Đồng nghĩa của forget about


To disregard or take no notice of something
sweep aside dismiss disregard ignore reject shrug off take no notice of brush aside think no more of have done with refuse to acknowledge make light of wave aside discount push aside shut eyes to play down flout trivialize cock a snook at neglect minimize pass over pooh-pooh trivialise laugh off overlook belittle turn a blind eye to brush off scoff at put aside turn a deaf ear to pay no attention to have no time for minimise spurn gloss over blink at overpass wink at whitewash paper over gloze over forget let pass let go condone excuse forgive pardon remit take no account of pay no heed to look the other way slight slur over not take into consideration deliberately ignore close your eyes to pay no mind turn a blind eye bypass omit set aside tune out miss unheed unmind connive write off live with discard connive at snub brush away turn a deaf ear scorn repudiate rebuff disdain treat with contempt contemn cold-shoulder misheed skip palliate spare take no notice be oblivious to make allowances for turn your back on pay no attention leave be let someone off with let something slide never mind de-emphasize avoid let something ride let off easy pay no mind to pay no heed turn back on evade downplay soft-pedal wipe slate clean cast aside take lightly have no use for sneeze at treat lightly shake off pour cold water on throw cold water on put out of your mind wink deal rapidly with treat as unimportant dissimulate doubt undersell disbelieve dispel lay aside take with a pinch of salt give no credence to deodorise deodorize indulge plead ignorance let off discharge bury the hatchet give absolution suspend charges grant a pardon to grant amnesty tolerate put up with grin and bear it let bygones be bygones stand for roll with punches bear with swim with the tide sink take look past turn blind eye to stomach go along with play past bury let it go fail to notice exclude look through dispense with turn blind eye turn deaf ear not take into account bury one's head in sand deride disclaim tell someone to get lost give someone the brush-off disown disparage look right through someone deprecate give the cold shoulder to denigrate diminish discredit smooth over understate rationalize sugarcoat varnish belie extenuate justify brush something under the carpet rationalise explain away gloss sneer at ridicule mock wipe slam-dunk make little of undermine fail to care for fail to remember underestimate pretermit lose sight of not care have nothing to do with abandon be derelict desert not attend to throw to the winds defer skimp on keep your distance be remiss in trifle with be irresponsible not remember scant not care for leave something undone be remiss fail to look after keep at arm's length elide shirk think little of procrastinate over be lax about leave alone be indifferent be negligent depreciate overleap postpone procrastinate pass up pay little attention to be careless forsake be remiss about fail to provide for not trouble oneself sniff at pass by close your eyes be oblivious put down express contempt turn up one's nose at hold up to scorn blank leave out of account send to Coventry


To cancel or abandon (something)
scrub abandon drop abolish abort cancel scrap discontinue call off stop ax axe call cut discard eliminate forget give up jettison recall repeal rescind revoke ditch do away with dump junk take away throw out cry off delete erase postpone scratch put an end to mothball nix turf put off put on ice quit end cease terminate relinquish halt forgo break shun shelve forsake can kick interrupt remit ignore forfeit shake sacrifice jilt divorce eighty-six break off retire from lay off part from desist from turn your back on wipe out knock off cut off write off dispense with have done with break up shut off cut out finish with give over dust off part with pack up pack in leave off resign from lay off of break with withdraw from throw up finish renounce suspend desist refrain from conclude withdraw abstain from eschew reject wind up avoid forswear do without waive let up call a halt to put a stop to close bring to an end yield pull the plug on surrender elapse abjure determine pass abdicate leave dead-end expire steer clear of swear off wink out lapse abstain belay resign refrain go without cut short go check disavow refuse repudiate knock something on the head call it a day spurn call it quits get rid of give the chop jack in pass up die forbear bring to a halt disclaim surcease pause forbear from hold back disregard cede escape hand over give a wide berth to come to an end say goodbye to arrest disown concede curb adjourn abnegate resist dissolve block withhold from wrap up remove have nothing to do with pull up nip in the bud cast aside get out of pack it in desert withhold decline kill betray obstruct depart deny separate complete skip forego stay leave out delay set aside renege disconnect lose not touch get off escape from hold off