Đồng nghĩa của step down

Alternative for step down

Đồng nghĩa: de-escalate, leave office, quit, resign, weaken,


To decrease or make lower in degree, amount or value
decrease diminish moderate reduce curb decrement drop lessen lower curtail depreciate downscale downsize minimise minimize quell taper ease lighten temper restrict shorten de-escalate tail off let up phase out whittle down scale down cut back abate cut down trim dwindle deplete cut limit pare roll back dent scale back mitigate alleviate dial down wind down tone down slash couch decline knock down shrink make cutbacks in take down trim down taper off ebb clip trim back mark down minify restrain drop off damp down ease off shave attenuate bring down relax narrow contract round down pare down subdue ration stifle defuse take the heat off slow contain check roll down budget cut economize rationalize trim away rationalise deduct slim down retrench phase down economise tune down axe slacken dry up tighten dilute amortise run down wane ax make less downgrade devaluate qualify impair sink erode take the edge off depress amortize make smaller degrade weaken peter out slow down cast down extenuate soften fall subside recede slump assuage plummet prune allay devalue fall away fall off remit relent plunge die down palliate relieve dull blunt soothe discount ratchet down mollify die out calm die away drain fade go down pall cheapen dip drain away play down modify deaden dampen undermine nosedive crash sap deflate trivialize undervalue cut back on control deteriorate quiet abridge grow less constrict trivialise thin dive underrate belittle break salami-slice modulate shrivel slake soft-pedal grow smaller become smaller truncate tumble descend misprize flag cushion adulterate hold back decay settle make light of slacken off underestimate waste gloss over wither brush aside appease droop go downhill understate de-emphasize collapse slide take a nosedive cool write off write down regress water down dock sell short empty dim downplay stop quieten degenerate abbreviate damp release nose-dive ease up exhaust condense consume rachet down underemphasize wear down wear away pacify crumble use up slack become less narrow down close slack off fail lull loosen detract from rein in shrug off halt rate too low get smaller ease up on get lower compress disempower whittle away make reductions in debase do an injustice to bleed hit the floor not do justice to hold cheap numb go into a tailspin lace loose detract deprecate inhibit retard evaporate placate adjust still regulate remove extend discredit help slip constringe sophisticate stay cripple hinder suck dry calm down run low vitiate sweeten thin out sag skid crater blur put down milk eat up retrogress turn down take away from get less disparage lenify become lower set little store by economize on thin down take a dive go through the floor let up on deprive underplay quench squeeze elide syncopate devalorize smooth lop mute cramp muffle dam derogate stem sate dissipate ameliorate worsen block defame cut down on eliminate compact enfeeble lose edge confine staunch revise enervate straiten stanch disappear eat into disable debilitate make weaker impoverish minimalize alter scrimp withdraw tighten up comfort commute vilipend choke chill out take the sting out take the bite out rein back retire decimate lapse keep down take in die off fall steeply downturn trail off vary talk down shift change trail disesteem fall sharply put the brakes on prevent be reduced draw in pooh-pooh be wrong about disintegrate relapse make narrower corrode take off retrograde return revamp transmogrify switch make little of backslide come to an end drop rapidly retrench on become narrower get narrower think too little of waste away fizzle out take a load off go away cut off cave in set no store by wear off lay off take a header fade away rebate humble tail away fleece scale something down take the edge off sth simplify subtract tame slenderize diffuse whittle peter restraint demote untighten make fewer demean disengage make less active minish wilt reduce greatly halve grow vanish take it easy rescind shape trail away elongate bate shade cloud sober darken deepen nose dive slim wrinkle satiate satisfy languish rarefy offset tranquilize misjudge lower in price miniaturise miniaturize drop away tranquillize excuse cause to fall disregard make inroads into gobble up guzzle mark off telescope disperse underprice underprize become weaker go downwards invalidate gutter despise gratify grow weaker benumb cauterize withstand arrest resist oppose reduce punishment muddy up reduce the force of become less intense give way drop down make less formal make less strict objectify look down on dissolve lower in value go easy come down do away with get rid of fall short keep at a minimum keep to a minimum fail to appreciate set too little store by anaesthetize anesthetize take for granted cauterise hebetate desensitise desensitize obtund miscalculate wear out become quieter become softer retreat give out decry totter lose bring to a standstill admix address improve stabilize balance attune slope drag buckle gather miscarry slight denigrate take pressure off become weak get quieter get softer cut short chop lessen the impact of soften the impact of reduce the impact of abase flop compose refresh extinguish relaxed grow dim make lighter soften up make economies in make cuts in reduce wastage in bow out put a damper on not do justice harmonize crop fold up tip over break down be precipitated decrease in value decline in price hit the dirt lose value resolve pad save neutralise stabilise neutralize demilitarize demilitarise rescue recover retrocede omit delete strangle rot denature taint capsule capsulize fine tune monkey around with cool out take the bite out of take the sting out of make reasonable knock fall back pull out tone back away set drop back tune break off focus circumscribe pinch tauten strangulate clench tense disencumber levitate upraise facilitate jettison eradicate unload unburden disburden take uplight free move away go back tuck astringe delay boil down inflect eat away at move further off retract flow back back back off draw away alloy draw back depart move back expend detain devolve clear the air smooth out take the heat blister pour oil on get to meat put in nutshell put a restriction on put a limit on backbite amend fine-tune adapt tweak harmonise atrophy spend handicap cool off settle down brighten reduce weight throw out put off pour out grow worse get worse dispel counteract salve cure evacuate stunt decelerate impede fade out lose ground solace punctuate succor succour console go down the toilet revert go to the pack disimprove go to the dogs go down the tubes come apart at seams take a turn for the worse hit the skids deprave die on vine go to rack and ruin go to pot corrupt go to pieces obstruct hold up stall set back liss interrupt draw together get thinner decrease in importance pale lose significance lose lustre pale into insignificance grow dull laugh at keep back hamper lag retardate mire aid break up assist subtract from cut rate bring respite to burn absorb devour loiter procrastinate reef postpone embog bring aid to bring an end to make something bearable bring aid take load off bankrupt interfere with back-water hit the brakes lose speed keep waiting lose steam let down flaps get in the way of bog down anchor it finish play out draw down draw squander dismiss bounce cashier discharge fire pink-slip sack terminate can wash up dig into hatchet cleaver tomahawk muster out give someone the sack turn off put an end to let go poll whitewash deemphasize make light brush off


