Đồng nghĩa của rubric

Alternative for rubric

rubric /'ru:brik/
  • danh từ
    • đề mục (in chữ đỏ hoặc chữ lớn)
    • đoạn (viết chữ đỏ hoặc chữ lớn)


A class or category of people or things
category class classification division family type bracket genus grade group kind league order ranks set species tier sort rank variety grouping breed ilk brand style genre section strain kidney manner cast nature make feather like race stamp stripe department model grading description designation line branch list range form quality pigeonhole generation status collection compartment level subdivision vintage lot phylum heading head categorization rating calibre caliber batch denomination mould grain shape pattern design mold subclass standard likes stock number specialty speciality listing series string sector limits cohort scope sphere span parameters tribe kingdom level of ability ability group taxon band lineage extraction subspecies subgroup progeny pedigree taxonomic group condition mode mark cut persuasion sample way likes of ranking graduation cataloging ordination tabulating analysis sizing collocation ordering distribution disposal consignment gradation disposition assortment coordination arrangement distributing allotment alloting pigeonholing cataloguing allocation assignment apportionment typecasting regulation echelon hierarchy standing fashion character state domain suit course source frame origin rate province selection sect temperament school name color value colour organization system structure organisation plan method array setup position systematization sequence planning placement purpose degree regularity lineup codification orderliness systematisation sorting formation layout station systemization ranging composition field place point alignment positioning step pecking order line-up configuration benchmark conformation display stage measure realm methodization symmetry area neatness unit combination deployment notch worth arena rung jurisdiction filing barony format circle calibration scheme marshalling stratum framework capacity make-up standardization measurement standardisation management suite adjustment arranging set-up discipline marshaling collation size derivation subject topic stature phase practice tidiness uniformity repute taxonomy stationing categorizing body evaluation placing caste virtue kin gender clutch battery parcel figure anatomy age group profile comparison remove setting out categorising logic personality type label marque score estimate assessment appraisal use implementation spread constitution routine typology control precision utilization employment dressing gathering mustering direction valuation judgement judgment construction production issue presentation exhibition setting up lining up formulation chemistry harmony methodology utilisation assembly scale ladder making forming unity distinction situation organism whole interrelation of parts setout gauge marking marking out scale point gage verification marking up succession progression procession aligning chain establishment business procedure computation responsibility bailiwick preserve territory duty occupation function specialism concern terrain element charge demesne fief fiefdom firmament precinct affair pigeon task job game front walk bag turf thing baby activity area of responsibility vocation administration berth sphere of activity dominion area of interest spot niche incumbency walk of life avocation slot


A traditional or accepted way of behaving, specific to a particular society, place, or time
convention custom rule tradition heritage prescription course dictate formula habit normalcy normality policy practice prescript procedure regulation routine system order of things form formality ritual way norm protocol rite ceremony method observance ordinance ceremonial praxis conventionality canon precept usage etiquette service solemnity fashion law mores punctilio principle formulation accepted behaviour liturgy unwritten law order benchmark barometer lore code wont condition yardstick folklore propriety pattern guideline customs past culture history background standard par oral history historical convention kawa tikanga moeurs plan percept covenance celebration recipe bureaucracy worship blueprint paperwork gesture sacrament services formal gesture convenance stereotype solemnness officialism academism official procedure matter of form red tape requirement rituality office rules principles technique preparation treatment medicine drug Sacrament mass mechanism precepts remedy modus operandi theorem credo rote creed specifications maxim description direction equation cure dose mixture religious ceremony form of worship church service medicament medication medicinal nostrum physic edict decree forescript proprieties manner mode style dictates consuetude conventionalism customariness vogue precedent institution folkways design shibboleth mould type character attitude observation mold kaupapa established way sacred cow way of doing things unwritten rule decorum manners habitude formalities practise use act behaviour trick behavior guidelines good form second nature regulations politeness statute conformity code of behavior conduct politesse rules of conduct mystery process courtesy performance tenet dignity couth tendency doctrine code of behaviour done thing model matter of course formal procedure thing to do p's and q's ethics niceties criterion command amenities deportment notion decency propensity punctilios average directive good manners concept proneness disposition mandate communion tack instruction polite behaviour groove dictum civility civilities decretum customary behaviour proceeding belief institute social graces generalization ethic generalisation proper behavior code of practice agreement example normal pomp phenomenon idea occasion festival laws fact characteristic idiosyncrasy diplomatic code standard procedure social code social procedures rulebook trait personality nature usefulness utility regime pageantry usual procedure attribute mannerism exactitude meticulousness precision solemnities commemoration show morals preference predilection expectations assumptions acceptance management control currency dogma temperament oddity peculiarity code of conduct strictness punctiliousness scrupulousness nicety parade function lines aptness conscientiousness morality formal courtesy conventions carriage acceptable conduct correct behaviour comportment breeding bearing polish demeanor polites elegance mien modus vivendi particularity courtesies conventionalities how approach tactics strategy social practice regimen methodology finickiness natural law setup channels ropes set of principles set of standards set of customs right practice set formula lockstep good breeding demeanour legendry legend repetition drill myth schedule by the numbers by the book wisdom birthright fable mythology mythos bent proclivity penchant assuetude established practice set rut cliché generality fixed attitude conception boilerplate trope bill enactment ruling resolution demand covenant constitution measure commandment injunction promulgation motion hackneyed idea standard image conventional image received idea fiat decalogue pronouncement diktat proclamation ratification stipulation charge notice writ cause axiom fundamental pronunciamento foundation postulate equity warrant divestiture garnishment bylaw reg truth mitzvah proposition reason behest proposal decision ukase principium caveat base guide assize bidding exigency ground by-law due process seemliness suavities proper behaviour acceptable behaviour good behaviour rules of behaviour good behavior social norm


