Đồng nghĩa của slapstick

Alternative for slapstick

slapstick /'slæpstik/
  • danh từ
    • roi đét, roi pháo (của anh hề)
    • (nghĩa bóng) trò cười nhộn, , trò hề tếu ((cũng) slapstick comedy)

Danh từ

Mischievous or playfully foolish behavior
buffoonery horseplay clownery clowning foolery hijinks monkeying monkeyshines roughhouse roughhousing shenanigans skylarking tomfoolery high jinks horsing around monkey business silliness antics pranks mischief fooling larks monkey tricks nonsense capers fooling around tricks foolishness fun rowdiness stupidity practical jokes didoes escapade frolic caper antic mischievousness jesting carryings-on carry-on prank trouble misbehaviour malarkey foolish behaviour idiocy folly insanity ludicrousness absurdity craziness irresponsibility lunacy carrying-on misbehavior monkeyshine fun and games childishness harlequinade joking rough-and-tumble funny business boisterousness larking around playing around hoaxing waggishness drollery frivolity romping silly behaviour desipience capering play exuberance rough-housing stunts escapades romps frolics fancy rib gambol caprice lark levity joke spoof whim lightness put-on hotfoot gag rollick shine sport comedy roughness rough and tumble messing around rough play bunk larking about ridiculousness senselessness madness giddiness messing about high spirits shenanigan stunt harlequinades kidding around practical joke no good devilment hanky-panky devilry rascality misconduct dishonesty trickery goings-on chicanery misdemeanour skulduggery jiggery-pokery absurdness mischief-making tommyrot poppycock hokey-pokey inanity disobedience misdemeanor clowning around horse feathers roguery waggery knavery naughtiness deviltry roguishness playfulness diablerie impishness trick frolicsomeness wickedness dido evil devilishness vandalism shines wrongdoing wrong dirty trick waywardness prankishness jape game jest romp rag capriccio hob shavie atrocity ill transgression injury hurt misdoing harm misfortune sabotage outrage catastrophe fault friskiness sportiveness revel fling spree skylark frolicking leg-pull laugh adventure amusement merrymaking joshing dalliance recreation rollicking cavorting revels relaxation revelry hoax celebration tricksiness larkiness giggle festivity party sportfulness quiz goak cutup coltishness bash wind-up binge carousal fooling about exploit ploy joviality gaiety idyll idyl frisk show gambado jollification jaunt blast teasing devilishment extravaganza puckishness to-do joking around amusing behaviour badness giggles merriment run scramble hot foot put on troublemaking perversity troublesomeness elfishness scampishness pranksomeness espièglerie bad behaviour monkey-business gambade freak rig prat mischievous act piece of mischief scrape hatred ill will damage spite animosity malice venture mission episode happening deed feat occurrence event experience trial affair incident vagary events business happenings behaviour conduct raillery playing the fool espieglerie deception deceit intrigue clowning about sin machinations subterfuge incidents affairs fool's errand mischievous trick iniquity kidding evildoing bluffing farce shamming spoofing mockery trifling sham pretence clownishness pretense making light activity behavior toing and froing comings and goings hustle and bustle misdeed crack cruelty witchcraft offense offence magic black magic evil magic witchery amusing time bird outing field day tear merry-go-round carousing rip junket high time ball rampage spending expedition splash scream knee-slapper howl panic sea profusion excess riot sidesplitter confusion mass gas sensation flourish hoot smash display extravagance lavish display exhibition conviviality festival fete ceremony gala good times jubilation junketing pastime jubilee great time carnival hobby indulgence feast jamboree hobbyhorse wassail soiree

Danh từ

The humorous or amusing aspects of something
comedy fun funniness humour drollness farce drollery comic comicality hilariousness hilarity humor humorousness jesting joking ludicrousness richness uproariousness wisecracking absurdity absurdness chaffing facetiousness witticisms amusement ball camp clowning comical aspect comicalness entertainment funnies funny side grins hoopla interlude laughs merry-go-round picnic pleasantry schtick send-up takeoff travesty wit witticism wittiness comic drama field day gag show high camp high time play on fun and games buffoonery kidding flippancy tomfoolery jocularity playfulness jocosity gaiety jocoseness levity joyfulness banter raillery badinage sparkle wisecrack joke satire spoof lightness gag happiness jest high spirits black humor the funny side sense of humor sense of fun silliness asininity eccentricity foolishness inanity frivolity incongruency triviality folly witlessness fatuity craziness strangeness nonsensicalness ludicrosity outlandishness senselessness preposterousness madness goofiness inaneness childishness oddness foolery shenanigans puerility stupidity idiocy brainlessness frivolousness wackiness nuttiness lightheartedness mindlessness lunacy fatuousness nonsense hijinks irrationality risibility insanity daftness illogicalness merriment imbecility mirth clownery oafishness incongruity unconventionality incongruousness ridiculousness simplicity bizarreness illogicality flightiness nonsensicality farcicalness whimsicality farcicality gormlessness jokiness waggishness balminess mirthfulness unreasonableness whimsy wildness monkeyshines monkeying zaniness dottiness skylarking horseplay unwisdom doltishness clownishness moronism cloddishness foppery moronity dippiness high jinks monkey business light-heartedness horsing around irony comic side

