Đồng nghĩa của untamed

Alternative for untamed

untamed /' n'teimd/
  • tính từ
    • chưa được dạy thuần
    • không được chế ngự, không nén lại, không dằn lại

Tính từ

Having or displaying a violent or ferocious aggressiveness
fierce ferocious vicious savage wild violent barbaric cruel dangerous aggressive brutal furious menacing murderous feral fiery grim fell intimidating rough threatening unruly barbarous bloodthirsty brute fearsome forbidding gruff malevolent malignant merciless rabid ruthless severe steely stern terrible ungentle unmerciful unrestrained austere baleful brutish callous convulsive delirious dour fiendish flinty frightening frightful harsh heartless impetuous louring raging truculent beastly cutthroat enraged fearful hard incessive inhuman inhumane lowering monstrous pitiless raving remorseless rugged sadistic stark uncontrollable undomesticated angry bestial butcherly crazed frantic hellish horrible infuriated mad rapacious aggers animalistic biffo primitive tigerish venomous uncivilized ferine uncivilised uncultivated natural uncultured ravening predatory barbarian animal beastlike unsophisticated heathen rude nonliterate uneducated heathenish uncivil ignorant wolfish vile Neanderthal depraved villainous wicked abhorrent animalian swinish Neandertal abandoned bearish subhuman wilding unbroken theriomorphic theroid non-literate zoomorphic zoic atrocious boorish uncouth vulgar diabolical philistine goatish beast-like zoological zoologic treacherous heinous cold-blooded jungli coarse bad bloody corrupt foul illiterate thuggish loutish crude oafish awful degraded immoral dreadful homicidal degenerate wanton infamous worthless unrefined unpolished benighted gross debased sanguinary profligate unprincipled sinful naive simple lowbrow unmannered yobbish ill-mannered ill-bred licentious lewd miscreant contaminated reprobate putrid flagitious perverse impious base faulty insubordinate impure indecent demoralized reprehensible demoralised libidinous hostile unsafe sinister undeveloped childlike intimidatory dodgy ill-boding foreboding ominous nasty spiteful mean innocent desperate rancorous minatory deadly viperous hurtful minacious nefarious serpentine malicious dark rowdy vindictive evil untutored untrained dewy-eyed naif artless uncritical untaught unsuspicious unaffected green unknowing simpleminded unpretentious dewy wide-eyed unworldly unwary ingenuous unsuspecting aw-shucks unlearned raw atavistic vestigial underdeveloped infernal ghastly abominable devilish unkind perverted despicable hateful destructive low debauched unfeeling iniquitous unspeakable satanic uncharitable shocking demonic rotten odious unpleasant loathsome sick egregious black-hearted appalling dissolute ungodly cut-throat contemptible hideous uncaring decadent horrifying inconsiderate unsparing warped hard-hearted execrable libertine forceful demoniac dissipated unsympathetic scandalous unfriendly diabolic loose criminal virulent low-down grievous rakish horrid heavy intense shameful intemperate cacodemonic explosive lascivious cold-hearted grave unwholesome outrageous unclean insensitive jackleg disagreeable lethal horrendous rakehell accursed rakehelly Mephistophelian bitter black offensive mortal extreme nightmarish gruesome sordid disgraceful obnoxious strong serious excruciating killer lecherous powerful wretched acute almighty dirty unrelenting demoniacal unfair relentless painful hellacious horrific implacable intolerable dastardly catty tough unhealthy malign maniacal damnable detestable vitiated corrupted amoral grisly harmful vigorous blistering devastating sanguine murdering sanguineous bloody-minded dishonourable voracious ill-natured insufferable mean-spirited compassionless forcible demonical potent unforgivable dishonorable stony wayward fatal ignoble pervy slaughterous abusive unforgiving death-dealing obscene macabre surly churlish bad-tempered turbulent promiscuous twisted ill-tempered thunderous defiled harrowing lawless damaging mighty deviant sharp dog-eat-dog great frenzied unbearable distressing filthy ill-humored agonizing ruinous unnatural vital unpitying disreputable aberrant hard-boiled pugnacious pernicious kinky revolting tempestuous sicko hefty flagrant thick-skinned obdurate desensitized indurate soulless affectless slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners ironhearted case-hardened pachydermatous insensate stonyhearted stoney unkindly hard-nosed uncompassionate ill-humoured troublesome agonising belligerent poisonous terrific lurid riotous facinorous sickening lustful godawful snide wounding inclement maleficent dire deathly unholy desensitised shameless terminal fast killing distorted oppressive wrathful ravenous louche prurient intensive frenetic exquisite ignominious cantankerous unmanageable scurvy with a heart of stone hairy competitive vehement abnormal sybaritic heavy-duty crushing injurious antagonistic torturous despiteful fast-living stormy very bad tumultuous warlike impassioned cyclonic hysterical overwhelming excessive self-indulgent impaired tormenting undisciplined stony-hearted gory satanical diseased ghoulish formidable uncomfortable deleterious pestilent volcanic evil-minded galling disorderly stone-hearted maddened bellicose grewsome nightmare inexcusable unchaste baneful disgusting nauseating lawbreaking boisterous hedonic shabby chaotic profound ornery radge profane inhospitable keen deep Hadean thoughtless searing raffish annoying inexorable raunchy beyond the pale unconstrained hardhearted trying onerous draconian red in tooth and claw ogreish drunken open Stygian unremitting