Đồng nghĩa của defender

Alternative for defender


Trái nghĩa: challenger,


A person who defends someone or something
guard protector guardian custodian bodyguard keeper preserver protection watchdog caretaker escort overseer steward superintendent trustee guardian angel champion minder sentry watch attendant chaperone saviour defence defense watchman savior warden hero sentinel rescuer supporter watcher safeguard bulwark liberator lookout support warder chaperon deliverer paladin patrol stronghold mainstay prop bastion picket guide garrison angel scout shepherd redeemer knight in shining armour bouncer supervisor companion convoy advocate carer buttress warrior bird dog conservator nurse watchperson nightwatchman hired gun security guard salvation saver Good Samaritan friend in need Sir Galahad knight on a white charger intervenor nursemaid patrolman heavy praetorian muscle emancipator duenna detail patrolwoman crusader fighter cortege babysitter convoyer ranger security officer protection officer company avenger consort cavalier exemplar model knight patron lifesaver upstander spotter fielder wicket-keeper vanguard reconnoitrer good angel ministering angel guardian spirit fairy godmother benefactor ombudsman reconnoiterer outrider outpost scouting party task force handler friend tutelary abettor leader messiah lookout man lookout woman night watch advance guard avant-courier superhero white knight tower of strength duellist buffer security man-at-arms catcher salvager curator janitor caregiver knight in shining armor sitter cerberus cop sponsor vigilante godparent baby-sitter administrator porter governess night watchman monitor doorman concierge fiduciary vedette depositary ward agent parent manager jailer watchwoman officer representative screw observer depository captor groundskeeper wardress prison officer gamekeeper gaoler baby sitter care-giver director doorkeeper vigil official surveillance gatekeeper nurturer conserver protectress governor restorer scrutineer inspector usher doorperson super house-sitter executrix executor tutelar legal guardian archivist groundsman security man surveillant matron prison warder jailor qui vive skipper watchkeeper deacon prison wardress signalman regulator detective spy flagman policeman prison head turnkey nanny feoffee factor mother father deputy supervisory body reeve bailiff foreman chamberlain au pair estate manager land agent prison warden correctional officer corrections officer prison guard rover trooper wanderer soldier park ranger financial person


A person who advocates or supports a cause
champion supporter advocate upholder backer apologist apostle bolsterer endorser exponent follower promoter proponent sponsor standard-bearer sustainer adherent believer patron torch-bearer vindicator escort warden booster partisan protagonist friend advocator expounder espouser votary fan herald hierophant gospeler gospeller protector tub-thumper high priest disciple true believer enthusiast white knight paladin sympathizer pupil sympathiser convert propagandist campaigner well-wisher rooter sectary spokesman acolyte epigone ally cohort votarist helper spokesperson seconder member janissary pleader crusader benefactor proposer devotee worshipper fanatic spokeswoman angel second benefactress worshiper liegeman speaker guardian Maecenas missionary stalwart admirer subscriber groupie partizan arguer sycophant accessory philanthropist donor fighter evangelist subsidizer contributor battler attender benefactrice donator zealot benefactrix pioneer henchman fairy godmother collaborator proselyte sugar daddy plugger subsidiser prime mover fairy godparent performer cheerer maintainer apologizer justifier lobbyist student challenger heroine hanger-on learner guarantor suspender pillar paraclete bearer brace abider support catechumen idolizer cheerleader interpreter commentator demonstrator satellite financier underwriter pursuivant chela elucidator expositor illustrator surety habitué counsellor reformer activist explainer counselor leader guide financer head encourager investor front speaker for battler for spokeswoman for spokesperson for campaigner for spokesman for fighter for crusader for patron saint fellow traveller confederate bedfellow abetter abettor almsgiver grubstaker aid philanthrope altruist assistant mark humanitarian quisling conspirator accomplice fraternizer good Samaritan fellow traveler Good Samaritan Santa Claus card-carrying member propounder mainstay backbone anchor rock torchbearer cornerstone prop bastion strength representative propagator ambassador converter companion messenger witness entrepreneur arranger impresario organizer idol character exemplar warrior agent agonist organiser developer marketer advertiser combatant publicist moving spirit lead character PR woman leading role good guy PR man worthy buttress bulwark guider leading light tower of strength sinew light linchpin standby dependence reliance dependance centrepiece lynchpin base foundation staff stay chief support spine centerpiece good right arm crutch central component


(in sport) A player whose task it is to protect their own side's goal


Opponent for the sake of it

Trái nghĩa của defender

defender Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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