Đồng nghĩa của antiseptic

Alternative for antiseptic


Đồng nghĩa: sterilised, sterilized,


Immaculately clean or pure
clean immaculate pristine spotless unsullied stainless unsoiled unstained chaste fair squeaky-clean spic-and-span spick-and-span pure unblemished untainted untarnished perfect sanitary shining faultless snowy fresh unspotted unpolluted undefiled neat speckless tidy unmarked taintless hygienic gleaming untouched flawless unspoilt intact virgin impeccable trim uncorrupted ultra-clean wholesome unaffected snowy-white shiny spruce spick and span as new in perfect condition in mint condition whiter than white neat and tidy exemplary rustproof unimpaired undamaged unbroken unharmed unmutilated unflawed snow-white perfectly clean unblackened modest freshly laundered decent clean as a new pin mint shipshape cleaned polished sterile lily-white sterilized sterilised errorless unexceptionable bright exquisite squeaky clean like new clean and tidy brand-spanking new in tiptop condition cleaned up very clean as clean as a whistle neat as a new pin clear washed laundered sparkling cleansed dirtless squeaky unsmudged delicate orderly elegant cleanly simple graceful white vanilla well-kept spic and span neat as a button neat as a pin irreproachable innocent sinless guiltless virtuous blameless righteous unimpeachable inculpable good cleanhanded upright honest virginal above suspicion angelic above reproach crimeless moral uncorrupt unoffending guilt-free uncensurable absolute uncontaminated seamless indefectible not guilty in the clear ideal impeccant uninvolved pure as the driven snow picture-book picture-perfect letter-perfect free of incorrupt model lawful licit legal legitimate beyond reproach whole without fault honourable honorable ethical upstanding angelical safe unspoiled sound beyond criticism unmarred pious reputable as pure as the driven snow saintly worthy accurate correct unerring without blemish unblamable copybook inviolate unadulterated unassailable holy unhurt noble sackless entire irreprehensible consummate harmless exact precise maidenly scrupulous undisturbed refined error-free not to blame unprofaned demure celibate vestal nice tip-top on target free continent as sound as a bell as good as new just so G-rated untouchable glowing artless natural highly respectable clean-handed burnished without guilt scrubbed unscathed unquestionable uninjured not responsible free from guilt free from blame sacred outstanding superlative superb solid scatheless complete admirable meritorious exceptional straight undebased fine purified free of sin unchanged masterly sanitized unused unchallengeable trustworthy irreprovable unprocessed plain preserved sponged laved showered sanitised dirt-free reproachless reliable dependable impregnant religious godly devout sainted snow white peaceful apple-pie order unmixed unmodified undiluted unalloyed excellent classic faithful meticulous optimal A1 prime optimum peak defectless finished true saintlike God-fearing blessed foolproof beyond question beyond suspicion guileless absolved calm serene cleared exculpated untroubled tranquil at peace exonerated prayerful spiritual right on on the nail on the mark bang on supreme spot on unguilty textbook on the button unwed maiden unblighted beatific god-fearing unworldly unmarried self-denying self-restrained abstinent divine seraph lily white wide-eyed pure as driven snow wet behind ears babe in woods anti-corruption inexperienced restrained impotent quiet intemerate controlled proper austere monogamous platonic prudish subdued decorous full of good works ten right aces infallible A-okay note-perfect fleckless apple-pie


Being in a clean and tidy state
neat tidy orderly trim shipshape uncluttered prim crisp groomed kempt trig tidied bandbox smug snug well-groomed picked up spruce smart clean immaculate straight in order spick-and-span well kept in good order dapper spick and span natty in good shape in apple-pie order shipshape and Bristol fashion as neat as a new pin well ordered well-kept well-ordered neat and tidy apple-pie order neat as a pin systematic organized nice spotless tricksy organised methodical elegant chic fastidious regular dainty exact proper correct finical finicky slick sleek well-turned-out ordered well groomed businesslike well organized clean-cut well turned out chipper to rights well-dressed impeccable well-presented taut snappy spiffy sharp compact well-pressed symmetrical soigné Bristol fashion well-organized as fresh as paint well-regulated in tip-top condition sorted out cleanly presentable well