Đồng nghĩa của surety

Alternative for surety

surety /'ʃuəti/
  • danh từ
    • người bảo đảm
      • to stand surety for someone: đứng ra bảo đảm cho ai
    • (từ hiếm,nghĩa hiếm) vật bảo đảm
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) sự chắc chắn


Absolute certainty or conviction that something is the case
certainty assurance certitude confidence conviction sureness assuredness cocksureness doubtlessness positiveness satisfaction face faith trust credence hope steadfastness dependence belief devotion dedication stock devotedness reliance store commitment loyalty faithfulness fidelity firmness allegiance piety fealty troth attachment adhesion fastness constancy earnestness positivity conclusiveness proof indubitableness inevitableness reliability inevitability firm belief fervor fervour passion no shadow of a doubt sure bet resolution expectation determination resoluteness staunchness doggedness perseverance fixedness tenacity steadiness hopefulness optimism resolve obstinacy application credit acceptance credulity entrustment assent principle honor integrity unfailingness single-mindedness staying power zeal love eagerness honesty ardour honour truthfulness decision adherence trustiness abidingness ardor dependability trustworthiness duty true-heartedness homage obedience support trueness bond expectance obligation reassurance traction submission fancy patriotism freedom from doubt reliance on belief in confidence in trust in faith in estimation observation respect divined obeisance attentiveness freedom from suspicion fulfilment heed trueheartedness accepting admitting weight admission authority devoutness inviolability bonding consecration deference closeness care believability realism correctness scrupulousness fulfillment monogamy lealty want leaning on need necessity need for requirement rose-colored glasses light at end of tunnel clinging to seeking support from light at the end of the tunnel swallowing assumption supposition presumption calculation prediction anticipation projection dependence on credence in conjecture forecast surmise notion promise view reckoning presupposition expectancy apprehension contemplation design intention motive


Security provided as a guarantee that an obligation will be met
bond guarantee security deposit guaranty collateral indemnity bail insurance warranty assurance covenant pledge contract deal earnest gauge gage indemnification down payment pawn warrant agreement promise protection cover bargain compact pact safeguard understanding commitment settlement treaty accord convention undertaking concordat arrangement backing coverage token engagement certificate transaction disposition entente indenture word hostage recognisance recognizance oath payment endorsement obligation protocol stipulation handshake account provision advance vow avowal underwriting commission asylum custody parole troth solemn word record negotiation certification attestation compromise debenture paper terms accommodation charter life assurance testament life insurance monetary deposit allowance support word of honour prearrangement quid pro quo safety measure financial protection financial guarantee written promise instalment installment stake prepayment retainer credit drop advance payment front money part payment partial payment money up front alliance trust deed dicker papers concord document affirmation word of honor gentleman's agreement instrument asseveration swearing resolution gentlemen's agreement truce lease armistice acknowledgment swear espousal profession concession acknowledgement promissory note sacred word decision legal document statement league affidavit business affiance schedule pactum purchase concordance adjudication meeting of minds approval consent entente cordiale conveyance acceptance piece of paper meeting of the minds adjustment tacit agreement verbal agreement unspoken agreement unwritten agreement official document trade-off happy medium modus vivendi betrothal marriage plight rapport consensus reconciliation sanction cartel resolve writ insurance contract permit codicil recognition international agreement appointment committal binder waiver task note title privilege licence the nod friendly agreement good understanding common view right franchise proclamation declaration voucher release proof avouchment insurance policy package deal accordance adjuration concurrence mutual understanding legal agreement title deed harmony assent testimony prerogative balance deposition assertion policy composition deed of covenant sworn statement sworn declaration endowment grant allotment license patent fifty-fifty middle ground halfway house half measure win-win situation neutral ground half and half half measures toast health nonformal agreement affair conclusion matter proceeding sale action enterprise event trade coup proceedings occurrence determination finding ruling establishment intercourse happening activity buying act selling purchasing step play disposal completion termination confirmation judgment reimbursement working out expenditure pay showdown quietus compensation judgement payoff remuneration disbursement business deal


