Đồng nghĩa của brawling

Alternative for brawling

brawls, brawled, brawling

Đồng nghĩa: fracas, quarrel, racket, riot,

Động từ

Present participle for to physically fight, especially in a rough or noisy way
fighting grappling scrapping battling wrestling scuffling clashing struggling tussling wrangling scrimmaging skirmishing stoushing roughhousing swedging bucking rumbling caterwauling exchanging blows coming to blows having a set-to having a dust-up having a punch-up going the knuckle fighting like Kilkenny cats fighting nastily going at it hammer and tongs contending combating combatting sparring quarrelling quarreling boxing feuding doing battle duelling dueling crossing swords locking horns attacking engaging disputing arguing assaulting confronting conflicting warring having a fight tangling altercating bickering waging war rassling rowing vying mixing it up squabbling jousting jostling contesting disagreeing going for each other coming to grips taking on starting fighting romping trading punches duking it out tackling coming into conflict hitting each other challenging plying weapons bearing arms tilting going to war locking antlers cuffing engaging in conflict encountering striving engaging in fisticuffs clashing with traversing bumping heads going up against putting up a fight exchanging blows with hassling getting to grips raising your fists broiling having a ding-dong manhandling dealing differing facing coping quibbling punching competitively closing raising Cain colliding raising fists slugging it out falling out taking slugging fighting like cat and dog taking up arms butting heads bandying words having a dispute chopping logic making war mounting an attack having a row engaging in hostilities tussling with scrapping with closing with engaging with doing battle with battling with struggling with coming to blows with addressing yourself to exerting essaying straining endeavoring grunting working having a barney having a scrap cutting and thrusting endeavouring fighting over striking rivalling competing trying to win crossing battling for laying a finger on repelling struggling for trying for rivaling defending setting to squaring off putting up dukes ganging up on withstanding going for fighting for knuckling with vying for breaking with contending for challenging for competing for laying out tussling for socking putting on gloves assaulting each other protecting racing scrimmaging with punching each other attacking each other warring against tugging skirmishing with sparring with tasting battle laying into lighting to flaring up bandying with brushing with taking all comers racing against carrying on war racing with taking up the gauntlet taking the field

Động từ

Present participle for to have an argument or quarrel with someone
quarrelling quarreling arguing squabbling bickering rowing wrangling disputing fighting scrapping altercating spatting quibbling argufying controverting hassling tiffing brabbling jarring falling out kicking up a row raising Cain disagreeing locking horns sparring bandying words crossing swords having words having a row clashing going at it hammer and tongs chopping logic differing having a fight feuding fighting like cat and dog contending battling failing to agree mixing it up threaping debating contesting having a disagreement having a misunderstanding taking on setting to having a tiff having at it warring dissenting bumping heads butting heads having a spat tangling struggling cavilling caviling caterwauling argy-bargying having an altercation fencing coming to blows skirmishing picking a bone putting up a fight discepting talking back laying into hashing over having an argument getting into conflict encountering grappling tilting wrestling having a difference of opinion getting into a dispute lighting to scraping digging causing a scene having a barney trading zingers picking at nastily arguing discussing pettifogging rehashing sassing bandying agitating hammering away going one on one putting up a struggle facing down sticking it to having at each other picking an argument knocking around socking it to verbally fighting getting in one's face jumping on each other canvasing canvassing mooting opposing exchanging views jumping on one's case kicking around talking over hashing out thrashing out batting around tossing around challenging contradicting conflicting gainsaying striving colliding bumping dividing carping varying complaining disapproving charging embroiling disaccording objecting hypercriticizing chicaning evading shifting avoiding paralogizing pretending waffling flip-flopping nit-picking taking issue with jumping on haggling ripping into each other paltering zapping going for the jugular contradicting each other taking issue discording letting have it finding fault taking exception breaking with objecting to having it out getting tough with fratching scolding reaming jawing berating arguing over putting up an argument catching at straws hemming and hawing making a big thing about blowing hot and cold bawling out tongue-lashing calling on the carpet equivocating prevaricating niggling criticizing nitpicking splitting hairs picking to pieces criticising nonconcurring demurring going at it protesting against having shouting match

