Đồng nghĩa của unspotted

Alternative for unspotted

Đồng nghĩa: unsoiled, unstained,


Completely clean and pure
clean immaculate pristine spotless stainless unblemished unstained unsoiled unsullied pure squeaky-clean untarnished flawless untainted unpolluted undefiled chaste clear fresh untouched spic-and-span spick-and-span taintless antiseptic fair perfect unspoilt wholesome sanitary intact virgin shining sparkling faultless impeccable washed cleansed unmarked unadulterated sterile natural speckless polished uncontaminated sterilized laundered snowy unspoiled crisp virginal dirtless squeaky unsmudged uncorrupted tidy orderly spic and span salubrious sterilised well-kept neat as a button neat as a pin undebased innocent whole glowing unimpaired undamaged scrubbed cleaned unbroken unimpeachable unharmed unwemmed chase sinless holy bright burnished unaffected unflawed earthy gleaming sanitized organic shiny disinfected sponged laved spick and span squeaky clean showered sanitised dirt-free clean as a new pin unfermented not rotten luscious envigorating sweet invigorating not sour primal restorative as clean as a whistle apple-pie order shipshape unmarred refreshing in perfect condition as new in mint condition uninfected healthful pasteurised aseptic good for you intemerate pasteurized germ-free health-giving healthy neat hygienic trim delicate elegant cleanly simple graceful white vanilla mint sound unchanged brand-new new unused preserved unmutilated excellent unscathed entire brand new as good as new like new unhurt span-new tip-top inviolate original uninjured exemplary brand-spanking new in tiptop condition without a scratch prime unmoved ultra-clean complete without blemish snowy-white peak unaltered uninfluenced undisturbed incorrupt exquisite scatheless spanking spanking-new spruce seamless irreproachable whiter than white unimpressed unstirred solid secure indefectible untried neat and tidy mint condition as sound as a bell in good condition cleaned up rustproof on point cleared fine unagitated first-class artless unblackened well-preserved native unprofaned sacred as good as before snow-white unmixed distilled purified uncultivated unassuming perfectly clean fleek modest freshly laundered decent impregnant firsthand unopened unprocessed recent latest young just out unstudied unworn very clean clean and tidy blank indigenous empty unseasoned untrodden brand spanking new spanking new bare plain raw crude wilding agrestal defectless ideal wild optimal optimum unviolated consummate superlative superb indifferent unfilled accurate picture-book absolute correct model picture-perfect masterly letter-perfect unerring error-free lily-white together unsevered unconcerned dry-eyed copybook A1 finished integral plenary compleat full grand comprehensive total errorless unexceptionable good without fault imperforate indiscrete uncut vacant void just so in one piece out of danger all in one piece neat as a new pin safe and sound


Free from blame
faultless good moral pure righteous innocent irreproachable impeccable guiltless blameless stainless immaculate unblemished unsullied squeaky-clean sinless spotless inculpable above reproach virtuous honest upright clear clean lily-white cleanhanded exemplary squeaky clean without guilt virginal chaste maidenly modest virgin decent angelic saintly ethical wholesome uncorrupted reputable true honourable undefiled upstanding pious honorable noble worthy unaffected guileless unspoilt unstained wet behind ears inviolate wide-eyed white pure as the driven snow continent unprofaned vestal pure as driven snow anti-corruption lily white celibate G-rated babe in woods unblighted unimpeachable untarnished uninvolved perfect unoffending above suspicion clean-handed scrupulous guilt-free irreprehensible sackless without fault in the clear beyond criticism crimeless not to blame not responsible not guilty just principled right high-minded conscientious dutiful law-abiding respectable straight conscionable nice meritorious laudable holy praiseworthy spiritual stand-up right-minded trustworthy commendable incorruptible noble-minded all right untainted beyond reproach fair God-fearing equitable charitable punctilious devoted philanthropical reverent devout impartial matchless philanthropic faithful godlike creditable deserving peerless straightforward strict responsible high-principled proper moralistic seemly truthful chivalrous aboveboard distinguished gallant magnanimous decorous square courteous kosher true-blue clean-living salt of the earth


Invisible or undiscovered

Trái nghĩa của unspotted

unspotted Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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