hold up prorogue recess renege on go away from not continue leave alone turn over keep from pull out of throw in the towel bring to a close throw in the sponge draw to a close cast off overlook phase out discount omit neglect shake off intermit prevent intervene impede hesitate stall hamper pass over waver keep retract recant get shut of rest pass on still brush aside catch falter pull out unsay foreswear restrain from gainsay grant inhibit shirk stem get shot of dispose of capitulate annul freeze stay away from blow off shy from rein in disaffirm be gone from disappear from abscond from chuck in close out dodge wrap ultimate walk out on set out from round off round out defer restrain sew up withgo shut down wind down prorogate allow skip out on fight shy of deliver render step aside from keep off give way come to a stop not do be over check out from sign away give something a miss come to a halt fade away peter out draw up deliver up bring up sit out put on hold kick the habit fold interfere with quit cold take ten bring to a standstill take a breather drop out of be deprived of sideline call time be stripped of take a break turn in give a rest wash your hands of depart from give in let go pay with hang back lay down come to a standstill cough up take the cure take five kick over fetch up put the kibosh on redline quash close off withcall bin call something off bring to end nullify deny oneself disrupt secede split achieve succeed bring come off disallow stop using disturb stop oneself down tools stop work head off abate stop having disjoin dissever interpose disunite part carve isolate exclude extirpate usurp snub exsect sever marginalize extract oust excise fizzle out jack it in preclude render needless call a stop to resist the temptation to bag it run out bring to a conclusion extinguish bring to an untimely end forlet spell bypass throw off turn back on cut into break into back off from sidestep avert break the habit of shrink from spare leave behind kiss goodbye prostitute kiss goodbye to resolve knock it off call a halt stop midstream take back kibosh skirt surcease from call it quits on cut it out get on the wagon hang it up die away avoid doing something take the pledge be temperate go on the wagon limit turn a blind eye to fade take out marginalise cut dead pull away part company part ways throw away sunder hinder slow stop trying disappear stop doing lie by excuse oneself beg off back out settle hold restrict evaporate vanish put aside crown consummate free oneself of rid oneself of throw something off retard ebb take time out pigeonhole drop it rise take a recess suspend proceedings put paid to finish off switch off end up top off table reserve thwart baulk suppress wimp out cop out crap out pull the plug get done dwindle turn down put the lid on elude fix sidetrack balk slow down put a brake on brace wane evanish exit vacate submit pass by melt away die out pass away blow over cease to exist run its course get cold feet secede from bail disdain duck evade lose out on pay for transfer bow succumb shy finesse scape wait break away from split with delink from sever relations with relent budge blink be done with bequeath step down from knuckle under acquiesce cave in concede defeat brush off bail from break off with break free from walk out of take leave from clear out from run along from disaffiliate oneself from take off from move from bow out of dissociate oneself from exit from have nothing more to do with absent oneself from stay clear of let well enough alone weasel out of have no truck with shy away from keep clear of get around shuffle out of climb down communicate sign over fork over abalienate accord remise come across with vouchsafe make over deliberate screw flee maroon proffer back down cry uncle buckle under despair tender present collapse admit defeat hand in bail out chicken out bow out comply flee from fly from bail on cheat on stop what you're doing mark time come to standstill linger think twice take a breath reflect tarry have a breather catch one's breath break it up stop briefly prevent oneself from not give in to cease to indulge in stop oneself from restrain oneself from back out on run out on be disloyal to break up with run away from take oneself off from be unfaithful to fail frustrate bar hobble staunch immobilize teeter dither balance stagger vacillate wobble scruple wabble limp stumble whiffle immobilise bring to a stop be suspended close down put a sock in be broken off shilly-shally be abandoned wiggle-waggle come to a close blow the whistle on draw to a stand stand still hold at bay put a cork in stem the flow bring to standstill come to rest


To exclude or reject as a candidate or possibility
