Đồng nghĩa của warranty

Alternative for warranty


Đồng nghĩa: guarantee, warrant, warrantee,


A guarantee that a certain outcome or obligation will be fulfilled
covenant guarantee assurance bond contract promise certificate deal guaranty pledge surety agreement bail commitment security undertaking written promise warrant pact compact word document oath vow insurance settlement engagement stipulation indenture earnest collateral avowal affirmation understanding obligation troth indemnity pawn indemnification bargain deed swearing treaty gage accord word of honor arrangement gauge asseveration attestation instrument cover convention deposit concordat endorsement charter licence transaction word of honour authorization permit swear espousal profession promissory note sacred word certification commission testament license accreditation disposition solemn word entente record papers authorisation protection affiance down payment affidavit testimony consent parole coverage plight token right safeguard lease testimonial voucher payment documentation verification credentials authentication protocol paper proof credential conveyance handshake account betrothal marriage debenture provision negotiation advance compromise backing hostage terms accommodation monetary deposit life assurance life insurance prearrangement title quid pro quo insurance contract concession privilege deed of covenant legal agreement release title deed legal document recognisance recognizance franchise instalment installment faith diploma insurance policy permission stake solemn oath financial guarantee gentlemen's agreement verbal agreement solemn promise prerogative subpoena sanction summons retainer prepayment sufferance allowance concurrence leave granting authority order clearance writ endowment approval grant allotment patent alliance fiat edict decree mandate official document drop credit pass sheepskin receipt docket ticket testification coupon shingle trust green light passport written order okay advance payment money up front front money part payment partial payment dicker proclamation declaration carte blanche avouchment adjuration deposition assertion sworn statement sworn declaration concord gentleman's agreement resolution truce armistice acknowledgment acknowledgement decision statement league business schedule pactum concordance adjudication meeting of minds entente cordiale acceptance piece of paper meeting of the minds adjustment tacit agreement unspoken agreement unwritten agreement trade-off happy medium modus vivendi rapport consensus reconciliation cartel resolve codicil recognition international agreement appointment committal binder waiver task note the nod friendly agreement good understanding common view package deal accordance mutual understanding underwriting harmony assent asylum custody balance policy composition safety measure fifty-fifty middle ground halfway house half measure win-win situation neutral ground half and half half measures toast health nonformal agreement affair conclusion matter proceeding sale action enterprise event trade determination finding ruling establishment coup proceedings occurrence completion termination confirmation judgment intercourse happening activity buying act selling purchasing purchase step play disposal reimbursement working out expenditure pay showdown quietus compensation judgement payoff remuneration disbursement business deal


Approval, or permission to proceed
green light approval assent authorisation authorization consent permission agreement clearance sanction dispensation empowerment go-ahead imprimatur leave OK rubber stamp authority freedom liberty licence nod say-so seal of approval stamp of approval thumbs up permit A-OK blessing license nihil obstat thumbs-up warrant charter notarization franchise confirmation assurance ratification exemption entitlement privilege prerogative authentication attestation discretion right mandate immunity power guarantee the right endorsement validation blank cheque a free hand a blank cheque carte blanche notification approbation allowance seal okay acquiescence acceptance concurrence support backing O.K. sufferance favour yes favor granting signal accord accreditation all clear affirmation concession all-clear signal compliance recommendation countenance clear coast good wishes say so acknowledgement admission acknowledgment affirmative credentials command signature fiat word encouragement decree order sanctification condonance endorsation condonation accession yea regard faculty commission ability strength delegation acceding assenting ratifying understanding consensus harmony aye OK'ing indulgence letting okaying valediction Godspeed right on blank check positive response recognition advocacy access stamp championing promotion impunity free hand pass toleration latitude free rein passage run tolerance verification green-light admittance avowal upholding championship hubba-hubba certification subscription to commendation espousal subscription superscription testimonial commercial pat on back patronage countersignature qualification stroke comment the nod upvote vote up like instruction bidding will directive charge dictate commandment behest injunction edict cue high sign imperative ukase direction prompt tip-off


Covenant of warranty

Trái nghĩa của warranty

warranty Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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