Đồng nghĩa của convoy

Alternative for convoy

convoys, convoyed, convoying

Đồng nghĩa: accompany, conduct, escort, guide, lead, protect,


A large number or crowd of people
flock crowd host mass multitude throng army collection company herd horde crush gathering group mob assembly pack press rout swarm drove gaggle rabble bike congregation cram flight flood legion scrum sea stream troupe assemblage bevvy bevy colony large number shower skein brood cloud drift litter progeny scores body band bunch gang party crew cluster troop array posse huddle knot concourse lot circle jam number meeting clique covey ring muster turnout coterie convocation set clan load community myriad conference team rally push conclave ingathering get-together unit convention score convergence aggregation squad audience meet large group congress profusion abundance council coven network galaxy fold mountain formation klatch klatsch slew outfit synod hui runanga faction sit-in confab hive battalion school pile quantity club brigade blowout consort crop tribe camp concentration plenitude assortment cattle sellout platoon conventicle powwow clump large crowd confluence plurality majority riot ruck surge association foregathering assembled group coming together coffee klatch busload coachload accumulation nye barrage agglomeration squadron miscellany many expanse bulk grouping everybody phalanx congestion crowds flocks flying group worshipers disciples public riffraff canaille clambake conglomeration wealth plenty shoal mobilisation mobilization contingent boodle bustle drive run league dazzling assemblage illustrious group brilliant gathering wad ensemble corps multiplicity variety manifoldness caboodle order uncontrolled throng detail detachment cohort patrol disorderly crowd retinue wing division regiment ballet deluge people congeries conflux masses organization tumult column servicemen troopers forces troops combatants delegation maelstrom whirl flurry turmoil organisation theater company theater group concert party touring company crowd of people a lot great unwashed vast number fighting men shedload rank and file large quantity great quantity swag much infinity ocean infinitude heap roundup great number union symposium forum caucus scurry jamboree society function rendezvous junction intersection meetup session summit stockpile parley affair tryst tweetup reunion social function cell lineup zoo force entirety totality total joining concursion many people sheet collective lots plethora linkage vigilante firm fellowship fraternity syndicate section combo workers composite batch bundle dream team wolf pack combination aggregate garrison body of people search party sum whole lot suite amalgamation integrality concurrence convergency conjunction system sangam watersmeet the whole kit and caboodle the whole enchilada one thing building block complement flowing together joining together


A routine operational voyage of a ship or aircraft
patrol garrison patrolman sentinel defender detail guard patrolwoman sentry watch escort scout watchman scouting party task force lookout warden watcher custodian keeper picket minder warder guardian spotter ward attendant watchperson ranger protector vedette caretaker curator security guard observer detective spy chaperone protection angel chaperon nightwatchman outrider shepherd guardian angel advance guard night watchman security officer signaller flagger police officer watchwoman companion vigil guide watchkeeper surveillance bouncer convoyer qui vive signalman flagman policeman herald vanguard reconnoitrer precursor harbinger reconnoiterer outpost lookout man lookout woman night watch bodyguard foregoer squire forerunner avant-courier advance man steward overseer champion preserver superintendent janitor carer supervisor watchdog trustee caregiver conservator paladin safeguard nurse sitter cerberus cop sponsor vigilante godparent baby-sitter bird dog duenna usher monitor cortege heavy doorman handler consort protectress nursemaid ombudsman savior hired gun saviour praetorian muscle governess security man baby sitter babysitter surveillant matron protection officer doorkeeper company defence defense scrutineer fleet inspector entourage cavalier aide assistant advocate lifesaver patron retinue attendance conserver pilot equerry valet helper porter good angel ministering angel guardian spirit fairy godmother concierge benefactor sidekick torchbearer regulator friend bulwark hero tutelary abettor receptionist supervisory body leader pathfinder lead gatekeeper lady in waiting personal assistant white knight tower of strength armed guard gamekeeper pioneer knight in shining armour rover trooper wanderer soldier park ranger


