Đồng nghĩa của seclude oneself


Isolate or hide away
sequester isolate seclude insulate retire segregate separate withdraw cloister cut off enisle hide island isolate oneself quarantine secrete closet oneself cut oneself off hide oneself away remove oneself segregate oneself set oneself apart shut away shut oneself away shut oneself off withdraw oneself close off draw back keep apart set off set apart confine detach shut off remove closet cordon off block off exclude divorce disconnect sever seal off cordon protect screen shield dissociate divide cocoon close shelter alienate fence off distance disengage partition off split up sunder part screen off curtain off tape tape off set aside form a ring around put a cordon sanitaire around maroon restrict barricade strand fence bar rope shut seal partition mark retreat select sort out ghettoize choose divide off section off single out discriminate against ghettoise shut up lock up mark off withdraw from the world sunder out separate out free decouple disaffiliate disassociate avoid cushion defend save safeguard keep safe break from walk away break away keep at arm's length break with withdraw from place far off move away put at a distance cover conceal evict blockade ostracize treat inlay fill coat keep from harm line wad immure boycott enclose embargo ostracise appropriate keep on one side dedicate put aside reserve split off pull out keep away wrap up in cotton wool break up disunite estrange abstract rope off keep out keep in solitude block distinguish differentiate separate off sift filter out identify encircle surround clog shut in impede dam put to one side turn off sift out weed out limit bound circumscribe disaffect demarcate winnow antagonize alien sour disgruntle leave drive apart turn away set against wean antagonise mark out set at odds make unfriendly push away set at variance make hostile to drive a wedge between turn your back on separate the wheat from the chaff pick out pick on pluck out cut cordon something off rend stop halt stipulate specify extract sieve shut something off find set something apart encompass circle get rid of shy look after ferret out make hostile withhold care for take care of engird gird girdle compass lose ring-fence pinpoint typify characterize sort dissatisfy disillusion disunify disenchant split divert delink drive away thresh divide up set at odds with cause antagonism between sow dissension between put on the outs destroy the affections of sever connections between quit defect winnow out delimit characterise become estranged secede from form a ring round form a barrier around bust up part company with sever connections with define make something stand out determine reach a parting of the ways break off relations with fix demark terminate delineate draw establish discriminate distinguish between sow dissension break off make indifferent come between withdraw the affections of


To withdraw to or from a particular place
retire withdraw exit depart decamp adjourn leave recede remove retreat go off repair absent oneself back away drop back fall back go go away go out part pull out regress separate absent yourself betake oneself betake yourself leave for make an exit get away get off run along take off shut oneself away in go to one's room vacate blow clear draw bail out make oneself scarce get lost retire from abstract oneself bow out take a hike take oneself pull back check out move out of retreat from draw away take leave shut oneself away vamoose quit push off shove off split skedaddle scram clear off clear out begone beat it buzz off set off bug off scarper set out get going get cut out sally forth move walk out run away be off flee bail start out bug out hit the road push on step along run off get out bolt pack off pike off pack up pike out fly book peel off make off make tracks escape dig out scoot head off take a powder light out rack off voetsak hamba hit the trail move out beat a retreat hop it scat hightail it back out set forth shoo sling your hook sod off avaunt move off get under way make yourself scarce bog off back off run nick off go jump in the lake go and jump in the lake embark cut and run up sticks naff off get along be on your way haul off set sail abandon evacuate run for it skip off be off with you recoil on your bike be on one's way make a start move along proceed disengage start turn tail walk off take your leave say one's goodbyes drop out duck out pop off set forward flit break camp shrink slope off make a move draw back hightail take flight sail pull stakes disappear hook it leg it peel out move back say goodbye haul away hop the twig pack one's bags take a long walk on a short pier sling one's hook pull away push along get stuffed take wing get moving hop the stick do a bunk take one's leave tear away drag away abscond desert resign break head make move away git make a break for it give ground forsake opt out step out strike out travel go forth go your way pack your bags pull the plug secede withdraw from move on leave port take yourself off get out of my sight part company hit the bricks uproot do a disappearing act take to flight skidoo evade levant fold elude take to your heels leave in a hurry exeunt issue range cruise maroon alight wend lam mosey make like a tree and leave make like a tree and get out of here strand start off go offstage hurry away beat off go and chase yourself show a clean pair of heels distance oneself make one's way take one's farewells resile head for the hills fly the coop go back beat a hasty retreat do a runner flake off skip out make for make a quick exit give way do a fade make a run for it wriggle out opt out of run out take a walk do vanishing act bid farewell make one's departure put forth make one's getaway take to one's heels get on the road begin one's journey set about begin bear say adieu shy away step back shrink away turn away shrink back say farewell break up break off conk out split up quit the scene ship out say one's farewells dedomicile make one's farewells walk out on ease out go one's ways go their separate ways go separate ways leave flat abstract dissociate disassociate become independent gain autonomy divide off disaffiliate break away delink transfer pass weasel out pull head for resort journey retreat to hie process disengage from step down from resign from give up pull out of back out of bow out of chuck walk away from stop participating in stop participating recede from scratch from pack in detach yourself detach retire to go to adjourn to motor set off for depart for withdraw to remove to raise sail make headway put out weigh anchor leave harbour put to sea cast off hoist the blue peter leave dock put out to sea hoist sail betake oneself to wend one's way to take off for vanish abdicate migrate emigrate sally advance absent troop blast off make a break slip away march out

Trái nghĩa của seclude oneself

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