arranged straightened out well turned-out well looked-after well maintained systematized arranged methodic besuited systematised well-turned out arranged well well-designed stylish snazzy classy modish dashing debonair fly sassy kicky well dressed swanky swank chichi as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox fashionable attractive trendy rakish nifty jaunty swell cool tony schmick with it dressed to kill on fleek as if you had just stepped out of a bandbox clever groovy kicking ingenious crucial spruced up dressed to the nines in place in position personable fit to be seen inviting appealing alluring stunning beautiful cute good-looking gorgeous suitable hospitable welcoming adorable decent voguish sophisticated nobby doggy posh smartly dressed sporty spry ritzy swagger showy nimble brisk spiff flattering swish high-fashion understated tasteful logical precise careful now hip contemporary ultra-modern coherent structured punctilious efficient meticulous turned out exclusive dressy happening up-to-date fresh in supercool new dressed to nines in vogue culty regulated framed well planned all together thorough neat as button fixed neat as pin alike well regulated uniform together in shape formal rangé scientific set-up conventional a la mode current latest thing faddish last word up to date mod au courant well put together modern with-it du jour dap up to the minute


Dull or uninteresting in nature
dull uninteresting insipid unexciting bland uninspiring tame characterless nondescript clinical colorless colourless soulless institutional boring tedious commonplace run-of-the-mill dreary monotonous drab unimaginative dry vapid uninspired wearisome flat lacklustre vacuous stale trite feeble limp spiritless sterile tired lifeless zestless lame lackluster inoffensive humdrum mediocre mundane barren anaemic middle-of-the-road prosaic unremarkable anemic weak wishy-washy lustreless pallid non-stimulating torpid unanimated bloodless tiresome plain blah ho-hum mind-numbing dull as dishwater unmemorable neutral unexceptionable innocuous unobjectionable anodyne ponderous pedestrian numbing wearying leaden arid heavy slow stodgy tiring jading stuffy drudging stupid old unexceptional jejune weary monochromatic bleak dowdy unchanging desolate vanilla undistinctive unstimulating featureless nothing ordinary sapless flavorless nerdy unappealing pabulum zero waterish wimpy milk-and-water flavourless banal ho hum routine undistinguished uneventful common everyday hackneyed workaday average dead quotidian nothing to write home about watery tasteless bromidic plain vanilla conventional unvaried unsavory dusty ornery no great shakes unpalatable bog-standard unsavoury unappetizing predictable normal common or garden forgettable usual indifferent unoriginal garden-variety draggy mild mainstream standard passionless derivative gray grey namby-pamby simple corny not up to much savorless a dime a dozen hacky listless unnoteworthy samey dry as dust muted typical nowhere half-hearted so-so as dry as dust expressionless inane middling prosy customary second-rate deadly distasteful indistinctive dim standard-issue plodding run of the mill pointless stock stiff generic quiet soporific inedible weariful regular poor insignificant unpretentious uneatable pale uninviting half-pie garden inadequate dullsville cut-and-dry cut-and-dried dreich matter-of-fact old hat humble harmless ineffectual apathetic lacking variety noncommittal not much cop faceless languid beige garden variety ineffective nothing to get excited about pathetic etiolated nothing special soft inferior overused overdone overworked subdued drivelling driveling time-worn unobtrusive unimpressive familiar vacant lusterless wooden empty unostentatious unadorned fatiguing watered-down mechanical worn out irksome cornball unentertaining unenjoyable bush-league toneless dime-store unrelieved depressing yawnsome dull as ditchwater lacking variation played out modest OK stereotyped not so hot savourless intermediate dime-a-dozen repetitious lacking excitement lacking interest homely puny disagreeable big yawn ten a penny off-putting unpleasant revolting disgusting unattractive nauseating sickening unoffending uniform general unvarying unimportant frail restrained halfhearted peaceful deadpan yucky cold gentle uncreative unseasoned unadventurous derived uninventive monochrome indecisive sick-making gross discreet enervated trivial washy unfeeling understated inconspicuous unemotional unnoticeable safe platitudinous fair soul-destroying unspirited threadbare unromantic subtle