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Stop work
call it a day down tools finish head off knock off leave pack in break halt stop break off drop discontinue quit can end give up lay off of cease abandon achieve break up shut off eliminate surcease desist cut out lay off give over pack up desist from conclude leave off cut off succeed complete finish work rest pause clock off finish working close shop leave work shut down take a break take five have a breather finish the working day terminate refrain from wind up forgo suspend renounce let up bring to an end kick close call a halt to abstain from elapse dead-end wink out relinquish lapse expire put an end to interrupt pass determine belay forbear from put a stop to swear off wrap up call it quits have done with axe cut short eschew do without avoid ax bring to a halt consummate come to an end sew up pack it in pull the plug on resign from jack in keep from withdraw die go forbear withhold from abstain not continue forsake cancel scrap dispense with scrub crown close out round out round off wrap ultimate finish off bring to a close top off forswear ditch refrain ignore get off refuse pull out of get out of shun finalize intervene abolish dissolve restrain oneself from stop oneself from nip something in the bud cut accomplish discharge culminate yield kill kick the habit finalise scratch carry out get done quit cold give something the chop knock something on the head back out of check abort be over set the seal on clinch call off settle put the lid on put to bed kick over give a rest draw to a close close off prevent block withhold keep stand down from chuck adjourn recess disrupt set aside bring to a stop lay aside hold back obstruct bring to end cut it out get on the wagon hang it up take the cure jack it in throw in the towel forlet stop trying throw in the sponge put the kibosh on resign not do call a stop to resolve interfere with cut into disturb say goodbye to break into hold back from give something up pull the plug end up sunder get shot of put paid to dispose of wind down get shut of wind something up nip in the bud annul switch off curb prevent oneself from prevent yourself from keep off not give in to forego cease to indulge in abjure go without reject stop doing lie by leave alone spell resist the temptation to jack something in drop out of waive abate snub carve isolate exsect sever exclude marginalize extirpate extract usurp remove overlook oust excise delete come to a stop die away come to a halt come to a standstill fizzle out fade away peter out turn your back on divorce rescind part with cry off withdraw from throw up eighty-six retire from revoke finish with dust off part from wipe out remit jilt shelve break with shake sacrifice write off repeal forget about forfeit cut dead take away take out marginalise bring down curtain cinch draw to close put a period to fold hang up come to a close shutter carry through bring to fruition come to a conclusion bring to a conclusion round up perform effectuate put into effect execute put lid on put the tin lid on fold up put finishing touch on put the finishing touch to polish polish off mop up take care of put away clean up fulfill call a day button down perfect cap fulfil top it off intermit phase out get rid of do away with separate interpose disunite disconnect disjoin dissever part bag it blow off steer clear of preclude skip shirk resist pass up stay away from bypass back off from sidestep dodge avert shrink from restrain from break the habit of rein in shy from hold off check out from escape from kibosh skip out on call it quits on skirt surcease from


To rest or engage in an enjoyable activity so as to become less tired or anxious
relax unwind rest laze repose lounge chill idle loll luxuriate loaf unbend bask play recline decompress de-stress flop lollop slump unlax chill out ease off ease up entertain oneself let up loosen up sit back slack off slow down take it easy wind down amuse oneself be calm breathe easy collect oneself compose oneself cool off enjoy oneself have a break kick back knock off let your hair down let yourself go lie down lighten up make less tense settle back simmer down sit around stay loose take a break take a breather take one's time take time off take time out veg out be at leisure hang loose let it all hang out let oneself go make oneself at home make yourself at home mellow out put one's feet up take your ease do nothing feel at home take ten put your feet up take one's leisure calm down settle down take five cool it stop pause break off quieten down stretch out settle come up for air take a rest mellow quiet down sprawl cool down lie unbutton control oneself regain one's composure chillax nap get hold of oneself stop worrying control yourself get your act together get a grip on yourself get a hold of yourself outspan break sleep lie back slacken calm yourself keep cool compose yourself become calm lounge around pull oneself together get a grip drowse slumber calm do less stand down become peaceful lie about couch restrain oneself hose down go easy pull in one's horns have a rest spread out laze around sit down go to bed take one's ease take a chill pill become calmer steady oneself become quieter slacken off be good behave soothe pacify destress put your head down catch a few 'z' s catch forty winks become less restless stop paying attention snuggle down stabilize dawdle bum quieten slow become less formal become informal daydream hang out take things easy let one's hair down quiesce turn off stone stay put up stabilise switch off stretch be quiet be still recess quiet pipe down keep your shirt on soften refresh sunbathe be less active take some time off tarry sojourn breathe recuperate suspend proceedings stop briefly keep one's shirt on recover one's composure play it cool regain one's self-control come back down to earth keep one's head lay back recover one's self-control lay down adjourn doze catch one's breath milden mollify have a breather have time out rest upon sun warm oneself snooze lie upon lodge sweeten be supine stop for a breath toast yourself warm yourself sun oneself desist retire slouch toast oneself swim in catnap be recumbent be prostrate stretch oneself out siesta lean back be prone be stretched out turn in zizz kip slack release abate cease relax one's efforts hold back take a breath relent lie by put feet up be at ease refresh yourself refresh oneself be comfortable let down take a nap take life easy nod off have a snooze have a nap have forty winks get some kip take a siesta get some shut-eye have a kip get control of oneself lie still catch some Zs have a siesta have a spell snatch forty winks recharge one's batteries

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