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Alternative for pathological

pathological /,pæθə'lɔdʤik/ (pathological) /,pæθə'lɔdʤikəl/
  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) bệnh học; (thuộc) bệnh lý


Compulsively motivated
compulsive obsessive chronic irrational persistent unreasonable habitual inveterate clinical confirmed illogical hardened extreme neurotic pathologic uncontrolled unreasoning incorrigible dyed-in-the-wool incurable established obsessional addicted bred-in-the-bone hooked irredeemable hopeless long-standing regular ingrained addictive dependent uncontrollable constant frequent incessant recurrent hard-core by habit obstinate ineradicable deep-dyed seasoned committed long-established unreformable unashamed shameless unrepentant utter thoroughgoing thorough complete congenital deep-rooted deep-seated fixed settled rooted lifelong enduring inborn inbred entrenched lasting abiding ceaseless ever-present continuing continuous continual perennial unyielding stubborn accustomed recurring impenitent deep diehard firm intrenched lingering unshakeable unapologetic through and through unabating routine long-lived usual tenacious unmitigated set protracted dedicated devoted loyal staunch faithful steadfast habituated unwavering true longtime uncompromising long-lasting die-hard well established card-carrying well-established long-l persisting reprobate unregenerate obdurate prolonged long-drawn-out driven slow dragging irresistible impulsive remaining absolute out-and-out spun-out sustained drawn-out haunting prevalent unswerving full-bore true blue unfaltering besetting through-and-through right-down arrant infixed unchangeable full-fledged instilled deep-down genuine intractable mad keen fundamental profound basic to the core keen as mustard out and out deeply ingrained irreformable built-in secure irremovable inbuilt radical irrecoverable unredeemable irretrievable unrecoverable unreformed uncontrite irremediable inherent subconscious innate longstanding bad beyond redemption useless impossible recidivous abandoned uncorrectable beastly irreparable beyond hope loser wicked deep down lodged in one's brain deeply felt devout resolute ardent proved fervent earnest vehement immutable stalwart indelible wholehearted fiery torrid unshakable fanatical intransigent supreme zealous inexorable definite explicit staid inured sicker bona fide hard-line firmly established deep-set all-consuming red-hot hard-shell


