Đồng nghĩa của incorrupt

Alternative for incorrupt

incorrupt /,inkə'rʌpt/ (incorrupted) /,inkə'rʌptid/
  • tính từ
    • không bị làm hư hỏng
    • không thể bị mua chuộc
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) không bị thối, không bị rữa


Abstaining from extramarital, or from all, sexual intercourse
chaste pure virginal decent innocent modest virgin celibate immaculate moral uncontaminated unsullied virtuous intact maidenly undefiled unwed vestal wholesome abstinent decorous maiden nunlike self-denying self-restrained uncorrupted unmarried guiltless proper sinless clean continent demure elegant good G-rated quiet refined simple upright austere restrained unaffected controlled faithful free of sin impotent inexperienced intemerate monogamous neat prudish squeaky clean subdued unblemished pure as the driven snow unstained platonic stainless nice spotless single spouseless husbandless seemly wifeless unattached bachelor unwedded partnerless free unhitched available eligible widowed spinster uncoupled sole divorced separated footloose and fancy free young, free and single nunnish monklike monkish monastic on the shelf left on the shelf reserved gentle girlish untainted flawless nonmarried retiring respectable ascetic polite clean-living free from sin sober discreet untarnished severe coy delicate in good taste solo uninvolved uncommitted lonely lone solitary alone unengaged independent companionless unbetrothed footloose unloved unfettered marriageable unaccompanied unescorted by oneself not going out with anyone not spoken for living alone having missed the boat a bachelor all alone going one's own way without a partner a spinster with no ties without a wife not married on your tod footloose and fancy-free not tied down by yourself on your own without a husband on one's own fancy-free


Without flaw or error
impeccable faultless flawless perfect unblemished irreproachable pure stainless sinless ideal immaculate spotless unimpeachable blameless exact exemplary exquisite guiltless innocent model moral precise untarnished upright virtuous absolute cleanhanded clear inculpable indefectible letter-perfect lily-white picture-book picture-perfect seamless squeaky-clean uncorrupted unerring white accurate aces A-okay apple-pie beyond criticism beyond reproach clean correct errorless fleckless infallible nice note-perfect right squeaky clean ten unflawed unsullied above suspicion above reproach on target whiter than white as pure as the driven snow undefiled uncontaminated unpolluted decent modest chaste unexceptionable untouched unspoilt without fault without blemish unstained unspotted sound whole uninjured unmarred intact unimpaired undamaged unhurt unmarked righteous pure as the driven snow wholesome impeccant pristine untainted uncorrupt virginal holy virgin honest demure good angelic unoffending sackless not guilty free of sin free of in the clear consummate excellent true honourable honorable crimeless error-free scrupulous uncensurable guilt-free lawful ethical upstanding reputable uninvolved spot on legitimate unaffected admirable unbroken noble copybook superb unfailing licit legal meritorious irreprehensible just worthy supreme outstanding unsoiled exceptional commendable bang on reliable tip-top safe angelical unspoiled meticulous trustworthy saintly sublime peerless laudable praiseworthy unequaled faithful sure proper mint finished classical on the mark unequalled deadly superlative unblamable prime shining principled respectable unassailable classic inch-perfect beyond compare word-perfect fair spick-and-span splendid incorruptible definitive snowy foolproof prepared moralistic out-of-this-world defectless spot-on as good as new unharmed verbatim fine right-minded high-minded high-principled right on on the nail on the button morally correct great on the money pious assured direct unquestionable uncanny harmless certain estimable bright antiseptic spic-and-span not to blame shiny dead entire just so complete gleaming textbook peak applaudable celibate veracious imitable definite very good archetypal unmistaken quintessential A1 optimal straight vestal strict as sound as a bell free elevated fitting prototypical lofty unbribable G-rated saintlike godly law-abiding kosher clean-living untouchable anti-corruption dead-on on-target equitable right-thinking dead on all right on the beam without errors highly respectable word for word on point paradisiacal matchless accomplished utopian expert crowning skilled experienced skilful skillful culminating paradisiac A-OK excelling adept clean-handed glowing dignified lethal unmutilated effective decorous artless natural simple not responsible unchallengeable unwemmed chase omniscient unblackened burnished polished without guilt free from guilt free from blame seemly redoubtable fresh dependable irreprovable unobjectionable reproachless undisturbed masterly fleek snow white maidenly without sin beyond question beyond suspicion optimum unguilty ultimate idyllic innocent as a lamb guileless best conscionable responsible conscientious inviolate continent unblighted unprofaned humane representative square paradigmatic sterling archetypical ordered logical harmonious coherent uninterrupted uniform consistent smooth peaceful morally right morally acceptable stand-up Christian true blue neat lily white wide-eyed punctilious have-it-all best possible bueno neato tidy ultra-clean speckless unswerving superior wet behind ears trim snowy-white pure as driven snow babe in woods absolved cleared exculpated untroubled at peace calm serene tranquil exonerated spruce inevitable not bad sensational brilliant magnificent marvellous extraordinary fantastic marvelous fabulous phenomenal neat and tidy taintless batting a thousand not too shabby spick and span positive inerrable inerrant sure-fire invariable unparalleled premium neat as a new pin as clean as a whistle better than expected incomparable unrivaled top-notch stellar unsurpassed irrefutable valid undeniable unambiguous conclusive undisputed unrefuted literal identical appropriate standard OK so regular notable world-class preeminent first-class pre-eminent first-rate elite noteworthy close authentic particular acceptable O.K. specific detailed unequivocal comprehensive right as rain on the ball on the right track for sure veridical on track on the right lines rigorous amen truthful free of error on the nose right stuff actual along the right lines stone okay undistorted factual cooking with gas according to Hoyle downright thorough express explicit high high-grade unrivalled high-quality sharp distinct nailed down bull's-eye blow-by-blow clear-cut on the numbers integral sweeping gross legit full-blown full-fledged bulletproof airtight maximal plenary exhaustive undiminished full-scale uncut unabridged true-blue without reproach on the level of excellent character self-righteous on the up and up up front


