Đồng nghĩa của reprehensible

Alternative for reprehensible

Đồng nghĩa: condemnable, criminal, deplorable, vicious,

Tính từ

Deserving censure or condemnation
blameworthy culpable disgraceful bad discreditable errant objectionable shameful ignoble censurable deplorable erring despicable disreputable opprobrious remiss unworthy wrong condemnable dishonorable dishonourable inexcusable odious reproachable unacceptable delinquent indefensible insufferable regrettable repugnant sinful unforgivable unjustifiable unpardonable blamable blameable criminal exceptionable iniquitous obnoxious offensive reprovable scandalous amiss demeritorious guilty unholy wicked at fault contemptible infamous ignominious shabby base outrageous shady shoddy degrading unrespectable unprincipled sordid notorious louche low shy inglorious answerable responsible vile mean scurvy inexpiable unwarrantable in the wrong abominable humiliating shocking corrupt heinous hateful low-down immoral to blame abject intolerable liable shameless unspeakable improper chargeable loathsome appalling villainous knavish insupportable sorry flagitious egregious dastardly dirty unconscionable mortifying detestable embarrassing lewd wretched beyond the pale faulty out of line unjustified atrocious unscrupulous shaming untrustworthy unreasonable unprovoked gratuitous monstrous disgusting offending rascally execrable peccant nefarious crooked evil debasing beyond contempt blameful undignified diabolical rotten accountable without justification without cause without reason caught untenable unpermissible unallowable licentious unnecessary unfortunate excessive terrible revolting treacherous uncalled for immoderate dreadful unseemly unheroic unsuccessful awful unremittable perfidious traitorous irremissible deserving blame demeaning failed belittling deadly mortal scoundrelly beastly blackguardly deserving of censure convicted felonious miserable humiliatory indecorous pitiful not forgivable not cricket degraded discomfiting incriminated convictable condemned impeached censured petty craven depraved doomed accusable currish snide degenerate nasty unchivalrous low-minded paltry uncharitable on one's head in error poor peasant modest ordinary reproachful menial simple servile coarse plain dishonest vicious seedy suspect questionable disorderly unsavoury of bad reputation dubious suspicious seamy sleazy slippery unwholesome unwarranted shifty dodgy fishy found wanting dissolute pitiable derogatory beggarly unsavory cheap lowly libidinous uncalled-for rude impermissible criticizable impolite in bad no good impeachable punishable indictable in low esteem in the doghouse hung up off base caught red-handed smoking gun caught in the act caught in flagrante indecent unbecoming drunken reprobate carnal immodest ribald intemperate obscene profligate impure flagrant unclean vulgar debauched