passable sluggish prolix deadening flat tire worn-out run-of-the-mine medium run-of-mine second-class low-key white-bread elementary clichéd unembellished plebeian dismal bog standard plastic well-worn stereotypical clean square middle of the road impotent powerless vigourless unflavoured sombre somber lethargic homespun sour bitter spiceless mindless tepid droning static trying frustrating least Milquetoast unimpressed unmoved heavy-handed yawn vague achromatic indeterminate indistinguishable undefined abstract indistinct unfateful noneventful inconclusive rancid horrible laborious unartistic suburban overlong crude meagre simplistic meager tolerable hollow nebbish fatuous tenuous slight wan unsentimental unvarnished unpoetic nitty-gritty literal terrestrial factual clear mat unexpressive matte unexcited dulled not bad amateurish amateur blank neglectable negligible dragging enervating interminable mortal exhausting poky snooze inexpressive emotionless lacking vitality passive uninflected mean boilerplate phoned in basic no-frills repetitive endless whitebread blind spineless effete two-dimensional plain-Jane unextraordinary off-the-shelf foul-tasting indigestible accustomed raw dispiriting wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy downcast jake sickly useless weak-kneed wet limp-wristed slothful spent hack irrelevant inconsiderable paltry fair to middling inconsequential piddling immaterial worthless irresolute long-drawn-out deadly dull banausic lead balloon loathsome repugnant hoary neither one thing nor the other meaningless whatever unenthusiastic not very good monotone shopworn cliche obligatory musty moth-eaten hackney cobwebby timeworn wimpish nerveless invertebrate weakened weakling ignorable truistic cliché-ridden foul nasty vile widespread stark nameless facile noplace dumb hokey cornfed tripe lukewarm regimented of little consequence of little importance of no consequence not worth mentioning of no importance of no great concern of no account noisome wavering cowardly vacillating obvious matter-of-course starch lowly natural prevalent yawn producing governmental utilitarian corporate functional rudimentary ugly unkind coldhearted anaesthetic insensitive insensible impassive indolent lazy anesthetic innocent diluted folksy inelaborate pure and simple normophilic uncluttered unornamented austere rustic your basic uncomplicated unelaborate undecorated familiar tune boiler plate peaceable boiled down without punch reserved retiring invisible unshowy circumspect relaxed standard issue downbeat blending into the background nonprovocative innoxious played down out of sight in the background soft-pedaled tasteful toned down non-aggressive non-violent benign white non-combative hurtless light conservative pleasant calm friendly sober repressed unflashy low-keyed toned-down


Cold, unfriendly, or lacking in emotion
unfriendly cold cool unsympathetic frosty frigid uncordial icy chilly glacial wintery clammy wintry brittle chill coldish frozen gelid arctic cold-blooded cold-eyed hard-eyed distant aloof unwelcoming remote hostile indifferent unemotional reserved inhospitable standoffish unsociable impersonal stiff unapproachable withdrawn forbidding emotionless stand-offish stony detached unresponsive disdainful haughty offish formal unfeeling dispassionate antisocial unenthusiastic uncommunicative unbending stern uncongenial lukewarm supercilious unneighbourly austere wooden unclubbable passionless asocial standoff dry buttoned-up cold-hearted disagreeable unpleasant cold as ice obnoxious nasty antagonistic ill-natured inimical steely unamicable apathetic unaffable cross uninvolved unkind hard fierce unsocial negative severe undemonstrative Olympian uncharitable unneighborly hateful solitary unsavoury objectionable unattractive iced unlikeable ungenial discouraging off-putting bad-tempered inapproachable flinty uncompanionable rigid unsmiling passive inaccessible seclusive contemptuous withering ill-tempered unsavory unhappy depressing repellent lifeless unloving cheerless half-hearted uninterested tepid offhand cold-shoulder unconcerned off unenthused insolent incurious annoyed offended impudent impertinent procacious muted objective analytic removed neutral rational unsentimental surly sour disinterested sober logical businesslike misanthropic phlegmatic affectless spiritless hardhearted callous aggressive clinical stony-hearted quarrelsome hard-headed non-emotional unforthcoming rude uncivil antipathetic menacing jaundiced mortal adversary impolite adversarial discourteous unmannerly ungracious