Đồng nghĩa của avoid

Alternative for avoid

avoids, avoided, avoiding

Đồng nghĩa: evade, keep away from, shun, snub,

Trái nghĩa: face,


To get out of a situation, usually underhandedly
evade dodge escape shirk brush off sidestep skirt bypass dance around discount disregard duck elude ignore neglect overlook shy from wriggle out of dispense with get around pussyfoot around run away from shake skirt round tergiversate weasel out of be oblivious to cop out of duck-shove fend off funk get out of give the slip to go around keep one's distance from lay low from pay no attention to pay no heed to pay no mind shake off take no notice of tune out turn a blind eye to turn back on turn your back on unheed unmind decline duck out of finesse scape shirk from shuffle out of circumvent shun steer clear of eschew bilk body-swerve beat miss escape from shortcut skip parry give the slip find a way round cut cheat get away from skive off lose ditch leave behind flee slide out of renege foil thwart skive give a wide berth to balk baulk outmanoeuvre withdraw abandon outmaneuver forget pussyfoot back out get out get round slough off back out of throw off the scent fight shy of give a wide berth stay away from break away from shrink from frustrate outflank circumnavigate quit baffle outwit burke juke fence outrun fudge shuffle off shuck throw off desert fly shy dismiss weasel let slide leave undone skimp on slip away from lose sight of not attend to be lax about be remiss about slip get rid of pull out of end-run pay little attention to overpass keep clear of find a way around find a way out of wink at blink at omit give the runaround keep at arm's length reject slip through the net of pass over slur over shut eyes to make light of gloss over brush aside look the other way turn a deaf ear to shrug off drop out pull out trick skulk overcome hack stymie field hide from wriggle keep out of the way of outpace outstrip outdistance clear skip out on goldbrick malinger deflect put the move on get ahead of rid sneak away from fence off answer evasively stay clear of get past run away abscond elope duck out excuse rationalize backpedal welsh revoke renounce not attend scrimshank sneak away slip out work around defeat play truant from creep dog bludge escape the clutches of get shot of slip through somebody's fingers get clear of get free from run off extricate oneself from lead on a merry chase keep distance check prevent bob off cop out back down back off weasel out use pretext have alibi rationalise tergiverse blow off hedge lie down on job wuss out baulk at recoil from double flannel equivocate prevaricate misheed whitewash detour run from take fright flinch from turn tail waffle stonewall let it go take no notice gloze over leave be fail to notice connive exclude look through never mind turn blind eye slight paper over close your eyes to pay no mind to turn deaf ear not take into account push aside turn a blind eye bury one's head in sand shut your eyes to give something a miss take back road depart from deviate from avoid answering go around the barn short-circuit get away chicken out of be equivocal about be evasive about quibble about run around go past go round not give a straight answer to beat around bush not pay beg the question beat about the bush about stay shy of be beyond slip through the net slip through someone's fingers pass round keep out of detour round pass around make a detour round forsake pretermit defer contemn discard underestimate scant elide depreciate overleap postpone procrastinate fail to care for fail to remember keep one's distance not care have nothing to do with be derelict laugh off throw to the winds be remiss in set aside trifle with let go be irresponsible not remember not care for be remiss let pass fail to look after think little of procrastinate over leave alone be indifferent be negligent pass up be careless live with fail to provide for not trouble oneself


