Đồng nghĩa của recurrent

Alternative for recurrent

recurrent /ri'kʌrənt/
  • tính từ
    • trở lại luôn, thường tái diễn, có định kỳ
    • (y học) hồi quy
      • recurrent fever: sốt hồi quy


Recurring time after time
periodic recurring continual cyclical frequent habitual intermittent regular repeated repetitive reiterative chronic continued cyclic on-and-off perennial periodical seasonal spasmodic sporadic alternate chain continuing isochronal isochronous odd persistent reoccurring repeating rolling happening at intervals constant perpetual routine ceaseless occasional usual incessant steady infrequent ingrained unabating continuous inveterate ineradicable deep-rooted deep-seated rhythmic incurable numerous daily sustained confirmed non-stop lasting iterative fitful long-standing broken discontinuous enduring settled lifelong inborn ever-present long-lived fixed inbred tenacious stubborn obstinate unyielding rooted unmitigated protracted epochal interrupted serial on and off episodic monthly persisting abiding relentless unremitting unrelenting endless irregular punctuated customary never-ending shifting stop-and-go discontinuing checked rhythmical arrested hit-or-miss metrical iterant oft repeated eternal obsessive erratic every other compulsive here and there now and then many by bits and pieces prevalent successive countless iterated prolonged long-lasting aperiodic unsteady spastic casual isolated scattered choppy catchy patchy spotty episodical common everyday profuse reiterated established every so often quotidian incorrigible lingering on-again-off-again at fixed intervals returning occurring often very many a great many in fits and starts every once in a while scheduled prearranged oft-repeated interminable autumn spring summer winter on-again, off-again long-drawn-out circular looping commonplace slow dragging serious once-a-month severe remaining patterned unending acute dangerous like clockwork returning back spun-out drawn-out haunting uneven alarming extreme dire grave typical universal convulsive jerky prevailing uncertain desultory spurtive twitching shaky changeable recursive in bits and pieces happening at regular intervals predictable natural obsessional driven extensive rampant wonted rife irresistible impulsive uncontrollable day-to-day mundane monotonous intervallic orbital annual weekly fluctuating yearly hourly centennial besetting disconnected fragmentary random on certain occasions at various times stop-go alternating familiar dyed-in-the-wool hardened manifold several on again and off again thick various addicted bred-in-the-bone hooked pathological lots of millions of loads of a good many heaps of masses of quite a lot of dozens of hundreds of thousands of quite a few by habit inconsistent inconstant variable unstable capricious unsettled unsystematic volatile haphazard varying wavering changing rambling unmethodical unreliable disjointed mercurial vacillating unpredictable disrupted ever-changing aimless scattershot wandering unequal fickle temperamental fluid bitty oscillating changeful paroxysmal disturbed undependable up and down off and on mobile flickery skittish unconnected incoherent jumpy disordered nonuniform muddled rare entropic indiscriminate disorganized restless uncommon inchoate unorganized incohesive mutable seldom incidental fractal loose whimsical unorganised scarce unfrequent few turbulent piecemeal movable protean disorganised unfixed non-linear floating chameleonic kaleidoscopic swaying iffy waffling irresolute flighty fluctuant variational full of ups and downs blowing hot and cold incomplete violent broken up troubled flickering herky-jerky impermanent gaping semioccasional freelance outsourced outside abrupt sudden versatile everchanging chameleon-like part-time twitchy sometime vicissitudinous bits and pieces fits and starts exclusive unusual especial special exceptional particular chance specific labile chaotic sketchy uncontrolled transitional variant irresponsible vagrant revocable commutative transformable agitated reversible indecisive catch-as-catch-can stray unthinking slapdash arbitrary offhand unequable not habitual spasmatic unfocused orderless shifty slippery peaky undulating shaking rough bumpy tremulous up-and-down yo-yo few and far between partial dynamic bipolar bouncy jolting helter-skelter without purpose moving deviating two-faced partially fractional gradual intermittently fitfully disunited confused altering roving eccentric designless fragmented flakey vagarious developing flaky growing unpunctual unconsidered purposeless juddering shuddering jumbled divided separated scrappy garbled off-and-on non-periodic by fits and starts by degrees stage by stage little by little step by step at intervals dislocated displaced mixed up without unity split directionless far-out unattached out-to-lunch spacey spaced-out irrational out-of-it cool fuzzy disorderly more … than one can shake a stick at


