Đồng nghĩa của unalloyed

Alternative for unalloyed

unalloyed /'ʌnə'lɔid/
  • tính từ
    • không pha trộn, nguyên chất (kim loại)
    • (nghĩa bóng) không pha, tinh khiết

Tính từ

To an absolute degree
absolute complete pure sheer total unadulterated utter all-out arrant blank blooming bodacious categoric categorical clean consummate cotton-picking crashing dead deadly definite downright dreadful fair flat flat-out out-and-out outright perfect plumb profound rank regular simple stark stone straight-out thorough thoroughgoing unconditional unmitigated unqualified very undiminished positive unequivocal entire real deep-dyed full veritable unrestricted unreserved right undiluted unlimited whole extreme proper wholehearted dyed-in-the-wool right-down gross undivided ultimate unambiguous explicit genuine through and through in every respect surpassing solid plain full-bore wholesale clear certain sure infernal supreme indubitable unmodified direct firm without reservations emphatic unstinting blatant final unmixed blasted comprehensive unmistakable exhaustive blessed confounded unquestionable overt unquestioning inveterate flagrant intense clear-cut full-scale all out straight out patent steadfast express fixed conclusive unrestrained steady glaring unbroken authentic maximum utmost unconstrained point-blank no catch unremitting no ifs ands or buts full-on true straight prize apodictic constant unshakeable unbounded committed undeniable infinite limitless unvarnished determined mere sincere unblemished accurate unfaltering serious unswerving dedicated everlasting double-dyed enduring decisive palpable brazen concentrated undisguised resolute abiding uncompromising naked assured rigid barefaced open obvious all egregious out and out severe plenary actual determinate wide never-failing harsh bona fide without reservation full-blown true-blue perpetual no strings no fine print no holds barred eternal no kicker extraordinary pronounced all-fired true blue insistent adamant assertive staring transparent capital unstinted single altogether quite effusive gushing peremptory unregenerate bloody optimum monstrous atrocious notorious vile infamous shameless unsurpassed horrible huge austere relentless rightly so called stone-cold point blank without limit without qualification resounding forthright definitive unabated undisputed overarching through-and-through untempered unmollified unbending unmoderated unabridged uninterrupted inclusive totalitarian sweeping oppressive specific unaltered habitual undying untarnished untouched confirmed paramount top nth max uttermost persistent unsoftened unalleviated grim unrelieved unhesitating matchless conspicuous unshaken in-depth flawless excellent impeccable unsurpassable errant perfected chronic ideal finished peerless inimitable transcendent no strings attached one hundred per cent in every way enthusiastic staunch fervent earnest unflinching zealous hearty devoted unwavering unshakable heartfelt ardent warm stalwart unfeigned thundering deep hellacious outrageous brutal overwhelming great tremendous acute almighty grievous uber preposterous radical inevitable implicative embedded inarticulate constructive intrinsic virtual hidden inferential practical unquestioned implicit unuttered contained fullhearted loyal impassioned passionate exact precise exclusive whole-hearted undistracted collective focused engrossed unshared consistent hundred percent whole-souled spot-on unflagging united focussed absorbed valid dinkum unanimous attentive continued concerted scrupulous diligent fast detailed deliberate circumspect vigilant intent minute echt honest strict dead-on certified so good faithful satisfactory pucka pukka on-target sure-enough unerring certifiable admissible sound factual undoubted watertight inerrant veridical bang on immaculate undistorted unmistaken rigorous solemn amen lock stock and barrel right on extensive established long-established long-standing frank incorrigible wide-ranging unrepentant unashamed overall incurable bald grand broad unconcealed singular far-reaching evident manifest entrenched deep-rooted diehard visible hopeless hardened bold terminal drastic major unapologetic integral card-carrying desperate stringent violent draconian forceful only blunt intact unadorned compleat congenital mad keen keen as mustard all-inclusive bare endless abundant uncontrolled pure and simple stupid royal outstanding signal marked brute incessant unfailing candid customary continuous noticeable perceptible crass very great unrelenting most compulsive usual quintessential faultless intensive pathological seasoned main blithering last decided unconditioned irredeemable unreformable obsessive obsessional irrepressible beyond hope nothing other than uncorrupted wholesome systematic unimpaired maximal common arrogant eminent unembellished unfathomable pervasive open-ended dyed-in-the wool with no strings all-encompassing integrated sovereign excessive completed sublime advanced ultra iconoclastic superlative predominant unexpurgated uncondensed unbound tyrannical pre-eminent all-powerful boundless omnipotent no joke abysmal preeminent unflawed unhidden top-to-bottom root-and-branch unreduced undamaged unabbreviated unmarred straightforward uncut observable recognizable unmarked aggregate full-length audacious pointed sole recognized plain to see unchallenged uncontested writ large accepted solitary basic lone minimal modest recognisable as clear as day recognised encyclopedic encyclopaedic universal revolutionary as plain as a pikestaff standing out a mile sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb bred-in-the-bone die-hard full-fledged instilled ingrained infixed unchangeable deep-seated well-established deep-down deeply ingrained to the core