Tính từ

Marked by or involving public disorder
riotous disorderly unruly rowdy violent tumultuous ungovernable anarchic lawless disruptive insubordinate rebellious rioting turbulent uncontrollable unmanageable uproarious wild mutinous ugly unbiddable undisciplined out of control rampageous refractory chaotic deranged disordered disorganised disorganized hedonistic helter-skelter immoderate insurrectionary intemperate revolutionary turbid uncontained uncontrolled unrestrained boisterous obstreperous disobedient wayward rough noisy seditious contumacious unbridled insurgent recalcitrant rebel irrepressible wilful intractable out of hand raucous fractious defiant rampant tempestuous restive ungoverned willful clamorous untoward recusant rambunctious unchecked rumbustious loud insurrectionist unbounded contrary unhindered badly behaved abandoned froward troublesome unconstrained agitated subversive uncurbed anarchical difficult full-on uninhibited bolshie traitorous runaway fierce incompliant balky unhampered lawbreaking rollicking roisterous rackety raw furious troublemaking reckless impetuous stormy errant raging rugged attention-seeking uncooperative unrestricted destructive factious anarchistic frenzied headstrong perverse rabid robustious excited berserk ill-disciplined disaffected knockabout restless rampaging mutinying vociferous dissident disloyal delinquent renegade excessive wanton unfettered untrammelled mischievous hysterical confused untamed disturbed licentious unimpeded noncompliant stroppy termagant in turmoil radical up in arms untrammeled blustering rash outrageous storming incorrigible without law and order rip-roaring hell-raising aggressive truculent tough exuberant dissentious choppy treacherous revolting passionate harsh free lively naughty treasonous unlimited stubborn uncompliant unquenchable unstoppable uncontainable treasonable blustery unconfined iconoclastic roughhouse jarring swirling loose squally unstable ferocious profligate unsuppressed explosive unsettled crazy madcap out-of-line roily on the rampage running wild incontrollable nihilistic out-of-order vehement unyielding roaring stormful heedless incontinent impotent bitter impulsive impervious ornery imprudent forward assertive quarrelsome drunken opinionated bawdy inexorable mean extravagant lacking self-control out of line running amok postal robust breakaway rebelling brutal gruff obstinate resounding clattering clattery clangorous loutish antisocial unrestrainable swaggering swashbuckling cavalier gleeful vicious loudmouthed rude unlawful impossible untrained belligerent hard thuggish pugnacious unsettling disturbing upsetting indisciplined misruled misgoverned inharmonious unsteady capricious unschooled wild and woolly indocile non-compliant in disorder nuts insurmountable two-fisted drunk distracting impish awkward unsubmissive rough-and-tumble inconsistent out-of-control radge divisive misbehaving on-a-tear roguish rascally uncomplying civil disobedience bellicose warring resistant romping frenetic not controlled self-willed inordinate unshackled roller-coaster disrupting off-base energetic irregular rowdydowdy inflammatory natural boundless unconventional unconcealed self-indulgent crazed enthusiastic frantic unbound footloose underground extrovert fiery shaking perturbed demonstrative stern unrepressed causing trouble widespread undermining full of conflict full of confusion full of upheavals ebullient overwhelming feverish overpowering delirious corybantic incautious irrational boiling foaming epidemic roiled cacophonous spontaneous dissolute frank flamboyant candid audacious impertinent indiscriminate blunt saturnalian immoral plenary open exaggerated bizarre limitless full of ups and downs rife rabble-rousing agitational thrilled raving gay rank pandemic dominant angry heavy convulsive storm-tossed bumpy stridulent buffeting flagrant pervasive prevalent giddy flighty perfidious incendiary overthrowing unpatriotic knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts paroxysmal cataclysmal hot volcanic cyclonic hammer and tongs bang-bang seething cataclysmic