Tính từ

Suggestively offensive or ill-natured
ugly despicable horrible nasty offensive foul vile abhorrent atrocious dreadful horrendous horrifying loathsome obscene repulsive scandalous rotten sickening evil wicked malevolent spiteful vicious odious noisome gross fulsome distasteful abominable dishonorable dishonourable obnoxious objectionable appalling horrid disagreeable unpleasant terrible slimy wretched contemptible detestable execrable disgusting heinous base shocking awful deplorable repugnant hateful revolting shameful beastly bad repellent monstrous disgraceful immoral nauseating unsavoury villainous mean unsavory sordid noxious nauseous nefarious intolerable lousy depraved ignominious ignoble iniquitous unacceptable dirty outrageous hideous sinful frightful displeasing wrong degenerate undesirable criminal low diabolical egregious unprincipled beyond the pale ghastly unspeakable stinking disgustful loathly disreputable abject scurvy yucky off-putting God-awful corrupt low-down exceptionable rancid flagitious unethical repellant insufferable worthless infamous bogging unlawful yucko sick-making shabby dark unrighteous lamentable unscrupulous reprobate paltry putrid unpalatable dishonest discreditable sorry gruesome miserable icky unwelcome fiendish rebarbative inexcusable low-minded dastardly black dissolute crooked snide currish dire pitiful indecent censurable barbarous unworthy grisly ungodly sleazy sad insupportable skanky damnable shady unfair upsetting vulgar diabolic cruddy cruel debased lawless murderous vomitous unholy rude improper wrongful underhand inappropriate unforgivable uninviting cheap abysmal pitiable bent lame unsatisfactory pathetic unwanted malfeasant accursed illegal illicit vomit-inducing perverted not cricket degrading dislikeable degraded stomach-turning filthy unjust felonious impure scoundrelly gut-churning stomach-churning underhanded creepy rascally blameworthy indefensible annoying cringe-making perverse grim warped godawful unfortunate unbearable no-good beyond contempt illegitimate treacherous distressing profane sacrilegious devilish grievous impious blasphemous unseemly disappointing woeful shameless malicious morally wrong unconscionable unpardonable horrific unsuitable opprobrious roguish poor disastrous regrettable miscreant inadmissible invidious scummy scurrilous wanton maleficent cursed sneaky grody out of order disrespectful irreligious unpopular hated sick godless unlucky debauched uncharitable despisable deceitful ill-advised unreasonable dislikable infernal loathed hellish hurtful indictable disdainable abandoned unbecoming naughty erring crude unpleasing very bad amoral tainted grotty scabby grubby ratty raunchy crummy cowardly servile menial adverse dismal knavish sneaking inferior too bad crass chronic peccable hateable useless defective unsought off-color out of line outcast good-for-nothing ferocious violent grave humiliating lawbreaking insulting undesired irritating coarse detested fierce brutal execrated derogatory discourteous inhuman dangerous despised tragic unfavorable unfavourable preposterous undue abominated fearful unwarranted provocative impertinent impudent affronting insolent wounding inconsistent incompatible fallen harsh heartless galling dissipated provoking slighting malignant smutty lewd unnecessary substandard undignified poisonous delinquent uncivil vexing unmannerly sullied transgressing heartbreaking dissatisfactory mediocre macabre shoddy ridiculous flagrant risqué calamitous confounded impolite condemnable deceptive graceless rejected punk rough unlikable culpable pesky pestiferous measly sucky tenth-rate pants sinister crying scungy revulsive pernicious unfit uninvited faulty meagre uncalled for laughable meager injurious profligate unwished-for harmful trashy wack stinky irremediable garbage crumby rubbishy detrimental bush-league beneath contempt valueless poor quality low-grade low-life blamable poxy salacious out of place under par low-quality poor-quality below par inelegant not up to par caitiff ill-favored ornery black-hearted inexpedient ill-favoured third-rate bad news not up to scratch less-than-stellar unwished for not up to snuff second-class dirty rotten no-account second-rate two-bit gut-wrenching emetic blithering untrustworthy brackish catty satanic thoughtless uncool flaming