coldhearted agitated currish wrong ugly unrighteous notorious hotheaded feverish unhallowed demonian Luciferian headstrong troubling fallen vitriolic sour unscrupulous stiff voluptuary improper volatile in the fast lane fast and loose high living immoderate scungy urgent cross objectionable discomforting biting not nice lousy dismal blustery consuming burdensome unyielding hot lacking restraint vice-ridden crying drastic stressful daunting opprobrious overpowering disturbing passionate dynamic dirty-minded smart strict unendurable low-minded distressful difficult gone bad unsavoury grueling punishing impossible knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts knock-down out of control drag-out hammer and tongs paroxysmal shady storming full-blooded night owl strenuous solemn gruelling bleak without mercy unnerving questionable every person for themselves vengeful unsavory ogry ogrish detrimental corrupting indefensible unlettered gloating lupine unbending parlous hungry insatiable greedy wilful unconcerned tactless indifferent tainting contaminating infectious noxious inflexible deliberate needless unjustified senseless arbitrary upsetting deviate morbid light decimating hard-fought involving bloodshed unprovoked mephistophelean ungenerous unamiable lacking compassion adamant confrontational combative unpardonable unattractive gratuitous groundless motiveless tainted contorted grotesque vitiate irreligious blasphemous unchristian inferior unlikable impolite discreditable joyless unsociable militant uncongenial hardened ruffianly unappeasable ironfisted revengeful marble-hearted cold ill unlovable unjustifiable possessed from hell scrappy stinking cursed misguided immodest abased unworthy willed unmotivated tremendous irritating without pity dishonoured degenerated beneath contempt lax disconcerting cannibalistic vulgarised vulgarized unloveable aimless hard as nails dishonored paltry unrespectable shy shoddy disquieting worrisome irksome animated carnivorous gutsy demeaned sinking flatitious failing retrogressive retrograde ill-famed exceptionable troublemaking fractious unjust contrary insolent double-crossing gusty sarcastic woeful distasteful unsettling traumatic perturbing miserable unpalatable powerhouse intensely competitive fiercely competitive critical hardhanded sorry ill-reputed caitiff torrid bumpy thundery howling squally windy terrifying dread telling punchy puissant unreasonable intractable disruptive contumacious poor agitating doleful pressing steep piercing typhonic blustering swirling choppy hardline exorbitant insupportable fraught troublous smouldering two-fisted anarchic crucial restless roaring stormful penetrating repressive unwarranted extravagant maddening OTT preposterous exasperating dreaded alarming direful deceitful unlawful unethical dishonest devious graceless bullying O.T.T. extortionate lamentable redoubtable bloodless tragical delinquent crooked slippery unconscionable two-faced scheming sly felonious tyrannical underhanded shifty unconscientious berserk unemotional wrenching burning caustic stinging cutting compelling scurrilous too great shaming disgracing debauching depraving debasing contumelious petrifying unwelcome inconvenient scary unfortunate disastrous punk repellent repugnant disparaging errant exploitative self-seeking contemptuous conscienceless morally wrong scoundrelly crafty scrofulous bent squalid incorrigible scornful disdainful uninviting hair-raising impoverished spine-chilling oppressed poverty-stricken terrorizing resounding inordinate ungovernable racking pounding afflicting very grave exigent climacteric over the top firm stringent uncontrolled rampaging rampant distant unapproachable aloof sullen sick-making disgustful loathly deplorable scummy smutty roughshod internecine unchecked unbridled unfettered uncurbed inflamed emphatic bawdy ribald destroying sombre somber crabbed glum blue pornographic energetic peppery flaming concentrated assertive radical rigid hard-hitting grumpy unsmiling festering smoldering aroused coercive crazy fuming terrorising grody salacious resolute morose scowling sulky suggestive indelicate full of force gale force heated inflammable spirited quarrelsome querulous antipathetic contentious uneasy acrid bristling inimical intolerant lively antisocial embittered acrimonious manic argumentative icy disputatious hot-tempered hot-headed racy splenetic glowering gray grey mean-looking boot-faced crusty grouchy trashy earthy gutter unprintable porny all-powerful adult bang-bang stag scatological scatologic porno sleazy porn explicit concupiscent indulgent flagitous X-rated locker-room near the knuckle near the bone off colour foul-mouthed nudge-nudge swinging challenging arduous demanding deteriorated violated easy nerve-racking high-impact drudgy back-breaking tiresome thorny tortuous tough going testing titanic fatiguing operose uphill ambitious worksome rigorous bothersome depleting uphill battle moiling backbreaking shattering knackering hard-won exacting backbreaker sweaty tedious immense no picnic energy-consuming marathon sapping prohibitive bruising sticky ponderous staggering colossal like getting blood out of a stone grinding wearisome dicey hazardous easier said than done slavish torturesome wearying weighty toilful labored tall upstream laboured wearing crippling high-pressure really hard jarring tiring scabrous toilsome problematic difficile cumbersome problem draining Herculean laborious gargantuan effortful not easy exhausting herculean debilitating painstaking very hard gigantic taxing pleasure-seeking in the gutter gone to the dogs