A measure taken to protect someone or something or to prevent something undesirable
safeguard protection guard security screen defence precaution shield aegis buffer cover preventive surety ammunition armor buckler caution defense egis fail-safe palladium prophylactic provision shelter wall ward armour bulwark indemnity insurance armament escort safety measure safety device safety net safety cushion preventive measure protector deterrent support immunity barrier fortification safeguarding guarding preservation assurance stronghold safekeeping refuge shielding guarantee care bastion bumper guardianship resistance sanctuary custody hedge conservation preventative indemnification salvation pad buttress rampart supporter defender warranty keeping fence coverage shock absorber mainstay prop preventative measure hindrance block trust obstruction impediment weapon curb restraint check precautionary measure haven fender remedy deterrence safeness backstop charge maintenance protecting protective measure asylum upkeep upholding barricade custodianship backing reassurance fastness keep supervision mail saving warrant tutelage safe keeping resilience insurance policy cocoon cushioning invulnerability shade strength surveillance certainty protective device safety guard insurance cover absorber stability allowance endorsement self-defense good hands warfare weaponry munitions something to fall back on defenses defences apron mask financial protection hiding concealment housing fallback citadel arms harbour retreat harbor life assurance life insurance prudence forethought preventative medicine preventive medicine preserving conserving sustentation harborage foresight circumspection canniness perpetuation safe harbor preserval evaporation care and feeding storage tanning refrigeration hiding place prevention protective safety plug protective umbrella sheet anchor safety valve reinforcement plate breastplate panoply belt and braces obstacle neutralizer possession disincentive armor plate suit of armor protective clothing bulletproof vest chain mail flak jacket coat of mail suit of armour body armor body armour breastwork embankment anticipatory measure bank castellation battlements pledge protectorship patronage trusteeship battlement bartizan earthwork collateral partition protective wall parapet buffet pawn bond underwriting gage hostage earnest guaranty bail covenant gauge contract fort outwork stockade palisade fortress barbican self-preservation precautions circumvallation vallum self-protection redoubt sponsorship building up preparation championship safety measures aid dyke embattlement auspices assistance auspice advocacy castle defensive wall impregnability vallation suspension system big stick buttressing bolstering continuation underpinning continuance shoring up garrison hold outpost crenellation buildup disarmament ordnance hardware deployment rearmament fielder mobilization wicket-keeper arming isolation sequestration segregation dam material gun heat leaf springs torsion bars spring balustrade safeguards separation weir secludedness privacy aloneness solitariness solitude separateness seclusion escarpment tower strengthening canopy divider awning curtain quarantine detachment exclusion closeting guards gate measures sluice promotion help cloak blind mantle shroud separator arras umbrella guidance catcher mobilisation encouragement financing welfare setting apart insulation unassailability wing mound hill ridge agency favour elevation shutter windbreak philanthropy funding intermediary a roof dike assertion barrage furtherance anticipation veil envelope panel freedom blockhouse covering dividing wall benefaction espousal bastille favor wariness providence hideout hideaway oasis projection rock berm den sanctum foxhole middleman go-between room divider investment grant subsidy recommendation zoar port covert querencia ravelin fieldwork discreetness regard fortalice discretion well-being inviolability resort hole church convent insistence on trench safe haven presidio canal bolt-hole upholder ditch gully safe house public safety tower of strength channel freedom from danger fosse ivory tower moat entrenchment port in a storm hole-up


To associate or keep company with
consort associate fraternise fraternize hobnob mingle mix socialise socialize chum company consociate keep company run sort travel go around hang out pal around spend time accompany associate with attend bear befriend bring carry chaperon conduct hang around hang round have dealings hook up join knock about mess around mingle with mix with pal rub elbows rub shoulders run around be thick chum around fraternize with hang about knock around chum together chum with clique with hang with keep company with pal with run with gang up with hang around with hang out with pal around with run around with take up with tie up with go around with go out get together meet interact step out be sociable league make friends network get around pal up fall in with be friendly be thick with entertain gang up club hang circulate make advances get about make the rounds unite pool intermingle meet people come together tie in rub elbows with communalize go about engage nationalise nationalize connect be in knock around with move sort with be friends with schmooze intersperse associate with others make contacts sympathize come together with concur sympathise converse meet up consort with others move around work the room pair off amalgamate assort frequent exchange cards introduce yourself meet and greet get out affiliate be friends be sociable with rub shoulders with club together socialize with consort with party tie up work with collaborate spend time with get in on line up with get in with bunch up be involved with swing with join up with truck with go along with be in cahoots buddy up cooperate throw in together string along with go partners get into have people round be a good mixer get out and about play footsie with partner team up go with work together link up join forces

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