ill-disposed starchy opposite competitive estranged censorious grouchy unpromising combative grudging gruff malicious contrary disaffected against warlike malignant vengeful conflicting acrimonious spiteful opposed not on speaking terms impassive reticent restrained stolid unmoved numb quiet stoical listless insensitive stoic dull flat expressionless uncaring taciturn reclusive impassible introverted calm heartless blank secretive deadpan retiring shy vacant collected poker-faced silent self-contained close-mouthed laid-back close diffident guarded self-controlled serene controlled unexpressive inhibited dead lethargic composed placid insensible impartial torpid bland inert matter-of-fact constrained unruffled demure bashful cautious unexcitable tight-lipped blah nonchalant laconic unflappable sluggish glazed introvert uppity impervious hollow languid dour unaffected unperturbed harsh eremitic cool, calm and collected dumb casual inexpressive conventional ceremonious inhuman modest hard-hearted just backward soft-spoken self-restrained unreceptive equal candid soulless sedate empty imperturbable pococurante level-headed laid back straightforward fixed unimpassioned brooding plain stuffy insouciant untouched loveless uptight equitable private subdued thick-skinned toneless unprejudiced fair insensate equable malevolent prim abstract media-shy snobbish closemouthed glassy unaffectionate blasé sententious peaceful gentle mild noncommittal mute unbiased inanimate timid mom heedless heavy motionless draggy mean tranquil hard-boiled straight lackadaisical nonpartisan speechless hesitant unexcited unamiable nonplussed square evenhanded sparing uncolored nondiscriminatory realistic lazy naked inactive prosaic couldn't care less curt abstracted introspective idle preoccupied dried-up unimpressed supine mum stilted clammed up untroubled snooty proud tough impotent insipid repressed unpassioned self-conscious faraway unworried heedless of colourless superior perfunctory oblivious to outside uncurious uneasy embarrassed unaroused self-effacing stuck up tongue-tied limp oblivious inscrutable retired putting on airs slow nowhere immovable nonemotional negligent numbed inorganic colorless careless bellicose wimpy moony carefree anaesthetized bare timorous ungregarious coldhearted incommunicable coy dazed stuck-up honest practical anesthetized rancorous vicious pugnacious militant unfavorable unfavourable open-minded factual insentient defunct extinct uncompassionate unembellished unfazed tightlipped fundamental mineral inattentive Laodicean wishy-washy bald wrathful confrontational bitter truculent pragmatic could care less what the hell pure indolent sensible out of it exanimate independent straight-faced even-handed don't give a damn incommunicative slothful desensitized unimpressible stupefied thoughtful uncommunicable comatose truthful belligerent venomous alien angry disapproving adverse virulent non-committal non-partisan literal unvarnished strictly business quiescent unadorned eremetic prosy commonsensical fair-minded self-centred no-nonsense nonvegetable stupid nonanimal inoperative azoic maleficent unpropitious intimidating vitriolic biting malefic unrevealing stony-eyed self-centered out desensitised along for the ride hardened viperous dead to the world ornery catty argumentative scrappy out cold contained conservative cruel ruthless avoidant unfocused grim sexually unresponsive strait-laced malign grave ungenerous nonresponsive cool-headed reptilian abhorrent selfish unagitated xenophobic unreadable unnatural forced mopey mopish unimpressionable bovine catatonic unanimated feeble staid distrustful nongregarious scowling obdurate marble insociable arrogant stone-faced contrived laboured mannered artificial unstirred brusque short discreet devoid disimpassioned suspicious spacey bored mean-looking vapid insusceptible unambitious unmotivated alienated put on airs keeping people at arm's length groggy lymphatic isolated dry-eyed undismayed averse anti strained awkward ardorless unromantic temperate benumbed asleep bureaucratic indurated inexcitable insular pompous spaced-out droopy dispirited nonpassionate close-lipped inarticulate bloodless anaesthetic anesthetic judicial cynical hermitlike ascetic hermit-like hermitic hermitical unflustered unpassionate ungainly lofty not caring featureless gray grey measured depersonalised faceless careful depersonalized anonymous monolithic senseless unprepossessed uncoloured non-discriminatory down on uncooperative analytical moderate scientific untalkative inward-looking going