting salacious overwhelming stenchful unnatural decadent parlous out of place brooding aggressive mournful aberrant malign intimidatory bodeful infected unwished for caitiff tinhorn kitsch scroungy cheapie poverty-stricken bent lawless eldritch questionable unpromising pinchbeck tattered naff brassy scoundrelly warped rotted corrupted pathological crying vilifying virulent rancorous serpentine vindictive ill-fated jerry-built under par entry-level cheap and nasty perverse dime-a-dozen bottom-rung self-seeking not up to much morally wrong lowering apocalyptic low-end down at heel stinking to high heaven run down not up to par a dime a dozen two a penny rinky-dink not up to scratch dime-store twopenny-halfpenny indigestible off-colour crook off colour out of sorts infuriating ill-chosen insensitive oily ingratiating unctuous hatable shonky not pleasant piggish gluttonous ferine carnal irrational prurient impertinent insolent unsympathetic uncoveted yechy reviled bland pain drag smarmy oleaginous dispiriting disheartening demoralizing blithering feeble piteous discordant suspicious suspect inept bungling dread critical untempting foul-tasting disingenuous base-minded groveling insalutary flaming melancholy unreliable valueless showy gaudy chunderous pill heel senseless very disgusting resentful cussed blasted dreary joyless unwelcoming cheerless comfortless graceless unpleasant to breathe unfit to breathe undesired unsocial grating absurd jarring humble slavish vapid craven foolish impoverished stark oppressed funny iffy mighty ugly-looking indescribable terribly bad surfeiting sleazeball squicky cloying unfit garish sacrilegious irreligious inconsistent incompatible contradictory opposed awful-looking frightful-looking testing pressured demanding frustrating rocky woozy grovelling well below par yicky glary recreant acute unchivalrous erring fallen narrow-minded footling averse antipathetic antagonistic beast sucky abhorred avaricious Mephistophelian downer bummer dolorous crashing blinding dazzling unjustifiable plebeian lowly excluded demoralising against opposite alien extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different unfitted foreign brummagem gruelling arduous tiring exacting godless hateworthy stupefying unnourishing eery stifling in bad taste unpleasurable stupid calculated venal covetous humiliating niggling harrying harassing extraordinary heartstopping unforgiving sombre somber graveolent turned dank butcherly infested faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural sepulchral funereal anaemic dim deathlike corpselike anemic dicey maggot roguish startling staggering stunning astonishing bewildering amazing unbefitting modest simple peasant ordinary reproachful spookish flimsy shlock shlocky demoniacal wild in opposition innutritious good-for-naught no-count meritless good-for-nothing no-account eye-watering lackluster lacklustre unshapely drab impermissible drack no oil painting unalluring surprising facinorous malfeasant untimely selfish stingy miserly inconsiderate natty thorny problematic nagging amateurish beneath contempt low-life below contempt dreaded disliked saddening affecting freaky haunting bad-hearted peccable uncalled for backbiting untrue maligning traducing detractive gossiping detracting meagre meager ailing unaesthetic grinding ruinous damaging unhealthful untoward perilous unsuited piddling strict condemnable irremediable garbage out anguished concerning sorrowful acid acidic odoriferous skunky odiferous spoiling grueling not wanted ill-advised too bad unstable prickly anxious-making highly improper demoniac scaring steep timid uncaring out of keeping inacceptable reject rigid misshapen antisocial unsatisfying subnormal negligible inopportune immoderate exorbitant excessive red hot lethal septic unnutritious not much to look at as plain as a pikestaff death-obsessed scorned shunned incommodious strange blood-curdling minimal trivial poor quality won't do half-baked of low quality not on of poor quality over the fence less-than-stellar not quite the done thing not up to standard extravagant impossible OTT tiresome wearisome apprehensive unsafe not pretty stern ill-suited inapt unseasonable O.T.T. extortionate vitriolic tumbledown ramshackle insignificant damaged nail-biting heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking mephistophelean unhallowed unfeeling self-indulgent vitiated delinquent errant amoral exploitative libertine slippery bloodthirsty wrathful evil-minded contemptuous conscienceless cold-blooded two-faced despiteful profligate licentious scrofulous vengeful felonious tyrannical incorrigible scornful unconscientious disdainful cunning wily gory moody irascible bloody unusual twisted untamed too great shaming disgracing debauching depraving debasing for the birds shambly unmaintained Machiavellian designing calculating guileful poignant derogatory pejorative denigratory invective deprecatory uncompromising a stinker of a a bummer of a festering shrewd deceiving unsportsmanly unbreathable to be avoided strictly for the birds viperous rowdy uncontrollable over the top implacable neglected crumbling shacky late unbelievable unheard of disagreeing explicit knavish slick weak sauce sub-par minor-league no good minor league small potatoes not satisfying staid repressive sobersided hardhanded mouldering putrified slumlike flinty glowering risqué naughty loutish brash bad-mannered colloquial unpolished derisive lowbrow X-rated ungracious unchaste uncivil immodest uncultured affronting suggestive bawdy ill-mannered unutterable impolite unmannerly sore remorseless addled evil-looking ill-omened ribald vituperatory scurrile scurril groundless unsmiling obdurate astringent weighty no-nonsense uncomic intemperate provoking wintry thunderous ill-gotten corroding mildewy perished hard-favoured hard-featured sinistrous minatorial Janus-faced pessimistic bullying broken-down slum-like uncared-for gone to rack and ruin vituperous caried carious worm-eaten dirtied purulent wormy pustular hard-nosed po-faced doomful suggestive of evil blackhearted malefic comminatory terrorizing moldering smelling flyblown overripe maggoty bad-smelling unfit for human consumption Rabelaisian near close forthcoming wintery fateful lowery loury upcoming overhanging terrorising portending impendent at hand scowling foul-mouthed


