Đồng nghĩa của incorrigible

Alternative for incorrigible

incorrigible /in'kɔridʤəbl/
  • tính từ
    • không thể sửa được
    • danh từ
      • người không thể sửa được

    Tính từ

    (of a person or their behaviour) Not able to be changed or reformed
    hopeless incurable irredeemable hardened intractable inveterate confirmed irreformable unreformable addicted chronic deep-dyed diehard dyed-in-the-wool habitual hard-core impenitent irrecoverable irremediable irretrievable long-standing uncontrite unrecoverable unredeemable unreformed unrepentant abandoned bad beastly beyond hope beyond redemption impossible irreparable loser persistent recidivous unapologetic unashamed uncorrectable useless wicked compulsive irreversible obsessive established lost pathological complete shameless bred-in-the-bone irrevocable ingrained obsessional long-established committed thorough thoroughgoing past hope unshakeable unwavering deep-rooted obdurate seasoned cureless through and through beyond repair entrenched utter absolute hooked dedicated firm devoted loyal staunch faithful steadfast fixed irreclaimable unsalvageable remediless unchangeable remorseless ineradicable card-carrying gone unregenerate ill-fated unremorseful unrepenting deep-seated unabashed unblushing brazen regular out-and-out conscienceless uncontrollable set unswerving accustomed obstinate full-bore true blue unfaltering unalterable unrectifiable unfixable uncurable right-down arrant unrepairable unrestorable constant serious permanent grave congenital true fatal terminal final uncompromising helpless recurrent severe lasting mad keen beyond recovery die-hard keen as mustard well-established written off lost and gone beyond recall addictive reprobate dependent incessant frequent callous defiant relentless through-and-through driven infixed full-fledged instilled deep-down genuine irresistible nowhere to go out of time irremedial broken ruined destroyed irreplaceable gone forever hardhearted recidivistic deeply ingrained past mending impulsive by habit to the core out and out deadly unmitigable mortal without regret without remorse unreclaimable sad worsening prevalent recurring unsavable unregainable fallen besetting no-win up the creek beyond redress not contrite beyond cure wretched cursed gone for ever given up accursed doomed condemned afflicted vulnerable aimless excommunicated past praying for blighted alone rooted settled deep fruitless perennial lifelong intrenched devout resolute enduring ardent proved fervent earnest vehement immutable stalwart indelible unyielding wholehearted fiery torrid unshakable fanatical intransigent longtime supreme stubborn zealous inexorable past cure despaired of beyond remedy definite explicit staid inured habituated sicker past remedy bona fide hard-line all-consuming firmly established well established deep-set red-hot hard-shell irrepressible undying eternal dyed-in-the wool inbred abiding inborn tried continuing verified radical lingering tested long-lasting innate ceaseless ever-present continuous continual long-lived usual profound fundamental reliable extreme dependable built-in inherent irremovable secure inbuilt trustworthy sure demonstrated unabating honest persisting tried-and-true proven routine tenacious unmitigated deeply felt valid accepted basic protracted rigid steady trusty subconscious embedded fast good true-blue pious stanch upright down-the-line sustained dutiful honourable honorable allegiant sincere experienced unforgettable ineffaceable long-l inannihilable irradicable worn prolonged long-drawn-out obscene pornographic X-rated longstanding fortified determined unwaivering slow dragging implanted dug in set firm deep down remaining grounded irrational unreasonable indurated old sworn adamant radicated customary lodged in one's brain spun-out drawn-out haunting endemic based on illogical clinical intense constitutional recognized certified attested checked authentic heartfelt strong impassioned intrinsic unreasoning uncontrolled pathologic neurotic undoubted upheld supported verifiable demonstrable establishable orthodox avid fervid powerful abject acute passionate burning conclusive integral ingrain hardwired essential constitutive natural native indigenous immanent hereditary enthusiastic heightened exceptional consuming unfeigned keen extraordinary pure true-hearted recognised incorruptible patriotic truthful stirring inflamed warm rousing excessive great solid righteous right straight responsible just trustable moral virtuous ethical nice safe decent brassbound calculable supportive right-minded in the blood indwelling in-built no lie conscientious on the up and up worthy truehearted veridical undistorted liege estimable high-principled up front scrupulous creditable square all right behind one tried and true tried and tested in good faith