To keep or withhold oneself from something
cut out abstain from refrain from forego forgo quit cease drop forsake give up pass on shun skip deny yourself do without eschew go without halt lay off pass up resist restrain from stop suspend swear off waive abandon can desist dispense with ditch forbear from get off hold off leave off leave out not touch pack in rein in shy from stay away from steer clear of withhold from call a halt to desist from keep off skip out on renounce refuse evade reject kick discontinue forbear forswear abjure abstain relinquish break off dodge keep from refrain jack in spurn bypass finish hold back shirk give a wide berth to curb duck rebuff escape keep decline give over repudiate check avert sidestep belay pass over have nothing to do with withhold knock off shake pass pack up deny dismiss get around abnegate stop oneself end delay ward off skirt repulse disclaim conclude fight shy of turn down resist the temptation to elude put off restrain oneself from snub take the cure prevent oneself from skim over stave off scape fend off finesse arrest leave alone restrain disavow preclude inhibit shrink from sacrifice omit get out of break the habit of yield gainsay disown call it a day abdicate weasel out of shuffle out of sit out break disaffirm have done with not do surcease withdraw opt out renege on skirt around prevent yourself from not give in to stop oneself from kick the habit quit cold lay off of let up skate over fail to deal with break up kick over call it quits skirt round come off buck obstruct resign pause discourage repel fight off keep away rebut deflect deter stall filibuster check oneself bridle starve fast constrain fence-sit turn aside from call a stop to keep at bay manage not to restrain oneself retract recant back off from pull out of put a stop to axe check out from postpone stay neutral ax escape from put an end to kibosh call it quits on surcease from nip something in the bud defer restrain yourself decline to go easy unsay foreswear renege repeal prevent not take sides throw off turn aside parry beat off keep at a distance drive back keep at arm's length hold at bay rebuke sit on one's hands give the go by stay away circumvent steer clear shake off withstand take back adjourn stonewall disregard ignore overlook do away with wash your hands of remit close terminate cut help neutralise determine elapse surrender dead-end sew up cut it out wink out not continue get on the wagon wrap up hang it up pack it in cut off wind up hinder interfere with head off negate make up for nullify obviate neutralize block impede counterbalance prohibit counteract anticipate neglect give something a miss give a miss cease to indulge in disapprove cede demur reprobate disinherit disgorge say no to knock back baulk at demur at brush aside desert disdain balk at leave vacate quitclaim shy not accept refuse to take advantage of step down from hand over withdraw from bag it cast off deliver up bail out step aside from turn back on cast aside look down one's nose at opt out of gloss over send one's regrets shake one's head give the thumbs down give the red light interrupt keep clear of stay clear of turn your back on let well enough alone have no truck with shy away from avoid doing be temperate take the pledge go on the wagon shut off bring to an end expire lapse cut short go die bring to a halt cancel pull the plug on scrap scrub set aside bring to a stop come to an end abolish resign from intermit stay rescind complete eliminate intervene shut down kill abort close out revoke give something the chop call off knock something on the head come to a stop be over come to a halt nip in the bud close down come to a standstill draw to a close come to a close say goodbye to put the kibosh on part with give a rest close off recess disrupt disturb stand down from chuck fail bring to end forlet dissolve spell rest hold back from lay aside culminate give something up phase out resolve abate bring to a close stop trying disjoin dissever get rid of separate interpose disunite disconnect part annul back out of cut into break into back off die down sunder fizzle out achieve succeed go cold turkey blow off pass by wrap ultimate settle quit cold turkey fade away peter out throw in the towel abrogate crown consummate stop doing lie by throw in the sponge carve isolate exclude extirpate usurp remove delete exsect sever marginalize extract oust excise round off put paid to finish off dispose of switch off round out end up wind down wind something up top off die away down tools stop work scratch shelve jack something in pull the plug get done frustrate forfeit bar discount divorce jilt get shut of put the lid on hamper still deselect nix get shot of catch hobble stem take out marginalise cut dead take away staunch freeze hesitate miss give the thumbs down to not heed throw out negative not take advantage of falter waver immobilize teeter dither balance stagger vacillate wobble scruple wabble limp cry off eighty-six finish with dust off break with write off throw up retire from part from wipe out forget about stumble whiffle immobilise hold up let alone draw up pull up bring up bring to a standstill fetch up shilly-shally be suspended put a sock in be broken off be abandoned wiggle-waggle blow the whistle on draw to a stand hang back stand still put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill come to rest discard betray jettison junk stop having stop using


