Đồng nghĩa của curative

Alternative for curative


Đồng nghĩa: alterative, cure, healing(p), remedial, remedy, sanative, therapeutic,


Able to cure disease
restorative healing medicinal remedial therapeutic corrective tonic healthful health-giving curing officinal sanative vulnerary alleviative analeptic febrifugal iatric salutary beneficial helpful envigorating invigorating medicable medicative pick-me-up remedying wholesome shot in the arm what the doctor ordered medical soothing recuperative therapeutical uplifting antidotal homeopathic salubrious homeopathical pharmaceutical antiseptic homoeopathic medicating health good ameliorative reparative pathological healthy aesculapian iatrical convalescent recovering rejuvenating refreshing health-promoting preventive rehabilitative aseptic reformative rejuvenescent sanitary restitutive sanatory repairing purifying treating roborant disinfectant prophylactic cathartic sedative narcotic analgesic antibacterial antiviral pharmaceutic restoring mending vitalizing calming relaxing satisfying peptic alleviating salutiferous immunological scientific diagnostic clinical pharmacological medicated nourishing nutritious healthsome alimentative alimental strengthening alimentary holistic nutritional nutrimental nutritive energy-giving good for what ails you good for you good for health good for your health nutrient sustaining hygienic bracing advantageous clean good for one alible full of nourishment full of nutrients dietary aiding balanced food dietetic digestible sustentative comestible desirable invig respectable benign innocuous body-building decent conducive compensatory disease-free fresh harmless natural unrefined organic uncontaminated good for one's health additive-free stimulating fit sound constructive well healful


A means of counteracting or eliminating something undesirable
antidote remedy corrective cure therapeutic rectifier therapy nostrum counteragent countermeasure counteractant treatment panacea fix balm help medicine redress alleviation assistance medicant pharmacon elixir healing salve placebo aid catholicon theriac medicament antitoxin answer antiserum counterstep quick fix cure-all elixir vitae healing agent lotion unguent ointment reparation recovery proprietary restora-tive treacle neutralizer antivenin electrical converter power converter AC-DC converter preventive mithridate antivenene therapeutics rehabilitation neutralizing agent negator nullifier remedial treatment solution method of healing healing treatment counteracting agent resolution relief palliative support remedying improvement counteractive counteraction magic bullet magic formula heal-all medication physic drug specific restorative vaccine pharmaceutical vaccination inoculation antibiotic medicinal pill tablet dose tonic antiseptic potion prescription serum course of treatment biologic sedative opiate essence poison depressant pharmaceutic stimulant narcotic dope patent medicine diacatholicon panpharmacon preparation sovereign remedy universal remedy wonder drug mixture cure for all ills care surgery doctoring hospitalization liniment operation regimen diet quack remedy hospitalisation universal cure perfect solution magic potion analysis prophylactic painkiller medical drug rehab anaesthetic anesthetic tincture capsule injection modern medicine Western medicine thing way out analgesic mitigation assuagement amelioration rubric heritage tradition rule convention custom easing cream edict decree ordinance forescript law prescript regulation plan scheme formula sovereign cure lubricant quack medicine big idea home remedy unction balsam emollient dressing rub embrocation pomade emolient counterirritant cerate ministrations nursing medicaments drugs medical attention medical care course of drugs course of medication


Something that has a soothing or restorative effect
balm comfort consolation relief solace cheer alleviation assuagement ease mitigation palliative support anodyne healing restorative succor succour cure easement refreshment remedy soother tranquillizer tranquilizer something soothing reprieve mollification abatement allayment appeasement amelioration release comforting rest palliation respite soothing softening easing alleviating allaying relieving mitigating assuaging deliverance dulling sustenance assistance restfulness extrication satisfaction contentment happiness aid care repose well-being lessening reduction salving secours calming lightening remission fix breather diversion lift letup hand break help maintenance quick fix load off one's mind cheerfulness joyfulness exuberance gratification peace of mind optimism buoyancy joy joyousness good spirits delight bliss gladness encouragement glee compassion sympathy pity commiseration moderation reassurance diminution fellow feeling improvement backing moral support a helping hand quelling slackening quenching slaking reassuring consoling cheering up solacing ministration guidance weakening cushioning extenuation deadening concern kindness empathy condolence vindication modification qualification justification understanding warmth kindliness grace gladdening condolement benevolence inspiration tenderness fortification lenity abetment cooperation abettance collaboration facilitation reinforcement service contribution benefit boost services assist furtherance benefaction ministrations intervention promotion a lift a favour a good turn offices a kindness a leg up a hand a break compensation

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