    Tính từ

    Morally unprincipled
    reprobate degenerate bad corrupt depraved unprincipled immoral wicked hardened rakish shameless debauched dissipated abandoned base dissolute profligate roguish debased decadent degraded demoralised demoralized jackleg libertine loose perverse perverted rakehell rakehelly scoundrelly sick unclean unregenerate unwholesome vile warped knavish rascally sinful foul improper lewd rude wanton unconstrained outrageous unrestrained unashamed unembarrassed brazen unabashed unblushing flagrant audacious blatant barefaced brash dishonest unscrupulous villainous immodest shady criminal crooked insolent impudent arrant amoral wild uninhibited unchaste high-handed overbold cheeky presumptuous brassy unbridled uncontrolled licentious bold unrestricted deceitful evil forward unhindered unrepentant brazenfaced bald-faced iniquitous vicious nefarious wrong mean indecent heinous unrighteous malicious dishonourable unlawful hateful wayward contemptible despicable unethical barbarous scandalous lawless felonious dishonorable monstrous ungodly ungoverned fast gay incontinent pernicious heartless dark unsavoury dirty maleficent shameful unsavory bent dastardly black-hearted morally wrong unconcerned confident deceiving undismayed undaunted untrustworthy swindling fraudulent double-dealing raffish cheating fearless unawed unshrinking unflinching unimpeded free untrammeled unconfined brass-necked forthright abashless cocky poised unaffected composed unshamed bold as brass reckless raw unchecked unruly rampant intemperate runaway sinister cruel brutal merciless ruthless inhumane callous devious malevolent inhuman unhampered impulsive impetuous immoderate unbounded underhanded unfeeling shifty unkind brutish defiled delinquent forbidding unfair slippery bestial bloodthirsty unconscientious sadistic unconscionable sly unpleasant scheming inexorable savage spiteful tyrannical two-faced disreputable pitiless self-indulgent vitiated dodgy exploitative hard-hearted crafty harsh questionable self-seeking vengeful vindictive corrupted conscienceless cold-blooded out of control untrammelled squalid scornful rancorous objectionable disparaging despiteful errant mean-spirited wrathful demonic scrofulous virulent evil-minded infamous contemptuous grisly nasty gruesome disdainful ignoble overt unconcealed remorseless transparent undisguised impenitent without shame atrocious irreligious abominable profane impious wrongful sacrilegious fiendish unholy rotten irreverent erring fallen blasphemous black shocking sullied tainted impure reprehensible horrible execrable odious detestable godless diabolical murderous illicit egregious guilty diabolic dangerous worthless illegitimate indictable sordid illegal flagitious injurious deleterious damaging underhand devilish stinking baneful nocuous adverse hurtful noxious mischievous prejudicial beastly baleful malfeasant harmful peccable ill detrimental low-down bad news not cricket

