Đồng nghĩa của jettison

Alternative for jettison

jettison /'dʤetisn/
  • danh từ
    • sự vứt hàng xuống biển cho nhẹ tàu (khi lâm nguy)
    • (nghĩa bóng) sự vứt bỏ
    • ngoại động từ
      • vứt hàng xuống biển cho nhẹ tàu (khi lâm nguy)
      • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) vứt ra khỏi máy bay (khi đang bay)
      • (nghĩa bóng) vứt bỏ (cái gì)


    To throw away (something unwanted or useless)
    reject discard dump scrap shed abandon chuck ditch junk throw away throw out cast off relinquish desert drop unload ax axe bin cashier deep-six dispose of eighty-six exorcise exorcize expel fling get rid of lose pitch slough off toss toss out cast aside chuck out dispense with eject forsake heave shrug off trash abdicate cast chuck away have done with hurl lay by maroon shuck off slough throw overboard fling away fling off get shot of get shut of throw on the scrapheap do away with eliminate remove see the back of clear out dismiss offload unburden disburden off-load set aside cast away unlade dispose shake off throw root out weed out destroy write off part with discharge transfer shift unpack wreck foist disencumber can leave cut cull dispatch give up shuck rid throw off rid oneself of free oneself of take off put out to pasture throw aside fob off palm off sluff off thrust aside cast out shelve scrub disown exclude bung out bung away make away with throw something off nix unship repudiate yield doff dispossess forgo away negative fling out trim 86 toss aside auction knock on the head pull the plug on adios chase refuse slip evict extrude clear demolish give the boot recycle decommission annihilate obliterate sweep away retire turn down wash your hands of divest yourself of file in circular file relieve yourself of kiss goodbye kiss off make over deep six shipwreck strand melt off reduce cast ashore leave stranded consign to scrap heap break up throw up leave behind lighten disgorge discommode relieve leave high and dry void let drop drop off let fall divest take a load off break bulk free from relieve of boot out fire sack kick out let go send packing give someone the boot oust release surrender displace turf out give someone the bullet give someone their marching orders give the heave-ho show the door give someone the push renounce waive moult omit cede disregard exuviate bounce terminate molt sacrifice pink-slip drum out hand over turn off muster out leave out let go of give away make redundant peel off give someone the sack give someone their cards extract manage without do without cope without banish unhand put aside give the old heave-ho give someone their notice loosen one's hold on loose one's hold on exfoliate sluff peel supplant excuse flake mew supersede bump replace bust flake off skin scale freeze out lay off run out of town relieve of duty deprive of office ride out on rail let one go declare redundant give someone notice lock out give one notice disqualify resign depose dethrone lay down deliver turn over render unseat boot break delete dislodge slur elide erase forget cancel back down cut loose take the pledge forbear drop out kiss good-bye withdraw opt out sign away take the oath cough up deliver up let pass stand down lay aside quit cold turkey let go by turn in swear off drop like hot potato ignore court martial leave off topple force out defenestrate overturn defrock deprive uncrown unthrone unmake overthrow unsettle give a pink slip throw out on your ear give the bum's rush give something a miss take out miss out turn out out drive out rule out disthrone discrown usurp step into shoes of bring down take over disenthrone remove from office cross out cut out shut the door on


    To let someone down by abandoning or neglecting them
    fail abandon desert forsake leave betray disregard neglect depart ditch reject discard relinquish discount dump ignore repeal forget renounce abdicate disclaim quit jilt abort disown flee revoke screw disavow drop maroon escape rescind abscond from abstain from bail on break with cheat on disappear from escape from flee from fly from refrain from retire from withdraw from back out on be disloyal to be gone from be unfaithful to break up with do away with go away from run away from run out on set out from take oneself off from turn your back on walk out on give up repudiate surrender yield forgo forswear kick set aside withdraw axe desist from scrub dispense with scrap junk stop having renege on ax have done with stop using strand cast aside cast off depart from chuck leave behind leave flat throw over leave high and dry leave stranded wash one's hands of change one's tune give someone the big E take the oath drift away sacrifice take your leave of rat on bin off give someone the push resign give someone the air kiss goodbye leave in the lurch give the elbow spurn show the door stop pack in turn one's back on let go of cut out cease discontinue swear off lay off shun leave off cut loose leave hanging hang out to dry cut off forbear from vacate exit end knock off resign from waive cede halt can forbear abjure orphan take off from brush off part with wash your hands of pull out of break off with back out of drop out walk away from divorce oneself from end relations with walk away blow off clear out from bail out on wash hands of have nothing more to do with run away leave someone in the lurch stand down from jack in give something up bereave deny evacuate leave all alone make an orphan leave alone leave parentless give notice to kiss off disallow forego hand over bail gainsay disinherit refute negate retract negative rebut contradict disaffirm disconfirm pass on skip lay down deliver turn over render bail from say goodbye to get out of finish move from bow out of walk out of be done with drop out of step aside from exit from absent oneself from run along from check out from call it quits cancel abnegate terminate beach empty give up the ship flake out cop out let someone stew in their own juice leg it storm out fly the coop dispose of bail out opt out of chicken out take a powder take a walk bow out split from cut off without a penny refuse to acknowledge refuse to recognize send packing disacknowledge break deny yourself restrain from eschew do without suspend resist go without pass up scratch shelve back down take the pledge kiss good-bye opt out sign away cast cough up let pass stand down turn down shed lay aside quit cold turkey let go by give away turn in drop like hot potato remit interrupt forfeit move out from move out of bail out from head out from slip out decamp make vacant make empty clear from walk out hightail eject from run off from clear pull out from break off divorce lay off of cry off throw up eighty-six shut off finish with dust off part from wipe out call off shake write off break up give over forget about pack up withhold from not touch stay away from steer clear of leave out get off keep off call a halt to avoid desist skip out on rein in shy from hold off