progressive reforming mad luxuriant profuse weltering spreading rambling fecund proliferating predominant threatening extensive multiplying flourishing growing reformist extreme militant discrediting harmful corrupting corruptive perversive tremulous thunderous howling moiling stirred up ruffled coarse windy exceeding bounds spreading like wildfire revisionist fanatical progressivist extremist destabilising destabilizing ruinous terrorist fanatic revolutionist diehard bad uncivilised tyrannous unorthodox despotic heterodox nonconformist terrorising warlike evil savage barbarous unregulated unpeaceful terrorizing uncivilized uncultivated infringing piratical far-out loony looney way out ultraist swivel-eyed intransigent roistering piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous raising Cain raising the roof obdurate annoying bloody-minded problematic exasperating mulish indomitable unpredictable pervicacious undisciplinable renitent badly-behaved vexatious tiresome wrong unreasonable untimely inconvenient bull-headed inopportune stiff-necked criminal pigheaded unfavorable unfavourable bothersome persistent insuppressible dissentient inflexible unsuitable unseasonable thrawn aberrant demanding cantankerous cussed erratic trying unaccommodating discommodious impudent insolent sinful incommodious hard to handle adverse unbearable intolerable unfortunate unwilling offending malcontent unmalleable insubmissive obstinately disobedient unbending strong inexpedient determined contrarious uncompromising disadvantageous strong-willed sinning ill-timed insoluble erring deviant unhandy discommoding inappropriate transgressing unwieldy irritating dogged pestiferous detrimental cumbersome maladjusted straying complex immovable peevish petulant playful argumentative malicious deviating unpliable fiendish tricksy brattish scampish puckish prankish gallus vexing ill-behaved ruffianly devilish pesky full of mischief unsubduable limit cross contentious dangerous unpersuadable adamant untameable resolved malign malevolent maleficent spiteful burdensome dissenting heretical nonconforming maverick challenging stubborn as a mule disputatious fickle felonious tricky unresponsive bullheaded resisting opposing withstanding flyaway apostate schismatic incommoding incurable intense freaked unadaptable aggravating reprehensible censurable transgressive disobliging unhelpful impossible to cope with as stubborn as a mule rock-ribbed undependable problem callous hardened worrisome distressing obstructive beside oneself with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way dysfunctional arbitrary artful hard-line pat thorny locked resolute tenacious knotty pertinacious prickly cross-grained irritable touchy socially impaired hot-tempered whiny sullen hostile nasty troublous confrontational combative bold irksome scrappy wearisome like a loose cannon raunchy locked in tough nut hang tough chippy misbehaved individualistic armed sabotaging alienated attacking kiddish infantile ill-natured sly frolicsome foxy thoughtless immature childish inconsiderate disrespectful bulky difficult to handle cramped disagreeable unfailing undying wicked impolite unanticipated unexpected negative unendurable objectionable offensive culpable guilty teasing worthless everlasting enduring unfading inextinguishable eternal unforeseen disastrous unusual surprising unpredicted mistimed loath negativistic averse reluctant indisposed hesitant insupportable terrible painful insufferable remote prejudicial embarrassing imperishable unrelenting indestructible lasting unwavering constant relentless unremitting unlucky unwelcome infelicitous inauspicious inapt excruciating maddening infuriating dreadful improper shifting stray miscreant heretic devious fallible unreliable meandering errable bad-mannered unacceptable egregious inimical malapropos badly timed off straight and narrow irresistible unpropitious misfortunate unpleasant hapless ill-starred star-crossed luckless forceful beyond bearing not to be borne fervid maniacal manic perfervid passional hyper carried away beside yourself like one possessed