Tính từ

Of, or relating to physical, needs or desires
animal physical bodily carnal fleshly natural sensual biological brutish corporal corporeal feral inborn innate intuitive mammalian visceral wild animalistic beastly bestial instinctive instinctual organic somatic subconscious appetitive brute coarse fleshy gross material mortal beastlike earthly earthy inhuman subhuman uncultured unrefined human substantial actual tangible sexual unspiritual erotic lascivious lustful voluptuous lewd lecherous real libidinous sensuous licentious worldly venereal sexy concrete randy salacious prurient raunchy steamy luscious lush unchaste wanton lubricious ferine terrestrial mundane genital earthbound base swinish brutal temporal secular anatomical normal objective phenomenal sensible materialistic profane earthborn sublunary terrene epicurean mindless unthinking senseless lay incarnate of this world reproductive basic sybaritic luxurious hedonistic personal non-spiritual voluptuary Dionysiac procreative violent arousing moving heavy physically gratifying hot hedonic stirring exciting sharpened pleasing X-rated stimulating rough tactile debauched sensory delightful sex genitive generative amorous impure vulgar self-indulgent pleasure-seeking indulgent decadent pleasure-loving lotus-eating extravagant immoderate bacchanalian dissolute overindulgent intemperate unrestrained fast-living lavish greedy horny libertine abandoned pleasurable coital pampered champagne passionate dissipated gratifying excessive sensualistic profligate self-gratifying parsimonious effete lusty provocative luxury-loving Lucullan desirable attractive enticing hedonist appealing comfort-seeking aesthetic rich intimate miserly sumptuous easy sensorial affective sordid opulent aesthetically pleasing primrose intense esthetic deep of the flesh hot-blooded sensualist depraved gourmandizing louche sinful gluttonous shameless saturnalian binge-eating foodie gourmand connoisseur