A set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct or procedure
directions instructions guidelines procedures documentation rulebook comments rules manual directory regulations ruling orders laws ordinances canon directives precepts decrees commands dictums edicts statutes acts pronouncements prescriptions stipulations requirements mandates commandments criteria guides injunctions proclamations dictates imperatives bylaws precedents principles proprieties decorum regs etiquette by-laws court orders no-nos charges behests demands rulings biddings fiats words ukases canons rescripts diktats exhortations pronunciamentos dos requests advices say-sos warrants bulls prescripts promulgations recommendations writs wills suggestions summonses decretals irades firmans counsels guidances calls proposals enjoinments authorizations codes hests enactments desires standards bills propositions announcements ultimata wishes formulas notices tenets sanctions briefings mitzvoth declarations protocols measures invitations statements submissions commissions enjoinders signals manifestoes appeals motions caveats entreaties admonitions covenants monitions resolutions doctrines insistences notifications encyclicals conventions adjurations maxims promptings encouragements clues axiomata parameters permissions subpoenas obligations fundamentals standing orders ground rules assizes tip-offs judgments judgements go-aheads invocations okays green lights assertions recipes scripts wants assignments solicitations prompts cues informations instruments contracts affirmations becks numbers books Bibles advocacies riders approvals agreements endorsements etiquettes decorums brocards memos memoranda choices thumbs up advisements constitutions admonishments raps chargings says communications messages pleas ordainments ethics credos decalogues belief creeds ratifications cautions warnings requisitions info sayings practices foundations institutes causes postulates impositions bells callings cries bani embargos bars restrictions prohibitions garnishments generalisations bases grounds reasons divestitures truths equities decisions generalizations exigencies due process mottoes bywords authorities dictations exactions orderings devoirs interdictions teachings actions dogmata preceptions licences licenses empowerments delegations accreditations lessons inputs lectures supports blank checks cartes blanches consents pressures persuasions pressings apprisals importunities arm-twistings insistencies importunings commendations yardsticks benchmarks touchstones ideas gauges firmnesses persistences perseverances doggednesses resolves determinations marks specifications tips hints plans presentations pitches markers advancements game plans brainchildren tenders bits schemes bids outlines setups angles approaches opinions limits policies constraints keys rules of thumb gages


A set of instructions, usually mutually related, outlined as a requirement for something to be achieved
plan program programme procedure routine preparation specification arrangement course itinerary list curriculum instructions schedule setup agenda agendum plan of action timetable calendar listing bill record docket lineup syllabus appointments bulletin slate business details memoranda arrangements affairs happenings plans meetings synopsis index line-up list of events order of business necessary acts things to do order of events series of events order of the day method policy system approach methodology strategy process scheme blueprint design practice game plan master plan action way technique style line recipe road map project game operation angle manner tack ground plan stratagem tactics protocol manoeuvring maneuvering formula regimen conduct proceeding behaviour mode behavior modus operandi tactic solution order series sequence initiative racket path measure step mechanism move performance means route exercise custom maneuver manoeuvre drill course of action praxis rules line of action set of tactics series of measures line of attack form channels grand design red tape MO planning artifice proposed action story proposition layout undertaking machination scenario contrivance avenue option ploy plot choice ruse possibility alternative enterprise method of working mode of behaviour mode of conduct workings function work activity task application etiquette ritual usage use convention job fashion ceremony rule habit formality wont tradition manners influence control management observance decency social practice propriety proprieties pattern how decorum mores solemnity ceremonial rite precept canon convenance by the numbers by the book right practice kawa law ropes tikanga set formula done thing regulation measures steps transaction series of steps standard operating procedure SOP nuts and bolts the numbers the book


