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Alternative for trustable

  • tính từ
    • có thể tin cậy, có thể nhờ cậy, có thể ủy thác


Capable of being trusted
reliable dependable trustworthy trusty steady responsible good true solid calculable sure secure safe tried tried-and-true faithful steadfast staunch unfailing constant loyal honest unwavering honourable honorable tried and true tried and tested sound upright unswerving reputable firm true-blue resolute conscientious certain stable tested committed devoted established sensible dedicated trusted infallible righteous never-failing always there strong sturdy proven proved enduring approved certified fixed settled mature predictable competent decent dutiful fast virtuous ethical go-to consistent unimpeachable truthful sincere true-hearted high-principled straight determined level-headed tried and trusted to be counted on safe as houses up front creditworthy clutch straightforward unmistakable effective credible unshakable uncompromising likely to perform rocklike copper-bottomed attested recognized classic demonstrated failsafe rational recognised used sane impeccable respectable decisive carrying the load good as one's word reasonable fail-safe incorrupt unequivocal positive careful veracious assured tried out put to the test time-honoured pure discreet adult right just pious moral nice devout stanch capable supportive right-minded incorruptible principled definite confident foolproof guaranteed ardent worthy truehearted veridical allegiant down-the-line undistorted liege confirmed estimable scrupulous creditable square wholehearted all right saintly conclusive easy unanxious nailed down locked on absolute undoubtful sanguine in the bag carefree able hopeful well-founded shoo-in fly right to be trusted straight-up sure-fire worthy of trust above suspicion true blue boy scout down home on the level full of integrity rock solid as good as one's word no lie on the up and up capable of being trusted durable immutable unchangeable rigid stout lasting unshakeable balanced stalwart permanent equable perdurable unfaltering bulletproof long-lived long-standing long-lasting well-built well balanced well-balanced deep-rooted upstanding genuine fair proper noble authentic legitimate high-minded unquestionable kosher correct valid blameless stand-up law-abiding irreproachable legit lawful candid real unerring frank respected anti-corruption equitable authoritative indisputable aboveboard indubitable laudable unassailable uncorrupted admirable impartial of good repute conscionable above board verifiable forthright exemplary patriotic incontrovertible demonstrable unfeigned accurate convincing acceptable fair-minded morally correct believable open venerable irrefutable guiltless faultless sinless incontestable legal perfect veritable bona fide precise known upfront immovable undoubted praiseworthy meritorious unchanging commendable flawless undeniable establishable dyed-in-the-wool compelling unadulterated persuasive unpretentious actual close attached clean efficacious watertight plausible above reproach persistent unambiguous clear official well-thought-of exact immaculate evident plain inarguable squeaky-clean realistic highly regarded confirmable predestined hard provable supreme set ascertained destined guileless sterling undisputable true to life unprejudiced unbiased clean-living fair and square inculpable strict innocent justified passionate unbribable objective squeaky clean orthodox even-handed open-minded unchallengeable pukka salted away on ice sure thing having down pat maintainable sustainable viable definitive dispassionate non-partisan surefire can't-miss distinguished chivalrous loving unanswerable tenable potent non-discriminatory equal probable intimate original accepted well-established justifiable evenhanded nondiscriminatory moralistic honored angelic satisfying earnest unaffected fervent on the up-and-up heartfelt uncounterfeited bonafide of good standing beyond question unfaked unpretended circumspect right-thinking hard-core esteemed behind one salt of the earth fanatical bosom unblemished able to hold water well-grounded emphatic feasible honoured prestigious regular vigorous conforming notable likely excellent unarguable factual astute efficient neutral knightly irrefragable telling obdurate unstained anti-discrimination eminent accomplished untarnished inexorable influential fair dinkum helpful defensible powerful airtight cogent sanctioned verified authenticated indifferent nonpartisan elevated never failing lofty logical overt civil defendable agreeable perceptive decorous redoubted honest-to-goodness polite peaceable disinterested unselfish godly saintlike supported inerrable inerrant imaginable uncolored forceful apodictic possible supportable arguable seemly redoubtable deserving courteous for real conceivable impressive fitting satisfactory obedient beyond dispute self-righteous workable beyond doubt presumable obvious above-board invariable of principle confiding affectionate whiter than white pure as the driven snow of good report punctilious holy spiritual noble-minded vindicable well-engineered abiding well grounded from the horse's mouth time-tested well-tried beyond a shadow of a doubt high-quality string along with well engineered tested and proved right-hand important principal main favorite having clean hands humble uncontrived unalloyed undisputed certifiable impervious echt standup glorious familiar simple undesigning artless natural hearty zealous pucka civilized unconcealed peaceful duteous boon unflappable impassioned checked favourite quality egalitarian idiot-proof goofproof unbreakable orderly licit hardened inextinguishable immortal undestroyable untouchable perpetual upheld great perfervid unflinching fervid authorized accredited straight-shooting card-carrying hard-working confidential chaste humane qualified self-reliant manifest patent sustained self-evident clinching respectful even unhesitating Christian well behaved unmannered on up and up undebatable clear-cut categorical deep-dyed tough inflexible stiff straight-arrow by the book morally right morally acceptable gallant magnanimous right as rain telling the truth authorised keen final God-fearing in good faith die-hard valuable worthwhile right on straight from shoulder civilised sovereign with no axe to grind irresistible fine applaudable model ultimate not in doubt godlike philanthropic matchless peerless reverent charitable philanthropical wise sagacious judicious intelligent plain-spoken error-free invaluable verisimilar assuasive suasive excusable condonable impregnable warrantable beyond criticism unexceptionable first-class thinking twice fastidious critical extremely careful heedful punctual concluded decided warranted ensured insured stipulated stated colourable deadly uncanny meticulous inevitable persevering shrewd percipient on the nail the real McCoy based on facts straight from the horse's mouth fact-based stainless spotless untainted beyond suspicion free-spoken round moving true-to-life carrying conviction swaying believeable A-1 endless boundless unmistaken errorless dead spot-on intense stubborn immobile unquestioning adamant bound unmovable changeless unbending unqualified intent literal ingenuous plainspoken truth-telling outspoken unreserved significant fly canonical serious cordial profound inexhaustible learned inseparable valued unbeatable ceaseless continuous scholarly reputed name well respected of repute well thought of meaning what one says special cherished dear undamaged best close-knit normal treasured on one's side detached unlimited unfading spot on undying continual genteel well known famous well-known renowned popular celebrated acclaimed favored prominent famed high-ranking illustrious coherent presumptive like it is documented circumstantiated validated handy useful undeceivable omniscient effectual always effective substantial unflagging bottomless well judged unimpaired seasonable unspoiled eatable timely unhurt fresh trenchant felicitous favourable expedient whole well timed full-hearted honest-to-god supposable fiduciary colorable credential thinkable favoured with a good reputation reasoned befitting presentable dignified prudent lucid congruent grounded same unrelenting assiduous delivering there diligent eternal counted on come-through continuing kind obliging commonsensical perspicuous deductive informed on up-and-up neat tidy smart spruce undecayed promising fit to eat well-timed uncontaminated intact neighbourly pragmatic germane determinative commonsense weighty analytical practical levelheaded discerning accommodating according to the rules appropriate suitable becoming modest done comely ordinary well bred moderate august sublime mediocre de rigueur generous thoughtful gracious friendly amiable considerate hospitable pertinent analytic relevant sober consequent commonsensible in high favor indulgent benevolent kindly amicable comradely altruistic benign sympathetic favorable straight from horse's mouth holding water matter-of-fact well-advised intellectual well reasoned clear-headed well advised down-to-earth well-reasoned well thought out with a ring of truth within the bounds of possibility sociable pleasant genial regardful companionable mannerly comme il faut neighborly make good in good part make good on something well-disposed well mannered well-brought-up well-mannered irreprehensible without reproach in the clear of excellent character


