Đồng nghĩa của barricade

Alternative for barricade

barricades, barricaded, barricading

Đồng nghĩa: barrier, fortification, obstruction,


An improvised barrier erected across a street or other thoroughfare to prevent or delay the movement of opposing forces
barrier fence blockade obstruction bulwark rampart stockade wall bar palisade roadblock hedge obstacle railing defence defense fortification hurdle protection block cordon stop blank wall blocking object impediment hindrance restriction clog snag check blockage deterrent handicap stoppage encumbrance stumbling block hitch trammel inhibition fetter restraint cramp crimp manacle drag interference enclosure holdback balk chain shackles let embarrassment limitation baulk partition difficulty drawback curb catch shield rail boundary screen fly in the ointment spanner in the works monkey wrench in the works occlusion congestion jam encirclement hamper hazard problem disadvantage setback hiccup cumber facer parapet catch-22 paling bastion road block hedgerow embankment jump beleaguerment preventive blocking complication impedance gridlock leaguer traverse siege clot issue besiegement bottleneck investment defect weakness burden delay holdup monkey wrench booby trap millstone sticking point rub breastwork fireproofing bailey gate ditch pale fencing pitfall infarct embolus closure infarction limit discouragement trench moat snarl-up snarl logjam impasse stretch stopping up buttress sentry post stumbling stone firewall brake stone in one's path line of defense armour fort fastness fortress garrison prohibition dead weight detriment tie load shackle red tape disablement impairment retardation millstone around your neck retardment flaw disorder stricture fault panel bastille outpost keep hardship cumbrance inconvenience blockading surrounding besieging beleaguering baggage glitch albatross precipice cliff scarp scar escarpment barranca barranco crag bluff divider dam bump uphill hampering disincentive joker interruption cover preventative cushion dyke separator ball and chain hang-up jam-up mountain to climb slope guard bank panelling paneling retainer facade surface levee side room divider cordoning blocking up groyne windbreak railings safeguard shelter buffer circumvallation façade trellis pickets dike groin stakes chains backstop posts cyclone net balustrade boards armor refuge buckler barbed wire trouble circumvention lock mountain checkmate hold-up constraint damper prevention downside disbenefit minus headache rein determent shortcoming dilemma liability nuisance control deterrence predicament thwarting pickle negative halt circumscription quandary avoidance forestalling hassle interception inhibitor misfortune straitjacket debit strike preclusion incommodity deadlock forestallment condition deterence dissuasion weak spot weak point obviation imperfection deficiency crunch scrape adversity dispute can of worms disputed point mess bridle point at issue worry blow gotcha reversal hangup gimmick mishap rebuff land mine whammy disqualification opposition question botheration count squeeze doubt disagreement checking hot water arrest failing ill box bone of contention downfall precaution suppression plight prob confinement fetters lack weight disability upset caution negative aspect choking tailback deal-breaker interdict embargo reverse disappointment bug clampdown backup knock cross taboo defeat puzzler bummer hornets' nest stalemate standstill traffic jam body blow tight spot standoff wet blanket con cross to bear knock-back piece of bad luck reversal of fortune one in the eye bit of trouble thorn in one's side kick in the teeth bond bonds barring elimination complaint consequence deadweight hobble yoke tribulation anticipation averting precluding sabotage intervention injury pinch leash weary load bad foot dragging excess baggage exclusion psychological baggage prophylaxis snafu tangle discontinuance defensive measures aggravation millstone round someone's neck penalty break flip side entanglement factor web development other side of the coin privation affliction put down damp saddle debt guilt duty restrainer afterdeal responsibility obligation bridling curbing repression fix spot cropper knot unseen problem stint chill warning shackling fettering holding back frustration baulking cramping stifling smothering harness imposition pressure stress strain tax depressant cloud halting stopping quashing foiling trap narrowing constriction tie-up queue inadequacy reservation circumspection injunction modification definition qualification gloom pall grievance bother the rub trick monkey on back snare balking sublimation demarcation depression cinchers anchor binders retarding device blunder conundrum ploy puzzle dodge wile vexation slip lapse compression contraction astringency tightening squeezing binding shrinking full stop joker in the pack Mexican standoff sig alert curtailment mix-up hot potato thorn in the flesh vexed question question mark gremlin source of difficulty source of trouble muddle difficult situation inefficacy error putting an end to putting an stop to nipping in the bud palladium fail-safe protective remedy security regression slowdown backset comedown regress bath foil bottom miscalculation mistake mischance bafflement ban hold moderation boycott cold water reverse of fortune double whammy drawing board flip-flop whole new ballgame unfortunate development about-face neutralizer precautionary measure prophylactic evil retardant perplexity air bubble airlock bitter pill restricted access worriment habit bugbear bondage rope order instruction deprivation pinions decrease string manacles abridgment abridgement ceiling command reduction preventive measure protective measure stroke of bad luck involvement lease chit indebtment loan bite pledge balance arrear possibility due contingency remainder contract damage Achilles heel mortgage jinx tab IOU account restraining order anticipatory measure teething trouble cul-de-sac end of the road nowhere to turn corner draw no through road blind alley dead end bad news disaster area millstone round one's neck