A person who takes responsibility for another's performance of an undertaking
guarantor sponsor backer patron bondsman hostage mortgagor supporter underwriter promoter benefactor angel advocate financier friend grubstaker subsidizer champion benefactress Maecenas subsidiser sustainer mainstay godparent helper protagonist subscriber booster investor well-wisher another adherent bankroller philanthropist donor voucher guarantee protector defender guaranty sugar daddy donator fairy godmother contributor guardian upholder warrantor bailsman leader fan partisan guide sympathizer financer head encourager sympathiser front insurer fairy godparent patron saint second advocator gospeller apostle exponent tub-thumper hierophant espouser proponent ally herald gospeler expounder paladin endorser true believer high priest follower money staker white knight meal ticket adherent campaigner apologist proposer enthusiast disciple believer votary spokesman propagandist devotee benefactrice benefactrix spokesperson philanthrope member seconder giver liegeman pleader convert vindicator pupil acolyte almsgiver altruist cohort epigone votarist standard-bearer spokeswoman crusader shareholder rooter torch-bearer sectary sycophant advertiser publicist stakeholder seller assenter admirer fanatic grantor bestower janissary assistant groupie savior collaborator saviour accessory prime mover nominator Santa Claus representative evangelist stockholder participant venture capitalist stalwart humanitarian henchman capitalist satellite provider missionary partizan worshipper servant companion pioneer habitué knight pursuivant speaker plugger presenter conferrer vassal guru arranger organizer worshiper good Samaritan heavy hitter organiser Good Samaritan propounder zealot lobbyist bolsterer fighter hero arguer subject reader maintainer favorer funder supplier battler challenger heroine mark aid saver depositor banker lender nominee warden escort ambassador do-gooder patroness apologizer justifier attendant soldier propagator pillar support suspender paraclete bearer brace abider gift giver converter messenger witness sidekick hanger-on minion lackey man regular reader attester signer customer interested party partner colleague torchbearer facilitator toady retainer entrepreneur impresario idol character exemplar warrior agonist combatant idolizer page squire agent developer marketer counsel moving spirit associate bleeding heart Lady Bountiful good scout regular customer lead character leading role good guy PR woman PR man stooge bootlicker protege client parasite proselyte team member coordinator counsellor reformer activist camp follower counselor moneymaker speaker for battler for spokeswoman for spokesperson for spokesman for campaigner for chela fighter for crusader for enabler designer referee cash cow character witness money-spinner source of steady profit golden goose


The quality of being brave or confident without being reckless or thoughtless
can-do attitude aplomb assurance assuredness confidence nerve self-assurance self-assuredness self-confidence self-possession self-esteem self-trust poise conviction composure certitude sureness faith in oneself self-reliance coolness level-headedness cool belief in oneself presence of mind certainty positiveness equanimity courage assertiveness calmness collectedness sangfroid equilibrium cocksureness boldness firmness doubtlessness nonchalance phlegm cool-headedness tranquillity tranquility serenity imperturbability face morale unflappability satisfaction presumption impudence stability repose composedness placidity self-composedness countenance tranquilness faith security balance sang-froid impassivity dignity style savoir vivre tact ease savoir faire pride in oneself abilities worth faith in yourself self-content self-worth sense of worth self-image pride in yourself aggressiveness audacity arrogance peace of mind effrontery trust temerity bravery mettle élan fortitude resoluteness resolution fearlessness tenacity spirit pluck brashness dash determination daring elan backbone grit intrepidity heart hardihood buoyancy spunk self-control calm placidness ataraxia ataraxy control unexcitability steadiness self-command dispassion levelheadedness peace restraint patience contentment peacefulness cool head steadfastness imperturbableness stoicism sobriety coolheadedness self-restraint equability presence stillness quiet content suaveness togetherness imperturbation elegance urbanity impassiveness even-temperedness even temper indifference sedateness detachment untroubledness inexcitability stolidity self-discipline polish even-mindedness strength of mind self-belief mellowness quickness gumption common sense sense alertness quick-wittedness self-respect self-efficacy self-mastery inner strength positive self-image high morale diplomacy tactfulness quietude peaceableness quietness contentedness hush restfulness sereneness equableness still self-composure savoir-faire bliss comfort inner peace felicity joy harmony high spirits well-being nirvana happiness freedom soundness reassurance ataraxis heartsease comity compatibility discipline constraint discretion repression reserve inhibition suppression refrainment continence strength of character self-constraint reticence self-will