Tính từ

Marked by humor or something that motivates laughter
funny amusing humorous comic comical droll laughable chucklesome hilarious hysterical riotous uproarious witty waggish facetious jolly jocular entertaining diverting sparkling scintillating silly absurd ridiculous ludicrous risible farcical preposterous rib-tickling wacky comedic humoristic hysteric sidesplitting zany daft mirthful killing gelastic jocose rich priceless a scream good-humored good-humoured laugh-a-minute light-hearted off the wall quick-witted side-splitting screaming antic foolish goofy crazy slaphappy stupid joking derisory merry clever derisible hysterically funny whimsical sharp-witted clownish sharp quick madcap daffy childish frivolous light nutty rollicking custard-pie screamingly funny killingly funny odd inane a hoot a laugh knee-slapper grotesque pathetic cockamamie cockamamy derisive a barrel of laughs ludicrous. laughable happy cheery cheerful hearty original lively ingenious epigrammatic piquant gay nonsensical galumphing brilliant fanciful smart joshing bright penetrating keen campy piercing intelligent snappy nimble-witted flippant smart-alecky ironic highbrowed playful snazzy cutting quick on the draw glib tactful smart-aleck teasing profound quick on the uptake racy spirited tongue-in-cheek mischievous jokey lighthearted jesting sportive jovial camp blithe frolicsome eccentric flip bizarre gleeful jocund fantastic high-spirited blithesome pleasant festive roguish too funny for words sunny very funny quirky wisecracking unusual outlandish wry joyous insane laughing strange mad screwy loony dippy riot dotty fun outrageous asinine extremely amusing weird peculiar scream impish ludic quaint puckish oddball enjoyable bantering flaky unconventional irreverent quizzical queer off-the-wall boffo flakey kooky crackpot cuckoo kinky satirical batty freaky lunatic kookie for grins screwball looney balmy unserious incongruous vivacious tongue in cheek in jest animated hare-brained prankish cheeky pert noisy curious arch sarcastic saucy offhand sassy impertinent engaging offbeat cocky delightful freakish fun-loving carefree nuts jerky fool disrespectful cranky pleasurable impudent rude off-centre idiosyncratic cute wacko pleasing fun-filled senseless cracked exhilarated joyful dismissive convivial beguiling wise simpleminded fatuous gagged up irrational smarty-pants wild fantastical brainless witless harebrained cockeyed unwise whacky lippy unreasonable idiotic out there featherheaded lunkheaded bubbleheaded har-har mocking gut-busting dry flighty in fun weak-minded half-witted half-baked barmy way out off the air not serious pulling one's leg putting one on nonserious boisterous rowdy comedical lightweight casual inappropriate fresh sardonic outrageously funny unsatisfactory inadequate embarrassing pitiful unimpressive recreative exhilarating ribald burlesque precious cutesy interesting too much trivial trifling pixieish tricksy scampish pixie sly leprechaunish knavish wicked pixy rascally devilish elvish for a laugh stimulating joculous glad rip-roaring convulsive breezy mincingly clever very amusing recreational novel cheering charming gratifying gladdening singular amused clowning bubbly gamesome kittenish jaunty raucous incredible agreeable enchanting capricious illogical unbelievable chipper ribbing chaffing razzing kidding rallying fooling funning laffer crack-up implausible meaningless pointless gladsome crotchety chimerical imbecilic unlikely irritating buoyant laughter-filled euphoric highly amusing a laugh a minute unthinkable unreal cut up dicey imaginative random chancy uncertain old-fashioned creative arbitrary monstrous astonishing shocking inconsistent goofus fool-headed gump dizzy elated annoying a card a caution perky in high spirits larking sprightly capering fool around crazy shtick Mickey Mouse a joke a bit much OTT a bit thick over the top avant-garde way-out surreal superficial far-out erratic bonkers shallow irresponsible inept tomfool sappy loopy unpredictable thoughtless overfamiliar insouciant unorthodox Bohemian far out potty dilly insolent brassy brainsick unhinged deranged crackers demented outré crazed loco maniac wud maniacal unsound bedlam scatty meshugge mental bughouse crackbrained psychotic slang fruity rum unbalanced remarkable haywire bats funky gaga spaced-out queerish moonstruck off-kilter weirdo out-of-the-way whacko psycho meshuga bizarro certifiable dumb gonzo looney tunes loony tunes non compos mentis in left field acting crazy