forbidding glaring devious diseased discouraging tawdry disconcerting repelling notorious hairy untoward very disgusting reviled groundless meanspirited scabrous savage footling bad-hearted inequitable facinorous unlovely yukky sour bitter uncongenial under-the-table abhorred vitiated venal desperate backbiting untrue maligning vilifying traducing detractive gossiping detracting petty tragical unhappy distressful heartrending indecorous tasteless dismaying below contempt stupid against the law unhealthy slipshod excluded maggot hateworthy unjustified highly improper mercenary faithless perfidious festy surfeiting sleazeball unappetizing squicky cloying scuzzy pill heel swinish beggarly red hot afflictive regretful inopportune yecchy not wanted undeserved dreaded disliked bribable good-for-naught no-count meritless irreverent ruffianly blackguardly poison unattractive pits guilty a pity thievish sadistic terrifying tinhorn downer bummer ropy duff cheesy el cheapo sub-par junky not good bargain-basement erroneous not the best rubbish cut-rate diddly schlocky the pits blah bum low-rent fallacious grungy inglorious senseless deleterious damaging baneful mischievous prejudicial incorrigible nocuous baleful abusive unbefitting terrific grewsome lurid nightmarish nightmare barbaric wayward ill humble slavish to be avoided bothersome scorned inconvenient shunned for the birds strictly for the birds troublesome incommodious disadvantageous foolish a load of pants callous cold-blooded ruthless remorseless brutish merciless peccant ghostly faint from hell mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural sepulchral funereal anaemic uncanny dim deathlike corpselike unnatural unearthly anemic ghoulish weak bloodthirsty bloody bestial unjustifiable brute homicidal inhumane butcherly fell truculent antisocial incongruous unfitting exasperating gloomy grovelling humiliated subservient meek dejected groveling deferent hangdog self-effacing mournful sanguinary beneath undeserving embarrassing personal excessive contaminated untamed insubordinate libidinous licentious demoralised demoralized wild unmanageable offending indelicate suggestive ineligible inordinate extreme disparaging contemptuous subpar suboptimal deficient immoderate blue earthy ribald Rabelaisian unfitting to nothing not good enough unmerited out of character with out of keeping unsuitable for out of character not deserving not worth recreant improper to out of place with unbecoming to not fit inappropriate to wanting impermissible inadequate imperfect amateurish insufficient unimpressive dubious hopeless dodgy questionable pornographic steamy extravagant cheapo off tatty out severe serious inacceptable below average bush won't do unappealing below standard half-baked of low quality reject not on second rate of poor quality over the fence from hunger not quite the done thing not up to standard hostile contradictory opposed exorbitant deviant transgressive straying deviating sinning aberrant averse antipathetic inimical antagonistic fruity off colour saucy nudge-nudge overextravagant insane plethoric towering baroque lavish fancy unmerciful disproportionate needless overmuch overdue overweening stiff steep unfriendly against opposite alien extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different unfitted foreign explosive exquisite hard intense blistering keen acute almighty heavy-duty vehement excruciating fearsome profound deep heavy intensive hellacious furious OTT near the knuckle near the bone unconventional unequitable malodorous unrightful in opposition conscienceless too much over-the-top over the top uncivilised unthinkable inconceivable uncivilized illogical irrational parlous no good frightening alarming spine-chilling harrowing intimidating hair-raising formidable fetid scary direful foetid rank unsightly mephitic grotesque redoubtable morbid dread smelly niffy on the nose funky olid foul-smelling evil-smelling daunting indescribable unutterable pongy whiffy miasmal unclean pestilential eerie unnerving acrid blasted painful petrifying disturbing unwholesome ominous tremendous unpretty unhandsome unbeautiful unkind very unpleasant uncomely pitiless squalid difficult prurient grimy mucky cataclysmic catastrophic ruinous uncomfortable austere devastating infuriating gory depressing cussed unpropitious