Tính từ

Unrestrained, not held back
unchecked uncontrolled rampant unbridled unrestrained abandoned full-on intemperate raw riotous runaway unbounded uncurbed unhampered unhindered free loose unconstrained undisciplined ungoverned unimpeded unrestricted untrammeled untrammelled wild out of control running wild out of hand uninhibited uncontrollable unsuppressed unlimited wanton unfettered immoderate excessive unobstructed violent unruly ungovernable incontinent unconfined unregulated open irrepressible hysterical reckless boisterous licentious turbulent impetuous extravagant profligate unshackled dissolute unrepressed limitless clear outrageous no holds barred unblocked without hindrance boundless berserk independent unreserved unstoppable uncontainable unquenchable no-limit chaotic inordinate unbound full self-indulgent unmanageable noisy not controlled lawless crazy furious unopposed disobedient stubborn widespread epidemic immoral over the top rife pandemic raging smooth rampaging pervasive exuberant total dissipated debauched proliferating spreading like wildfire frenzied on the rampage deregulated demonstrative unmanaged rabid enthusiastic unconcealed crazed madcap driverless emotional carefree untied unchained lacking self-restraint unsubmissive non-regulated mental mass wayward rowdy disorderly silly delirious lacking self-control immodest effusive fanatical freed unencumbered autonomous extreme lacking control depraved corrupt self-willed rough touchy-feely unbroken unconventional incorrigible impulsive reprobate unprincipled sinful wicked flat-out resounding without restrictions ceaseless no-holds-barred bloody brutal unconditioned uncompromising categorical unambiguous intense uncontestable undisputable all out emphatic unmitigated assured attention-seeking extrovert passable unstopped unclosed cleared unbarred unclogged shameless unreasonable workmanlike corybantic incautious irrational uproarious undue unjustified prodigal severe overindulgent unwarranted passionate raving thrilled rash egregious lavish tempestuous imprudent giddy flighty uncalled for dissipative O.T.T. greedy unbalanced complete absolute free-for-all natural unconditional footloose rank aggressive tumultuous dominant easygoing flexible slack unqualified lax relaxed public vehement prevalent flagrant profuse luxuriant freewheeling uncircumscribed spontaneous saturnalian frank impotent plenary flamboyant exaggerated candid audacious impertinent bizarre indiscriminate blunt threatening spreading clamorous extensive blustering multiplying rambling flourishing fecund growing predominant allowed liberated uncommitted liberal able free-spirited exceeding bounds free for all at liberty on one's own with no holds barred at large on the loose out released roaming set loose escaped uncaged unsecured free as a bird fugitive unchallenged bacchanalian Dionysian Bacchic irresponsible discharged unimprisoned heedless orgiastic on the run bacchic untethered careless on the lam let go set free fast fast and loose devil-may-care no limits luxurious unanimous uncontested outlandish unlicensed gay rakish sprung committed all-out direct full-scale concerted wholehearted capricious cavalier frenetic individualistic freethinking maverick hog-wild carousing boozy revelling bold abundant volatile dionysian sottish crapulous bibulous roistering Dionysiac Saturnalian unclasped wilful contrary headstrong individual unstinted wassailing decontrolled unregimented full-frontal decadent brash unengaged unattached single unmarried go-as-you-please drunken reveling fast-paced self-gratifying exciting louche carnal temerarious daredevil harsh frivolous salacious foolhardy gadabout free-range free and easy unfailing persistent undying everlasting enduring unfading inextinguishable eternal imperishable unrelenting indestructible lasting unremitting unrestrainable unwavering constant relentless insuppressible intractable dogged inexorable

