Đồng nghĩa của orgiastic

Alternative for orgiastic

orgiastic /ɔ:'gæstik/
  • tính từ
    • trác táng, truy hoan

Tính từ

Having or encouraging an excessive interest in lustful matters
prurient lewd lascivious salacious licentious lustful indecent obscene dirty lecherous smutty raunchy vulgar libidinous bawdy crude pornographic lubricious degenerate concupiscent sensual depraved erotic suggestive unchaste debauched dissolute carnal horny offensive hot titillating dissipated unwholesome immodest steamy libertine sexual desirous fleshly voyeuristic hankering longing unhealthy itching X-rated wanton impure fast randy loose intemperate goatish hypersexual satyric naughty promiscuous pervy lubricous sinful lickerish ardent itchy passionate coarse blue ribald nasty gross porny locker-room foul trashy profane filthy unprintable gutter stag immoral scurrilous off-color bodily raw hard-core rough voluptuous evil-minded soft-core low-down incontinent corrupt perverted decadent sexy wicked amorous abandoned degraded reprobate warped debased profligate rakish venereal sick perverse demoralized rakehell jackleg rakehelly sordid aroused unclean demoralised animal amatory racy ruttish aphrodisiac vile bestial unprincipled unrestrained aphrodisiacal base hot-blooded low disgusting stimulated evil physical wolfish bad sensuous shameless excited dirty-minded hircine erogenous vicious voluptuary corrupted erotogenic lusty spicy loving iniquitous brutal criminal unconstrained swinging scungy hot to trot kinky earthy sultry purple venereous fast and loose in the fast lane turned on romantic turned-on profaned dishonourable sullied desecrated sex-hungry of easy virtue corporeal uncleanly fallen somatic material corporal uncontrollable luscious lush craving uncontrolled heavy dishonorable wrongful improper unworthy hot and heavy uncurbed degrading genital animalistic amoral unruly unmoral lax relaxed scabrous disorderly ghoulish morbid nosy provocative erotical juicy uninhibited hedonistic saucy gamy adult fruity sexually explicit warm wistful scorching red-blooded torrid warm-blooded freethinking sizzling red-hot rousing stimulating explicit obsessive enthusiastic avid deviant hedonic sleazy arousing Rabelaisian fervid frisky impassioned titillated vitiated wayward riotous toey inflamed foxy anacreontic indulgent defiled louche nefarious flagitous raffish twisted wild unvirtuous squirrelly desiring miscreant unnatural sicko sybaritic villainous mean sexually arousing sexually stimulating violated easy rotten drunken deteriorated open sexually aroused in heat sexed up hard up on fire toey as a Roman sandal hot and bothered sexually exciting fast-living self-indulgent pleasure-seeking high living night owl lacking restraint in the gutter gone bad gone to the dogs

Trái nghĩa của orgiastic

orgiastic Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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