Đồng nghĩa của marginalize

Alternative for marginalize

  • ngoại động từ
    • cách ly ra khỏi nhịp điệu phát triển xã hội
    • cho là thứ yếu/không quan trọng


To belittle or diminish in value or importance
diminish demean deprecate disparage belittle denigrate depreciate discredit degrade deride discount dismiss downgrade minimise minimize trivialise trivialize criticise criticize defame downplay scorn understate malign slur smear trash underrate undervalue vilify dispraise detract from play down put down cry down dump on take down a peg decry dis run down bad-mouth trash-talk talk down derogate knock revile rubbish diss vilipend abuse pan pooh-pooh poor-mouth sneer at scoff at kiss off write off slag off tear down have a go at ridicule underestimate slam mock slate minify bash asperse treat lightly misprize roast vituperate flame cast aspersions on hold cheap pull apart hit out at do a hatchet job on speak ill of cut down to size speak badly of condemn deflate disdain detract lower scorch laugh at laugh off rip pour scorn on insult do down take to pieces pick holes in take down poor mouth drag through the mud make light of pull to pieces take a swipe at tear into devalue censure squelch squash blister opprobriate cheapen poormouth lambaste shoot down sour grapes pooh pooh sell short object disapprove discommend expostulate make little of frown mudsling give comeuppance knock off high horse put away sling mud at think little of shoot full of holes cut to the quick take dim view of not go for slander impugn libel blast traduce calumniate sneer rap put hooks in marginalise attack besmirch slight denounce hammer disgrace pillory dishonour reproach savage dishonor find fault with castigate lay into blacken excoriate bag skewer stigmatize monster pummel reprehend rail against crucify sully berate pummelled inveigh against assail stigmatise shame reprobate scandalize debase reprove smirch scandalise tarnish blame disrespect reprimand give a bad name injure stain chastise objurgate throw brickbats at taint drag through the mire contemn slash reduce jump on scathe rate bring into disrepute fault do a number on give a black eye carp at humiliate arraign cut up rebuke taunt besmear damage defile despise give a bad press to fling mud at fulminate against speak evil of blot flay throw mud at chide lace into cavil at slag maul vituperate against nitpick about cast a slur on jeer lambast dress down soil disapprove of bring discredit to blacken the name of bring shame upon muckrake spread scandal about admonish spoil spot scoff sledge take to task animadvert on befoul reflect badly on lampoon give some stick to bring shame on humble offend lessen give flak to potshot blotch cut down affront spurn abase belabor pick to pieces look down on haul over the coals upbraid breathe on mortify scold chasten carpet snub disregard backbite make fun of run smear campaign belabour rip up and down tar and feather find fault spread lies about bawl out come down on chew out carp give a rocket tear off a strip flout sink gibe lecture foul denunciate sniff at caricature burlesque treat with contempt pervert jeer at embarrass poison remonstrate with outrage sully the reputation of tear to shreds badmouth underemphasize de-emphasize poke fun at ream out give someone a bad press rap over the knuckles give someone a roasting misrepresent give someone a rollicking gloss over reject cane ream twit rag bollock judge bag on satirize gird set little store by find lacking disfavor nag at nit-pick disesteem disfavour cavil tell lies about blacken the character of nitpick over undermine satirise call down give a talking-to wound give someone hell hold in contempt deplore tongue-lash read the riot act brush aside tear a strip off give someone a bollocking blacken the reputation of look down one's nose at turn your nose up at conduct a smear campaign against demonize slap demonise curse hit shrug off tear apart tear to pieces harangue skin scout sneeze at set no store by rollick tease belie animadvert abhor prostitute demoralize rally travesty trim rag on pass strictures upon sail into demoralise destroy run a smear campaign against pick at look down upon hold up to ridicule throw shade jest blacken someone's name rake over the coals sully someone's reputation rate too low cast down take apart tell off do an injustice to give something a battering lay down the law drag someone's name through the mud not do justice to brand backstab criticize severely downcry shun hurt back-bite execrate frown on nag discountenance anathematize nitpick ignore compromise clobber complain about slug zap villainize refute fustigate lash rip up rail defy miscall heap scorn on laugh slang corrupt object to repudiate zing jibe at regard with contempt prejudice bastardize deteriorate warp canker subvert debauch deprave profane vitiate high-hat snoot blemish baste rebuff keelhaul wig score row jaw get at be rude to fleer swipe dump grin crack leer take exception to be contemptuous about cock a snook at skin alive call names snigger discipline sling mud hate put in a