Displaying logic and common sense
good logical practical rational sensible analytic analytical cerebral certain circumspect collected commonsense credible deductive discerning enlightened faultless infallible intellectual intelligent justifiable objective perspicacious philosophic plausible ratiocinative realistic reasonable reasoned reasoning reflective sagacious sound synthetic thinking thoughtful unquestionable veracious veridical cogent coherent colorable commonsensible commonsensical confirmed corroborated errorless hard impeccable inerrant informed knowing levelheaded meticulous proven rigorous secure shrewd sincere substantiated sure truthful validated verified accurate calculable careful certified cognitive defendable defensible definite empiric empirical exact explicit judicious maintainable open precise prudent sharp stringent supportable sustainable tenable well-advised well-reasoned well-grounded clear-cut letter-perfect spot-on well-thought-out dead-on on-target valid solid well-founded justified sober just firm wise consequent well reasoned sage astute lucid reliable together well thought out insightful clear perceptive clever systematic politic sapient consistent methodical pragmatic organized well-informed grounded organised well organized level-headed matter-of-fact well advised cool well grounded learned knowledgeable educated dependable acceptable feasible canny savvy articulate viable orderly percipient balanced profound responsible plain understandable down-to-earth advisable sane joined-up no-nonsense farsighted full of common sense all there hard-headed factual congruent comprehensible intelligible well informed relevant supported dispassionate meaningful unemotional straightforward prosaic trustworthy showing great knowledge with great knowledge identified cold unimpassioned deliberated fair regulated equitable unidealistic honest intuitive straight deliberate ordered thorough well-organized mathematical straight-thinking scientific decent erudite well considered strategic tactful smart experienced impartial believable legitimate clear-sighted clear-eyed common-sense with both one's feet on the ground cogitative contemplative desirable trusty moderate restrained conservative controlled temperate unprejudiced argute scholarly foresighted tactical convincing unexcessive right admissible making sense unbiased standing to reason legit unextreme well-expressed considered well-presented thought-out fair-minded open to reason evenhanded in one's right mind based on good sense weighty authoritative well presented well expressed well-structured well judged telling satisfactory satisfying full of insight recognized flawless watertight correct recognised established orthodox accepted true unassailable thought through right-thinking right-minded holding water holding up standing up holding up in wash got it together discriminating discreet serious-minded mature attentive conversant au courant steady-going having all one's marbles in right mind

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