A situation that is difficult or dangerous
difficulty adversity hardship crisis distress predicament quandary trouble dilemma misfortune plight struggle tribulation frustration oppression pain rigour rigor extremity misery need pickle quagmire emergency exertion exigency hazard impasse knot muddle painfulness vicissitude asperity crux deadlock depression discouragement hardness labor labour mess scrape stew strait sweat embarrassment harassment a fix a hole a jam a pickle a scrape a spot a stew dead end dire straits hard times hot water deep water jam fix bind hole problem corner tight spot mire spot tight corner perplexity box difficult situation sticky situation awkward situation imbroglio swamp pinch rattrap complication rabbit hole entanglement sticky wicket tricky situation jackpot issue juncture spot of bother clutch fine kettle of fish confusion puzzle urgency conundrum zero hour bother pass catch-22 complexity situation pretty kettle of fish crunch kettle of fish flash point how-do-you-do head disaster unfortunate situation catastrophe hang-up setback bad news calamity tinderbox circumstance turning point no-win situation problematic situation straits ticklish situation crossroad pressure Dunkirk crossroads conjuncture controversy mix-up critical situation headache tight situation condition cataclysm boiling point crunch time breaking point tragedy desperate straits hell conflict affair sad state sorry condition hell on earth soup hassle case comess panic stations drag upheaval trauma turmoil disorder blow fiasco havoc debacle complicated situation mishap double bind drama shambles horror double trouble mare's nest worry spot of trouble bit of bother necessity concern business train wreck want hot spot challenge state uphill tangle bewilderment uncertainty urgent situation contingency squeeze stress matter messiness exigence reversal reverse hot potato meltdown tension incident misadventure catch chaos disarray failure crash collapse affliction bad situation to-do scourge devastation difficult choice cleft stick apocalypse woe vicious circle with nowhere to turn big trouble worst-case scenario reversal of fortune car crash l Dutch trouble spot intricacy climacteric jumble mass of problems snafu troublesome problem snake pit Gordian knot snarl hard nut to crack unpredictable situation complex problem dog's breakfast Pandora's box hornet's nest equation involvement potential crisis emergency situation discomfiture indigence destitution demand situational problem nuisance circumstances constraint requirement indecision upset tight squeeze loss poser demandingness acuteness diffict situation facer botched situation uphill battle pretty spectacle troublesome situation extreme suffering between a rock and a hard place needfulness requisite essential wont criticalness pressingness imperativeness impediment responsibility a bad situation mystification bottleneck a plight a mess a predicament a sorry condition a difficult situation source of trouble commotion fuss duress scene disturbance occasion melodrama adventure row awkwardness knotty problem trickiness nastiness live issue unpleasantness bone of contention bitterness sensitive issue acrimony tricky problem question task brouhaha enmeshment embroilment a tight corner a bind stalemate fracas sensation thrill excitement thorn in the flesh dependency dependence doubt burden botheration farce choke point undertaking nut test can of worms hour of decision trying time decisive moment worriment grievance hindrance wretchedness tear-jerker puzzlement funeral pigeon soap opera pass the parcel state of perplexity state of uncertainty delicate situation up a tree ruin blight whammy point of contention matter of contention shock monstrosity bomb shipwreck disorderliness desolation holocaust trial bust danger accident heavy blow stroke of ill luck lookout compulsion push climax unforeseen circumstances position rough go