(of a person) Having suitable conformity to basic moral standards
decent good honest kind obliging ethical helpful neighborly neighbourly respectable upright accommodating courteous honorable honourable trustworthy virtuous amiable considerate dependable friendly generous gracious hospitable moral thoughtful worthy agreeable altruistic amicable benevolent benign civil comradely indulgent kindly nice sympathetic unselfish just noble pleasant polite principled righteous sociable upstanding companionable genial mannerly peaceable regardful right straight true stand-up well-disposed well mannered clean-living right-minded squeaky clean all right well-brought-up well-mannered on the up and up reputable admirable pure blameless law-abiding high-minded meritorious praiseworthy exemplary laudable unimpeachable innocent estimable irreproachable respected scrupulous incorruptible right-thinking uncorrupted angelic self-righteous lily-white proper deserving wholesome clean-cut reliable commendable excellent valuable creditable venerable worthwhile inoffensive distinguished trusted sterling fine conscientious model solid trusty applaudable invaluable justified justifiable fitting immaculate alright unmarred highly regarded goody-goody precious moralistic esteemed unerring dapper chaste unobjectionable first-class high-principled of good report salt of the earth A-1 dignified equitable rectitudinous professional lofty saintlike saintly godly untainted lawful favoring obedient balanced elevated morally correct sound sinless unbribable pure as the driven snow whiter than white incorrupted dutiful clean charitable well-behaved cultivated inculpable irreprehensible tractable guiltless anti-corruption sanctimonious straightforward saving favouring religious dinkum prim proud sportsmanly lenient sportsmanlike correct notable fair faithful eminent illustrious great pious honoured honored chivalrous punctilious prestigious thankworthy praisable meritable impeccable conscionable of good repute squeaky-clean gallant batting a thousand not too shabby glorious august truthful paradigmatic classic quintessential celebrated acclaimed sincere renowned bueno prototypical classical neato magnanimous well-thought-of noble-minded above board worthy of admiration prominent kosher true-blue not bad above reproach noteworthy square grand seemly high reputed exceptional characteristic representative typical illustrative stainless spotless holy devout unstained legit knightly faultless noted unblamable outstanding spiritual beneficent greathearted great-hearted responsible up front peaceful revered orderly ideal civilized venerated duteous hallowed smart high-ranking imposing name stellar recognized unsullied well behaved sacred God-fearing unblemished respectful constant unaffected unspoilt decorous forthright devoted famed undefiled redoubted modest uplifting redoubtable suitable civilised philanthropic lordly recognised impartial humane natural beyond reproach full of integrity palmary white loyal worthy of commendation sublime liberal on the up-and-up large-hearted bounteous of principle aboveboard valiant safe reverend admired on the level guileless self-sacrificing stately idealistic compliant of note needy due rightful eligible well-favoured well favoured influential exalted highest-ranking important submissive amenable manageable biddable conformable docile circumspect impressive terrific mean sainted deferential disciplined blessed valued perfect Christian world-beating meritious winner meedful golden boss choice prayerful morally right morally acceptable true blue honest-to-goodness fair-minded above-board veracious copybook flawless consummate matchless godlike peerless reverent philanthropical beatific god-fearing unworldly leading immodest number magnificent inflated intellectual highest astral exaggerated excessive first imitable archetypal textbook definitive archetypical gone select tough swell pillar gnarly slick keen top drawer independent self-sufficient regal self-respecting divine seraph without fault high-powered prized meretorious appreciable very good reverenced virginal deserving congratulations maidenly legitimate dedicated steady big handsome selfless virgin major league in limelight big time big name salt of earth established big-hearted unstinting bountiful genteel worshipped staunch full of good works ungrudging free open-handed munificent firm of repute well thought of well respected legendary lionized fast befitting presentable edifying brave courtly refined well known favored famous well-known popular copper-bottomed princely unswerving pre-eminent sage moving ennobled heroical neat tidy spruce accepted tolerant extraordinary remarkable true-hearted merciful forgiving inviolate celibate unspotted continent vestal unblighted unprofaned favoured with a good reputation tried and trusted wise appropriate comely conforming ordinary well bred moderate becoming mediocre de rigueur done sure steadfast tried unwavering stanch secure trustable non-erotic non-violent improving soft loose bighearted soft-touch clement openhanded glorified supportive calculable wicked first-rate lily white wide-eyed lionised serious sedate matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical worshipful worshiped grave pure as driven snow G-rated wet behind ears babe in woods tried-and-true truehearted veridical allegiant down-the-line resolute wholehearted ardent no lie undistorted liege confirmed ace smashing brill tip-top champion top-notch splendiferous super fab comme il faut Santa Claus all heart has heart in right place apple-pie simple bully top-hole beaut untarnished in high favor of good standing invigorating ruddy sane practical together fresh-faced envigorating hygienic commonsensical sanitary open normal open-faced sensible blooming up to the mark nasty believeable satisfactory organic all there without reproach hale and hearty in fine feather in the pink in the clear of excellent character


