Đồng nghĩa của buttress

Alternative for buttress

buttresses, buttressed, buttressing

Đồng nghĩa: buttressing,


A structure of stone or brick built against a wall to strengthen or support it
support prop shore reinforcement stay abutment brace pier strut stanchion mount mounting spur underpinning mainstay column counterfort structure flying buttress post pillar rod upright pedestal beam truss piling bracket pole pile base stake joist footing pilaster shaft plinth frame foundation substructure backing bolster bed bulwark underprop vertical girder cantilever leg platform cylinder groundwork cornerstone hold foot cutwater substratum stave stick rest batten shoring bedding sprag foothold rib block rafter bearing obelisk gird strengthener tower baluster mast crutch standard pylon caryatid monolith telamon newel herm colonnade subfloor stand tether wire fixture setting supporter trussing shroud spike holder shelf rack underpropping bastion mattress cage trapion joint support system fulcrum bracer stilt rampart scaffold peg timber guide collar flotation device means trestle arch sustentation back medium stiffener lining bar band skid guy arm staff splint sustainer lever boom gabion vault end jutting piece arch end bridge end end piece stele peristyle totem sile minaret monument point d'appui bottom basis ground framework bedrock root infrastructure seat tripod seating understructure keystone warp podium trivet paling basement pale chassis palisade doorpost edifice shell warp and woof dais spar skeleton stud picket armature fundament floor backbone cane rail chock core stage cadre framing bollard jamb horse configuration architecture scaffolding armrest flagpole rostrum body gripper flagstaff form gantry gatepost baton crosspiece fundamental bodywork side fabric beanpole socle underlayer sawhorse dado crossbeam banister surround I-beam anchor subframe lintel upholder rock easel cradle tiebeam truncheon hook wedge wood maypole bannister bit metal transmitter aerial base position setup door jamb plank end dowel pad pediment orthopedic device basic structure groundwall substance trunk bridgehead nadir tribune spoke billet shank guts spine bandage organization arrangement rudiment grandstand case trellis catafalque pyre panel deepest part lowest part resting place counter board mace rule crossbar underbuilding organisation tie orthotic cleat staging spinal column vertebrae puncheon milepost stock rock bottom a tall marker chine casing lightpost fencepost rachis dorsum vertebral column fence post upright support boundary marker finger post layer king post mound mass heap construction bier table stratum seam hulk caliper cast calliper essence beginning heart caliper splint premise orthopedic cast surgical appliance thrust key principle fundamentals rudiments kernel authority nub principles basics brass tacks nitty-gritty starting point principal element bottom line fundamental point main ingredient point of departure fundamental principle nuts and bolts principal constituent