A word or set of words by which a person or thing is known, addressed, or referred to
name title denomination designation handle appellation moniker cognomen epithet appellative identification label monicker tag byname compellation denotation honorific namesake nickname nomenclature term alias allonym anonym forename inscription mark naam pseudonym signature sobriquet surname agname agnomen autograph autonym brand credit eponym flag heading legend matronymic nomen patronymic prenomen salutation style head monogram sign family name first name given name last name maiden name middle name Christian name pen name proper name pet name place name stage name trade name nom de guerre nom de plume description soubriquet characterization prename caption endearment hypocoristic informal title term of endearment expression diminutive rank status office word headline locution tab position affectionate name header form of address wording vocable subheading slogan subtitle hand baptismal name front name birth name banner byword seal familiar name turn of phrase John Hancock identity slot hypocorism class classification praenomen key word prefix portrayal selfname descriptive phrase descriptive word descriptive expression depiction categorization code name baptism name street name phrase denominator descriptor lemma personal name eke-name to-name nick pretty name AKA assumed name professional name banner headline idiom paternal name maternal name second name article motto morpheme lexeme line usage sound device initials streamer sigil indication stamp undersignature dedication handwriting writing token endorsement impression signatory trademark ink


A particular procedure for accomplishing or approaching something, especially a systematic or established one
method approach system technique process way manner practice form plan procedure routine tack fashion formula recipe style course line means mechanism methodology scheme strategy arrangement mode programme route tactic tactics medium modus operandi road channels custom method of working modus proceeding program schema course of action how-to tenor wrinkle red tape nuts and bolts ways and means the book policy design blueprint order avenue pattern game plan path setup agency direction how stratagem plan of action operation channel master plan vehicle layout project regimen line of action action ground plan workings organization sequence MO instrument maneuver manoeuvre move measure structure plot game organisation agent organ ploy trick machination ministry instrumentality disposition rules rule road map angle apparatus schedule machinery formation line of attack contrivance steps enterprise vein array type sort idea kind classification prescription composition theory expedient protocol conduct praxis maneuvering artifice step device code tone drill manoeuvring model ruse ordering habit display constitution option mechanics principle grouping rank disposal measures alternative treatment convention ritual distribution rote variety configuration factor undertaking groove genre instrumentation usage behavior behaviour agenda racket plan of attack scam wile venture makeup execution grand design concept perspective draft secret plan set-up means of expression activity wont alignment framework placement planning ranging implementation theorem outline categorization combination locution performance passage lockstep creed format devices demeanor phraseology canon attitude solution choice nature rut description procedures credo regime use pathway institution position guidelines shape series pecking order initiative tradition touch lineup habitude force outlet transaction demeanour platform maxim gimmick exercise denomination intermediary shift organizing system methods stance mode of operation catalyst draught marshalling tendency brand tool proposition practise implement expression positioning administration stamp carrying out second nature strain machine proposed action machinations conspiracy set of tactics subterfuge modus vivendi usual procedure point of view line-up make series of measures tikanga marshaling management regulation mode of expression nitty-gritty campaigning manoeuvres generalship recommendation modality diplomacy defence maneuvers defense campaign stages variation diet set springboard proposal treadmill scenario technic capacity viewpoint slant suggestion advice instructions directions ingredients receipt possibility guise mores operating procedure stepping stone grind engine story mind-set characteristic intrigue source of compound way of achieving means of achieving way of ensuring means of ensuring shenanigan shenanigans subversion motion idiosyncrasy instruction cycle condition state vent release deployment conduit mouthpiece vector attack brainchild cause representation schematic graphic course of therapy trait personality plans mode of conduct mode of behaviour fix covin quality way in act movement work likely cause of cogs mechanisms regularity exhibition presentation pipeline stab whack struggle cabal intentions booby trap secret scheme material wherewithal dodge means of access class assembly attribute mannerism exploit feat gambit notions guideline accouterment motor approaches arranging ropes forum species posture wise status situation book sorting conception paste-up tracing dummy map picture construction doodle drawing tracery diagram chart comp study architecture delineation depiction temperament oddity peculiarity stunt set of procedures set of principles fixed order working practices processes ways principles guiding principle dogma venue voice way of harnessing safety valve means of release control release mechanism sham con fastie convenance usefulness utility handiwork enactment deed gesture logical order frame of reference systematic process orderly process set of guidelines set of channels propensity proneness aptness character conformation setout collection filing beaten path soapbox intermediate systems mustering dressing gathering wheeze law M.O. logical process technicalities logistics precepts precept consuetude getup constellation ordonnance adjustment setting up lining up interplay interaction artistry art realization genus family category crafty designs cunning plan schemat practises specifications equation formulation rite version hue grain mould cut mold ilk specimen mission repetition orderliness effect science regulations agendum series of steps breed generation phylum method of functioning method of operation manner of working rule of thumb method of operating auspices paraphernalia aid equipment stepping-stone stroke doing delivery rendering realisation way of doing things business plan power basis means of communication charter laws ins and outs methods and means methods and resources comportment synergy interactivity bearing intercommunication interchange relationship relation tessellation make-up decalogue jurisprudence standard operating procedure track the numbers SOP functioning faith base foundation circuit trail outlook doctrine persuasion function motif dynamic round codification grounds systemization routeway digest codex discipline body of law run belief journey beat formularization opinion ism conditions itinerary lane beeline byway way of thinking school rounds way of life school of thought detour flight path short cut

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