with the flow rolling with the punches unconscious immune stony-faced blithe on ice unwilling to mix with other people opposing disobliging iceberg paralysed paralyzed still relaxed resolute unmindful cold fish lone wolf sullen meek indrawn non-communicative all alone self-sufficient immune to impervious to stubborn unyielding cold turkey labored devil-may-care happy-go-lucky contemplative sheepish self-interested pensive recessive self-absorbed knocked out pokerfaced simple unanxious easy vacuous proof against deaf to unmindful of cold-fish cool cat self-possessed unswayed frustrated ruminative meditative reflective inner-directed lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome debonair somnolent lacking physical sensation blacked out passed out spark out out for the count balanced unbigoted insecure wary uncomfortable nervous reluctant apprehensive at odds solid reasoned valid justified firm levelheaded reasonable informed sound basic stark fishy unmoving lacklustre unconfident unassertive drowsy sleepy shrinking unbothered not bothered forgetful feckless blind deaf without a care in the world at ease not giving a toss undisturbed undaunted good static shiftless on the level with no axe to grind languorous sitting on the fence on the fence without fear or favour commonsense commonsensible tedious drab unexciting drugged sleeping hibernating dormant frank unconcerned about well-founded lucid well considered hung up stuporous hebetudinous slumberous dopey vegged out inconscious out to lunch dreary boring wearisome monotonous down-to-earth uninvolved with apathetic towards apathetic about nonchalant about offhand about casual about regardless uncaring about uninvolved in uninterested in pointless lacking vitality mechanical uninspired non-organic uneager bottled up bored by dismissive of mindless of careless of frivolous about reckless about unimpressed by regardless of cavalier about uninspiring two-dimensional characterless abiotic weary of unenthusiastic about unresponsive to lukewarm about unmoved by phlegmatic about nonaligned foul mundane halfhearted obvious manifest unexaggerated unequivocal explicit direct sheer transparent unambiguous patent evident brutal nothing lusterless lackluster pabulum uninteresting zero spent highbrow scornful unimaginative laodicean without life deceased nonliving indecisive uncertain irresolute undecided uncommitted unresolved upfront undisguised unqualified hardheaded earthy pragmatical uncreative pedestrian humdrum faithful serious straight-thinking accurate with both feet on the ground unembroidered undistorted feasible unidealistic exact not alive blunt true to life warts and all not interested not giving a monkey's


An antibody that is capable of neutralising specific toxins that are causative agents of disease
antitoxin antiserum medicine vaccine counteragent antibiotic serum counteractant antivenin neutralizer preventive antibody antipoison remedy medication medicament drug physic cure treatment nostrum antidote prescription specific medicinal pharmaceutical panacea placebo dose balm vaccination inoculation pharmacon elixir pill salve tablet tonic potion cure-all anesthetic modern medicine lotion tincture quack remedy patent medicine Western medicine sedative ointment anaesthetic capsule liniment biologic injection corrective curative therapy alleviation restorative therapeutic medicant rectifier fix elixir vitae aid healing agent catholicon countermeasure course of treatment help opiate essence poison depressant pharmaceutic narcotic dope preparation mixture stimulant healing relief analgesic lozenge pellet painkiller magic bullet solution quick fix caplet theriac bolus pilule troche pastille cap formula jujube medical drug prophylactic counteractive tab drop ball rubric heritage tradition rule convention custom anodyne mitigation assuagement amelioration easing improvement edict decree ordinance forescript law prescript regulation palliative compound mithridate antivenene answer neutralizing agent counteracting agent counterstep negator nullifier rehabilitation healing treatment therapeutics method of healing remedial treatment concoction tranquilizer morphine aspirin demulcent alleviative embrocation redress reparation recovery assistance proprietary diacatholicon panpharmacon cream creation substance restora-tive plan scheme universal remedy sovereign remedy pain reliever tranquillizer wonder drug sovereign cure composition liquid paste application cure for all ills big idea home remedy quack medicine

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