Continuous, without interruption
round-the-clock continuous constant continual perpetual endless incessant uninterrupted ceaseless unceasing unbroken relentless unremitting interminable unending persistent eternal nonstop everlasting steady running ongoing permanent regular repeated enduring frequent unvarying unfailing timeless unchanging unflagging consecutive dateless persisting unwaning repetitive staying aeonian connected around-the-clock 24-hour day-and-night oft-repeated round the clock sustained never-ending unrelenting continuing unabating non-stop chronic perennial unrelieved continued abiding undying lasting habitual recurring without respite immortal deathless unwavering unabated indefatigable imperishable unwearying untiring interminate monotonous ageless long-lasting unsparing remorseless diligent assiduous inexorable unyielding sedulous harsh unwearied unalleviated hard stern neverending cursive periodic periodical sempiternal regularized regularised standardised lifelong standardized inveterate never-changing always-on annual old seasonal perdurable returning yearlong long-lived longstanding yearly durable unswerving dogged unfaltering undeviating prolonged tireless never-ceasing persevering infinite without end unlimited day and night amaranthine steady-going 24/7 on a treadmill stable maintained unintermitted without interruption world-without-end direct all day long at all times all day and all night no end of for ever and ever no end to without surcease with no let-up without a break even unchangeable reliable predictable invariant uniform unfluctuating consistent invariable dependable changeless nonrandom all-year-round rhythmic limitless boundless measureless unbounded immeasurable inexhaustible indeterminate unfathomable illimitable abundant horizonless great unfading bottomless undivided untold incalculable not stopping overlong indefinite inestimable abounding having no end immensurable fathomless


Containing or characterized by repetition
repetitious repetitive iterative repeated recurring reiterative routine unvaried unvarying duplicative monotonous repeating unchanging undiversified clockwork iterant mechanical recapitulatory automatic echoic samey lacking variety tedious boring tiresome dull ho-hum wearisome humdrum mind-numbing uninteresting uniform plodding dreary prosaic unexciting colourless soul-destroying run-of-the-mill unrelieved drab stupid numbing leaden deadly stale soporific featureless arid old monochromatic dry heavy uneventful slow stodgy dusty ponderous tiring wearying jading stuffy flat jejune colorless weary drudging tame monochrome pedestrian without variety dullsville monotonic nothing samely banausic blah all the same unchanged sing-song reiterated monotone treadmill dry as dust flat as pancake dull as dishwater puts one to sleep banal commonplace ordinary mundane workaday uninspiring everyday unremarkable lifeless insipid common toneless unimaginative day-to-day quotidian usual uninspired vanilla hackneyed trite bromidic plain vanilla depressing bland normal customary typical regular unoriginal tired derivative prosy hacky dragging platitudinous deadly dull nowhere dim wishy-washy common or garden predictable irritating annoying undistinctive neutral indistinct boresome vexatious disheartening unsatisfying demoralizing unfulfilling menial nitty-gritty terrestrial soulless stock clichéd workday lowly white-bread garden variety garden-variety demoralising a dime a dozen mediocre uncreative uninflected droning average matter-of-fact turgid half-pie bog-standard OK so-so mindless inane truistic undemonstrative apathetic static wooden unmodulated not so hot lacklustre lackluster laborious vapid no great shakes overlong characterless nothing to write home about not up to much draggy fatiguing prolix weak unimpassioned weariful interminable pabulum dreich mortal enervating exhausting poky snooze unenjoyable dismal endless unentertaining expressionless unappetizing unpalatable inedible as dry as dust long-drawn-out ho hum devoid of feeling devoid of emotion distasteful unappealing unsavoury tasteless flavourless uneatable savourless uninviting big yawn unattractive off-putting unpleasant disagreeable regimented functional governmental institutional utilitarian flavorless unsavory rudimentary corporate ugly elementary standard issue

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