Tính từ

Not having laws
lawless disorderly anarchic unruly anarchical rebellious insurgent riotous insubordinate mutinous ungovernable revolutionary seditious wild chaotic disruptive insurrectionary lawbreaking reckless unrestrained mutinying revolting terrorist ungoverned anarchistic bad barbarous contumacious despotic disobedient disordered evil fierce heterodox infringing nihilistic noncompliant nonconformist piratical recusant savage tempestuous terrorising terrorizing traitorous turbulent tyrannous uncivilised uncivilized uncontrollable uncontrolled uncultivated unorthodox unpeaceful unregulated violent warlike without law and order unmanageable out of control rowdy undisciplined boisterous refractory obstreperous wayward rough recalcitrant fractious noisy uproarious intractable irrepressible unbridled rioting out of hand wilful raucous intemperate willful untoward restive tumultuous rebel rumbustious rambunctious defiant headstrong immoderate froward incorrigible loud licentious radical rampant difficult rugged clamorous rampageous vociferous impetuous excited bolshie in turmoil termagant rash incontrollable stroppy rollicking troublemaking subversive destructive insurrectionist unchecked attention-seeking roisterous disorganized unbounded uninhibited unbiddable ill-disciplined ugly unconstrained stormy agitated rackety unhindered disorganised unfettered contrary incompliant balky roughhouse troublesome passionate uncurbed stubborn perverse unyielding heedless profligate impulsive impervious drunken opinionated bawdy ornery imprudent forward inexorable assertive quarrelsome mean obstinate abandoned hysterical out of line outrageous indocile negativistic pessimistic existentialist breakaway rebelling brutal brawling badly behaved knockabout hell-raising robustious restless aggressive renegade loutish vicious factious disaffected deranged uncontained helter-skelter turbid hedonistic antisocial confused raging rude mischievous loudmouthed belligerent thuggish hard pugnacious wide-open impossible misruled misgoverned dissident disloyal iconoclastic treasonable full-on unlawful rampaging two-fisted tough in disorder uncompliant truculent frenzied indisciplined self-willed rip-roaring rowdydowdy disturbed irregular nuts madcap crazy insurmountable berserk radge unconventional uncooperative roistering up in arms drunk screaming booming strepitous piercing blusterous extrovert out-of-line out-of-control raising Cain out-of-order corybantic incautious irrational delinquent non-compliant raising the roof raving thrilled on-a-tear like a loose cannon strong obdurate freaked overwhelming beside oneself badly-behaved unrestrainable indomitable overpowering undisciplinable intense insuppressible giddy flighty unstable reforming progressive explosive unsettled roller-coaster reformist extreme militant extremist revisionist fanatical progressivist storming fiery shaking vehement perturbed bitter demonstrative stern rabid fanatic diehard revolutionist full of confusion full of upheavals full of conflict free unlimited full of ups and downs far-out ultraist loony looney swivel-eyed intransigent way out unhampered unrestricted unconfined inordinate unshackled untrammelled runaway unimpeded natural unsuppressed boundless wanton lively romping unbound raw unstoppable loose footloose uncontainable unquenchable unrepressed spontaneous saturnalian dissolute immoral frank impotent plenary open flamboyant exaggerated candid untrammeled audacious impertinent excessive extravagant incontinent bizarre indiscriminate limitless blunt furious errant blustering exuberant dissentious choppy treacherous harsh naughty treasonous blustery jarring swirling squally ferocious roily on the rampage running wild roaring stormful lacking self-control running amok postal robust gruff resounding clattering clattery clangorous swaggering swashbuckling cavalier gleeful untrained unsettling disturbing upsetting inharmonious unsteady capricious unschooled wild and woolly distracting impish awkward unsubmissive rough-and-tumble inconsistent divisive misbehaving roguish rascally uncomplying civil disobedience bellicose warring resistant frenetic not controlled disrupting off-base energetic inflammatory unconcealed self-indulgent crazed enthusiastic frantic underground causing trouble widespread undermining ebullient feverish delirious boiling foaming epidemic roiled cacophonous rife rabble-rousing agitational gay rank pandemic dominant angry heavy convulsive storm-tossed bumpy stridulent buffeting flagrant pervasive prevalent perfidious incendiary overthrowing unpatriotic knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts paroxysmal cataclysmal hot volcanic cyclonic hammer and tongs bang-bang seething cataclysmic mad luxuriant profuse weltering spreading rambling fecund proliferating predominant threatening extensive multiplying flourishing growing discrediting harmful corrupting corruptive perversive tremulous thunderous howling moiling stirred up ruffled coarse windy exceeding bounds spreading like wildfire destabilising destabilizing ruinous

