Đồng nghĩa của asylum

Alternative for asylum


Đồng nghĩa: home, institution, madhouse, refuge, shelter,


Shelter or protection from danger
refuge haven sanctuary shelter protection retreat safety security sanctum bolt-hole harbour hideaway immunity den fastness harbor harborage hideout oasis preserve foxhole safe haven safe house safe keeping cover hole port hiding place ivory tower port in a storm place of safety covert hermitage safe place hidey-hole lair escape nest concealment defence shield defense querencia place of security sanctum sanctorum salvation hidy-hole preservation resort screen zoar safe harbor hide-out place of escape solace peace comfort relief redemption cloister nook safeguarding ark housing secret place home place of shelter comfort zone freedom recess stash shade study cache dock resting place island secluded office a roof private room sequestered nook church convent safeguard guard port of call hiding ward armor wall armour aegis hole-up dacha haunt cottage expedient outlet bolthole exit stopgap recourse stronghold ambush resource anchorage fortress makeshift opening bolt hole cabin adytum way out habitat dwelling lodging roof accommodation pen digs shed joint pad quarterage crib accommodations welfare living quarters a roof over your head somewhere to stay somewhere to live roof over head hole in the wall care safekeeping protecting conservation safeness shielding impregnability well-being inviolability assurance guarding invulnerability self-defense public safety snuggery buckler aerie domain purlieu weapon fortification barrier roadstead hangout rendezvous resistance moorage harbourage marina deterrent deterrence cushion roads mooring egis bulwark buffer stamping ground dockage wharf stomping ground fence shock absorber private space snug penthouse brood shadow form earth lee bumper preventative preventive hedge docks barricade bastion pier jetty seaport hithe ammunition boatyard piers landing dockyard dive territory warfare weaponry munitions spot abode biosphere site roost habitation citadel arms patch bar manor favourite spot local honky-tonk natural home home ground meeting place hang-out realm centre spa berth quay moorings fount source cradle fountainhead watering hole social place honeypot slip hotel spring camp holiday destination center motel tourist trap holiday centre park inn lodge fat farm tourist center mineral spring tourist centre watering place hot spring holiday spot place of origin




Exemption from punishment or loss
immunity indemnity liberty exemption freedom impunity prerogative privilege protection right amnesty licence permission release resistance droit exoneration immunisation immunization inoculation invulnerability resilience charter franchise imperviousness insusceptibility legal exemption liberation license special treatment carte blanche free pass get out of jail free card authority dispensation sanction authorization leave entitlement consent authorisation power warrant birthright due advantage claim title appanage apanage perquisite independence scotfree discretion approval interest business blessing mandate assent call warranty the right empowerment merit priority benefit favour justification favor pretence pretense pretension dibs concurrence sufferance allowance granting clearance blank cheque a free hand a blank cheque choice green light okay go-ahead pass unconstraint card certificate self-determination ticket permit grant suffrage vote enfranchisement ballot voting rights right to vote agreement contract a voice patent one's say concession say-so seal of approval boon acquiescence endorsement indulgence approbation imprimatur OK latitude free hand thumbs up free rein covenant free will faculty honour honor document bond concern enterprise bonus refreshment stand deed patrimony heritage perk indenture asset inheritance opportunity utility plus luxury freelage reward expedience profit chance bequest legacy primogeniture fringe benefit conveyance pact endowment settlement commission allotment treaty share power of attorney full authority no holds barred complete discretion proxy in blank complete authority leeway complete freedom blank check full power unrestricted authority unconditional right say unconditional authority acceptance access ratification countenance credentials support backing validation confirmation condonance accreditation tolerance verification admission avowal acknowledgment order sanctification toleration decree acknowledgement passage run endorsation condonation nod seal admittance command rubber stamp all clear O.K. say so green-light stamp of approval


Something deposited or pledged as a guarantee of the fulfillment of an undertaking or loan
security guarantee pledge insurance protection collateral cover safeguard surety backing bond gauge gage hostage indemnity pawn underwriting bail custody earnest guaranty warrant contract covenant safety measure assurance warranty indemnification deposit token promise agreement deal payment down payment coverage word undertaking oath commitment certificate recognisance recognizance endorsement compact obligation vow avowal pact engagement instalment installment parole troth counter solemn word poker chip hostage to fortune front money provision deed advance compensation captive prisoner monetary deposit escrow reimbursement life assurance allowance life insurance support written promise gambit forfeit financial guarantee detainee financial protection certification attestation bargain understanding transaction scapegoat internee victim settlement treaty charter testament concordat accord stake word of honour debenture convention prepayment retainer sacrificial lamb betrothal profession swearing espousal promissory note affirmation asseveration consent sacred word marriage stipulation word of honor affiance plight swear earnest money binder security deposit disbursement credit drop advance payment money up front part payment partial payment arrangement entente disposition protocol indenture alliance handshake concord negotiation assertion gentlemen's agreement gentleman's agreement declaration acknowledgment document acknowledgement compromise concession commission lease affidavit approval business league truce sworn statement armistice paper pactum account concordance acceptance meeting of minds meeting of the minds piece of paper tacit agreement verbal agreement unspoken agreement unwritten agreement instrument record trust papers dicker reconciliation sanction cartel averment permit terms accommodation writ adjudication privilege licence resolution solemn oath prearrangement codicil recognition solemn promise solemn declaration international agreement proclamation right franchise note avouchment statement common view quid pro quo the nod decision accordance harmony concurrence assent adjuration protestation testimony prerogative reassurance lock shoo-in deposition toast health sworn declaration conveyance endowment grant allotment license patent lock on rain or shine sure thing nonformal agreement affair matter proceeding sale action enterprise event trade coup proceedings occurrence intercourse happening activity buying act selling purchasing purchase step play disposal business deal


Crowded, wild, and chaotic place

Trái nghĩa của asylum

asylum Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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