    Tính từ

    Tending to misbehave or act badly
    naughty bad disobedient mischievous wayward misbehaving fractious insubordinate misbehaved unruly contrary defiant disorderly errant refractory ungovernable unmanageable delinquent disruptive exasperating obstreperous perverse playful recalcitrant unbiddable uncontrollable undisciplined wilful difficult impish mutinous troublesome wild awkward impolite rascally roguish rude wicked annoying brattish froward intractable prankish puckish scampish sinful tricksy contumacious fiendish gallus headstrong rowdy teasing wanton willful worthless evil rough tough wrong badly behaved self-willed bad-mannered ill-disciplined attention-seeking full of mischief rebellious stubborn untoward out of control obstinate incontrollable turbulent incompliant rebel stroppy restive boisterous balky uncooperative recusant lawless bolshie violent impossible obdurate unyielding riotous out of hand opinionated ornery quarrelsome mean indocile mulish erratic irrepressible cantankerous chaotic badly-behaved pugnacious insurgent unrestrained non-compliant bellicose heedless reckless uncontrolled impulsive impetuous impervious drunken out of line rash intemperate unrestrainable bawdy imprudent uncompliant forward inexorable assertive undisciplinable anarchic troublemaking rumbustious lawbreaking lively rollicking loud romping noisy anarchical stiff-necked pigheaded bull-headed contentious intransigent thrawn bloody-minded unpersuadable unmalleable cussed contrarious stubborn as a mule disputatious resistant disaffected dysfunctional unbridled nuts outrageous madcap crazy insurmountable hysterical berserk noncompliant unresponsive bullheaded revolutionary like a loose cannon excited strong freaked overwhelming beside oneself abandoned indomitable overpowering intense insuppressible unpredictable fickle insolent impudent whiny petulant problematic seditious malcontent disloyal nonconformist dissentient belligerent trying aggressive confrontational combative insurrectionary socially impaired maladjusted argumentative hot-tempered disturbed truculent fierce scrappy hostile ill-behaved threatening warring armed restless treacherous sabotaging alienated factious dissident militant individualistic iconoclastic treasonable radical anarchistic attacking troublous tiresome bold malicious irksome pesky uncontainable sullen peevish nasty devilish loudmouthed wearisome demanding intolerable unbearable undependable immoral cross-grained self-indulgent strong-willed aberrant arbitrary inflexible unbending uncompromising immovable dogged adamant pertinacious hardheaded hardened unrelenting determined implacable hard hard-nosed unreasonable ossified adamantine inconvincible pat self-opinionated tenacious unaccommodating firm resolute single-minded steadfast persistent strong-minded renitent relentless obstructive indurate rigid pervicacious unhelpful disobliging fixed dissenting tumultuous iron-willed unshakeable unflinching raucous subversive vexatious insurrectionist irritable persevering negative wrong-headed pig-headed uproarious antagonistic unshakable ill-natured inimical nonconforming adverse capricious hard-line insubmissive unadaptable deaf to reason divisive steely unwilling schismatic rioting crabby discordant rambunctious strict up in arms rampageous touchy stiff prickly grumpy chippy unfavorable unfavourable ill-tempered diehard set in one's ways locked in estranged haughty dissentious cross sectarian unrepentant stalwart dead set on reluctant bad-tempered conflicting ratty challenging resisting choleric narky shirty purposeful disagreeing obstinately disobedient partisan rival resistive shrewish roisterous traitorous unwavering hesitant litigious tempestuous clamorous rock-ribbed averse rackety disturbing insistent iron stern vociferous insoluble unpliable rampant testy irritating feisty disagreeable crotchety harsh as stubborn as a mule complex rigorous irascible stringent importunate ruthless snappy merciless termagant dogmatic opinionative staunch querulous immoderate stony grim captious out-of-line immutable huffy out-of-order not giving an inch