Tính từ

Crass or boisterous in nature or manner
knockabout boisterous rowdy rollicking rumbustious rambunctious riotous rough lively farcical casual coarse crass crude mean nasty raw rough-and-tumble harum-scarum raucous roisterous robustious hell-raising wild unruly noisy disorderly loud uproarious unrestrained wild and woolly tumultuous turbulent exuberant obstreperous undisciplined clamorous uncontrolled spirited roistering unmanageable frisky wayward irrepressible disruptive ill-disciplined rip-roaring wilful uncontrollable ungovernable rackety romping high-spirited uninhibited badly behaved gruff rampageous energetic swashbuckling rude lawless loutish intemperate out of control roughhouse loudmouthed rebellious mischievous out of hand tough harsh rugged brusque robust inharmonious refractory swaggering cavalier jarring active animated bouncy overexcited playful carefree merry frolicsome hearty joyous jaunty ebullient vibrant excited sprightly jovial cavorting sportive devil-may-care abandoned lighthearted happy thumping ripping joyful cheerful fun-loving rollicksome glad impetuous full of beans in high spirits clangorous effervescent brawling vociferous strident vociferant over-the-top termagant violent disobedient recalcitrant fractious intractable difficult insubordinate contumacious resounding chaotic mutinous troublesome incorrigible willful blaring anarchic defiant booming froward piercing deafening attention-seeking unbridled lawbreaking screaming headstrong troublemaking clattering thunderous misbehaving thundering ringing naughty tempestuous blasting stroppy roaring sonorous clattery stentorian uncooperative earsplitting untoward plangent slam-bang ear-piercing contrary vehement delinquent demanding self-willed errant shrieking bad shouting hard truculent cacophonous unbiddable restive unyielding stubborn ear-splitting rash perverse reverberating trying impossible exasperating vigorous roguish rascally rioting wrong brutal vicious immoderate ugly anarchical agitated stormy insurrectionary restless callous rebel recusant incompliant balky vocal severe criminal rampant incontrollable distracting aggressive passionate insistent frenzied seditious bolshie hysterical fierce stern forceful out-of-line belligerent pugnacious in turmoil ruffianly awkward out-of-order reverberant heedless reckless carrying uncompliant full-throated heavy impulsive impervious ornery imprudent forward assertive quarrelsome drunken opinionated bawdy inexorable strepitous disturbed blatant inconsiderate emphatic deep out of line resonant intense ear-popping lusty powerful impish tricksy brattish scampish puckish prankish sinful forte full fiendish gallus wanton impudent erratic full of mischief badly-behaved ill-behaved insolent devilish turned up indocile chattering rootin'-tootin unquiet brash talkative gleeful unsettling disturbing upsetting obstinate bawling confused thuggish rampaging limit dangerous divisive antisocial two-fisted importunate crazy nuts outrageous madcap insurmountable berserk deranged disorganised turbid hedonistic uncontained helter-skelter disorganized disordered revolutionary unlawful raging blusterous radge insurgent non-compliant disrupting off-base full-on indisciplined clamorsome raising Cain unconstrained unchecked unhindered unconventional ungoverned uncurbed unbounded raising the roof overpowering unstable unfettered extrovert hardened drunk irregular rowdydowdy raunchy artful kiddish infantile ill-natured sly foxy bothersome thoughtless immature childish disrespectful ear-shattering dinning causing trouble explosive roller-coaster unsettled out-of-control licentious corybantic incautious profligate irrational echoing misbehaved fulminating strong crashing blustering rich big pealing wakes the dead high-sounding rotund full-mouthed loud-voiced threatening thrilled raving outspoken storming fiery shaking amusing perturbed demonstrative entertaining untamed funny bitter witty destructive overwhelming mighty extremely noisy tremendous almighty giddy flighty full of conflict full of confusion full of upheavals on-a-tear wicked impolite very loud annoying teasing worthless dysfunctional clamant sparkling jolly at full volume droll vivacious mirthful jocular full of ups and downs evil strenuous offending bad-mannered hectic frank earnest eager candid forthright open plain-spoken direct sinning head-splitting erring aberrant deviant socially impaired tiresome hot-tempered whiny pesky sullen cantankerous hostile undisciplinable problematic bellicose troublous maladjusted confrontational combative argumentative bold malicious unrestrainable irksome scrappy uncontainable peevish wearisome petulant yawping yauping ranting enthusiastic vociferating caterwauling loud-mouthed yowling squawking wacky culpable transgressing guilty frantic tiring exacting straying voluble shrill eventful arduous frenetic challenging clearly audible laborious exhausting unorthodox shifting stray hilarious deviating miscreant heretic devious fallible off straight and narrow unreliable meandering errable testing unsparing taxing flustering burdensome madhouse tireless furious bustling fortissimo sharp onerous full on wearing imperious busy action-packed bumpy strict uncompromising firm unfeeling cruel unfair abrasive ruthless unjust excessive unbending unkind unrelenting heartless rigorous insensitive unsympathetic savage curt extreme merciless

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