To block an opening or prevent the continued flow of
cut off block stop obstruct impede check curb arrest restrict clog plug bar choke halt close stem stopper slow contain stymie curtail stifle blockade caulk suppress hold back close out clog up stop up shut off block up plug up block off close off close up block out choke up choke off jam dam occlude stuff congest bung up clot gum up hinder restrain fill inhibit pack repress control bung dam up gunge up confine brake hold in retard staunch seal prevent fill up jam up bridle hold off stall intercept stay stanch limit shut out stonewall interfere with thwart bottle muzzle gag obturate get in the way of hedge stand in the way of cumber hamper put an end to counteract slow down deter hamstring preclude prohibit forbid terminate dissuade from interdict interrupt cut short moderate encumber contravene disrupt bring to a standstill crimp nip in the bud handicap cripple constrict decelerate slacken stunt die squeeze silt up gibbet kill drown noose wring let up ease up slow up lose speed slam on the brakes end cease quit finish drop suspend break can break off desist from knock off close down leave off blow the whistle on bring to an end put a sock in put a stop to cut out bring to a close pack in bring to a stop lay off put a cork in pull the plug on break up give over wind up put the kibosh on pack up delay frustrate foil hold up rein neutralize pause catch reduce still muffle squelch smother swallow constrain govern hold fight back bottleneck withhold repulse discourage bottle up put a spoke in someone's wheel pull in circumvent keep under control slacken pace pull up keep a lid on draw up tame keep back regulate play for time bite back put a brake on rebuff hold down choke back rein in neutralise checkmate keep in check fetch up stem the flow of


To protect or shield from harm or danger
defend protect guard safeguard shield secure screen shelter preserve cover bulwark forfend keep ward save fend fence harbor conserve harbour fortify prevent avert watch oppose resist house hedge uphold garrison insure hold withstand look after keep safe watch over keep from harm ward off care for stave off give sanctuary fend off beat off guard against provide sanctuary repel danger take in be the defender of hold at bay halt salvage arrest retain reclaim stop retrieve rescue foil thwart intercept occupy stonewall man fight for supply with troops take care of maintain inoculate mind police support ride shotgun afford protection to stand guard over tend escort shade foster assure insulate cushion immunize stand up for hide wrap immunise cover up conceal give refuge patrol oversee overlook ensure stick up for haven enclose cover all bases preside over attend to take under one's wing repulse curb repel check provide protection for control go to bat for be in charge of relieve keep an eye on give asylum to safeguard from shield from provide refuge fight off give shelter to give sanctuary to provide a refuge for protect from hold back sustain justify cherish make invulnerable picket roof shotgun chamber nanny mother chaperone surround champion rule guide chaperon give shelter give cover guard in transit be responsible for have charge of cover for provide safety sentinel keep guard on mount guard on stand guard on cover up for persevere with minister to keep a lookout over stand guard save from harm manage take someone under your wing supervise run handle administrate govern operate superintend regulate direct steward tuck swathe cup enfold till conduct invest crown dress cap attend see to keep tabs on canopy clothe paper over reinforce hood overcast block forestall superpose superimpose dodge deflect divert put something on top of discourage escape parry baulk evade place under cover place something over duck balk bottle up defend yourself retaliate contain suppress push back restrain reply fight back repress counter put up a fight riposte head off hold off turn aside shield against keep off put a stop to safeguard against secure against protect against defend oneself against keep at arm's length skirt round keep at bay pre-empt

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