unswayable hard and fast hard-core hard to handle contradictory inimitable irreconcilable morose sulky renegade limit nonobservant unconverted unreformed intent uncomplying heretical maverick assiduous untrained incurable irregular tireless indefatigable forceful unsteady unschooled unsettling upsetting unorthodox mutinying apostate impotent with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way opposing withstanding boneheaded unreceptive decisive mullish domineering pushy treasonous resolved unbendable inconsistent ungoverned exuberant separatist factional distracting proud aloof tricky daring provocative audacious thorny locked knotty divided split declinatory refusing divergent impatient objecting declining hardline loath negativistic indisposed unalterable robust robustious vexing unregenerate burdensome unmoved unbreakable heady stiffened unappeasable antisocial lacking self-control hard-shell locked-in convinced remorseless tough nut hang tough quarrelling civil disobedience knockabout hell-raising without law and order problem bulky discommodious incommodious cramped unlawful immalleable unmovable durable disrupting off-base brawling ugly hidebound untimely unfortunate unimpressible swaggering swashbuckling cavalier blinkered dyed-in-the-wool disharmonious clashing uncompassionate impertinent hardhearted bullhead unemotional with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in causing trouble paradoxical contrariant arsey disregardful cheeky dareful sassy gutsy difficult to handle indisciplined inconvenient inopportune impossible to cope with unchangeable brassbound wrongheaded antipathetic converse ready for a fight tough nut to crack cold fish proof against persuasion hanging tough set in stone unanticipated ill-timed unexpected set in your ways standing one's ground drunk deranged disorganised turbid hedonistic uncontained helter-skelter disorganized disordered raunchy artful kiddish infantile sly frolicsome foxy bothersome ruffianly thoughtless immature childish inconsiderate disrespectful contending fighting controversial spoiling for a fight wild and woolly out-of-control overbearing hard to please unamenable fussy unforeseen disastrous unusual surprising unpredicted mistimed on-a-tear grumbly pitiless boorish finical vexed invidious choosy sensitive temperamental uppity uptight disputative sour oafish discontented tyrannical hypercritical picky dissatisfied bearish delicate oppressive hard to satisfy overcritical perfectionist particular fastidious over-particular finicky dictatorial critical ungracious severe rampaging unlucky unwelcome infelicitous inauspicious inapt unsuitable inappropriate quarreling at variance at loggerheads at odds stormy agitated progressive reforming malapropos badly timed unseasonable rip-roaring unstable roistering unenthusiastic grudging reformist extreme piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous explosive roller-coaster rugged unsettled unpropitious revisionist misfortunate fanatical progressivist unpleasant hapless ill-starred extremist star-crossed luckless flinty hard-hitting raising Cain callous drastic unsentimental unsympathetic fanatic revolutionist rabid grouchy raising the roof storming fiery shaking vehement perturbed demonstrative passionate in turmoil untamed roughhouse bitter destructive unforgiving authoritarian exacting cold austere cool draconian tetchy full of ups and downs full of conflict full of confusion full of upheavals uncaring ferocious pettish desperate far-out loony looney stony-hearted hard-shelled two-fisted hard-hearted hard-boiled ramrod way out ultraist swivel-eyed nihilistic heavy-handed hard-bitten ill-humoured involuntary afraid crabbed waspish curmudgeonly snappish short-tempered splenetic in a mood peppery crusty quick-tempered scratchy liverish bilious dyspeptic short-fused laggard forced enforced demurring cranky peckish fretful eggy soreheaded in a bad mood as cross as two sticks miffy waxy snaky thin-skinned complaining ill-humored unwishful uneager begrudging unobliging uninclined on a short fuse like a bear with a sore head having got out of bed the wrong side