To decrease in speed or rate


To relinquish or release (a claim, title, etc.)


(of a place or location) To go or get away from
leave quit flee abandon move vacate depart evacuate flit desert embark escape exit go forsake split vamoose decamp defect disappear elope emigrate retire scoot abscond cut fly issue migrate relinquish sally scram vanish part start stir depart from go away move out pull out run off withdraw from abscond from be gone from check out clear out decamp from disappear from go from head out retire from run along say goodbye set out take off walk out absent oneself from beat it bog off bolt from break away clear off cut and run escape from flee from fly from go away from go forth make off make oneself scarce make tracks move out of pull out of remove oneself ride off run away from set out from slip out take a hike take leave take your leave of come away cut out disengage from exit from give the slip hook it push off shove off slope off from up sticks do a disappearing act go AWOL pack your bags take oneself off from do a bunk do a bunk from sling your hook take French leave say one's farewells say your goodbyes walk away bolt run away skedaddle scarper take flight do a runner beat a hasty retreat skip fly the coop make a run for it run take a powder hightail bug out hightail it make a break for it steal away run for it slip away get out retreat withdraw head for the hills show a clean pair of heels break make a getaway leg it bail out get away do a moonlight flit scamper light out peel out break out clear take it on the lam sneak away get lam beat a retreat go on the lam get off break out of hotfoot it take to your heels duck out begone avoid shun sneak off blow make a quick exit relocate turn tail break free bug off buzz off absent yourself head off pack up step on it cut loose make your escape slope off dash travel evade scurry bail skidoo book race dart rush hurry walk out on scat move away hustle break loose get free be gone skip off dig out step along sally forth push on peel off go off fade away run out on go through shoot through do a Skase do a vanishing act burst out pike off pack off pike out resettle remove fade empty zip ditch scuttle hasten speed duck dodge walk off shoot jump sprint career elude get out of kite abandon ship turn your back spur expedite whiz clear out from head out from slip levant pass emerge double make a escape pull up stakes run off from take off from move out from beeline be off part with make quick exit break away from make hit the road shake a leg hurry up go missing go like lightning play hooky get away with make time make a sharp exit make haste be lost wriggle out take on the lam make a break take yourself off get a move on work out of move fast go scot-free slink off slink creep sneak skulk have it away make away sign out void absquatulate recede tear off egress alight shirk break camp budge from go out of shift from creep off bust skidaddle retreat from displace depart suddenly hide get going walk move on make a move from bail out from clear from pull out from free oneself extricate oneself go secretly hasten away run from get out of someone's clutches make good one's escape slip through your fingers move from circumvent make vacant make empty eject from go absent without leave go west head defect from move abroad flit from leave hastily leave abruptly run for the hills storm off leave suddenly go off in a huff make a sudden departure take wing get up and go storm out flounce out hotfoot skiddoo spring transmigrate trek go to hell pull stakes advance bound set forth aim scramble set off steer bear veer dump step on the gas move overseas get on your bike do a fade kick rocks get lost move house change house change address change jobs passage leave your country start a new life drop out opt out cop out kiss goodbye leave high and dry scram from run along from vamoose from hare hurtle change residence make a dash for it leave in the lurch leave flat walk out of take leave from head off from remove oneself from cut and run from set off from clear off from check out from zoom leave holding the bag run like scared rabbit make oneself scarce from take a hike from say goodbye to give the slip to slip out from trot belt pelt tear sunder out burst out of break loose from bust out come out make one's escape from charge skirr whizz hie skitter ram hurl drive blast careen rip highball whirl bundle rustle breeze beetle rocket nip motor chase bomb jet whisk step buzz hump blaze course barrel bustle bowl scutter cannonball post accelerate crack on evaporate move quickly be quick evanesce dissolve jump ship dematerialize disperse melt dissipate sink be invisible become invisible go south make scarce make a quick getaway dog it skip out depart secretly die melt away be lost to view be wiped out disappear from sight be lost to sight recede from view vanish into thin air be exterminated