Tính từ

Naturally aggressive or hostile
pugnacious aggressive bellicose combative hostile antagonistic confrontational fiery gladiatorial irascible scrappy truculent warlike agonistic feisty assaultive belligerent brawly chippy choleric defiant discordant militant petulant threatening argumentative cantankerous contentious disputatious ill-tempered irritable quarrelsome rebellious rough salty aggers biffo pushy hot-tempered bad-tempered itching to fight on the warpath ready to fight self-assertive having a chip on one's shoulder have a bone to pick litigious fractious disputative warring captious cavilling factious snappy peevish battling pettish fighting dissentious controversial querulous polemical polemic cross hotheaded grouchy stroppy tempestuous arguesome arsey ructious crabby wrangling bickering huffy violent caviling difficult ornery unruly passionate excitable touchy churlish impassioned war turbulent thin-skinned quick-tempered ready for a fight have chip on shoulder contrary perverse recalcitrant bolshie refractory contumacious mean obstreperous insubordinate fierce opinionated offensive mutinous ungovernable intractable balky froward oppugnant testy spoiling for a fight destructive wayward unmanageable inimical obstinate warmongering unfriendly willful contending uncooperative militaristic awkward disobedient provocative martial sullen angry cussed uncontrollable challenging eristic spiky disorderly troublesome rebel untoward wilful at loggerheads hawkish adversarial sabre-rattling restive incompliant hot-blooded prickly sensitive disaffected insolent grumpy resistant spirited seditious undisciplined dissident insurrectionary dissentient headstrong narky insurgent fire-eating lively jingoistic rude recusant assertive impulsive lawless conflicting surly reckless stubborn loudmouthed incorrigible unyielding quarrelling inhospitable forceful nasty clashing inexorable malevolent dissenting bloodthirsty peppery active snarly bloody-minded pigheaded thrawn military courageous spunky disputable rival rancorous antipathetic wild tough enthusiastic hot-button troublemaking contrarious obstructive attacking gutsy malcontent embattled bold hot flip ardent disagreeable temperamental quarreling alienated ill-natured unpleasant rowdy ferocious intransigent vexed disruptive revolutionary hateful uncompromising radical on the outs critical nonconformist heedless riotous have it in for tetchy impetuous impervious up in arms rash intemperate imprudent forward out of control drunken out of line bawdy battleful inharmonious naysaying splenetic abusive miffy exasperated impudent sulky plucky determined snappish cranky unkind fretful mighty soreheaded soldierly gung-ho eristical short-tempered strident sanguinary litiginous litigatious ratty shirty unhelpful opposed adverse persuasive outspoken boisterous wrestling tilting skirmishing combatant at war opposing competing anarchic chaotic attention-seeking disloyal under arms irrepressible unrestrained sparring ill-disposed vigorous rollicking romping noisy anarchical rumbustious incontrollable lawbreaking loud restless individualistic anarchistic armed treacherous sabotaging iconoclastic treasonable at daggers drawn out of hand non-compliant discourteous ultra-active two-fisted extremist extreme combating daring resisting audacious itching looking for trouble fanatical zealous scathing deadly vituperous terrifying intimidating cowing terrorising trenchant sharp mordacious frightening browbeating caustic terrorizing harsh bullying mordant warrish assertory mettlesome alive energetic bubbly peppy gritty frisky gutty zestful game hearty oversensitive melodramatic hypersensitive easily offended subversive divided split full-blooded go-getting high-strung in arms full of pep emotional hot-headed volatile heated incensed mercurial intense stormy disregardful cheeky insubmissive dareful sassy resistive tumultuous disagreeing dramatic shaken frantic infuriated fuming steamed-up raving inflamed enraged highly strung furious hottempered disharmonious sectarian schismatic acrid bristling inflammable vicious intolerant antisocial embittered vengeful acrimonious manic hysterical ill-humoured vitriolic icy uncomfortable malicious ill-humored virulent vindictive ugly spiteful uneasy divisive estranged partisan indocile demanding all shook up overbearing unrelenting hard to please unreasonable unamenable unaccommodating fussy grim disputed debatable at variance at odds grumbly disobliging hardheaded importunate strong-minded pitiless strict single-minded trying set in one's ways boorish rigid hard-line inflexible finical hard-nosed obdurate tiresome unpredictable hard to handle invidious bull-headed steadfast choosy fiendish crotchety uppity uptight resolute immovable sour oafish discontented tyrannical hypercritical picky dissatisfied bearish stiff stiff-necked negative delicate dogmatic oppressive hard to satisfy irritating indomitable unflinching overcritical wrong-headed impolite opinionative unbending perfectionist particular fastidious over-particular finicky dictatorial pertinacious ungracious contended uncertain equivocal ambivalent unresolved moot unsure undecided borderline controvertible unsettled open to question open to debate