Not characterized by or conducive to health or moral well-being
unwholesome noxious unhealthy insalubrious deleterious harmful poisonous unnourishing detrimental innutritious insanitary damaging destructive injurious junk noisome ruinous sickly tainted unhealthful unhygienic baleful contaminated dangerous lethal malign rotten septic spoilt spoiled unnutritious venomous virulent baneful decayed disagreeable distasteful evil foul impure inimical malignant morbid nasty objectionable offensive pernicious repulsive toxic unpleasant unsound unsanitary bad hurtful adverse unclean polluted filthy nocuous festy unfavourable disastrous unfavorable dirty ill deadly malefic prejudicial infested calamitous infected disadvantageous unfortunate maleficent wicked pestilent prejudicious cancerous undesirable feculent mischievous negative dire fatal counterproductive sinister corrupting nocent malicious pestiferous hazardous dirtied disease-ridden pestilential crippling menacing wounding putrid environmentally unfriendly germy fetid threatening skanky germ-ridden catastrophic mephitic devastating rank subversive cataclysmic unsafe unsalutary corroding incendiary foetid undermining corrupt unsanitized perilous rancid vile parlous critical painful unpropitious dicey corrosive stinking unfiltered nauseating annihilative eradicative extirpative suicidal diseased revolting disgusting risky miasmic unlucky gross sullied scungy poisoned olid malevolent disturbing contaminating squalid insalutary ominous untoward inopportune inexpedient toxicant insidious hard poison afflictive corruptive bad for you stale putrescent scummy contagious polluting fouled cruel miasmatic nefarious mortal spiteful iniquitous reprobate cantankerous miasmal adulterated ruining killing destroying infectious contaminative imperilling imperiling hostile infective epidemic communicable aching hurting scathel catching unattractive lurid bilious sordid stained tarnished grimy muddy messy dusty soiled sloppy defiled plague-like inauspicious vitiated befouled gloomy unpromising violent loud garish foreboding grubby minatory direful infelicitous portentous repellent repugnant abominable loathsome abhorrent sickening obnoxious doomy forbidding horrible odious displeasing off-putting malodorous bodeful minacious horrid uninviting ugly nauseous execrable unpalatable unsavoury detestable hateful suffocating sick overpowering morose yucky ghastly smelly ill-boding awful horrendous repellant fulsome hideous shocking appalling sick-making scandalous obscene dreadful beastly God-awful reeking bogging niffy yucko disgustful loathly immoral unsavory on the nose precarious murderous lethiferous internecine harassing wreckful sinful wrackful slaughterous grievous terrible vicious distressing cataclysmal bitter fateful life-threatening terminal deathly damning tragic grave woeful death-dealing serious severe evil-intentioned mean rancorous vindictive vitriolic lamentable catty annihilatory devastative troublesome savage abusive black fell unfriendly unkind incurable alarming miserable antagonistic killer ill-fated brutal vital unconducive vengeful crushing ravaging homicidal agonizing fierce deplorable despiteful jeopardizing costly harrowing heartrending disquieting upsetting unwelcome mortiferous regrettable dark ill-natured acute shattering heartbreaking harsh jeopardising frightful agonising difficult apocalyptic unsympathetic antipathetic carcinogenic counter frightening acrimonious wretched envenomed excruciating insecure viperous consumptive defamatory ill-starred sharp hapless mortuary ill-disposed tragical distressful tough uncertain bothersome galling immoderate wasteful hairy jeopardous chilling high-risk treacherous venturesome worrying chancy dodgy ill-omened touchy touch and go dismal aggressive tainting uncontrollable unbeneficial nullifying invalidating annulling counteractive neutralizing afflicting contrary opposed intimidating invasive final mortifying hate-filled oncogenic tumorous carcinomatous loss-making artful untimely causing death desolating annihilating intimidatory disease-causing morbific metastatic irremediable toxiferous splenetic climactic climacteric wild necrotic louring aspersive sacrificial capital rapacious unadvantageous resentful heavy tormenting torturous thorny troubling spreading peccant full of hate neutralising rough withering cutting bad-natured unwelcoming peracute dead untreatable concerning of evil intent blighting earth-shattering shrewish erosive cutthroat scathing stinging slighting very dangerous not conducive oppugnant inimicable inimic disaffected at odds unpredictable cussed low impetuous maddened intemperate unrestrained significant catastrophal impoverishing extravagant depleting draining exhausting barbed insulting slaying bloody bloodthirsty ruthless cannibalistic uncool ornery envious petty predictive prophetic revealing oracular touch-and-go iffy sticky tricky intense evil-minded raging maniacal furious creepy eerie unsuccessful mighty vexatious irksome gnarly caustic abortive scary evil-looking spooky eldritch trying icky yukky annoying unappealing uncomfortable lousy uncongenial unlovely irritating unpleasing vituperative hot fraught with danger haphazard shameful outrageous heinous pathogenic doomed luckless sinistrous minatorial crashing invidious grody fearful acid trenchant mordacious pointed acerbic ill-intentioned atrocious glaring egregious pesky sour suggestive of evil doomful dishonest perverse blackhearted lowering scarring gut-wrenching monstrous unbearable flagrant intolerable terrifying flagitious weighty villainous heart-rending pathetic pitiful taxing mind-blowing horrifying disheartening straitened dour discouraging sombre hard-pressed inhospitable joyless hopeless shadowy discommodious tortured troubled full of hardship doubtful glum gray mournful strained exacting doleful austere grey oppressive nightmarish bleak pressing comfortless grim desolate exigent solemn rocky somber sad depressing very bad cheerless traumatic vulnerable exposed defenceless unstable threatened unreliable unprotected explosive unsteady erratic fearsome ticklish slippery defenseless undependable wobbly untrustworthy tottering rickety on a limb on thin ice hanging by a thread open to attack

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