deuced threatening deformed misshapen disquieting tough overwhelming cacodemonic shuddersome homely bloodcurdling disheartening weird reptilian polluted dour smudged bedraggled befouled bemired dusty uncleanly draggled muddy stained besmirched blackened unsportsmanlike dingy begrimed soiled destructive sanguine gnarly inedible irksome huckery stark unrestrained inauspicious menacing rugged scaring fiery blessed flipping traumatic blinking animal worrying bleeding effing ruddy plurry chuffing blooming terribly bad maddening terrorizing unprepossessing astounding death-obsessed freaking darned cotton-picking doggoned durn doggone goddamned curst danged durned dang darn abnormal bally blimming spooky resentful agitating startling feral trying terrorising inexpressible biting cutting testing godforsaken reeking frustrating fugly stern dispiriting cataclysmal trumpery insipid flavourless fateful vexatious aggravating deadly flinty gruff ungentle unsound bleak perturbing impossible unchaste immodest lascivious bawdy sickly bewildering unsettling strong louring incompetent crazed mad scatological scatologic flavorless savorless lowering foreboding loose lustful as ugly as sin flat agonizing raw porno barnyard steely agonising cutthroat venomous chilling X-rated precious inclement demonic eldritch uneatable beast malformed freakish piggish gluttonous boorish ferine carnal demoniac Mephistophelian demoniacal untold piteous messy blood-curdling strange sublime distorted miscreated teratoid mutant shapeless not pleasant undescribable uncoveted hatable demoralizing blood-and-guts blood-and-thunder lou apocalyptic unbelievable pressing critical crucial unimaginable stupefying bland spine-tingling frozen urgent heartstopping ineffable pain drag staggering stunning astonishing amazing unpleasant to breathe unfit to breathe drastic demonian demonical Luciferian mighty sly insalutary surprising reeky uncouth crippling irretrievable awful-looking frightful-looking stressful like death warmed up musty stenchy high fusty misproportioned freaky chunderous beyond words preternatural undefinable sensational frenetic maniacal unhallowed possessed portentous bodeful exigent frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty crashing oily ingratiating unctuous nagging warlike blood-stained pigpen ripe indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil graphic exaggerated fraught pressured demanding taxing ignorant demoralising oppressing scowling yicky stifling toxic rocky woozy dratted melodramatic explicit cut-throat indigestible foul-tasting unrefined uncultured unlettered unrelenting unenviable low quality gruelling arduous tiring dull lackluster lacklustre unshapely drab too horrible for words accurst fatal wolfish like the back end of a bus bellicose not much cop smarmy oleaginous crafty eye-watering inhospitable troubling infected ailing dashed sensationalist overdramatized colourful sobering life-threatening precarious perilous ill-fated ill-starred ravaging insensitive bloody-minded sanguineous murdering melancholic kitschy pulp aggressive grueling pathological stormy blamed inconsiderate not pretty annihilatory damning devastative unsuccessful unwelcoming negative jarring mephitical irritable sombre dreary poignant perplexing depressive somber cheerless sullen morose troubled glum melancholy unamusing distressed unruly slaughterous moody irascible brooding unusual twisted abortive rabid shock-horror tacky vivid juicy green-eyed envious jealous rainy blustery wet impetuous raging delirious convulsive unbreathable vindictive hapless doomed luckless ill-boding yellow full-frontal gimcrack common schlock raving uncontrollable enraged incessive undomesticated disfigured unendurable unfeeling uncaring coldhearted unsympathetic a stinker of a a bummer of a frantic infuriated rapacious tigerish biffo animalistic angry primitive aggers plain-featured jaundiced covetous cheapjack plain-looking purple racy salty striking colorful distinct garish ill-natured not nice hard-hearted plain O.T.T. extortionate despiteful malign virulent amiss impaired too great shaming disgracing debauching depraving debasing contumelious sorrowful desolate bad-looking doleful short on looks hard-favoured hard-featured forlorn slanderous libellous envying calumnious libelous defamatory detractory tricky