Past tense for to make or grow dark, dim, or indistinct
darkened dimmed shadowed obscured overshadowed beclouded bedimmed befogged bleared blurred clouded dislimned fogged hazed misted overcast overclouded shaded shrouded deepened dusked loured blacked out clouded over grew black grown black made darker made dim grew blacker grown blacker grew dark grown dark grew darker grown darker grew dim grown dim became black become black fuzzed up made dark turned black eclipsed veiled obfuscated cast a shadow over murked adumbrated closed in grayed greyed muddied dulled cloaked masked screened concealed blotted out confused gloomed muddled clouded up filmed hid become shaded enveloped obnubilated benighted faded cast a shadow made unclear tarnished become cloudy mantled become gloomy become overcast blinded made indistinct shielded muddied the waters made hazy made vague blocked out cast a shadow on put out of sight fuzzed made black made blacker bedarkened obstructed toned down hidden became shaded covered smudged showered blocked enshrouded blanketed unfocussed unfocused buried camouflaged spotted stained smeared besmeared blotted garbled became cloudy extinguished disguised suppressed became gloomy became overcast dazzled glared discoloured dazed tainted blemished discolored distorted misted over encased obliterated ensconced curtained inumbrated sheltered umbraged overhung become fuzzy become dim become less sharp become leaden mixed up made less distinct become hazy pettifogged hindered occulted cached become vague bemisted belied stonewalled blocked off the light to papered over wrapped covered up wrapt enveloped in shadow become indistinct kept out of sight blanked out became dim became less sharp became vague became indistinct became fuzzy became hazy grown leaden grew leaden became leaden secreted stashed shut off shut out planted kept hidden closed harbored squirreled harboured stifled secluded stowed stowed away put out of the way shut in put in a hole erased censored forgot repressed denied blocked off wiped out dissembled withheld smuggled sequestered smothered shuttered ditched muffled secured hushed up kept secret embedded enfolded immersed girt sheathed separated hemmed girded stashed away engulfed enclosed submerged holed up cupped tucked walled off bushed up boarded up squirreled away tucked away kept under wraps dressed up stopped something being overheard forgotten withholden sunken sank sunk done on the sly did on the sly hid away hidden away thrown on makeup threw on makeup hid out hidden out


Past tense for to make dirty or sooty
dirtied befouled begrimed grimed soiled stained darkened bemired besmirched blacked daubed distained fouled gaumed mired mucked muddied smirched smudged sullied contaminated polluted shaded ebonized inked made black made dirty made smoky made sooty made dark made darker smeared tarnished spotted defiled tainted spoilt spoiled marked discoloured discolored corrupted spattered blemished tarred blotted marred bespattered ruined injured blotched splattered splashed debased denigrated damaged messed up made impure bedaubed disgraced made filthy clouded adulterated streaked blighted tinged got filthy besoiled encrusted coated draggled smutched besmeared mucked up slushed made dusty vilified debauched made mucky made muddy caked with dirt made unclean swartened undermined flecked striped blobbed dotted specked made grimy splodged splotched blurred got dirty gotten dirty vitiated faded distorted slopped plastered poisoned disfigured charred rusted riled roiled murked defaced infected mussed degraded bedraggled messed maculated shamed crumbed beclouded painted anointed bleached weathered desecrated made murky bloodied made cloudy mussed up covered clouded up made blacker washed out caked with mud caked with soil spread speckled mottled dappled marbled sprinkled stippled freckled dabbed peppered shot scattered scarred smothered sprayed slapped caked studded sploshed variegated strewed slabbered besprinkled covered thickly broadcast wet shotten rubbed applied bespeckled patched bestudded smutted dusted overlayed overlaid showered varnished bestrewed bestrewn dashed spritzed strewn pimpled plashed swashed sloshed slapped on bedabbled covered with blotches glued discharged spluttered dribbled spangled mortared wetted doused dispersed gummed faced plastered over broadcasted pasted emitted littered sputtered surfaced bound cemented adhered sown sowed overlay bounden


Past tense for to damage the reputation of, especially with libelous statements
