Đồng nghĩa của lose heart


To lose all energy, enthusiasm or happiness


To think deeply about something that makes one unhappy, angry, or worried
mope brood sulk fret pine pout idle languish moon despair grieve grump repine be gloomy ache be dejected be despondent be miserable be sad bleed chafe despond grumble lament regret sink yearn hang around be apathetic eat your heart out pine away stew over sweat over waste time have a long face be down in the dumps be in a funk go about like a half-shut knife be down in the mouth wear a long face glower scowl frown be sullen be moody look sullen be in a huff feel sorry for yourself be in a mood be in a strop sorrow be unhappy feel unhappy be upset feel miserable feel despondent feel upset agonize mourn suffer bemoan rue lour moon about grouse lower gloom be resentful be grumpy be out of sorts moon around gripe agonise daydream grouch pucker look petulant look sulky grimace weep over languish for regret the loss of cry over grieve over shed tears for fret about harbour a grudge be miffed pull a face have the hump be morose be out of humour be silent take on be put out be in a bad mood make a moue be petulant be cross mop and mow swoon dream romanticize fantasize rhapsodize gush pull a long face stick one's lip out make a long face turn down the corners of your mouth be in bad mood purse your lips turn the corners of one's mouth down rhapsodise romanticise fantasise be in a reverie be in a brown study wince contort make a face glare deform misshape look daggers give a dirty look give someone a death stare twist quirk screw up contortion look stern cloud up give the evil eye knit your brow do a slow burn give someone dirty looks knit brows furrow one's brows glout glunch disapprove look daggers at sneer look angrily at mug mouth gurn distort smirk make faces make a wry face screw up one's face

Trái nghĩa của lose heart

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