    Tính từ

    Obsessively concerned with something
    fanatical enthusiastic fervent obsessive passionate wild frenzied keen ardent dedicated devoted eager fixated immoderate infatuated obsessed burning compulsive extreme fervid mad over-enthusiastic crazy dotty frenetic gung-ho hooked nuts potty visionary zealous bigoted overenthusiastic passional perfervid rabid wackadoo wackadoodle addicted biased bugged contumacious credulous domineering erratic fanatic feverish fiery headstrong impassioned impulsive monomaniacal obstinate opinionated partial possessed raving stubborn unruly violent willful high on nuts for turned on intense vehement excited avid earnest spirited fierce energetic committed wholehearted warm enthused voracious heated flaming strong torrid pumped red-hot lively raring emotional manic charged delirious hot-blooded impatient warm-blooded radical revolutionary juiced demonstrative hungry consuming desirous vigorous athirst blazing glowing extremist incandescent superheated antsy religious solicitous gung ho hot revolutionist forceful excessive animated devout frantic agog anxious deep great ultra thirsty obsessional over the top furious unrestrained profound uncontrollable powerful heartfelt restless stoked assiduous driven hearty hysterical geeked raging intemperate all-consuming deep-seated inflamed fevered vivacious hopped-up mad keen acute hepped up fond uncontrolled keen as mustard heightened ready ferocious steadfast overzealous willing true intent infatuated with interested devoted to ambitious gone on diligent greedy carried away enamored sprightly overwrought keyed up as keen as mustard sincere true blue ebullient hyperactive enamoured urgent yearning exhilarated severe fired up longing motivated exuberant loyal faithful staunch serious zestful hectic high-spirited in love concerned thrilling tumultuous very keen on exciting on fire addicted to swivel-eyed dutiful appetent psyched hooked on deeply felt pious amped true-blue smitten hopped up rebel terrible crazed drastic militant feeling nutty extraordinary absorbed exceptional diehard industrious angry stirred game itching hellacious preoccupied maniacal blistering heavy inordinate explosive conscientious warmblooded engaged distracted determined forcible thrilled daft sentimental steamed up enamored of afire purposeful pleased raw animate unfeigned hung up messianic titillated expressive enamoured of smitten with melodramatic constant single-minded ecstatic tender responsive stirring craving active hot for unqualified desperate resolute steady card-carrying hyper nervous impetuous potent covetous crazy about mad about bright-eyed and bushy-tailed fast in love with good stanch breathless happy gotta have dying to ready and willing nuts about chomping at the bit raring to go inclined supportive disposed down-the-line given over to hopeful mighty wishing insatiable dying overpowering desiring engrossed involved rampant sexy titillating arousing intent on ravenous grasping acquisitive emphatic marked uproarious keen on occupied knee-deep temperamental avaricious rapacious penetrating piercing vivid allegiant untrammeled untrammelled nutso adoring big doting attentive intensified full prepossessed abject genuine entrenched habitual relentless in a frenzy overemotional emotive excitable susceptible towering exaggerated terrorist passionate about enthusiastic about clamorous vocal noisy vociferous outspoken loud compelling ghastly almighty sensitive very excited honest hard-core rooted intrenched admiring adherent consecrated hard major rebellious subversive outrageous strident forthright insistent warmhearted jumping up and down pushy loving heartwarming overcharged tempestuous roused exquisite mad on deep-rooted inveterate thorough bona fide rousing supreme grave full-throated concentrated pronounced berserk dreadful zealotic fired go-ahead wild-eyed itchy ripe fireball self-starting pyretic febrile unreasonable sentient verklempt sharp fearful mental ungovernable disorderly amenable restive hankering unreluctant pining glad fearsome significant silly thoroughgoing settled moving eloquent poignant high-pressure stimulated precipitate headlong high-powered inspiring hotblooded affecting quickened touchy-feely effervescent on the make vicious combative sweating intensive frightful high besetting nutso over shook on nutty about very enthusiastic about bred-in-the-bone confirmed excruciating critical stirred up high as a kite fraught dizzy coming on strong gripping tormenting neurotic haunting heavy-duty cut-throat dynamic flushed burning up febrific unchecked unbridled turbulent confused unbalanced fascinated dominating rhapsodic aflame wacky tantalized OTT chaotic demented furibund distraught insane corybantic phrenetic wired confusing unscrewed tantalised zesty gaga wigged-out irresistible fixed controlling addictive turnt dependent outre gone outré outlandish beside oneself fond of sweet on very enthusiastic hot to trot inescapable pathological out of control weirded out fast and furious wigged out lost it stalwart far-out over-the-top champing at the bit full of beans unrelenting unyielding agitated in a lather aggressive proactive bullish banzai all out too much unwavering sworn out of bounds firm take-charge can-do through and through studious extremely enthusiastic pledged dependent on predisposed attached imbued accustomed hyped habituated dyed-in-the-wool overactive out-and-out single-hearted old faithful deep-dyed true to the end hard-working given to under the influence strung out given to abusing jonesing for prone to spaced out used to given to using in the habit of using jonesing on wedded to busy worked up in a tizzy high-strung like one possessed