defamed disgraced slandered sullied tarnished traduced blotted discredited maligned smeared stained tainted vilified besmirched censured degraded dishonoured knocked rubbished slurred befouled calumniated decried denigrated disparaged reproached soiled aspersed besmeared damaged defiled injured libelled libeled smirched spoiled spoilt spotted attacked blotched dishonored ripped breathed on brought discredit to dragged through the mire dragged through the mud bad-mouthed brought into disrepute slagged off spoke ill of spoken ill of did a number on done a number on gave a black eye given a black eye ripped up and down stigmatized stigmatised cast aspersions on spread scandal about shamed scandalized cast a slur on debased scandalised derogated belittled slung mud at flung mud at brought shame on lowered reviled blemished run down slighted vilipended assailed muckraked spread lies about put down disrespected blackened the name of put in a bad light brought shame upon reflected badly on gave a bad name given a bad name derided reduced detracted blistered did a hatchet job on done a hatchet job on run smear campaign tarred and feathered embarrassed insulted roasted scorched misrepresented poisoned brought shame to impugned hurt slammed humiliated ran down panned dumped on cast a slur told lies about blackened the reputation of dragged down spread tales about cast in a bad light spoken evil of spoke evil of branded vituperated torn down tore down ran smear campaign abased cheapened humbled perverted sullied the reputation of thrown mud at threw mud at run a smear campaign against brought dishonour to undermined dragged someone's name through the mud blasphemed touched darkened harmed marred deprecated abused depraved depreciated slated dissed offended blighted given a bad name to gave a bad name to snubbed hit belied debauched pulled apart blackened the character of poured scorn on demonized villainized burlesqued caricatured badmouthed criticized demonised hit out at pummelled cut up demeaned chastened pulled to pieces hit where one lives cut to the quick fouled had a go at criticised prejudiced skinned alive put zingers on cast slur on ripped up conducted a smear campaign against reflected negatively ruined slung mud backbitten backbit blackened someone's name muddied the reputation of harmed the reputation of dragged name through mud cast aspersion damaged the reputation of marked wrong put a whammy on cut down to size put someone in their place lampooned accused taken down took down ran a smear campaign against vitiated diminished shown in a bad light showed in a bad light condemned lambasted criticized unfairly miffed zinged inveighed against railed against fulminated against berated trash-talked dismissed minimized discounted trashed spattered insinuated chopped pushed capped bastardized bastardised bestialized brutalized demoralized animalized brutalised demoralised sneered bashed hammered skewered strumpeted plastered corrupted destroyed gossiped about slagged played down kissed off talked down cried down minimised contemned pummeled bagged pilloried denounced tarred poor-mouthed mistreated jumped on laid into curst rapped voodooed jinxed cursed cussed dug sunken sank sunk spoke badly of spoken badly of devalued mortified disregarded ridiculed owned attainted desecrated disfavored mocked disfavoured called down dressed down ragged on blackened name blackguarded showed up written false reports about made lose face made someone eat crow dragged through mud accused falsely wrote false reports about caused to lose face lost face compromised taken down a peg reduced the status of lowered the status of took down a peg wrote off written off done down did down lain about lay about blown off blew off hat hitten took to pieces taken to pieces bad mouthed tore into torn into gave black eye given black eye threw brickbats at thrown brickbats at own taken down a peg or two took down a peg or two detracted from undervalued scorned underrated downgraded trivialized underestimated pooh-poohed trivialised sneered at made light of misprized treated lightly deflated scoffed at dispraised picked holes in held cheap outraged downplayed marginalized backstabbed minified excoriated blasted marginalised flamed labelled labeled upset characterized castigated marked wound wounded affronted taunted understated classified classed exposed savaged oppressed disdained laughed off laughed at blamed lessened scolded shot down characterised reproved persecuted marked out reprobated appalled sold short miscalled disobliged slanged cut dead hurt someone's feelings called names cast a slur upon called someone names vituperated against cut down put hooks in spited gossipped lied gossiped annoyed provoked aggravated ill-treated maltreated ill-used cheated designated stamped tagged squelched squashed slapped disesteemed teased chid flayed admonished chided crucified disgusted shocked scathed rebuked irritated lectured nagged belabored potshotted trespassed wronged horrified aggrieved categorized sledged upbraided spurned faulted discountenanced reprimanded reamed girt scoffed jeered girded offended against brought into disfavour identified described execrated devaluated slang shot full of holes repelled nauseated revolted sickened despised deplored caused offence to clamored against sinned against imposed upon hosed belaboured named called anathematized categorised cavilled at carped at reprehended given offence to gave offence to displeased found fault with treated disrespectfully animadverted disapproved of looked down on stepped on one's toes dismayed come down on labelled negatively caused raised eyebrows made fun of complained held forth against tongue-lashed laid down the law looked down one's nose at disconsidered blackballed marked down cussed out shouted at raised eyebrows amongst accused of being brought down sniped at raked over the coals knocked off railed caused a few raised eyebrows amongst taken a swipe at took a swipe at rid rode ridden did wrong to done wrong to did injury to did an injustice to done a disservice to did a disservice to done an injustice to done injury to given a talking-to gave a talking-to taken apart took apart swore at sworn at threw shade thrown shade torn to shreds taken away threw stones at took swipe at took away taken swipe at came down on thrown stones at tore to shreds wrote down written down taken away from took away from did the dirty on taken advantage of took advantage of done the dirty on

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