bad light bastardise send up give offence to show up remonstrate take the piss out of brush off blackguard be wrong about bring down take the mickey write false reports about give something a bad press pull up spread tales about show contempt for curl your lip at mark wrong let someone have it rail at tick off drag name through mud turn up one's nose slap someone's wrist give someone a mouthful give someone a telling-off give the business give someone what for give someone a dressing-down pitch into give someone some stick give someone an earful give Bronx cheer think too little of give someone a row give someone a rating give someone a wigging drag someone's name through the mire quip at rant at rank out turn up one's nose at be critical of be malicious about be spiteful towards be unkind about hoot speak of with disfavour get angry with criticize unfairly gossip lie spite gossip about animadvert upon have a pop at crush clamor against devaluate comment negatively tone down make nothing of underplay soft-pedal question bad mouth harsh disvalue mistreat caluminate voodoo dig cuss jinx condescend mistrust lie about persecute oppress give black eye snipe at complain deign ride hose hold forth against talk trash ruin hold in disdain mark down take away cast slur on put zingers on misjudge argue with assault verbally snipe slog fluff take swipe at throw stones at disagree with blow off cuss out swear at shout at pass judgment moan about grouse about whine about grouch about quibble about carp about pile in weigh into give someone bondi rake drag through mud blacken someone's reputation accuse lesson jawbone jive start on start in take for granted look down at miscalculate annoy to denigrate put a whammy on review unfavorably criticize strongly bring under fire provoke take on knock off write down chill abominate be allergic to exprobate incriminate slap on the wrist read out ostracise look askance get after pick apart ostracize make cutting remarks about say contemptuously gibe at be contemptuous of aggravate desecrate attaint own bellyache about gripe about whinge about beef about betray cut to bits call to task point the finger at express disapproval of lay on give the devil take a dig at not do justice miscarry knock down pronounce punish proscribe name adjudge frame snicker smile cock a snook harm mar jump down one's throat snap someone's head off jump on one's case bite someone's head off go for the jugular think wrong be against not support give bad press give a bad name to make someone eat crow cause to lose face lose face put someone in their place take down a peg or two upset misbid misrespect chaff brutalize dehumanize desensitize weaken play something down shock disgust drag down sound off about look askance at not believe in sell out be hostile to argue against take issue with jibe torment bemean brutalise dehumanise desensitise lower the status of bring shame to throw shade at be untrue to oneself beat down horrify appal point finger at hang something on blow whistle on thumbs down on pin it on abandon one's principles rib banter quiz razz jolly kid lout send up the river lay at one's door remonstrate against express a poor opinion of oppose negate be hostile towards label underprice underprize treat contemptuously make jokes about raise an irritate disoblige sicken nauseate repel revolt disobey fail make sport of flout at poke mullock at fail to appreciate set too little store by pass on displease appall thumb one's nose demote disown discard disclaim mark depress injure the reputation of cast aspersion blacken someone's character tarnish someone's name taint someone's name stain someone's good name accuse falsely sully someone's name soil someone's name blackball cause a few raised eyebrows amongst raise eyebrows amongst cause raised eyebrows dismay cause offence to characterize designate classify class stamp tag curl one's lip tell someone to get lost cut dead treat disrespectfully mimic have no use for have contempt for refuse to acknowledge crawl hurt somebody's feelings expose step on one's toes characterise mark out give the cold shoulder to sweep aside give someone the brush-off cold-shoulder cast aside look right through someone subjugate be above be scornful about threap caution imitate recriminate spit on refuse piss over renounce confute avoid piss on strumpet blaspheme plaster spoof do objurate blow raspberries at laugh out of court ape copy bring low preach consider beneath you turn down cast a slur upon take off consider beneath one give the Bronx cheer to spit in the face of turn back on spit in the eye of show in a bad light ruin the reputation of bring into disfavour give someone a caning send someone away with a flea in their ear go on at put on the mat bring to book take to the woodshed slap down keep after yell at have someone on the carpet blow up light into put on impersonate parody twist sheik mime distort do a takeoff of joke sheikh do an impression of exaggerate damage someone's reputation destroy someone's credibility defame someone's character scourge lash into