Tính từ

Conspicuously or obviously bad, wrong or offensive
flagrant blatant barefaced glaring outrageous dreadful enormous shocking atrocious brazen open scandalous awful bold egregious heinous shameless undisguised arrant flaunting infamous notorious audacious conspicuous evident gross immodest naked obvious ostentatious patent unconcealed complete palpable transparent utter crying disgraceful flagitious manifest monstrous overt pronounced rank striking terrible wicked flagitous iniquitous shameful unashamed villainous capital deliberate flaming grody noticeable bald-faced bare-faced brass-necked out and out out-and-out stick out like sore thumb hanging out outright plain serious sheer unqualified downright grievous absolute inordinate major extreme significant apparent excessive unmitigated exorbitant immoderate unmistakable clear visible unabashed bald stark insolent brash unblushing unembarrassed impudent recognizable brassy undeniable distinct perceptible observable recognisable discernible frank straightforward prominent definite plain to see cheeky overbold explicit total thoroughgoing pure unequivocal unadulterated unrepentant as plain as a pikestaff standing out a mile sticking out a mile presumptuous indisputable standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb marked salient inescapable clear-cut thorough unambiguous positive unalloyed writ large hardened abandoned distinguishable crystal clear depraved profligate improper dissolute incorrigible unprincipled bodacious reprobate forward flat-out brazenfaced outstanding categorical perceivable obtrusive unchaste rude lewd immoral high-handed avowed self-evident detectable decided unhidden without shame consummate public cocky unsubtle categoric unconditional unfeigned real profound pellucid ringing unambivalent perspicuous lucid luculent luminous nonambiguous broad perfect flashy regular simple open-and-shut bright-line plumb surpassing fair exposed dead flat right stone clean as clear as day deadly blooming crashing blank very all-out straight-out through and through cotton-picking indecent saucy impertinent unconcerned unrestrained tangible protrusive preposterous incontrovertible forthright incontestable wanton wholehearted fresh cut-and-dried sassy inveterate nervy meretricious loud cocksure showy brazen-faced plainly seen demonstrable blinding wise recognized unquestionable arch brassbound remarkable as plain as day staring someone in the face unapologetic bold-faced recognised arresting severe beyond doubt beyond question bold as brass undiluted veritable brutal matter-of-fact on show easily seen staring one in the face in every respect full-bore deep-dyed right-down extravagant genuine amoral unexaggerated temerarious above board unveiled confident appreciable dinkum glaringly obvious exclusive controlled full unmissable undismayed undaunted notable well-known defiant comprehensive pointed pert corrupt exhaustive undiminished much in evidence unchallenged uncontested accepted uncompromising whole open and shut artless pushy discernable apprehensible sensible fearless unawed unshrinking unflinching infernal entire blasted standing out clearly visible as clear as crystal impenitent remorseless sure plausible believable colorable credible ostensible seeming certain poised composed abashless unaffected unshamed true-blue dyed-in-the-wool through-and-through full-scale published written all over someone flip contumelious hotshot tawdry gritty smart-alecky spunky gutsy publicized eye-catching as bold as brass revealed acknowledged snazzy gaudy glitzy screaming garish publicised known shared broadcast in plain sight in circulation freely available public knowledge in the public domain in the open widely known blunt flamboyant brilliant dominant grabby predominant commanding dramatic emphatic splashy catchy candid unvarnished unembellished unstinting unsparing direct kenspeckle forestanding noisy axiomatic honest straight upfront guileless upright outspoken unreserved unadorned uninhibited to the fore in the foreground plainspoken heartless forthcoming unguarded natural maximum utmost deep overwhelming intense radical thundering ultimate hellacious proper supreme harsh great tremendous acute almighty uber self-explanatory conclusive understandable precise as plain as the nose on one's face written all over one right under one's nose clear as a bell free-spoken up-front no-nonsense plain-spoken unregenerate vile