    Tính từ

    Regular and even throughout
    uniform unvarying even consistent constant steady unchanging undeviating regular invariable unfluctuating unwavering equable fixed similar stable static equivalent identical invariant matching same sustained unvaried equal homogeneous monotonous compatible consonant fated fateful habitual immutable inflexible irreversible level methodical monolithic normal ordered orderly ossified plumb reliable rigid smooth straight symmetrical systematic true unalterable unbroken undiversified unmodifiable well-balanced well-proportioned of a piece changeless continuous persistent flat flush uninterrupted set unfaltering perpetual continual plane immovable unchanged firm horizontal rhythmic unswerving unchangeable stationary steadfast solid abiding levelled enduring unremitting stabile leveled permanent ceaseless eternal predictable unfailing regulated planate relentless never-ending metrical homogenous lasting planar resolute dependable settled unshakable standardized standardised systematized incessant unshaken sure decided monochromatic nonstop monochrome hard-and-fast systematised arranged as flat as a pancake set in stone calm fast tranquil monochromic unaltering continuing unrelieved organized undying unflagging untiring parallel unceasing unwrinkled plain measured repeated periodical periodic self homaloidal resolved unhesitating balanced unending endless self-colored staunch unrelenting dedicated determined indefatigable unyielding tireless unvacillating neat featureless precise together tidy frozen determinate established dogged pat unshakeable inexorable unqualified intense unflappable single-minded planed hard certain alike well-organized flat as a pancake exact brick-wall never-failing in order on an even keel well-ordered organised steady-going dead set on flowing fluent faithful everlasting standing timeless unaffected expected unaltered perennial indefinite long-lasting fluid frictionless graded regularized regularised true to type outstretched solid as rock moderate temperate incommutable inalterable tabular oblate unrough like the Rock of Gibralter fair non-extreme gentle rippleless complanate frequent unpatterned pancake nonrandom agreed final inexpugnable not changing single-color cadenced rhythmical definite specified durable recurring supine predetermined nonnegotiable preset patterned composed all-year-round round-the-clock interminable unabated unabating non-stop well grounded aligned accumbent recumbent congruous alternating punctual mechanical harmonious cyclic successive accordant serial hard and fast unruffled serene imperishable unfading cadent deep-rooted staying put solid as a rock long-lived long-standing controlled absolute perfectly vertical perfectly horizontal homologous unicolor never-changing ageless coolheaded undisturbed limpid peaceful unemotional sedate collected recollected cool untroubled placid possessed impenetrable intractable loyal unequivocal total disciplined lined up dead flat of same height on one plane on a line strict unworried unperturbed parallel with the ground in a straight line metric unbending homochromous homochromatic deliberate self-possessed self-composed even-tempered one-color strictly regulated dull hidebound fossilized undamaged regimented restricted undifferentiated unitary closely controlled strictly controlled businesslike on a tight rein fossilised trim logical careful coherent methodic structured punctilious efficient meticulous well-kept well-regulated shipshape well organized framed well planned all together thorough correct neat as button neat as pin in apple-pie order well regulated slick spick-and-span in shape formal rangé scientific in good shape set-up clean to rights conventional stubborn tenacious uncompromising unflinching obstinate committed stalwart obdurate persevering strong-willed purposeful pertinacious intransigent adamant devoted implacable strong intent vigorous earnest spirited indomitable ardent driven strong-minded tough zealous insistent forceful undaunted indurate devout hardened willful steely assiduous hard-nosed bold stout stiff headstrong bullheaded mulish enthusiastic diligent rock-ribbed stiff-necked dead set bound true-blue assertive pigheaded keen rigorous passionate wholehearted wilful adamantine serious hard-line fervent gutsy gritty grim iron-willed self-willed mettlesome trusty valiant perseverant patient emphatic fanatical unmovable plucky sedulous decisive dyed-in-the-wool cast-iron opinionated full of determination hardheaded inconvincible sturdy bound and determined industrious pious bent courageous diehard persisting secure good stringent active unmalleable deep-dyed stout-hearted unappeasable perverse dutiful brave stanch ruthless bent on self-opinionated stern motivated avid trustworthy strenuous confirmed inveterate genuine allegiant exacting down-the-line hardline ambitious card-carrying harsh purposive aggressive spunky unwearied enterprising eager doughty energetic lionhearted complete bent upon manful pushy entrenched severe sworn true blue fervid unsparing hell-bent obsessed fierce ironclad unbendable focused continued bulldog go-getting importunate unstoppable tried and true tried and tested militant sincere hard-working confident perdurable hard-core focussed die-hard unquestioning locked in unpersuadable hanging tough do-or-die iron fearless mad keen hard-driving running self-starting long-established ongoing self-driven rooted goal-oriented self-assertive thoroughgoing tried-and-true chronic unadaptable ingrained remorseless hell-bent on hell-bent upon high-spirited vehement positive aspiring rugged set on inexhaustible meaning business out-and-out out unswayable unafraid immortal through and through impassive hearty immobile conscientious resilient impassioned tried tight close draconian long-term unblinking indelible deep patriotic impervious merciless unswervable four-square utter weariless sound unwearying compulsive dynamic attached dateless bloody-minded pitiless adherent thirsty brassbound inspired pledged hungry desirous obsessive striving iron-fisted unapologetic unashamed explicit incurable unshrinking unmoved irremovable never-tiring