To deprive someone of a franchise, generally their right to vote


To make a minority


Excise, remove
cut out cease quit stop break can discontinue drop end halt break off break up carve cut off delete desist from eliminate excise exclude exsect extirpate extract forgo give over ignore isolate knock off lay off leave off marginalise oust overlook remove renounce sever shut off snub usurp cut dead do without give up refrain from take away take out pack in pack up abandon finish abstain from desist terminate conclude kick suspend put an end to call a halt to eschew swear off relinquish dispense with put a stop to wind up let up avoid lay off of forsake forbear from bring to an end call it a day close interrupt go without elapse shun pass determine dead-end wink out pull the plug on pass up axe jack in steer clear of refuse cancel lapse ax expire belay ditch cut short abstain skip forswear call it quits withhold from abolish leave out have done with scrap go die keep from surcease bring to a halt give something a miss knock something on the head resist waive get off keep off get rid of withdraw decline refrain nip in the bud forbear pause check do away with curb give the chop cut come to an end pack it in restrain from stay away from rein in shy from hold off forego resign from skip out on pass on deny oneself block bypass pull out of get out of reject withhold get shut of omit obstruct complete disregard get shot of spurn intervene pass over hold back sacrifice abort call off abjure sit out come to a stop kick the habit sew up come to a halt quit cold part with snip out say goodbye to scrub not continue be over dispose of wrap up come to a standstill take the cure bring to a stop kill leave alone kick over put the kibosh on give a rest draw to a close stand down from chuck not touch close off prevent give something up adjourn recess disrupt bring to end restrain oneself from prevent oneself from not give in to cease to indulge in stop oneself from cut it out get on the wagon hang it up neglect skim over have nothing to do with back out of set aside lay aside give a wide berth to throw in the towel forlet stop trying bring to a close throw in the sponge stop doing lie by spell rest achieve leave succeed interfere with cut into disturb break into endure dispense discard quash brush aside surrender yield head off down tools stop work dissolve keep away from manage without cede repudiate intermit phase out eradicate resect pass by resign abdicate disavow bag it separate interpose disunite disconnect disjoin blow off dissever part shake off render needless abate resolve bin dump keep die away fizzle out fade away peter out annul close out consummate round out pull the plug round off get done wrap end up sunder ultimate put paid to shut down finish off wind down crown settle put the lid on switch off top off scratch turn your back on divorce rescind cry off withdraw from throw up eighty-six retire from revoke finish with dust off part from wipe out remit jilt shelve break with shake write off repeal forget about forfeit arrest impede cut away frustrate starve sit on one's hands fast give the go by evade constrain stay neutral fence-sit not take sides stall bar stay hamper still catch hobble stem freeze staunch hesitate falter stumble be abandoned wiggle-waggle waver teeter immobilize come to a close be suspended close down blow the whistle on dither hold up put a sock in scruple bring to a standstill draw to a stand pull up draw up balance hang back wabble stand still stagger vacillate be broken off shilly-shally hold at bay whiffle put a cork in stem the flow immobilise bring to standstill come to rest bring up wobble limp fetch up tear out clip detach preclude shirk back off from sidestep dodge avert shrink from break the habit of check out from escape from kibosh call it quits on skirt surcease from disappear fade vanish finalize dwindle call a halt finalise die out run out diminish culminate ruin destroy lessen wane melt away evaporate nullify pass away ebb decrease do quell recede bring to a conclusion discharge die down carry out put to bed fulfill wreck accomplish polish off cease to exist demolish prorogue be no more clear undo postpone shatter perform execute cap wear off scotch annihilate fulfil sort out spoil become obsolete delay hinder set the seal on mar dash nail thwart realize crush devastate stymie suppress actualize curtail effectuate polish disperse subside vacate sabotage evanish clinch restrain slacken run its course perfect