Tính từ

Failing to fulfill responsibility, duty, or obligations
remiss careless derelict disregardful lax lazy neglectful negligent slack irresponsible unthinking barratrous delinquent dilatory forgetful heedless inattentive indolent lackadaisical neglecting slipshod sloppy thoughtless unheeding unmindful behindhand blameworthy culpable daydreaming defaultant fainéant inconsistent indifferent oscitant regardless slapdash slothful slow tardy uninterested woolgathering at fault any old way any which way asleep at switch asleep on job reckless casual incautious unconcerned apathetic rash improvident inadvertent unobservant imprudent laid-back nonchalant listless idle slovenly perfunctory sluggish slap-happy devil-may-care good-for-nothing uncaring precipitate hasty oblivious insouciant inert lethargic blithe absent-minded leisurely feckless untrustworthy unreliable undependable disinterested easy otiose uncircumspect inconsiderate injudicious offhand inactive carefree disorganized mindless laggard languid workshy torpid disregarding cursory disorganised procrastinating unaccountable cool slow-going impulsive blithely unconcerned free and easy without care unwise foolish unhurried impetuous shiftless senseless ill-considered permissive wild ill-advised easy-going loafing inaccurate inefficient vague inexact imprecise deaf blind unreflective unreasoning slow-moving foolhardy unwary relaxed lagging dawdling creeping plodding unwitting napping loose unthoughtful flighty deliberate loitering dallying snail-like shoddy careless of one's duty faineant passive work-shy sluggardly tortoise-like delaying snaillike pokey dragging crawling snail-paced poking poky dillydallying dreamy hot-headed do-nothing lollygagging bone idle late inattentive to asleep on the job oblivious to insensitive unfeeling nonobservant failing shabby detached ignoring overlooking omitting slighting coarse dispassionate incurious unheedful rude crude failing to show proper care and attention measured lifeless untidy unsystematic haphazard unmeticulous unthorough blasé failing to take proper care lumpish dull mechanical ponderous easygoing drony resting moderate leaden instinctive unconscious languorous gentle steady sedate unconsidered scrappy impassive unrushed laboured comfortable undemanding hurried amateurish undisciplined leaden-footed stupid silly unintended automatic incorrect wrong sketchy erroneous laggy tortoiselike supine postponing labored phlegmatic drowsy imperceptible lousy improficient scatterbrained tactless precipitous overhasty procrastinative incompetent spontaneous involuntary reflex unpremeditated unintentional intuitive erratic kamikaze irreflective disorderly cowboy unprepared giddy daredevil pococurante undiscerning unreasonable unwatchful witless capricious uncareful quiescent unprofessional dormant thrown together hit-or-miss error-ridden couldn't care less ditsy indiscreet madcap undiplomatic irrational regardless of taking no notice of paying no heed to disregardful of unconscious of careless of heedless of neglectful of blind to deaf to not paying attention unheeding of brutish indelicate outrageous vacant unmeant blunt untactful asleep at the wheel unguarded harum-scarum badly organized hell-for-leather fly-by-night soft lenient abstracted overindulgent indulgent liberal complaisant indefinite broad non-restrictive general nonspecific shapeless yielding flabby over-tolerant flaccid easy-peasy accepting tolerant floppy nonjudgmental limp any way out of it apt to forget pipe dreaming absent looking out window insensible unfocused amnemonic mooning having a memory like a sieve out to lunch inclined to forget remiss in preoccupied airheaded wandering indifferent to scatty negligent about nirvanic moony not on the job remiss about like an absent-minded professor distracted lax about bemused paying no mind lingering backward time-wasting unpunctual putting off tarrying moratory problem slow-paced unhasty flagging brash headlong ill-judged misguided hotheaded impolitic temerarious ill-conceived spur-of-the-moment short-sighted hare-brained harebrained unthought-out inadvisable premature unreasoned ill-thought-out impromptu graceless idiotic nonsensical inexpedient brainless sudden passionate adventurous illogical snap determined precipitant unsound venturesome venturous unstudied unplanned wrong-headed headstrong nonrational unsafe furious daring audacious immature unintelligent off-the-cuff superficial crackbrained jumping to conclusions inept knee-jerk crazy ad hoc trivial throwaway indiscriminate inappropriate extemporaneous credulous rushed bold over-adventurous meaningless fiery frenzied insuppressible tearaway frivolous impractical reactive feather-brained helter-skelter passing quick unalert unvigilant off-guard imbecilic clueless moronic ignorant empty-headed shallow ad-lib playing with fire damfool uncritical lightweight myopic near-sighted untroubled parenthetical naive inane short-term imperceptive ludicrous unjustifiable unworried lamebrained incoherent groundless laughable improvised pointless futile idiotical simpleminded airy lamebrain extempore unscientific fruitless birdbrained overbold demented insane ridiculous unrehearsed kooky loony nutty improvisational gadarene dim-witted half-witted extemporary wacky flying unsubtle daft unperceptive uncontrolled off-the-wall cavalier offhanded dozy pell-mell drive-by over-venturesome abrupt death-or-glory swift unexpected featherbrained fast and loose half-baked down and dirty badly thought out off the cuff not thought through mistaken random gratuitous prejudiced wholesale unquestioning suicidal ill-timed short-range no-nonsense resolute restricted unsagacious direct astigmatic limited misjudged shortsighted unsuitable wanton implicit undiscriminating unseemly undesirable dumb overconfident untimely infelicitous garrulous nosy unsympathetic default barbarous barbaric unduly quick spur of the moment self-destructive asinine crackpot incidental unadvised badly planned confused risky cock-eyed uncreative unimaginative adventuresome overventuresome without preparation off the hip off the top of head uncalled for unsmart breakneck absurd off one's guard lacking foresight bull-in-a-china-shop out of control whimsical uninhibited off the top of one's head violent emotional unprompted freakish unrepressed happy-go-lucky eager fierce ardent unpredictable abandoned preposterous impassioned vehement unbridled unrestrained gauche gruff peremptory flippant hectic unmeditated speedy unreflecting unadvisable swaggering breezy uncautious wary fervid subitaneous restive uncivil unpolitic sharp unpolished rough harsh illegitimate invalid mad inconsequent inconsequential implausible baseless untenable fallacious unfounded weak arbitrary jumping the gun winging it flakey specious unstable freaky cockamamie barmy distraught raving aberrant reasonless disconnected sophistic delirious disjointed bungling vulgar clumsy crass blundering awkward maladroit fast-and-loose caught napping foot-in-mouth flaky leading with one's chin off guard pay no mind sticking one's neck out not careful leaving self wide open off the deep end without regard going off deep end unarranged on-the-spot improvisatory extemporized asleep at the switch unscripted uncontrived natural flawed ad lib faulty contradictory extemporised undesigned glib simplistic trifling ad libitum schematic insubstantial simple not planned facile frothy flimsy empty surface oversimplified puerile hollow off beam way out off the wall vain skin-deep petty wishy-washy piddling unscholarly farcical one-dimensional paltry not well thought out without foundation without basis not making sense

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