The amount or degree by which something is reduced
decline decrease reduction drop diminution fall abatement diminishment decrement loss depletion shrinkage falloff depression dent drop-off lessening cut lowering dwindling cutback contraction ebb falling off curtailment impoverishment wane diminishing slump weakening deterioration slackening declining waning downturn plunge dying down deduction dive downtick tumble nosedive fading degeneration easing shrinking attenuation dip drain erosion let-up retrenchment descent dropping off slide slash discount slowdown sag collapse downswing degradation crash devaluation subtraction fall-off minimizing depreciation attrition minimising ruination disappearance failing receding decay deprivation downfall precipitation lapse slip downtrend down downslide landslide downsize privation alleviation mitigation rollback lightening forfeiture squandering dissipation shortfall de-escalation compression letting up subsidence striction constriction decrescence condensation exhaustion expenditure consumption want waste failure impairment retardation plummet downgrade expending using up use deficiency pruning subdual chopping limiting debasement scaling down cutting subjugation pullback trimming dilution minimization slimming axing slimming down declension stagnation standstill degeneracy declination devolution sapping draining milking emptying declivity decadence downhill trend recession nose dive bottom-out paralysis bottom out trough shakeout inactivity bleeding subsiding slowing running down relaxation sinking moderation dying away fade cessation ebbing easing off desisting dropping away dying out relenting cooling off saving tailing off petering out tapering off spill pitch header flop topple stumble cropper trip slant slope belly flop skid markdown roll gradient deflation nose-dive hang sinkage cant jump duck flip wipeout sweep incline droop bad times slack hill regression backsliding sink concavity basin plummeting inclination list tailspin relapse retrogression tilt skydive downhill falling-off swoop hanging plump downslope free fall false step rainy days loss of value high dive bust stagflation economic decline credit squeeze hard times credit crunch difference slackness demolition settling hollow sinkhole distortion accident downshift misstep withering pounce rush toss rundown pratfall minus dropoff tip letup concession sale comedown atrophy worsening backslide recidivism clearance arrest downward bargain dunk rise and fall headlong fall sharp fall stoop lunge spiral meltdown reverse recidivation retrogradation scarp cave-in flagging stagger big trouble unemployment bankruptcy steep fall retreat downward spiral submersion submergence bellyflop allowance write-down devaluing cheapening downer rut blight funk letdown dumps low bottom adret versant bajada escarpment downgrading ducking economy fading away decrease in value lowering in value reduction in value withdrawal refluence reflux backflow retroflux accounting allowance trail bend track blue funk the skids blue devils bad period free-fall phasedown reversal belt-tightening special headlong jump salami slicing low water low tide outward flow Black Monday rainy day grade angle bank lean rake upgrade camber leaning plunging settlement downcome falling bevel going down heel coming down

Trái nghĩa của step down

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