get through carry off mess up stop dead realise screw up sink bring to fruition nix ease off cease to be weaken dissipate tail off blow over run down damage hold fail ease defer dispatch invalidate go away impair void collapse extinguish inhibit decimate tie up negate abrogate complement slow shorten drop off recall disannul prorogate exit depart null put off drop away round up obliterate blight evanesce put back queer banjax dish scupper suspend proceedings crool shrink cool it become invalid leave unfinished cruel euchre do in moderate become extinct foul up add the final touch to make good go whole hog go the limit bring to maturity do thoroughly put the last touches on make up add the finishing touch to make perfect go through with put the finishing touches on become void make a mess of louse up cool off strike down roll back decay dry up play havoc with bite the dust subdue grow less bring to an untimely end put a lid on take a break fade out put on ice take five take a breather liquidate dispel fold up button down stop short put a period to make a hash of put in cold storage bring to naught blow a hole in take care of clean up fall away throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of cast aside disappear from the face of the earth kill off climax call bring turn back junk cinch deactivate top transpire clear up blow wrap-up back off settle down lift dissociate quit cold turkey despair lose heart capitulate admit defeat be beaten give in concede defeat be at an end follow through be put on hold draw to close draw to a halt stop midstream wrap something up truncate not do fly by do for stifle limit perish stop in your tracks reach a standstill bring down curtain be put to bed button up cut loose knock it off relieve shutter result slip away be gone be no longer valid stand call a stop to rise fold die off restrict be forgotten run your term deal with retard tie up loose ends come to the end be through with finish up raise put the stopper on come to a conclusion cripple reverse turn out give up hope abandon hope shut back out renege baulk abbreviate abridge carry through go cold turkey sink into oblivion disappear slowly retreat drop out hang up pigeonhole undermine smash take a breather from put the finishing touches to sidetrack fix balk brace cut something short wither wilt give notice hold over attack subvert turn out to be countermand dismiss slow down mothball table put on a back burner incapacitate ravage foil melt continue respite put over hold in abeyance be brought to an end put a brake on retract go by put lid on put finishing touch on call a day put into effect put the finishing touch to mop up top it off put the tin lid on put away degenerate wither away dematerialize relent disable threaten upset deteriorate droop retrograde crumble bate bring to a premature end declare invalid obviate declare take a recess disband relax break short stop cold stop in full flow trail off molder dilapidate moulder cease to be known come to naught go south be done for leave no trace pass into oblivion lay on the table efface render null and void blot out declare null and void expunge get off the hook vitiate erase vaporize taper de-escalate taper off pall lower fall disestablish sell out harm bollix be exhausted be consumed flag take a rain check run low go downhill wear away go down go dead fly flee attenuate have an abortion take a rain check on put on the back burner overthrow close the door on terminate the account close the books break down decelerate slack phase down dull coast drain away become weaker chill out unlax ratchet down cool dismantle contract fight intrude on muck up concentrate vaporise parch oppose split up loose wrack shoot disorganize unmake destruct scar become smaller become less grow smaller disfigure stain give out be depleted be used up withstand counter defy afflict taint disappoint trash injure tackle resolve into render void confront oppugn war glitch up repel put a damper on combat buck battle against escape desert strive against bail make a stand against bring to an end to cope with struggle against put up a fight against be gone from be done with brush off depart from bail from go away from drop out of clear out from bow out of walk out of walk out on disappear from run along from take off from move from abscond from exit from absent oneself from break off with cast off step aside from set out from


To treat or classify someone as a criminal

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