To take preventative measures
prevent avert deter obviate preclude stop defend against fend off hinder hold off impede inhibit restrict rule out stave off thwart deflect hamper head off ward off debar foil forefend forestall forfend frustrate intercept obstruct block halt check counter hold back arrest counteract restrain circumvent shut out prohibit baulk divert retard repress nip in the bud bar balk stonewall put an end to put a stop to help save ward anticipate curb oppose derail stymie defeat interdict limit evade circumnavigate nullify crimp sidestep skirt steer clear of turn aside keep at bay keep lid on trammel stall scupper keep from happening spoil delay repel put off eliminate remove desist discontinue cease cramp free spare reprieve intervene interpose foreclose interfere shunt turn veer absolve get out of dispense exempt escape beat put paid to bypass get round make unnecessary discharge stand in the way of scotch overturn look away shove aside turn from interfere with disrupt get rid of take away do away with crash wreck put the stopper on take down upset stump do for ditch take wind out of ruin outwit juke put the kibosh on unsettle baffle stave cool chill cork dam interrupt forbid keep off dash snooker discomfit checkmate smash disappoint hold up nobble foul up put the mockers on neutralize fetter bilk cripple crab neutralise parry hang up upset the apple cart put a spoke in someone's wheel quash confuse hamstring root hobble cross annul queer confound repulse pre-empt louse up cut off give the slip screw up upset one's apple cart mess up put the lid on cramp one's style destroy stifle handicap suppress crush extinguish negate snafu puzzle traverse shatter cancel shake mystify turn back discourage dish dodge disconcert nonplus scuttle cook someone's goose play off preempt rattle flummox spike someone's guns encumber duck queer someone's pitch second-guess conquer turn away give the run around undo get ahead of get in before throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of provide against steal a march on bring to an end corner throw monkey wrench in beat someone to the punch beat someone to it beat someone to the draw throw a spanner in the works offset buck finish something finish off devastate redirect reroute countermove demolish sabotage end make an end of bring to a close quell clobber blow throw a curve glance contravene invalidate elude commandeer squash rebut rebound promote faze skip buffalo bollix blank counterplot bury shackle kill be early be one step ahead of pick off act in advance of prepare for head off at pass block off shake off shuffle off confront run circles around give the run-around run rings around control cause setback get the better of put end to beat down take wind out of sails triumph beat off gain vanquish clog manacle short-circuit hog-tie handcuff embarrass withhold halt in its tracks crool banjax skin overcome lick quiet indispose be the end of dead-end pigeonhole shelve tie up throw a monkey wrench in the works resist cumber put a brake on defend guard bulwark fence glance off draw away upset the applecart dash one's hope put on hold throw a monkey wrench into put on back burner choke off hang fire constrain drive away screen keep back affect disturb remit suspend cover fend keep tamper influence turn off throw cold water on intermit jam incommode conflict trouble inconvenience discommode pour cold water on put a damper on render null and void shield against fight off guard against safeguard against secure against stand up for protect against defend oneself against keep at arm's length skirt round get in the way be a hindrance to get in the way of preoccupy forecast monopolize project expect foresee envision predict perplex bewilder monopolise throw fox floor obfuscate dumbfound wilder gravel discombobulate maze stick put at a loss bring up short stagger be all Greek to bamboozle be too much for