A means of control or restraint
check restraint constraint curb limitation control obstruction deterrent fetter hindrance impediment inhibition rein restriction blow break bridle catch obstacle reversal reverse setback stoppage stricture circumscription damper restrainer safeguard condition harness holdup rebuff whammy barrier block bar handicap cramp snag hitch hurdle encumbrance difficulty stumbling block trammel stop brake drawback chain balk limit shackles crimp drag manacle interference holdback clog baulk discouragement embarrassment let hazard problem hiccup complication blockage disadvantage spanner in the works confinement monkey wrench in the works disincentive barricade glitch fly in the ointment cumber wall mishap trouble upset delay disappointment shackle hold-up preventive dissuasion burden misfortune determent prohibition prevention hampering issue straitjacket leash captivity defeat impedance hardship knock facer lapse hold hamper millstone hang-up stint detriment monkey wrench clampdown interdict suppression ball and chain tragedy misadventure disaster failure qualification adversity embargo defence inconvenience contraction arrest lock gridlock defense interruption retardation reservation joker fetters roadblock preventative albatross frustration bonds blockade baggage trammels catch-22 ban repression booby trap bad luck curtailment protection boycott road block taboo retardant bondage compression squeezing catastrophe demarcation stipulation shortcoming provision curbing weakness manacles chains blocking fence flaw accident security requirement failing string ceiling congestion affliction strap lead halter fault proviso deterrence detention reduction rule defect custody pitfall bottleneck tribulation tie bummer woe stifling smothering cumbrance vicissitude tightening shrinking choking distress discipline rider constriction caution precautionary measure bath circumvention rout wet blanket uphill binding ill holding back constrainment strings excess baggage non-success remedy precaution stopping retardment hangup rub bounds load boundary jam-up ill luck preventive measure protective measure body blow reverse of fortune fine print hard times millstone around your neck bit of trouble kick in the teeth one in the eye sticking point blank wall bond obligation commitment intimidation suppressant crackdown proscription bind opposition moratorium veto deterring factor loss calamity chill interdiction bump mischance bit governor line jam pale breakdown downfall inadequacy circumspection injunction modification definition depressant cloud put down damp disablement impairment disorder defensive measures cinchers anchor binders rahui bridling checking injury occlusion railing traverse gloom pall gotcha gimmick hassle warning regulation sorrow shackling fettering baulking cramping mountain checkmate mountain to climb headache car crash dead weight red tape depression halting thwarting quashing foiling psychological baggage millstone round someone's neck palladium fail-safe protective shield grief land mine snafu bug tangle discontinuance lack of success astringency controller regulator retarding device neutralizer prophylactic balking sublimation stroke of bad luck narrowing pressure stenosis tightness containment cold water bulwark bad experience limits no-no encirclement headstall hackamore collar tether noose putting an end to putting an stop to nipping in the bud anticipatory measure infarct closure embolus cordon infarction squeeze telescoping contracting compacting condensing constricting condensation compaction small difficulty line of defense straitening strangulation irons handcuffs cuffs downside imprisonment moderation restraining device imperfection deficiency incarceration internment disqualification disbenefit bilboes tethers ropes restraints minus rope order instruction deprivation pinions weight decrease abridgment abridgement command liability limiter trial nuisance prerequisite demand clause restraining order lack negative debit strike regression slowdown backset comedown regress foil bottom bracelets gyves darbies incommodity requisite essential necessity disability evil exception term specification precondition contingency kicker terms restraining self-command refrainment discretion continence reserve self-control self-restraint weak point flip-flop unfortunate development about-face knock-back weak spot prison impoundment immurement exemption postulate leg irons double whammy arrangement piece of bad luck drawing board thraldom duress durance porridge thrall whole new ballgame reversal of fortune repulse need article must-have must small print sine qua non bottling up keeping back keeping in check keeping under control holding in biting back turnabout vanquishment conquering gaol delimitation bounding keeping jail house arrest scope coercion immuration safekeeping sabotage intervention foot dragging deal-breaker forestalling halt avoidance interception inhibitor preclusion dilemma forestallment deterence obviation impasse snarl predicament clot con pickle snarl-up logjam cross to bear cross prob quandary collapse foundering stone in one's path disturbance puzzler knot cropper thorn in one's side tight spot bone of contention elimination barring deadweight hobble consequence misery disgrace yoke complaint anticipation averting precluding deadlock stumbling stone slowing harm albatross around one's neck demerit weary load prophylaxis penalty exclusion bad tailback handicapping privation saddle debt guilt duty afterdeal backup tie-up queue negative aspect flip side other side of the coin aggravation kink pinch entanglement factor web development stopping up fix spot crunch unseen problem scrape trap monkey on back can of worms disputed point trick traffic jam snare point at issue conundrum ploy puzzle dodge wile the rub gate rail interference with restricted access joker in the pack blunder hedge slip spoiling inefficacy error grievance bother miscalculation mistake bafflement involvement lease chit indebtment loan bite pledge balance arrear possibility due remainder contract damage Achilles heel mortgage jinx tab IOU account mix-up hot potato thorn in the flesh mess vexed question question mark vexation gremlin source of difficulty worry hornets' nest source of trouble muddle dispute plight difficult situation countering scotching derailment dashing crushing bitter pill jump stretch bad news disaster area crippling hindering snookering baffling nonfulfillment scuppering nonfulfilment contravention unfulfillment millstone round one's neck nonsuccess malfunction crash shutdown disintegration disruption wreck crackup ruination crumbling ruin crumpling fizzle cessation falling apart fizzling out falling down seizing up conking out falling to pieces falling through


To strengthen or provide support to
support brace strengthen uphold sustain bolster underpin shore up bear carry cement fortify prop prop up shore stay undergird augment confirm defend maintain back up bolster up bulwark buoy up beef up build up hold up jack up jazz up step up reinforce underprop hold stand steel make stronger harden toughen truss gird stiffen boost consolidate keep up shoulder increase buoy upbear enhance bear up add to assist aid help secure steady ready inure set cradle indurate prepare improve amplify heighten enlarge intensify place deepen extend substantiate give a boost to tether take expand underlie rest subsidize protect cushion revitalize galvanize encourage nerve supplement stake withstand magnify swell invigorate season broaden revitalise redouble subsidise give support to accentuate empower corroborate enrich galvanise make ready psych up multiply envigorate punch up brace up add fuel to fire amp up succor succour tense pillar pillow suffer fund finance underwrite crutch stick strut wire re-enforce endure add force to lie beneath tie up feed be a foundation for keep from falling gear up get ready bear up under poise forearm garrison embattle widen pad safeguard entrench wall add emphasize push supply top underline promote inspire stress foster spur round off top up eke out fill out make larger fill up make bigger heat up make greater charge up soup up drive motivate champion embolden raise incentivize reward stimulate incentify stabilize develop energize incentivise back energise highlight emphasise escalate uplift inflate stabilise spur on elevate firm up hike toughen up stoke up advertise accelerate supersize aggrandize advertize compound make stable hype rally jump lift hike up bump up put up make better crank up push up buck up boost up pump up fuel hearten vitalize renew restore establish mount harshen justify nourish rejuvenate sinew regenerate give strength to make firm wax give new energy to set up tone gee up make healthy tone up add fuel to