Tính từ

Noisy, energetic, and cheerful
boisterous rowdy rollicking unruly wild active animated disorderly noisy unrestrained bouncy lively loud overexcited riotous rumbustious uproarious ebullient excited exuberant frisky high-spirited knockabout spirited vibrant abandoned clamorous rough tumultuous uncontrolled undisciplined uninhibited wayward hell-raising impetuous rambunctious raucous rip-roaring robustious roistering roisterous romping wilful clangorous in high spirits obstreperous effervescent energetic over-the-top strident vociferant vociferous joyful merry vivacious fun-loving buoyant jaunty cheerful wild and woolly bubbly zestful chirpy gay peppy full of beans full of life frolicsome irrepressible playful vigorous upbeat sparky sparkling gregarious peart enthusiastic rude raw coarse dynamic sprightly sunny frolic breezy gamesome crank cheery chipper gladsome zingy blithesome blithe of good cheer as merry as a grig light-hearted orgiastic depraved debauched turbulent side-splitting saturnalian frivolous outgoing extrovert termagant fun flamboyant festive willful rhapsodical bubbling raunchy earthy exciting invigorating bubbling over buzzing zesty unsubtle indecorous envigorating party passionate carefree hearty joyous swashbuckling jovial cavorting exhilarated robust sportive devil-may-care ardent eager euphoric lighthearted happy thumping ripping rollicksome glad jubilant zippy elated brash exultant slapstick farcical turnt zappy smiley vital casual crass crude nasty mean feeling one's oats rough-and-tumble harum-scarum daring dashing bold full of fun spunky mettlesome gallant jolly pert bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bright and breezy alive and kicking full of vim and vigour

Danh từ

The act or state of physically fighting
fighting conflict war combat warfare bloodshed hostilities violence affray battle battles butchery carnage hostility killing rioting scrimmage skirmishing slaughter slaying bloodletting encounter massacre murder scuffle wrangle action bout donnybrook fracas jousting melee roughhousing rumble rumpus scrap strife struggle unrest battle royal free-for-all punch out set-to fight contest skirmish clash engagement confrontation armed conflict dogfight attack fray tussle duel brush collision face-off grapple tug-of-war campaign military action contention rivalry match competition dustup boilover assault crusade conflagration armed struggle onslaught feud hassle rencounter scrum offensive blitzkreig sortie siege blitz brawl passage of arms hot war onset showdown head-to-head meeting broil biffo incident warring sweepstakes sweep-stake dust-up run-in ball game shoot-out strike raid discord aggression military operation invasion armed clash armed confrontation tangle crisis state of war afters shindy shindig feuding friction high noon dispute field flap campaigning intervention altercation bloodbath row battle royale mix-up brush-off occupation gore enmity jihad joust press fisticuffs barrage skirmishes push movement bagarre bombing mayhem pogrom riot antagonism blows arms strategy duke out bust-up military fight significant contact punch-up sparring match exchange of blows blood-letting rift clash of arms passage at arms rupture blood bath embroilment spar vendetta cyberwar cold war drive move effort expedition operation cause bandwagon demonstration juggernaut course of action set of tactics endeavour exchange striving counterinsurgency emulation endeavor march evangelism holy war advance mission thrust operations motion battle plan initiative lobby enterprise act program programme appeal organization mobilization undertaking dedication commitment measure maneuver impetus ambition manoeuvre promotion organisation mobilisation

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