(rare) To put an end to formally or by law
annul cancel repeal rescind invalidate nullify retract revoke void abolish abort abrogate negate null quash abate call off disannul dissolve roll back strike down vacate countermand set aside reverse overrule recall withdraw override undo overturn obviate declare null and void render invalid do away with wipe out repudiate take back vitiate nix veto annihilate kill scrap terminate render null and void renege obliterate remove scrub discharge put an end to axe overthrow recant dismantle make void ax end renounce erase neutralize disclaim dump expunge backpedal lift call back neutralise bring to an end ditch dismiss discontinue stop drop disaffirm disestablish abjure efface backtrack on get rid of delete X-out offset discard zap cancel out stamp out rub out cast aside declare invalid blot out black out back out of suspend destroy disallow eradicate call abandon eliminate extinguish chop deny disown counterorder forswear finish subvert rule against trash renege on counteract deracinate torpedo renig make ineffective supersede suppress cry off go back on counterbalance unmake ignore countercheck redress root out sweep away snuff out weasel out close down wash out give something the chop knock something on the head blue pencil take out declare retreat weaken undermine back-pedal on disregard disobey dishonour backwater forget get off the hook go against unfit impair circumduct disqualify cut purge omit dishonor watergate wangle out edit black exclude censor remit knock on the head do a U-turn on make null and void pull the plug crawl out of refuse to fulfil elide dele break blow sky-high render meaningless retire refute redline bottle up cork up shut down hush up put the lid on put damper on countervail rebut exterminate counterpoise turf belay rule out render inert go back on one's word wipe slate clean ink out cross out blank out block out strike out x out blue-pencil stroke out put a line through edit out X out white out nig scratch confine restrict compensate squash limit junk extirpate shed disband bring to naught call all bets off forget it jettison adjourn cease throw out excise conclude prorogue liquidate dispense with clean up disunite break up wind up inhibit squelch prohibit contravene oppose frustrate ding belie blackball disprove impugn traverse stonewall cross wreck destruct split up close sever disorganize shoot ruin loose wrack wind down decimate shatter postpone demolish collapse put kibosh on put the kibosh on put down break with turn down turn thumbs down fly in the face of render void fade out resolve into break off waive reject KO blow knock out finish off do in back out worm out opt out shoot down stand down throw over crush put a stop to quell defeat give up raze waste smash dispatch subdue slaughter repress check stifle devastate overcome quench interrupt thwart cut out massacre total knock off curb crack down on off beat nip in the bud pull the plug on banish quit cut off put paid to halt pack in call a halt to silence slay weed out take away wipe off the map put to death upset desolate dispose of wipe off the face of the earth nuke blow away put out expire vaporize croak conquer clobber phase out assassinate butcher murder overwhelm leave off vaporise snuff clamp down on bump off slap down wipe from the face of the earth scotch pulverize cream die execute bring to a halt go smother get shot of uproot rout can pulverise ice tear down whack pull down desist top stiff elapse lapse smoke score out pass determine dead-end scrag do to death let up wink out wrap up pack up take the life of lay off mow down close out do for disrupt cripple spoil hamper hinder mar control foil refrain from prevent ravage stymie part obscure intermit harm overpower forget about get shut of conceal obstruct cover mess up vanquish trim gut sabotage complete relinquish screw up muck up disconnect queer take off scratch out leave out get bring down crack down sink end the life of desist from shut off give over cut down polish off wrap ultimate round off round out chuck in cut to pieces put away give someone the works run out cut short terminate with extreme prejudice bring to a close sit on remove all traces of blow someone's brains out call it quits slash bin take stamp something out rid strip clear reduce drastically kayo withhold shelve scrunch squish exsect wipe deaden cast out drive out cause the death of make away with expel snow under abnegate put out of your mind bleep put to sleep bring to a conclusion prorogate come to an end recess bring to an untimely end clamp down put an stop to bring to screeching halt erode fade redact wipe off bowdlerize pull back draw back level hit unload cover over blank strike bowdlerise blot scrape off launder wipe off face of earth blow to bits mark out destroy root and branch take apart rub off resolve damage alter smooth away wear away rub away forgo change overset clear away sunder douse down prostrate attack settle topple scupper pass over murk wax brush aside cow shade obfuscate darken batten eclipse crown consummate hang behead decapitate chill do knife asphyxiate dust off garrote electrocute take a life garotte garrotte lynch guillotine cool strangle incapacitate dash put at risk triumph over arrest choke get done call it a day pack it in switch off sew up end up nip something in the bud wind something up top off knock down botch put lid on bottle trample on dominate keep inside clamp hold in shush bury keep in trample spike stem drive underground hold down beat down abstain from shake off do without give something a miss render needless disable threaten make a mess of render ineffective play havoc with block foul up blow out dampen skin crimp have impoverish throw a monkey wrench in the works of craze unbuild balls up injure blow a hole in overreach outmaneuver rain on someone's parade outmanoeuvre outfox work against throw a spanner in the works of cramp outsmart make waves louse up bollix interfere with break down cover up make dark pass out hold back keel over turn out detect stub out damp down intrude on put to the sword send to the gas chambers ethnically cleanse send to kingdom come benothing kick pause subjugate lay off of depart surcease disjoin dissever intervene separate interpose discount demise decease exit flatline perish fall succumb bag it blow off bar except debar avert forfend proscribe preclude forestall forbid wane ban deter bate stave off count out ward off not consider shut out freeze out close one's doors to kick in conk out pass on kick off peg out pass away step out pop off check out


