Đồng nghĩa của addictive

Alternative for addictive

Đồng nghĩa: habit-forming,


Which catches someone's attention
gripping fascinating riveting engrossing enthralling exciting absorbing arresting compelling compulsive entrancing interesting spellbinding thrilling bewitching engaging unputdownable action-packed captivating consuming distracting dramatic immersing intriguing involving mesmerising mesmerizing stimulating amusing diverting entertaining monopolising monopolizing preoccupying transfixing irresistible mesmeric hypnotic intense enchanting forcible alluring appealing attractive beguiling enticing thought-provoking provocative charming magnetic seductive tantalizing readable attention-grabbing tantalising stirring delightful very interesting magical titillating inspiring dazzling winning curious charismatic hypnotizing viral inviting provoking hypnotising shareable profound overwhelming enrapturing refreshing very exciting seducing arousing impressive all-consuming fetching elfin glamourous glamorous luring exhilarating powerful breathtaking astonishing memorable pleasing buzzworthy racy ensational mind-blowing beautiful puzzling obsessing controlling totally absorbing sensual sensuous delectable ravishing tempting transporting raunchy risqué charged salacious edgy challenging enjoyable inspirational striking besetting devouring obsessive strong ardent immoderate dominating affecting fervid raging exhausting burning pleasant exceptional noteworthy intellectual intelligent deep-seated clever easy eloquent ingenious well-written brilliant gratifying rewarding relaxing smooth satisfying worthwhile eye-opening remarkable vivid intoxicating envigorating galvanising electrifying electric well written eventful splashy amazing out of the ordinary pleasurable rousing worthy of note fine showy moving meaty vibrant wonderful unique newsy relatable marvelous fabulous prepossessing invigorating piquant spectacular fresh newsworthy portentous trenchant marvellous topical unboring wondrous emphatic galvanizing worth reading easy to read sophisticated cultured highbrowed cultivated serious heavyweight deep learned scholarly heavy literary classical highbrow intellective


(of drugs or narcotics) Strong or potent in nature


Excessive, as results from obsession
obsessive compulsive besetting obsessional consuming gripping haunting neurotic tormenting all-consuming dominating fanatical controlling driven excessive fanatic fixed impulsive irresistible inescapable pathological uncontrollable wackadoo wackadoodle fixated headstrong infatuated possessed preoccupied unrelenting unyielding ungovernable out of control inveterate persistent chronic incurable incorrigible addicted irredeemable confirmed hopeless hardened habitual hooked dependent dyed-in-the-wool established seasoned bred-in-the-bone unreformable long-standing ingrained shameless committed regular long-established unashamed thorough complete thoroughgoing set impenitent accustomed hard-core obstinate ineradicable deep-dyed through and through reprobate irrational unreasonable constant frequent unregenerate obdurate incessant recurrent clinical illogical unrepentant by habit unreasoning uncontrolled pathologic extreme utter congenital entrenched rooted settled deep firm perennial lifelong devout resolute true intrenched uncompromising devoted enduring indelible loyal staunch ardent unwavering proved fervent earnest faithful vehement dedicated immutable wholehearted stalwart steadfast fiery torrid intransigent longtime supreme unshakeable stubborn zealous inexorable unshakable diehard unapologetic explicit definite staid inured habituated sicker deep-seated well established deep-rooted hard-line deep-set red-hot die-hard well-established hard-shell firmly established bona fide card-carrying

Trái nghĩa của addictive

addictive Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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