Tính từ

Not having been trained in a particular skill
untrained unskilled amateur inexperienced unqualified untaught green raw untutored unpractised unschooled ignorant inexpert non-technical unacquainted unequipped uninformed unversed incapable incompetent uncertificated unchartered uneducated unlicensed dilettante lay new non-professional amateurish illiterate nescient novice uncultivated undisciplined unprepared wild not trained inept unskillful unseasoned unfledged unpracticed immature innocent unprofessional untried unconversant unskilful callow bungling young naive unsophisticated unfit maladroit fresh blundering unworldly nonprofessional unfamiliar uninitiated unaccustomed wet behind the ears clumsy ineffectual crude jackleg tenderfoot undeveloped dilettantish useless awkward inadequate unproficient untested ineffective juvenile adolescent naïve kid unused unhandy slipshod sloppy inapt verdant sophomoric unapt cowboy lacking experience puerile rookie unfitted unformed rude unable inefficient unworkmanlike not cut out for wide-eyed unripened unripe cack-handed unfamiliar with youthful gauche substandard careless ham-fisted untalented fledgling half-baked unproven ill-equipped prentice unaccomplished spring chicken wet behind ears bumbling artless unsuitable floundering inferior deficient slack not equal to wanting ham-handed weak born yesterday can't hack it unsuspecting undependable no good slapdash virgin shoddy unpolished developing budding guileless uninitiate ingenuous menial jejune hopeless botched unknown inproficient unbaked sophomore jellybean infant ineligible skill-less incapacitated bush-league disqualified not up to as green as grass unreliable just starting out primitive not up to scratch not used dewy not dry behind ears unlearned unrehearsed underdeveloped low-skill slovenly disorganized faulty extravagant prodigal shooting blanks improficient inefficacious feeble improvident talentless bland junior fumbling unenlightened ungainly botching bodged insipid girlish boyish inadept undexterous without finesse low-skilled tenderfooted newly arrived nonspecialist ordinary disorganised ungraceful klutzy lacking finesse cold unwary first-time simple unartful gawky unstudied maturing couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery non-specialist dewy-eyed naif naïf simpleminded aw-shucks bad suboptimal subpar negligent fumbled heavy-handed butterfingered lacking lacking ability pathetic all thumbs not given manual labouring insufficient helpless unadapted not good enough all fingers and thumbs second-rate unready unable to do something for toffee a dead loss out to lunch not up to snuff not up to it less capable not have it leaving much to be desired not much cop laboring blue-collar immoral unfitting dishonourable dishonorable nonexpert wrong strange impotent unprecedented novel unheard-of original not cut out incapable of unqualified for untrained for incompetent at unable to do something out of one's element can't make the grade inexperienced in a newbie to unused to unacquainted with newcome too green not given to a newcomer to unconversant with not used to inexperienced at uninstructed a novice at unversed in a stranger unpractised in poor lousy terrible awful unsatisfactory dreadful rotten duff worthless rubbish defective atrocious powerless appalling frightful abysmal pants miserable a load of pants dire execrable bum unacceptable unsuited lame bush wretched dissatisfactory mediocre very bad crummy dismal deplorable laughable horrible punk poxy junky rubbishy trashy cheap trumpery sucky low-grade hapless imperfect unsuccessful incompatible off feckless hamstrung inexpedient counterproductive wack very poor sour diabolical crumby disappointing low-rent cheesy common schlock schlocky gimcrack coarse lamentable sleazy cheapjack grim cut-rate bargain-basement chronic el cheapo broken hack backwards loser inoperative handless graceless left-handed unequal non-qualified regrettable meager unco inelegant mutton-fisted unsound unfortunate not prepared can't cut it disgraceful abominable impaired amiss losing uncool vulnerable dependent frail butterfingers sorry stinking low quality low meagre unequal to the task woeful ropy pits pitiful God-awful paltry egregious not up to something not equal to something out of one's depth not much chop ill second-class not know one's arse from one's elbow no great shakes not up to par third-rate unproductive ill-suited flimsy junk not proper unadvantageous futile inconsistent improper inappropriate limited desperate unspeakable two-bit piss-poor dime-a-dozen tinhorn bodger stupid outrageous for the birds unwelcome harmful unable to do something to save one's life of a sort strictly for the birds

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