    To put an end to, especially formally
    abolish cancel end destroy dissolve eliminate eradicate quash terminate void obliterate repeal annihilate extinguish invalidate overturn annul ax axe ditch do away with exterminate nullify rescind wipe out expunge get rid of junk revoke abrogate drop extirpate shed stamp out stop discard erase overthrow scrap suppress trash delete throw out vitiate countermand discontinue excise put an end to remove repudiate retract scrub subvert withdraw abate avoid black out blot out chop clean up disannul dispense with dump efface liquidate negate null root out rub out snuff out sweep away vacate deracinate disestablish finish inhibit kill nix prohibit roll back squelch strike down supersede undo zap call off close down set aside give something the chop put kibosh on knock something on the head put the kibosh on bring to an end abandon abort cut recall call give up forget forget about take away scratch cry off postpone put a stop to crush subdue quell squash defeat check repress halt put down overcome conclude stifle cease crack down on demolish curb break off put paid to conquer suspend wind up nip in the bud ruin pull the plug on close overpower clamp down on silence quit beat put the lid on cut off pack in overwhelm break cut out interrupt break up slap down rout vanquish can quench leave off finish off frustrate thwart lay off clobber call a halt to scotch subjugate declare null and void decimate pass dead-end overrule knock off pack up discharge bring to a halt block elapse expire lapse belay determine slaughter banish let up wink out wrap up desist from shut off give over restrain obviate dismiss cut short shut down prevent waive put out weed out recant impede wreck smash complete bring to a close knock out torpedo dispatch upset arrest massacre go do in reverse murder die bring to a stop hold back butcher slay render null and void wind down take out overrun round off dispose of bring someone to their knees override control phase out veto reject restrict renounce dismantle hamper shatter lick take back worst get shot of hinder take raze master pulverize trounce declare invalid adjourn total best cream relinquish devastate deaden queer sink pulverise floor upend interfere with bring to a standstill do for stem bring down settle quelch triumph over round out swamp trample blow away bring to ruin put an stop to come to an end sit on block out strangle neutralize oust refrain from limit constrain bury depose intermit get shut of unseat wrack topple renege retire disclaim turf omit abjure ignore dethrone vaporize neutralise disunite call back cast aside waste prorogue lift disrupt disallow displace tank stuff uproot scupper gag pause kick bar hammer bust thrash whip smother stall disconnect forbid vaporise sever immobilize supplant wipe off the map assassinate crack down down crucify paste pound skunk wallop steamroll whack drub rule out put a lid on render invalid purge censor trim marmalize deck overbear pommel overmatch cane whitewash get flatten surmount desist close out deny flog rule against wrap ultimate chuck in dish slam shellac edge outplay whomp tan snow under recess wipe off the face of the earth give someone a drubbing put the stopper on wipe from the face of the earth route bear down refuse outrun prevail over trample on shipwreck take to cleaners take it all put to death blow out walk all over make mincemeat of work over remove from power call it a day give the thumbs down to reduce edge out skin KO run rings around mow down shush outhit immobilise entrap draw to a close nose out win a victory over blow out of the water bump off sew up bring to naught do down outjump outmaneuver get around wipe the floor with get the better of outmanoeuvre give someone a hiding pip at the post run roughshod over lambaste take to the cleaners throttle pwn flax run rings round outflank plow under own ambush bring to standstill pick apart turn inside out top off call it quits remove from office win against bin rid strip clear declare disband cast out drive out expel withhold remit shelve exsect refute redline get off the hook counterpoise countercheck redress execute contain split up disorganize loose unmake collapse destruct shoot clamp down bring to screeching halt disturb renege on disaffirm backtrack on dash round up go back on unload dissociate unthrone uncrown cut into say goodbye to break into regulate scrunch squish prostrate overmaster oppress whelm run out bring to a conclusion prorogate bring to an untimely end derail fade out resolve into render void gain control over pour cold water on gain mastery over rein in throw cold water on unhorse render inert wipe slate clean go back on one's word stymie force down grind down bear down on ice resolve clear away dumb administer the coup de grâce drive to the wall carry off give the coup de grâce put away take someone's life move in for the kill take off relieve make void backpedal disown exclude edit black counterorder forswear dull clam be the end of counteract keep down close up say nothing choke off sunder elide dele obscure ink out cross out back out of blank out cancel out blue pencil strike out x out put a line through blue-pencil stroke out edit out X out white out raise vote down cow crown consummate pull the plug get done pack it in switch off end up nip something in the bud wind something up run down call a halt put lid on bottle dominate keep inside clamp hold in keep in spike drive underground hold down beat down obstruct shutdown nuke desolate inter lay in the grave put to rest kill off hold a funeral inhume entomb put six feet under stay still crash render powerless catch hobble leave out disregard forgo tear down pull down staunch freeze hesitate falter waver put out of business put out of action cripple teeter dither balance stagger vacillate wobble scruple wabble limp level stumble whiffle come to a stop come to a halt be suspended hold up put a sock in pull up be over draw up be broken off shilly-shally be abandoned wiggle-waggle come to a close blow the whistle on draw to a stand hang back stand still come to a standstill hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow come to rest bring up fetch up pass over brush aside lay off of defenestrate surcease disjoin dissever intervene separate interpose part ban stamp something out abstain from shake off do without give something a miss render needless pocket submerge muffle swallow knock down tip knock over bring about the downfall of tumble bring low bag it blow off negative interdict mute proscribe outlaw embargo turn down garrote choke back garrotte damp down blackball preclude boycott give thumbs down thumbs down pass on place an embargo on decline disapprove discountenance censure burn pass by dissent not go for give the red light to shoot down throw away refuse permission to lay to rest keep under control come down hard on keep in check release fire pink-slip sack bounce cashier turn off cut back hatchet cleaver slim down tomahawk scale down downsize give the sack let go muster out poll