(of a person) Able to be trusted due to having integrity or principles
reliable dependable trustworthy faithful good staunch steady trusty honest responsible devoted steadfast unfailing conscientious constant loyal unswerving calculable committed decent dedicated infallible predictable solid trustable unwavering upright decisive determined firm high-principled honorable honourable impeccable reputable respectable righteous truthful unimpeachable careful positive sincere unequivocal veracious true-blue true-hearted tried and tested tried and true true sure stable straight virtuous sound scrupulous fast principled ethical trusted moral enduring resolute just certain upstanding dutiful unchanging allegiant incorruptible devout secure guaranteed worthy tried-and-true correct never-failing genuine tried credible fair right-minded sure-fire persistent unerring unfaltering safe ardent effective exact right stalwart fail-safe creditable abiding proper noble foolproof pious down-the-line immovable established respected straightforward estimable high-minded unquestionable consistent stanch undeviating close fixed invariable strong excellent precise stand-up accurate patriotic pure unvarying irreproachable venerable faultless blameless authentic uniform regular eternal of good repute admirable valid efficacious conscionable important laudable law-abiding even continuing surefire candid on the level legitimate up front lasting endless durable dyed-in-the-wool liege nice long-lasting authoritative perpetual square unshakable orderly changeless honored above suspicion anti-corruption believable efficient all right kosher morally correct principal main favorite acceptable highly regarded perfect esteemed can't-miss true to life assured frank unfeigned full of integrity prestigious permanent tested honoured open stout vigorous sensible distinguished long-standing flawless deep-rooted ceaseless confirmed undying lawful supportive unhesitating above reproach loving probable perennial forthright expected hard-working right-hand attached same continual real unfluctuating rigid immutable well-thought-of wholehearted thorough intimate unflagging unending realistic goofproof tried and trusted strict legit convincing tough never-ending reasonable of good standing on the up-and-up immortal veritable fair-minded fastidious unbroken unpretentious helpful feasible valuable on the up and up favourite punctual inculpable effectual equitable worthwhile impartial fanatical unassailable tenable likely deserving useful surviving continuous earnest natural redoubtable zealous obdurate inexorable praiseworthy confidential meticulous famous celebrated acclaimed inexhaustible level-headed settled notable recognized reputed name rational valued boon sovereign upfront watertight unflinching chivalrous practical above board unfading familiar long-lived remaining renowned famed everlasting commendable passionate diligent eminent punctilious actual static meritorious never failing timeless verifiable direct anticipated lifelong ensured knightly stubborn unrelenting assiduous unstained uncompromising long-term homogeneous veridical persevering bound unbending satisfying foreseeable unalterable aboveboard fine rigorous tenacious unchangeable persisting unqualified intent well thought of decided insured indomitable resilient sedulous single-minded intense unquestioning rhythmic unceasing recognised unsurprising stiff irrefutable inevitable literal ongoing official honest-to-goodness for real unvarnished obvious hard-core inflexible logical exemplary fussy unremitting uncorrupted rock solid set repeated uninterrupted irreversible symmetrical systematic periodical periodic invariant incessant untainted habitual nonrandom equal methodical guileless of good report behind one to be expected religious hanging tough on an even keel salt of the earth true blue only to be expected well-balanced complete consonant par for the course heedful on the cards proved protected confident reliant safeguarded covered humble impervious innocent unbribable powerful potent glorious uncontrived fervent emphatic civilized long-established long-running smart seemly peaceful duteous orthodox card-carrying productive outstanding impassioned obedient prevailing bosom having clean hands sinless guiltless unmistakable