rule out exclude discard discount dismiss eliminate bar debar except abolish avert cancel disallow forbid forestall forfend obviate preclude prevent prohibit proscribe recant reject revoke suspend ban bate deter count out leave out close out freeze out ward off not consider shut out stave off put paid to close one's doors to stop interdict block hinder inhibit veto impede restrain obstruct outlaw embargo disqualify avoid restrict check halt fend off head off enjoin omit taboo ostracize blackball hamper disregard refuse thwart foil put a stop to frustrate ostracise deprive boycott disentitle make illegal expel deny black nix ward keep out help banish ignore counteract intercept pass over estop lock out cool get rid of nip in the bud exile invalidate counter criminalize disenable repudiate remove foreclose freeze spike stymie criminalise defend against hold off evict anticipate hold up lock up interrupt arrest baulk put an end to deflect declare ineligible chill cork limit balk disable blacklist discontinue keep lid on throw out turn aside make impossible pour cold water on put an embargo on place an embargo on shut off keep off set aside cut out hold back divert shut the door on throw cold water on leave out in the cold constrain render sentence doom forefend override circumvent shut out of exempt inveigh drop discharge waive declare incapable leave out of account weed out mark off cross out curb quit cease shunt look away shove aside turn turn from veer stay keep intervene interpose interfere disbar oust bounce make it impossible for make impracticable make it impracticable for let disadvise scare turn off damp save put a damper on talk out of pre-empt dampen act like a wet blanket eject force out put out deny access to disclude send to Coventry not count refuse to admit occlude sideline prevent from entering drive out miss out refuse admittance unfit do away with get round take away make unnecessary prevent the occurrence of factor out bottle up box in hang up bring to screeching halt put half nelson on gridlock pass on jam up put down put chill on put a lock on put a stopper in zing kill tie up cover conceal mask hide disfellowship incapacitate veil shroud seclude not make the cut disfranchise eighty-six paralyze impair weaken paralyse close say no to blockade block out keep at arm's length screen beleaguer fence off refuse admission to stand in the way of give the cold shoulder to refuse entrance to vote against snub baffle stave retard repress dam refuse to employ steer clear of thumbs down consider undesirable hit list put on hit list keep at bay oppose withhold censor declare taboo shut down say no declare illegal give the red light to give the thumbs down to put the chill on put the kibosh on slow down fetter interfere with hamstring delay handicap encumber trammel shackle suppress cramp slow cripple hobble stall clog handcuff cut off hog-tie put a brake on throw a spanner in the works of bridle stonewall contravene detain derail crimp preempt muzzle smother stifle manacle cumber hold curtail embarrass rein in short-circuit keep back get in the way of set back hold down throw a monkey wrench in the works of control contain disrupt subdue scotch brake moderate regulate neutralize discourage scupper discomfit parry govern rattle tame bork second-guess faze measure rule neutralise keep under control gag confine bit choke keep in check pick off make late slow up get ahead of get in before choke back hold in put off beat someone to the punch foul up close off screw up beat someone to it provide against keep within bounds keep the lid on beat someone to the draw steal a march on get in the way stem the flow of louse up keep in free spare reprieve commandeer keep waiting absolve postpone bottleneck retardate burden be early be one step ahead of act in advance of prepare for head off at pass keep from cause to wait cause to stay dispense crab resist defer pause protract remit shelve prorogue intermit prolong be a hindrance to throw a spoke in the wheel of throw a spanner in the works dissuade quash put back back off bog down hold off on choke off take down hold over obscure sandbag reduce put on brakes put an stop to preoccupy forecast monopolize project expect foresee envision predict put the brakes on take out of play rein monopolise ruin leash harness dissuade from hold in check straiten scuttle overturn snooker gaol keep down sit on pull in box up jail put away pin down pull back keep in line tie down stem rein back hem in guide impound circumscribe direct imprison bring under control have on a tight leash crack down hogtie delimit confound repel nullify upset squash repulse undo spoil nobble dash checkmate outwit blank defeat do for counterplot disappoint cross bury muffle strangle bind entangle chain disconcert discipline peg put the stopper on put a spoke in someone's wheel cause setback get the better of upset the applecart put end to mess up put the mockers on beat down take wind out of sails entrammel cramp one's style give a hard time saddle with put a limit on cool down put the brakes on keep a tight rein on fight back button up keep a lid on bite back cut back cool off keep tight rein on

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