    Make or become lighter in weight, pressure, or severity
    lighten decrease lessen reduce allay alleviate assuage diminish ease mitigate relieve make lighter moderate palliate soften temper calm soothe subdue ameliorate attenuate change comfort dilute disburden disencumber empty eradicate extenuate facilitate free levitate mollify remove shift take thin unburden unload uplight upraise cut down make less pour out put off reduce weight throw out take a load off abate lower quell take the edge off dull weaken tone down blunt quiet deaden relax curb still taper check cushion curtail de-escalate drop pacify modify restrain contract shrink cut cool ebb slacken dwindle tranquilize lull tranquillize appease help tail off minimize depreciate decrement quieten dampen decline wane take the sting out let up settle slash damp minimise ease off wind down placate drop off stifle downscale peter out slow down sweeten cut back taper off sink subside lenify compose remit smother take the bite out devaluate pour oil on erode qualify suppress depress smooth scale down downsize impair calm down roll back soft-pedal fade damp down slump ratchet down phase down let up on limit die down dry up degrade trim wear away wear down minify relent clip quench muffle dial down mute anaesthetize salve step down anesthetize make cutbacks in drain pare down make nice waste decay droop degenerate loosen deplete evaporate deteriorate crumble wither shrivel fall fall off shorten recede slake run low lose edge narrow down slack off pare numb narrow commute plummet grow less prune pall dent couch make smaller cripple grow smaller adjust gentle blur bring down dispel abridge improve fall away take down trim back trim down mark down becalm lullaby dissipate buffer drain away kill cure satisfy become smaller untrouble balm mellow aid assist die out die away whittle down put an end to play up to smooth down cool out cool off dulcify square patch things up take the sting out of rebate tail away ration control peter address shave paralyse tame discount silence mask truncate restrict benumb knock down excuse paralyze phase out fix up take sting out round down take it easy dock fill surfeit plunge gruntle obtund modulate get rid of hush reduce the force of ease up ease up on sate put a stop to dismiss banish reduce punishment admix heal ally repress eliminate destroy make less strict make less formal transmogrify switch revamp conciliate rachet down go easy break cut back on become less contain reduce something drive away chase away put to rest drive off sap release make less intense put damper on put the lid on put a damper on propitiate make reductions in slim down retrench on salami-slice take pressure off slack enfeeble make peace with quieten down butter up lessen the impact of stroke soften the impact of reduce the impact of settle down win over make up chill out fine tune monkey around with take the bite out of make reasonable stabilize overcome lay off loose extinguish constrict adulterate deflate rarefy disable undermine vitiate offset debilitate enervate resolve pad demilitarise save neutralise rescue recover stabilise neutralize defuse demilitarize get less drop away flag desist die off run interference for clear the way cheer nurse forward disengage speed up doctor simplify meliorate promote make easier speed untighten expedite attend to lift open the door further brighten nosedive waste away come down go down water down counteract amputate close crop punctuate succor succour console vary solace smooth out clear the air take the heat stop liss interrupt slack up prevent break up bring respite to bring an end to bring aid to make bearable make something bearable bring aid take load off axe ax amortise downgrade cast down amortize tighten run down devalue retrench cheapen dip play down crash slow trivialize undervalue trivialise underrate hold back dive belittle tumble misprize descend make light of slacken off underestimate gloss over brush aside go downhill consume understate de-emphasize rationalize collapse slide take a nosedive write off write down regress sell short scale back dim fail downplay rationalise abbreviate nose-dive exhaust condense underemphasize use up rein in