Đồng nghĩa của stop participating in


To pull out of, or cease to participate in, a deal, agreement or position
withdraw quit leave exit pull resign retire abandon disengage chuck detach forsake secede back out bow out drop out pull out bail out absent yourself abstract oneself give up pack in resign from step down from get out pull back pull out of stop participating walk away from withdraw from back out of recede from back off bow out of scratch from detach yourself disengage from get out of stop demit renege on get off step down wriggle out throw in the sponge opt out chuck in throw in the towel call it a day make one's exit give something a miss take the count jack in renounce retreat relinquish abdicate forgo surrender yield renege repudiate cede sell out forswear waive drop terminate discard ditch render contract out hand over dispense with desert stand down pull the plug have done with opt out of give notice avoid duck out sell exclude oneself sell up abstract abandon ship go dissociate disassociate delink beat a retreat move out hang it up walk out cease work stand aside hand in resignation sign off weasel out disclaim disown disavow kick jettison set aside betray abnegate axe desist from scrap junk scrub abjure ax stop using vacate discontinue cease lay down deliver turn over stop having do away with cancel halt end turn your back on split quitclaim cast off sign away cast take the oath back down cut loose cough up let go of let pass take the pledge part with forbear leave in the lurch turn down shed bag it lay aside sacrifice quit cold turkey let go by leave holding the bag give away kiss good-bye turn in swear off dump drop like hot potato leave high and dry reject separate disaffiliate apostatize cry off throw up retire from finish with retract break with break from drop out of disaffiliate from split with become independent break away break away from form a splinter group turn back on defect from separate oneself from have nothing more to do with split from separate from split off from sever relations with

Trái nghĩa của stop participating in

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