To corroborate or substantiate a claim or an idea
substantiate corroborate sustain back bolster support uphold validate justify reenforce reinforce strengthen back up shore up attest to vouch for authenticate confirm establish verify certify attest prove endorse affirm vindicate ratify reaffirm reassert lend weight to testify to give credence to assert underpin avow demonstrate approve acknowledge give weight to give substance to show to be true check out bear out bear witness to rubber-stamp give proof of circumstantiate evidence accredit recognize legitimize sanction formalize advocate testify avouch sign off on account for declare asseverate show beyond doubt guarantee pledge recognise legitimise formalise state promise pronounce aver maintain swear profess allege claim insist proclaim predicate warrant announce vouch argue document okay agree check up give nod check on declare true double check stand by assure secure enhance reiterate fortify boost intensify restate heighten consolidate fuel magnify restore increase renew accentuate amplify cement fix empower enlarge augment burgeon embolden nurture foster cultivate inspirit advance flourish promote develop settle raise make firm firm up beef up lend more weight to amp up scale up show indicate witness evince manifest exhibit seal reveal determine illustrate ascertain make evident expose bespeak display second be evidence of present authorize clinch check bear witness betoken authorise show clearly denote insure defend make plain showcase ensure swear to explain sew up cinch make clear set the seal on be proof of stick up for nail down witness to stand up for test signify demonstrate the truth of elucidate protect answer for side with register point out provide evidence of express pin down expound complete rationalize ostend subscribe lock in countersign espouse rationalise make known ice guaranty make sure of flag up show once and for all mark give evidence submit proof submit evidence establish evidence produce evidence produce proof make certain of signature lock on lock up do justice to give substance to the fact that give force to witness to the fact that argue for demonstrate the truth back something up represent notify indemnify constitute reflect feature close put the seal on cap wind up go to show reassure underscore project prescribe note point communicate enforce connote designate constitute evidence make out adduce clarify lay bare lay out prove to be genuine constitute proof objectify realise actualize realize debunk reify try depose be a sign of be responsible for speak for give assurance of show the truth of discover decide try on try out find be a monument to mount appear sing token set stand bail for be liable for go bail for assert under oath result convince signal have a lock on put on ice know for certain double-check add up extenuate password notarize watchword sign invoke point to give facts say so suss out hold up champion encourage have a case excuse cross heart give one's word swear up and down adjure provide rehabilitate refute disculpate confute contend whitewash shield guard disprove asservate countenance legalize legitimatize effect be supportive of legalise legitimatise clear offer grounds for set out arrange initial establish conclusively get a decision on get an agreement on plead for spell out constitute proof of constitute evidence of commit contract hold up one's end give support to hold to give backing to stick by come to the defence of autograph get across clear up show just cause for provide a rationale for show to be reasonable prove to be reasonable give an explanation for speak in favor of make good on give a justification for make allowances give reasons for give grounds for show cause be answerable for make safe inscribe depose to throw your weight behind ink undersign put John Hancock on put John Henry on set your hand to


To receive and reduce the force of an impact
absorb cushion soften deaden bolster pillow reduce stifle suppress dampen decrease lessen muffle soak up diminish buffer dull mitigate allay gentle moderate damp smother alleviate blunt temper reduce the effect of take the edge off blanket damp down tone down protect against shield against defend against safeguard against ease relieve abate assuage lighten palliate soothe mollify subdue quell weaken check calm curb lull quiet mellow lenify restrain tranquilize cool tranquillize help modify placate pacify lower attenuate still sweeten depress repress mute soft-pedal take the bite out take the sting out numb relax appease paralyse quieten compose benumb dilute qualify cut depreciate curtail anaesthetize impair minimize destroy paralyze anesthetize ebb de-escalate minimise get rid of wind down ease off put an end to remit silence mask extenuate kill commute contain bridle excuse break degrade reduce the force of obtund gruntle smooth taper modulate dispel adjust comfort dulcify satisfy ameliorate dismiss dissipate banish shrink contract wane subside decrement erode eliminate reduce the impact of lessen the impact of take the bite out of take the sting out of drive away put to rest square drive off chase away make reasonable dwindle downsize fix up hold back keep in check put a lid on embroider embellish soften the impact of take sting out patch things up cool out cut back wear away roll back tail off peter out cut down wear down pour oil on make agreeable cauterize dress up injure freeze slow incapacitate tire retard stun drown exhaust unnerve stupefy cauterise dope make less painful knock out make less intense put damper on put a damper on put the lid on

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