inhibit detract whittle away detract from shrug off halt rate too low get smaller get lower compress disempower debase do an injustice to bleed hit the floor not do justice to hold cheap go into a tailspin lace deprecate retard regulate eat into extend discredit slip constringe sophisticate stay hinder suck dry take away from thin out sag skid rein back crater put down milk eat up retrogress turn down disparage wear off alter corrode become lower set little store by economize on thin down take a dive go through the floor deprive deduct underplay squeeze elide syncopate devalorize minimalize lop cramp dam derogate stem worsen block defame cut down on compact confine staunch revise straiten stanch disappear draw in take in make weaker impoverish scrimp withdraw tighten up vilipend choke retire economize decimate lapse economise keep down fall steeply downturn trail off talk down trail disesteem fall sharply put the brakes on be reduced pooh-pooh be wrong about disintegrate relapse make narrower take off retrograde return make little of backslide come to an end drop rapidly become narrower get narrower think too little of fizzle out go away cut off cave in set no store by take a header fade away humble gather eat away at fleece grow weaker scale something down take the edge off sth subtract slenderize diffuse whittle restraint demote make fewer demean make less active minish wilt reduce greatly halve grow misjudge vanish rescind shape trail away elongate bate shade cloud sober darken deepen nose dive slim wrinkle satiate languish disregard lower in price miniaturise miniaturize cause to fall despise make inroads into gobble up guzzle mark off telescope disperse underprice underprize become weaker go downwards invalidate gutter gratify cauterize withstand arrest resist oppose look down on muddy up become less intense give way drop down objectify dissolve lower in value do away with fall short keep at a minimum keep to a minimum fail to appreciate set too little store by cauterise hebetate desensitise desensitize miscalculate wear out become quieter become softer take the heat off retreat give out decry totter lose bring to a standstill balance attune slope drag buckle miscarry slight denigrate become weak get quieter get softer cut short chop abase flop refresh relaxed grow dim soften up make economies in make cuts in reduce wastage in bow out not do justice harmonize fold up tip over break down be precipitated decrease in value decline in price hit the dirt lose value retrocede omit delete rot denature taint capsule capsulize knock fall back pull out tone back away set drop back tune break off strangle move away go back delay boil down focus circumscribe pinch tauten strangulate inflect clench tense move further off retract flow back back back off draw away alloy draw back depart move back expend detain devolve tuck astringe blister get to meat put in nutshell put a restriction on put a limit on backbite amend fine-tune adapt tweak harmonise atrophy spend handicap grow worse get worse evacuate stunt decelerate impede fade out lose ground go down the toilet revert go to the pack disimprove go to the dogs go down the tubes come apart at seams take a turn for the worse hit the skids deprave die on vine go to rack and ruin go to pot corrupt go to pieces obstruct hold up stall set back trim away budget cut tune down roll down decrease in importance pale lose significance lose lustre pale into insignificance grow dull laugh at keep back hamper lag retardate mire subtract from cut rate draw together get thinner burn absorb devour loiter procrastinate reef postpone embog bankrupt interfere with back-water hit the brakes lose speed keep waiting lose steam let down flaps get in the way of bog down anchor it finish play out draw down draw squander bounce cashier discharge fire pink-slip sack terminate can wash up dig into hatchet cleaver tomahawk give the sack muster out turn off let go poll whitewash deemphasize make light brush off


    The action of jettisoning something


    To completely put an end to something

    Trái nghĩa của jettison

    jettison Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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