great deep-dyed inseparable dear hardened maintainable sustainable viable unflappable confiding circumspect affectionate perfervid fervid traditional time-honoured die-hard peaceable respectful idiot-proof airtight unbreakable pedantic self-righteous above-board well behaved quality well favoured well-favoured inch-perfect immobile adamant unmovable thinking twice critical extremely careful undistorted truehearted nitpicking finical finicky special cherished treasured praised acknowledged in good faith daring sturdy inextinguishable undestroyable untouchable civilised adult unprejudiced unbiased keen string along with undaunted concluded certified warranted stipulated stated no lie capable of being trusted predicted forecast understandable poised heartfelt unpretended simple easy known undesigning artless unaffected well-established hearty objective straight-arrow factual bona fide noted admired sanctioned authorized accredited straight-shooting accepted unshakeable mature plain-spoken audacious steamroller nervy powerhouse forceful unafraid competent capable qualified able self-reliant likeliest saintly standing stationary unchanged unelaborated unembellished naturalistic frequent deadly bonafide unspoiled full original unadulterated bulldog neutral even-handed non-partisan open-minded nonstop well-regarded prized appreciated beloved unblemished relentless anti-discrimination disinterested non-discriminatory strong-minded dogged spirited brave strong-willed indefatigable unyielding free-spoken round what one would expect not unexpected straight-up boundless definitive right as rain telling the truth fair and square authorised steady-going round-the-clock all-year-round dispassionate indifferent evenhanded nonpartisan sterling as good as one's word worthy of trust fly right boy scout always there to be trusted down home spot on on target on the mark bang on indefinite on one's side mettlesome strenuous gritty bold courageous plucky stout-hearted unchallengeable ingenuous plainspoken truth-telling outspoken unreserved applaudable model unbeatable justifiable justified invaluable fitting dead set on bound and determined much vaunted highly rated well received first-class unmannered uncolored nondiscriminatory rock-ribbed untiring sealed squeaky-clean indelible errorless failsafe in accordance with the facts ingrained meaning what one says like it is clinched unlimited handy agreeable incontrovertible inerrable undeceivable omniscient always effective apodictic satisfactory inerrant never-changing true to type untarnished beyond criticism unexceptionable well respected of repute much touted highly esteemed highly thought of plausible systematized recurring regulated indubitable nailed-on right-thinking imperishable indestructible bottomless well known well-known popular copper-bottomed favored prominent high-ranking redoubted illustrious A-1 squeaky clean dateless interminable ageless perdurable non-stop stainless spotless clean beyond question immaculate beyond suspicion painstaking standardized patterned measured pronounced definite clear-cut undoubted racked cinched without error on the money delivering there absolute come-through imaginable possible inexpungible sempiternal indissoluble longstanding old forever similar equable favoured with a good reputation nailed on balanced arranged successive systematised alternating cyclic in order congruous mechanical harmonious accordant standardised serial industrious sustained identical unvaried matching equivalent in for the long haul till the cows come home made certain in the bag absolutely certain on ice nailed down beyond doubt sewed up attentive particular conceivable presumptive monotonous counted on laborious ordered fated unmodifiable fateful well-proportioned ossified plumb level undiversified incorrigible of a piece normal compatible smooth monolithic honest-to-god persuasive supposable fiduciary colorable presumable impressive credential thinkable in high favor searching ultra-careful minute studious foreseen heart and soul into exacting walking on eggs minding p's and q's hanging in playing safe able to hold water with a ring of truth within the bounds of possibility formulaic formularized liable expectable prepared most likely

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