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Đồng nghĩa: rule,


A rule, regulation or dictate
direction order canon command dictate directive edict instruction law mandate ordinance regulation requirement rule convention decree dictum precept statute injunction ruling commandment principle fiat act decretum proclamation behest prescription ukase pronouncement pronunciamento tenet enactment guideline demand formula bill bidding code charge diktat writ custom doctrine maxim fundamental promulgation word imperative rescript do reg tradition heritage truth procedure precedent manifesto rubric resolution proposition practice criterion stipulation standard constitution covenant axiom dogma mitzvah guide postulate bull institute by-law foundation bylaw firman irade decretal warrant cause announcement declaration judgement judgment instrument statement sanction authorization authorisation chapter and verse ground rule Bible numbers book no-nos parameter standing order rap the word the riot act charging say treatment medicine preparation drug exhortation requisition request imposition ultimatum remedy hest obligation will essence concept basis ordering exaction dictation call briefing subpoena adjuration summons interdiction notification devoir cure dose mixture say-so assumption idea theory medicament medication essential truism saying form verity philosophy physic medicinal nostrum working principle motto byword routine policy normality habit normalcy system course theorem golden rule determinant forescript preception action teaching measure motion ratification decalogue credo belief creed ethic order of things notice reason equity divestiture proposal garnishment generalization decision generalisation principium caveat base assize exigency ground kaupapa due process legislation permission assertion endorsement communication okay enjoinment green light licence ban authority license consent accreditation message bulletin advice broadcast publication go-ahead report guidelines laws body of law carte blanche commission desire memorandum memo recommendation encyclical invitation wish embargo penalty public statement restriction boycott approval prohibition permit legal code ipse dixit plea agreement empowerment allowance clearance support sentence papal decree sufferance leave concurrence granting right credentials official statement verification charter thumbs up coercive measure punitive measure affirmation guidance admonition insistence suggestion prompting solicitation ordainment information amendment Act of Parliament clause verdict commitment beck bar monition enjoinder cue signal prompt code of laws appeal legislative document propriety decorum brocard etiquette official sanction delegation expressed desire piece of legislation calling bell invocation cry no-no beck and call court order dispatch spreading publicizing transmission propagation dissemination circulation advisory high sign tip-off blank check testament document acclamation article gospel denunciation deposition allegation indictment affidavit intimation publishing divulgence advertisement expression revelation reporting news release broadcasting annunciation disclosure exposition recitation prediction narration deterrent punishment interdict discipline retribution penalization exclusion correction communiqué exposing tariff barrier acts rules rulings bills enactments lawmaking charters regulations statutes security coercive measures punitive action jurisprudence ordinances measures codification papers pledge warranty official document publicising lawgiving legislature body of laws guarantee testimonial passport written order credential certificate authentication assent acquiescence acceptance access countenance dispensation backing approbation blessing privilege freedom power entitlement concession exemption liberty prerogative acknowledgment validation confirmation condonance tolerance discretion admission avowal impunity blank cheque sanctification pass rubber stamp latitude acknowledgement run endorsation green-light stamp of approval nod seal of approval free hand toleration all clear O.K. say so imprimatur free rein passage condonation seal OK admittance


A pithy expression of a general principle or rule
maxim saying adage proverb saw aphorism byword motto dictum apophthegm axiom epigram rule apothegm catchphrase gnome platitude precept sententia slogan truism watchword word belief brocard canon cliche commonplace device enthymeme epithet formula guideline law moral principle tenet theorem truth bon mot phrase expression shibboleth epigraph quotation catch phrase witticism tag quote words of wisdom idiom standard doctrine cry code mantra catchword pearls of wisdom criterion convention fundamental repartee regulation buzzword dogma battle cry remark rallying cry folk wisdom postulate turn of phrase idiomatic expression old chestnut ethic proposition decree cliché statute refrain axioma ordinance colloquialism paroemia text edict essence tag-line term chestnut teaching decretum catchline tagline accepted truth general truth utterance wording locution pearl of wisdom guiding principle dictate model phraseology sound bite stock phrase set phrase by-word daffodil wise saying old saying password nickname extract excerpt passage sentiment handle middle name war cry allusion gobbet ditty banner moral law gnomic saying standing joke catchcry language order direction command notion creed signal parole sign household word guide word pithy saying instruction mandate keystone basis attitude credo bromide speech banality commandment lesson golden rule choice of words construction injunction directive precedent message ground rule behest working principle mitzvah prescription homily groaner trope meaning significance point custom clause preception action bidding trite saying comment substance statement interjection citation sentence word group line institute exemplar pattern yardstick overworked saying hackneyed saying banal saying declaration assertion articulation styling verbalism diction terminology phrasing verbiage wordage phrasal verb parlance phrasal idiom sermon import theme moralism thrust signification measure benchmark norm drift connotation implication sense inference group of words way of speaking figure of speech tag line assize touchstone signature phrase idea anecdote subtext piece snippet clip jingle jargon selection fragment verse lingo argot stanza cant reference notation note stereotype cite prosaism rubber stamp triviality old story counterword threadbare phrase vapid expression trite remark triteness potboiler familiar tune form of words hackneyed phrase boiler plate corn old saw stale saying legend trademark strapline cliché announcement one-liner blurb observation response portion section part illustration example source quoting party cry practice bit paragraph pericope newsbreak news item outtake fifteen minutes of fame spot news photo opportunity scene reading canto formulary slang talk usage doublespeak fuzzword vernacular clipping -speak tongue mediaspeak policyspeak patter vocabulary patois style set expression localism dialect style of speech vernacularism syntax idiosyncrasy lexicon manner of speaking lexis street talk provincialism mode of expression set of words set of symbols

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