Tính từ

Real and exactly what it appears to be
genuine authentic actual legitimate real bona fide original true pure sound veritable unadulterated valid certifiable undisputed unfeigned certified echt indisputable official accurate indubitable lawful precise legal proved pucka pukka attested authenticated bonafide uncounterfeited credible creditable legit reliable unfaked veracious dependable trustworthy veridical fair dinkum sterling straight dinkum proper sure-enough right rightful fair and square kosher aboveboard real McCoy authoritative natural card-carrying unquestionable for real on the level true to life honest-to-goodness honest authorized authorised sanctioned correct approved licensed licit accepted acceptable accredited licenced recognized good permissible constitutional warranted effective just recognised acknowledged strict justified allowed sincere faithful truthful legalized binding fair admissible permitted above board appropriate well-founded statutory contractual legalised committed regular listed within the law hundred percent paid-up unpretentious exact unaffected cardholding factual allowable archetypal admitted established statutable verifiable sure justifiable certain legally acceptable not copied true-blue due the real McCoy legally binding in effect signed and sealed in force on the up and up well founded de jure straight dinkum dinky-die well-established up front professional qualified expert unsimulated loyal conforming orthodox according to law suitable prototypical influential straightforward master effectual reputable trusty upfront square straight-shooting definitive true-to-life live first generation right as rain telling the truth on the up-and-up simon-pure genuine article fact-based twenty-four carat your actual real thing on the nail based on facts reasonable sensible straight from the horse's mouth copper-bottomed cogent enforceable definite stable by the book sanctioned by law going by the rules supportable coherent tenable sustainable compelling reasoned defensible convincing ex cathedra upright confirmed solid grounded plausible logical pragmatic lucid believable congruent realistic warrantable viable workable condign innocent granted protected precedented chartered enjoined passed decreed ordained enforcible judged prescribed enforced documented formal verified well grounded declared ratified validated registered understandable rational persuasive sure enough confessed from the horse's mouth subscribed usable returned proclaimed answered unquestioned endorsed unexpired undoubted avowed sworn conceded unchallenged well-known enrolled commissioned enlisted installed financial inducted agreed professed known paid up characteristic guileless typical ingenuous archetypical representative agreed upon widely recognized commonly accepted generally accepted artless simple concrete de facto unpretending dead-on average standard normal direct existent undesigning fitting dinky-di