not giving an inch red-hot irrepressible robust unreserved stand pat trusted eager beaver orthodox full responsible impermeable keen as mustard stop at nothing unconditional remaining true-hearted intrepid prearranged surviving uncooperative planned entire cruel prevailing sealed stated dour rock-solid in the bag unquenchable stiffened refractory profound unwaning redoubtable lusty categorical authoritarian daring painstaking fiery bull-headed impregnable heroic gung ho unforgiving recurrent lifelong seasoned unsinkable still ferocious unmoving supportive domineering concrete laborious staying repetitive revering monomaniacal burning quiescent venerating heartfelt sempiternal honorable honourable full-bore unrepentant independent feisty indestructible studious undeterred whole-hearted unpermissive assured liege resistant arrant right-down oft-repeated around-the-clock progressive pioneering bosom tough nut dug in heavy-handed boon tough-minded bred-in-the-bone incompliant through-and-through self-confident deep-seated well-established round the clock standing pat mean business bona fide hardy self-asserting hell bent on self-seeking get up and go power-hungry ever-abiding writ in stone hard as nails power-loving high-reaching unassailable direct hardboiled buckled down self-disciplined firmly-based well-founded restless unaccommodating ever-enduring recalcitrant emotionless realistic immoveable unbudgeable gallant day-and-night unintimidated mullish radical oppressive valorous perseverative hopeless cocksure balky uninfluenced Herculean consecutive unalleviated connected aeonian forbidding disciplinary illiberal dauntless perfervid hardworking imperturbable nerveless hellbent uptight picky narrow-minded formidable hopeful cohesive renitent stony-hearted unimpressionable adventurous immoderate extreme game immalleable uncompliant without respite high-powered unplacatable iron-handed unmollifiable inescapable unpacifiable trustable true to life uncontrollable iron-jawed puritanical possessive unforgetful austere thrusting unsentimental dinkum beyond hope self-motivated unerring safe hard-boiled ungiving inseparable prolonged pounding mortal hard-headed stubborn as a mule real unstinting unambiguous going all the way audacious steamroller nervy powerhouse calculable bulletproof sticky world-without-end amaranthine ramrod honest truthful upright incorruptible nose to grindstone telelogical calculated stuffy ineluctable adoring goody-goody worshipping worshiping heart-and-soul pietistic undiscouraged pressing urgent demanding plugging jumping go-go grind unstinted hyper perky fireball plodding sagacious unlimited unmitigated unrestricted undivided manly greathearted gutty stouthearted undauntable heroical intent on single-minded about firm about like a ball of fire on the make desiring success necessary compulsory inexpungible indissoluble longstanding old forever pig-headed well balanced well-built stick to guns set in concrete unalloyed unadulterated undismayed no-nonsense clear-sighted in place in position all out flat-out straight out engagé dyed-in-the wool on a treadmill day and night tough nut to crack decided upon cut-and-dried strait-laced playing hard ball be out for blood nose to the grindstone allotted lion-hearted tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon determined to committed to the idea of fundamentalist never give up as thick as thieves truehearted thick-skinned toughened behind one nonmoving dogmatic unflexible crisp doctrinaire interminate unfeigned undiluted warm outright exigent goody two-shoes defined decreed prescribed religious consumed compelled firm in spirit perceptive animated mean two-fisted resourceful take charge not put off not discouraged perfectionistic principled poised unbudging single-hearted old faithful in good faith intrenched traditional conservative reverent in for long haul express inextinguishable unconstrained instilled congenital infixed deep-down full-fledged like bad penny as keen as mustard true to the end given over to authentic fullhearted confining binding never-ceasing nonmotile pure prayerful in for the long haul till the cows come home obsessive about inflexible about fixated on fanatical about proved competitive do or die hold one's ground hold the fort sticking to one's guns standing one's ground hold the line dominant in earnest no going back galvanized impelled torrid impenitent supreme irredeemable unreformable ineradicable longtime definitive stipulated immotile like death and taxes pushful peremptory cutthroat unmanageable insuppressible unrestrainable uncontainable unrestrained going to the core out and out deeply ingrained bitter stony furious granite induced fixated obsessional accustomed inured habituated staid motionless statuelike bloodthirsty not subject to change living sicker imperative clamant crying resounding reiterative imperious dire pushed steered guided impulsive besetting galvanised defiant warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy hundred percent whole-souled wild massed without reservations solidified husky taut cut-throat self-assured can-do rigidly enforced idealistic well established deep-set hard-shell all-consuming firmly established full-blooded intensely competitive in-your-face fiercely competitive having killer instinct dog-eat-dog hang-tough high-pressure go for broke implicit blocked hang tough out of control concentrated remove compact dimensional consolidated urged on long-running anchored compacted rocklike impliable nailed quiet hitched hooked situated locked located thick congealed made fast swift forthright prompt rapid dense jellied brick wall rock-hard non-flexible detail oriented like a rock on one's side water-resistant imperviable watertight invulnerable waterproof really hard very hard constructive undeclared taken for granted tacit accurate implied understood inarticulate unquestioned latent contained unexpressed unspoken virtual undoubting practical inevitable implicative inferential unuttered inferred unsaid untouched immune closed water-repellent impassable unreceptive hermetic proof unfeeling unpierceable inaccessible unapproachable hermetically sealed rainproof