Firmness of conviction
decision decisiveness determination firmness resolution resolve resoluteness purposefulness purpose certitude doggedness decidedness determinedness earnestness forcefulness fortitude grit will backbone granite obstinacy obstinance perseverance persistence pluck purposiveness seriousness spine stubbornness volition willpower single-mindedness stick-to-itiveness strength of will strong-mindedness firmness of purpose fixity of purpose iron will strength of mind will power tenacity steadfastness staunchness dedication constancy commitment obduracy inflexibility staying power courage boldness intentness indefatigability pertinacity tenaciousness pertinaciousness bravery braveness spiritedness guts spunk courageousness obdurateness pluckiness perseveration certainty intension stickability strength of character bulldog spirit stout-heartedness stick-to-it-iveness drive energy toughness manfulness relentlessness sticktoitiveness heart assertiveness conclusiveness emphaticalness dauntlessness fixedness devotion sense of purpose fixed purpose inner strength Sitzfleisch confidence mettle spirit immovability moxie strictness objective design undertaking fixity intention project conclusion insistence control positiveness definiteness authoritativeness conviction nerve intrepidity dogmatism fearlessness valor valour assurance hardihood indomitability steadiness self-confidence stiff upper lip loyalty allegiance piety adhesion devotedness fastness troth faithfulness faith fidelity attachment fealty Dunkirk spirit application sitzfleisch integrity unfailingness love eagerness honesty honour truthfulness abidingness principle honor zeal ardour adherence trustiness ardor bottle strength stamina gameness force moral fibre moral fiber balls endurance character daring patience enterprise intransigence steel enthusiasm fire vigour motivation vigor intestinal fortitude life tirelessness self-discipline fiber restraint vitality diligence self-possession zest self-control fibre passion verve discipline assiduity gutsiness willfulness grittiness animation self-mastery self-restraint starch dash ballsiness gumption self-command self-government stoutheartedness elan self-will keenness fervour morale vivacity liveliness sedulousness fight sparkle persistency resilience push brio assiduousness continence self-containment continuance cojones vim oomph zip fervor élan warmth vivaciousness quality industry toughness of spirit temperament sand true grit aggressiveness substance mulishness aggression face manliness gusto resistance opinionatedness obstinateness hardheadedness self-opinionatedness pigheadedness bullheadedness implacability endeavor endeavour stoicism combativeness audacity get-up-and-go competitiveness stomach work toil exertion chutzpah bounce labour effort esprit feeling labor moral strength striving coolness cool power what it takes pains will to win travail battle temper essence tenor outlook air disposition breath jazz mood complexion humor psyche struggle hard work graft pertness welly humour vital spark life force frame of mind mettlesomeness lion-heartedness hardiness gallantry doughtiness sedulity sincerity wholeheartedness genuineness forbearance long-suffering vehemence valiancy pith valorousness importunateness intensity inexorability bulldog tenacity inexorableness pursuance virtue militancy strength of purpose competitivity exuberance panache dynamism belligerence clock guttiness caliber calibre makeup resignation submission pleading clamour clamorousness begging go pep pizzazz sap industriousness toleration depth meticulousness initiative thrust self-assurance sufferance fervency zing zap pzazz obedience orderliness aplomb engrossment deliberation clamor urgency pertinence avidity ambitiousness incentive undergoing enduring forebearance continuing ability allowance standing suffering capacity withstanding survival militance scrappiness disputatiousness quarrelsomeness truculence assaultiveness pugnacity defiance bellicosity feistiness belligerency contentiousness militantness importunity good behaviour controlled behaviour pushiness aim assuredness self-reliance power to resist pig-headedness intractability intractableness wilfulness work ethic singleness of purpose perverseness contrariness bull-headedness uncooperativeness perversity attack holding up urge pining poise cocksureness composure doubtlessness stiffness rigidity refractoriness unmanageableness steeliness velleity attitude ambition liking craving appetite yearning fancy longing will to resist self-assuredness cool-headedness sureness level-headedness self-esteem self-trust phlegm hankering recalcitrance bloody-mindedness brashness faith in oneself trouble presumption satisfaction impudence buoyancy belief in oneself reluctance stroppiness unreasonableness bolshiness frowardness wrong-headedness contumaciousness contumacy stress heart's desire sweat strain presence of mind pursuit muscle expenditure bother crusade venture while slog moil yakka sweat of one's brow hard graft blood, sweat and tears strife old college try elbow grease pull tension hard yakka exercise toiling campaign attempt movement throes

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