Run away from a place or situation of danger
flee bolt escape run away abscond fly split run run off skedaddle take off leave make off take flight scarper vanish decamp depart shun vamoose be gone scram absent oneself break bug out make oneself scarce retreat run for it beat a retreat beat it clear off clear out cut and run cut out get away hook it leg it skidoo slope off beat a hasty retreat blow desert elude evade get head for the hills hightail it hotfoot jump light out make a break for it peel out scamper scoot turn tail do a bunk do a disappearing act do a runner go through make yourself scarce shoot through make a quick exit make a run for it make tracks make your escape make your getaway take a powder make a getaway make one's escape make quick exit show a clean pair of heels step on it take a hike take to your heels fly the coop step on the gas take it on the lam lam get out break out of dodge duck hightail withdraw disappear break out steal away make getaway levant hide clear hasten away run from exit evacuate egress shirk quit kite begone vacate go alight take to one's heels bug off extricate oneself buzz off be off go away free oneself pass double skip elope slip emerge circumvent burst out cut loose bail out play hooky duck out get off wriggle out go scot-free slip away work out of get away with run out on take on the lam give the slip make one's getaway retire skip off push off shove off set off get going set out pull out flit hit the road do a moonlight flit break free do a fade sneak away walk out run along go off take French leave move get lost start out go on the lam scat do a vanishing act make an exit up sticks part get free break loose bail abstract oneself head off absent yourself step along make a escape take leave pack off rack off move along move off be on one's way hit the trail bog off pop off walk off pike off pack up pike out break camp recoil hustle hasten dart dash hurry repair remove betake oneself fall back abandon draw back book do a Skase pull back hamba voetsak avaunt push on dig out peel off sally forth say one's goodbyes naff off sod off haul off hop the twig pack one's bags get along back out sling one's hook make a break push along get stuffed nick off sling your hook hop it take your leave go jump in the lake move out go and jump in the lake take wing get moving hop the stick go like lightning dog it bust hotfoot it get under way have it away shrink shoo sneak off separate go AWOL back off go your way make a start give way on your bike take a long walk on a short pier skip out be on your way take yourself off break away draw away get out of my sight check out be off with you give ground amble canter gallop bound career course barrel hie bustle make away do a moonlight tear off yeet fade away recede spread absquatulate go out have it away on one's toes range cruise shrink back scurry speed race expedite zip spur rush whiz wend make a move mosey make for make one's way depart suddenly fold disengage slip out go and chase yourself bust out jump ship go secretly spring leave hastily escape from run away from leave abruptly back away drop back go back move away move back ditch dump pull stakes be lost go south make a quick getaway depart secretly make scarce make haste hurry up move fast kick rocks make time abdicate migrate emigrate sally git cop out kiss goodbye drop out walk out on leave high and dry opt out advance absent start proceed troop disentangle yourself break with shake a leg make a dash for it run like scared rabbit leave holding the bag leave in the lurch leave flat go forth pack your bags blast off move on say goodbye set forth march out hit the bricks get a move on make break away from secede become independent gain autonomy divide off disaffiliate part company slip through your fingers make good one's escape get out of someone's clutches


To hold or have a negative opinion of
mislike disfavour disfavor disesteem dislike deprecate discountenance reprove tsk-tsk disrelish disapprove of abhor abominate antipathize condemn contemn deplore despise detest disapprove eschew execrate loathe mind regret resent scorn shun frown on frown upon tut about tut over tut-tut about tut-tut over not appreciate not endure object to shudder at be allergic to bear malice toward be averse to grossed out on have hard feelings look down on lose interest in make faces at not care for not feel like be turned off to have no stomach for have no taste for have no use for not take kindly to hate oppose find intolerable don't like regard with disgust take exception to distaste disrespect slight look down one's nose on shake one's head discourage veto resist disdain spurn have no taste find repellent find distasteful disagree with be unable to bear recoil from have no liking for be unable to abide regard with distaste be unable to stand have a down on hold in disfavour be repelled by shrink from be unable to stomach not be able to bear have an aversion to take a dim view of be unable to tolerate dispute discommend feel hostile towards dislike greatly regard with contempt bear a grudge against can't stand feel malice to feel aversion towards feel revulsion towards put down not stand for hold no brief for not go for count me out be revolted by repudiate reject be against have it in for feel aversion to not think much of not be able to stand find unacceptable renounce regard with repugnance feel repugnance towards look askance at feel hostility to be down on frown at disincline be displeased with be dissatisfied with object be revolted be repulsed have a poor opinion of view with dislike indicate disapproval of view with disfavour show disapproval of feel hostile to feel repelled by frown be grossed out by take dim view of have a problem with dislike intensely don't want feel revulsion to think wrong show displeasure feel distaste for be hostile to feel disgust for decline refuse revolt down on feel animosity to feel hostility towards feel disgust towards deride find disgusting revile feel hostility toward feel aversion toward feel repugnance toward feel repugnance have a strong aversion to can't bear feel contempt for undervalue mock have aversion to have a low opinion of snub neglect jeer at sneer at scoff at misprize pour scorn on heap scorn on feel contempt wipe out not be able to stomach look down nose at

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