    Danh từ

    An inhumanly cruel or wicked person
    monster brute savage villain barbarian fiend thug evildoer lowlife scum scumbag baddie beast cretin dirtbag jerk knave profligate scoundrel creep hooligan lout miscreant ratbag reprobate sleazebag slimeball troublemaker vermin weasel wretch animal baddy bully crook devil dog rat rogue ruffian shyster sleazeball slime antagonist blackguard caitiff dastard demon maggot meanie meany ratfink sadist schmuck scuzzball sleaze snake stinkard varmint wrongdoer heavy hood hound malfeasant misfeasor pig rapscallion rascal scally scamp scapegrace shark skunk stinker swine varlet bogeyman monstrosity nazi scalawag scallywag bad egg evil-doer good-for-nothing no-good bad guy nasty piece of work snake in the grass dirty dog pond scum son of a gun unpleasant person unprincipled person despicable person ne'er-do-well enfant terrible rat fink fraudster swindler trickster louse thief heel vagabond charlatan mischiefmaker rotter cheat bounder cad imp bad news black sheep toad fink wastrel spalpeen sleeveen sleveen cur scrote mother butthole mofo blighter SOB malefactor degenerate outlaw offender criminal felon lawbreaker supervillain convict tyrant sinner brigand gangster psychopath robber mugger transgressor bandit pirate sociopath racketeer fraud terrorist hoodlum delinquent con hellion desperado crim infractor monkey sneak libertine cheater liar antihero urchin gunman jailbird nointer rake gaolbird mischief nasty cruel person nasty person wrong 'un bad lot limb of Satan mean person black hat evil person mischief-maker bad character culprit rowdy ogre skelm trespasser mobster tough joker yob yobbo punk perpetrator roughneck grifter outcast mug hoon con man boor perp con artist goon hustler guilty party slob gorilla bruiser pretender defalcator chiseller yahoo rorter marauder toughie lag conman hoaxer deceiver mountebank vandal yardbird fugitive scofflaw clown bum phoney sharper quack gangbanger rough gangsta phony buzzard crud chuff churl bleeder confidence trickster reptile violator impostor confidence man plug-ugly pill bully boy crumb rogue trader ghoul lifer defrauder bunco artist so-and-so sham toughy chav juvenile delinquent young offender worm raider sharp flimflammer shicer imposter ex-con prankster fakir twister burglar magsman illywhacker shoplifter housebreaker pariah immoralist terror pilferer cracksman purloiner yegg highwayman tief loafer fake flimflam man derelict peculator footpad prisoner bad apple yakuza hoodie humbug trusty lighty horror wrong'un transport loser tea leaf faker hoodwinker dissembler old lag bogan cougan tearaway scozza tyke tsotsi quacksalver ringer rounder tregetour lager lout little devil turd dingo stinkpot renegade plunderer pickpocket looter rip-off artist scrounger embezzler jagoff rapist idler pillager hijacker archfiend larrikin keelie violater radge slicker ned armed robber whippersnapper filcher beggar roughie myrmidon blackmailer suspect murderer huckster hellhound scammer wise guy scamster recreant finagler bilker minx oaf person responsible perisher buffoon exploiter deluder puck hypocrite masquerader black marketeer schlenter pickle rip troll drifter git bovver boy bear counterfeit guilty person pseudo actor practical joker fallen angel pixie gold brick tough guy wanted criminal double-crosser con-artist boot boy con woman double-dealer four-flusher confidence woman dastardly person hard man sly person public enemy number one malevolent universal foe cut-throat debauchee vaurien roué rakehell picaro victimizer riffraff bootlegger drunkard daemon serpent juvie bad person picaroon cutthroat swashbuckler face killer problem atua Mephistopheles diablo backstabber adversary devil incarnate rotten egg freebooter bete noire common enemy cannibal bravo wild man tough person grotesque grotesquerie grotesquery exile inmate goldbrick shammer mafioso public enemy disgrace bilk sharpie cozener skinner chiseler tricker dodger sharpy dork hoser simulator counterfeiter playactor being gargoyle glutton quadruped hick JD brat Mafioso spectre specter conniver gunslinger absconder runaway weirdo clod tramp jester opportunist cardsharp tease mischievous person prodigal grafter poltroon ronion bezonian pauper scullion looser cullion pilgarlic ingrate abuser assassin pusher dealer hitman captive repeater long-termer rustler bumpkin clodhopper clodpole slimebag peasant loudmouth philistine scuzzbag brawler slimebucket lower animal living thing wrong number slippery customer pervert Neanderthal lump redneck rube skank ape lummox boob lubber bosthoon dirtball vulgarian pest nuisance forager reaver ravager gunperson snaphance mosstrooper cateran highwayperson gang member dip hayseed oik primitive deviant impersonator chit hit person hatchet man do-nothing stealer larcenist reprehensible person gamin jackanapes member of a criminal gang member of the family member of the Mafia imitator bluffer pettifogger empiric cutup wag jokester booger mischievous child fairy little dickens holy terror gnome devilkin gremlin deviling plant beguiler mimic medicaster scorner duper mocker poacher holdup person slacker layabout drone cadger bad boy little rascal hell-raiser fun-maker life of the party little monkey casual no-goodnik malingerer vagrant slugabed sluggard laggard shirker lounger no-account cutpurse dacoit pincher sneak thief kleptomaniac steamer yardie heister larcener booster lurcher spider pickpurse moonlighter sniper lifter clip owl prowler rioter bioterrorist waster lazybones skiver cyberterrorist narcoterrorist agroterrorist ecoterrorist deadbeat muscle holdupper cat burglar second-story worker second-story man dropout bad actor highway robber holdup artist stickup artist porch climber smooth operator slippery eel confidence artist

    Trái nghĩa của incorrigible

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