Tính từ

Conclusive or definitive
positive conclusive definitive dependable irrefragable undisputable reliable undoubted undoubting unquestioned convincing guaranteed unchallengeable undisputed categorical clear-cut complete definite exhaustive fixed incontestable incontrovertible indisputable indubitable irrefutable unambiguous uncontested undeniable unquestionable valid exact precise pure sheer accomplished fair persuasive right tangible total unanswerable unarguable uncontradicted unqualified veritable secure hands-down as sure as eggs is eggs beyond a doubt beyond question certain sure absolute clear unmistakable unequivocal evident obvious manifest true real patent plain inarguable decisive unassailable genuine palpable final decided firm proven beyond doubt transparent demonstrable actual watertight confirmed verifiable assured self-evident infallible emphatic straightforward sound authentic express authoritative beyond dispute distinct known pronounced set trustworthy concrete hard factual not in doubt explicit accurate determined apparent confirmable unerring safe apodictic accepted nailed-on undebatable unimpeachable provable marked sure thing recognized ultimate acknowledged striking observable compelling beyond a shadow of a doubt airtight established bona fide recognised settled unfailing solid clinching unconditional ascertained noticeable crystal clear in the bag establishable supreme verified flat certified substantial downright on ice sure-fire ringing broad open-and-shut having down pat sensible telling predestined destined open and shut open material demonstrative flawless conspicuous honest perceptible significant uncontroversial legit unambivalent nonambiguous existent not in question lucid unchallenged effective pellucid perspicuous bald barefaced salted away legitimate as plain as a pikestaff bald-faced staring one in the face well defined direct doubtless bright-line candid proper no ifs ands or buts discernible confident convinced foolproof steady veridical perfect univocal straight impressive kosher outright substantive visible surefire luculent determinate last deciding uncompromising black and white no mistake well-grounded glaring luminous objective inerrant authenticated correct for real flat-out straight out unshakable earnest frank blunt pat out-and-out powerful forceful steadfast faultless constant good prominent strong unwavering appreciable inexpugnable stable frozen hard-and-fast documented specific righteous forthright satisfied sincere double-checked resounding uncontestable particular distinctive undoubtable dogmatic detectable perceivable bold comprehensible cogent attested plausible credible physical intelligible unreserved inevitable unswerving impeccable realistic essential black-and-white certifiable sealed corporeal substantiated cut-and-dried blatant distinguishable for sure determining remarkable arresting sure-enough irrevocable nailed down point-blank dinkum inerrable for certain as plain as daylight validated settling existing fail-safe can't-miss unimaginary straight from the shoulder inescapable tried and true de facto official as plain as the nose on your face believable honest-to-goodness tried and tested rightful inalienable immutable very specified runaway tyrannous admitted arbitrary defined quantified shallow simplistic unequivocable limited cinched unalterable obligatory necessary binding compulsory abrupt corroborated freely admitted not disputed unbreakable straight-from-the-shoulder authenticating naive glib jejune impregnable invincible irresistible considerable telltale resolute well-founded cold superior unique obtrusive intent validating inimitable fundamental invulnerable implicit peremptory questionless failsafe well grounded well-proven well founded no two ways about it irrebuttable overwhelming ironclad odds-on apodeictic beyond the shadow of a doubt tacit enduring unshaken abiding changeless never-failing unchanging unchangeable free from doubt for a fact unfaltering unvarying unquestioning persuaded down pat without doubt without loopholes no ifs and or buts attestable evincible virtual implied stone cold notable recognizable there are no two ways about it resolved unsubtle all sewn up determinative determinant revealing resolving irrefrangible unacknowledged self-explanatory non-spiritual measurable beyond a shadow of doubt real-life real-world literal demonstrated completing concluding state-of-the-art finishing closing limiting terminating ending terminal quantifiable litmus test all out what you see is what you get can bet on it twenty-four-carat honest-to-god sure enough phenomenal nof ifs ands or buts axiomatic unconcealed overt plain to see flagrant blinding discernable undisguised apprehensible easy heartfelt unpretentious unfeigned undesigning artless unpretended unaffected natural well-established simple hearty vigorous energetic unbeatable efficacious supportable sustainable checkable empirical empiric stark writ large gross salient vehement colorable sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb recognisable as clear as day ostensible seeming written all over someone standing out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb assertive insistent forcible deducible ascertainable inferable handy agreeable effectual acceptable useful always effective satisfying satisfactory helpful undeceivable efficient omniscient never failing honest-to-God sure-thing on the level for-sure no buts about it real stuff on the up-and-up really-truly wholehearted well documented error-free non-fictitious non-fictional intrinsic ardent storming kenspeckle bodacious flamboyant brilliant momentous noisy grabby commanding splashy eye-catching dramatic catchy showy crisp well-defined severe well-marked undubitable sharp minute silhouetted graphic full vivid stated clean-cut incisive noteworthy audible aggressive violent full-blooded muscular strenuous dynamic historical living current unimagined bodily uncanny deadly meticulous scrupulous authorized unmannered hard and fast thumping thundering unfabled live present corporal embodied incarnate approved sanctioned clearly defined not vague cut and dried trenchant pointed sober accented potent stressed important solemn errorless dead just unmistaken spot-on invariable one hundred per cent endorsed licensed accredited formal staunch faithful trusty that's a fact responsible unblurred for a face devoted understandable spot on lucent crystal limpid loyal conscientious warranted up front no catch legal signed lawful ratified predictable committed dedicated decent upright trustable calculable no ifs ands or buts about it crystal-clear honourable truthful honorable reputable respectable high-principled allowed signed and sealed licenced ordered straight from the horse's mouth cleared suitable customary cathedral canonical authorised ex cathedra okay and delivered orthodox ex officio fitting true-blue careful incorrupt true-hearted veracious easily understood no holds barred no strings attached no fine print clearly expressed

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