Đồng nghĩa của meedful


Deserving of reward or praise
meritorious admirable honourable praiseworthy worthy laudable honorable good righteous estimable commendable virtuous excellent exemplary noble creditable deserving applaudable right worthwhile meritable thankworthy praisable boss choice golden meritious winner world-beating top drawer respectable pure reputable sterling blameless decent upright irreproachable honest guiltless upstanding model fine principled ethical moral irreprehensible innocent just high-minded inculpable unimpeachable sinless punctilious correct law-abiding right-minded lily-white saintly paradigmatic classic quintessential scrupulous batting a thousand not too shabby trustworthy true bueno prototypical classical neato squeaky clean exceptional unblamable worthy of admiration impeccable incorruptible not bad faultless outstanding elevated angelic immaculate straight nice characteristic typical illustrative representative anti-corruption right-thinking noteworthy whiter than white conscientious squeaky-clean stand-up all right notable lofty lawful clean saintlike godly unbribable respected reputed fitting equitable uncorrupted moralistic morally correct dutiful pure as the driven snow well-thought-of kosher venerable high-principled salt of the earth noble-minded stellar perfect ideal esteemed flawless worthy of commendation justified justifiable copybook first-class reliable incorrupt consummate dependable self-righteous prestigious recognized proper cultivated valuable untarnished magnanimous seemly palmary beyond reproach faithful above reproach charitable conscionable name fair distinguished chivalrous honoured illustrious gallant humane pious holy spiritual honored true-blue square clean-living recognised major league big time big name of note terrific impressive mean needy rightful eligible due smart rectitudinous dignified professional unblemished chaste untainted favoring obedient balanced sound incorrupted trusted responsible truthful solid trusty imitable archetypal archetypical textbook definitive invaluable aboveboard God-fearing well-favoured well favoured tractable well-behaved sanctimonious pillar gone select gnarly slick tough swell keen without fault stainless spotless Christian decorous devoted reverent impartial matchless philanthropical devout philanthropic godlike peerless seamless picture-book absolute cleanhanded picture-perfect letter-perfect indefectible clear courteous very good morally right morally acceptable true blue favouring religious prim lenient sportsmanlike saving dinkum sportsmanly irreprovable deserving congratulations of good report A-1 reproachless pristine straightforward proud salt of earth snow white beneficent gracious lordly first-rate wicked redoubtable natural great ace smashing brill tip-top grand fab champion top-notch splendiferous super greathearted bounteous unselfish brave refined beaut bully top-hole valued believeable satisfactory up to the mark organic suitable nasty benign remarkable high extraordinary prominent of good standing eminent renowned revered venerated celebrated acclaimed august prized admired meretorious appreciable high-powered in limelight much touted of repute highly regarded well known well respected well thought of with a good reputation famous well-known acknowledged of good repute well-regarded legit on the level up front without reproach in the clear on the up and up of excellent character undefiled sincere unsullied dedicated uncorrupt sainted prayerful divine above suspicion wholesome legitimate virginal god-fearing unoffending legal crimeless uncensurable safe candid guilt-free believing pietistic unstained humble not guilty impeccant devotional uninvolved fair-minded constant frank hallowed free of seraphic peaceful angelical licit unaffected civilized veracious loyal sanctified unfeigned above board blessed consecrated sensible genuine unworldly forthright steady glorified sublime benevolent churchgoing sacrosanct white steadfast open orderly guileless unfailing generous civilised duteous orthodox unwavering unpretentious full of integrity kind helpful modest authentic well behaved sacred peaceable reasonable pietistical ecclesiastical unspotted celestial open-minded staunch compliant considerate kindly altruistic born-again thoughtful unswerving untouchable trustable calculable caring earnest precise disciplined heartfelt unprejudiced unbiased unpretended unquestionable free objective credible unspoilt even-handed theological fastidious simple upfront knightly celibate valid heavenly virgin wholehearted dispassionate neutral non-partisan equal respectful level-headed vestal anti-discrimination non-discriminatory resolute of principle positive rational real indifferent evenhanded nonpartisan uncontaminated compassionate infallible ardent nondiscriminatory G-rated on the up-and-up unobjectionable sympathetic harmless committed uncolored clean-cut firm beatific sackless clerical priestly big inviolate goody-goody understanding tender obliging secure beyond criticism accommodating sure tried true-hearted civil kindhearted kind-hearted indulgent friendly amiable hospitable merciful tolerant amicable humanitarian not to blame genial confirmed tried-and-true liberal veritable above-board tried and true sweet big-hearted as pure as the driven snow tried and trusted tried and tested self-sacrificing unerring unassailable peacekeeping unspoiled undamaged unpolluted complying highly respectable idealistic glorious circumspect seraph deified canonized ordained beatified demure deserved merited condign fresh competent warranted untouched snowy undisturbed actual easy known undesigning artless well-established hearty canonised reserved messianic special disinterested clean-handed detached fast uncontrived particular free from blame free from guilt free of sin maidenly pukka enduring patriotic on up and up inoffensive predictable fair and square straight-arrow honest-to-goodness submissive biddable amenable manageable conformable docile critical heedful punctual exact loving selfless doctrinal scriptural prudish persistent inextinguishable immortal undestroyable unchanging perpetual full of good works according to the rules on up-and-up moralising reverential moralizing smug decisive determined stanch practising sectarian churchly dapper alright unmarred precious supportive not responsible unequivocal careful deferential bighearted prissy strait-laced finicky veridical allegiant down-the-line undistorted liege truehearted supplicant charismatic practicing transcendent deific superhuman church thinking twice extremely careful supplicating unmannered pleading continent unprofaned unblighted beseeching heroic giving great-hearted princely goodhearted public-spirited valiant goodish large-hearted munificent no lie soliciting quality uplifting edifying inspired divinely inspired goal driven delicate fussy entreating plain-spoken lily white wide-eyed absolved cleared untroubled at peace calm serene tranquil exonerated exculpated schismatic imploring unadulterated famed cherubic ethereal suppliant supplicatory non-erotic improving non-violent fervent serious cordial profound pernickety wet behind ears theistic supernatural deistic sacerdotal pontifical canonical ministerial bona fide free-spoken round popular babe in woods established apple-pie pure as driven snow literal ingenuous plainspoken believable meaning what one says truth-telling outspoken unreserved realistic like it is squeamish passionate invigorating sane envigorating hygienic commonsensical open-faced ruddy practical together fresh-faced sanitary normal blooming redoubted neighbourly foolproof guaranteed mature full-hearted favored favoured fair dinkum in high favor copper-bottomed high-ranking accurate all there agreeable comradely empyrean as good as one's word sure-fire worthy of trust fly right straight-up boy scout never-failing rock solid always there to be trusted down home sociable polite pleasant factual in the pink hale and hearty in fine feather regardful companionable mannerly learned attested neighborly gentle forgiving mild purpose driven archangelic entrancing radiant otherworldly angellike appealing angelly rapturous certified scholarly clement forbearing well-disposed well mannered well-brought-up well-mannered benignant verifiable authenticated well-founded supported convincing from the horse's mouth proven straight from horse's mouth documented authoritative circumstantiated validated verified approachable softhearted empathetic empathic commiserative tenderhearted warmhearted accessible pitying sentimental soft human sensitive responsive broad-minded good-natured good-hearted warm bleeding-heart all heart

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