Đồng nghĩa của surrender

Alternative for surrender

surrenders, surrendered, surrendering

Đồng nghĩa: abandon, capitulate, forego, give up, relinquish, renounce, submit, yield,

Trái nghĩa: resist,


The action of surrendering to an opponent or powerful influence
submission capitulation yielding relinquishment succumbing acquiescence capitulating cave-in cession handover rendition submitting defeat fall quitting renunciation resignation appeasement cessation dedition delivery giving in relenting giving way laying down of arms white flag admission of defeat submissiveness compliance obedience docility biddability deference concession dutifulness compliancy complaisance obsequiousness conformity malleability bowing nonresistance prostration backing down obeisance withdrawal collapse tractability passivity meekness subordination subservience tractableness conceding servility duteousness assent manageability tameness knuckling under about-turn U-turn about-face abidance accordance acceptance adherence reluctant agreement accession vail surrendering accedence buckling retreat agreement humiliation conformance consent giving up conformability humbling oneself observance biddableness pliability reverence concurrence amenability laying down one's arms amenableness conforming sufferance concord respect impressionability cave in caving in unassertiveness humility non-resistance subjection patience self-abasement self-effacement bootlicking humbleness passivism recreancy defeatism pliabilty cringing willingness forbearance diffidence demureness timidity passiveness lack of resistance long-suffering orderliness sycophancy weakness fearfulness quietness duty modesty reserve shyness bashfulness unpretentiousness lowliness timorousness sheepishness unobtrusiveness modestness abasement egolessness fawning humilitude mortification inferiority complex down-to-earthness lack of vanity lack of pride self-abnegation


Stop resisting to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority
yield submit succumb capitulate give in quit concede relent cave in acquiesce bow defer abandon blink budge cede crumble fall indulge knuckle under back down climb down give way be beaten be overcome be overwhelmed consign entrust fall victim fold forego knuckle leave accept defeat concede defeat admit defeat buckle under cry uncle eat crow give yourself up go down go under lay down arms let go play dead raise the white flag roll over throw in the sponge eat humble pie go along with pack it in toss it in put up white flag wave the white flag show the white flag throw in the towel give up comply accede withdraw resign agree retreat assent pull out accept bend backpedal say uncle deliver concur make concessions back out chicken out recoil comply with stop renege back off give up the struggle go back on cancel cop out recant bow out cave kowtow relinquish conform buckle approve back pedal beg off adapt respect retire recede balk despair admit do a U-turn be overcome by fall victim to lose heart yield to be overwhelmed by be conquered by agree to do an about-turn change your mind bow to give in to resign yourself call off drop out pull back baulk back away backtrack scratch welsh avoid observe fink out wimp out truckle call it a day draw back worm out weasel out wiggle out shy from break allow heed get cold feet blow it off lay down adjust accommodate hand over abide by obey give ground be beaten by conform to consent to acquiesce in come to terms come round give way to cooperate with concur with eat your words act in accordance with toe the line throw in your hand hoist the white flag give oneself up to lose oneself in bottle out shrink die of lose your nerve compromise change stop trying give retract turn yellow think better of wuss out have no stomach for bottle it funk out honour honor give up hope break off halt abandon hope finish call a halt end throw up one's hands chuck it in knuckleunder cringe fawn agree with fall in line be defeated surrender to throw up the sponge proffer drop lose desist tender cease waive present forswear collapse abdicate subjugate genuflect subdue adhere indulge in put one's tail between one's legs shy away go backward move away give away the store leave off hand in bail out cut out lose oneself to be deferential humble oneself turn in bring to an end be submissive bend the knee suffer defeat turn over give oneself over call it quits fold up be conquered soften show white flag demur reconsider be overthrown cry quits melt unbend renege on retreat from withdraw from repudiate take back hold back be overthrown by be defeated by be taken by eat dirt weaken dishearten sadden be destroyed by be vanquished by be servile forbear follow lie down be a casualty to be smitten by pass into the hands of have mercy drop back default on cry off pull out of fail to honour become merciful slow sympathise give quarter show pity sympathize have pity become lenient show mercy fall to pieces pass into enemy hands lose one's position to wallow in be merciful mind admit you were wrong have no fight left withdraw from agreement or statement die away mellow out come around let it happen give some slack let happen change mind lay back cool it go easy on take a softer line ease up on lighten up adhere to keep chicken out of get cold feet about embrace run away retrograde row back do an about-face fall back back regroup sing a different song have second thoughts admit that one is wrong ebb retrocede despond retract one's words give back give rein to abandon oneself to goose-step to hold to answer fulfill stick to serve fulfil accord respond give free rein to keep to take orders get into line do what one is told do as you are told do as one says play second fiddle live by do one's duty do what is expected come to heel hold fast be ruled by get in line act upon do one's bidding play it by the book be loyal to consent permit tolerate brook subscribe buy suffer yes ditto okay reconcile OK jibe assent to stand by submit to play ball give one's blessing to roll over and play dead give approval to shake on give consent to go along give the go-ahead to give the green light to give the nod to accept tacitly let pass give one's assent to give the thumbs up to say the word say yes to cut a deal grant sanction recognize endorse recognise accede to countenance authorize acknowledge say yes warrant give the nod bless authorise support confirm pass sign license ratify defer to licence sign off on validate confess approve of give the go-ahead affirm own clear rubber-stamp favour favor condone see eye to eye give permission avow accredit formalize let certify approbate finalize homologate engage endure let on finalise concede to formalise give the OK to subscribe to take kindly to give carte blanche green-light acquiesce to have humour own up to humor give your blessing give the green light thumbs up uphold mandate advocate bear reveal seal profess undertake stand undergo abide stomach sustain second put up with empower enable see concur in realize boost appreciate swallow be in sympathy pass on greenlight give someone leave give one's leave take stick fess up realise bear with go for open up abet charter get behind 'fess up be of the same mind own up be of the same opinion come clean sanctify live with pay homage fall in with vail give permission for set go with the flow give the thumbs up make a deal recommend reach a decision hesitate vacillate waver toe the mark pay attention to play along with bow down to be guided by succumb to resign oneself to make law rubber stamp stump for buy into lap up push for make valid take up O.K. give go-ahead jump at the chance entitle ease off ease up champion admit as true bind give permission to stand for be subject to permit to grant permission to withstand sit through be doing with cope with hear of allow to bear the brunt of engage in authenticate qualify nod show agreement establish believe in undersign signature cosign legalize legitimatize legitimate give someone authorization comprobate astipulate cause legalise legitimatise admit of franchise wink at blink at facilitate grant the right privilege enter into be game for relent to come round to cave in to back down to hold put John Hancock on give stamp of approval be in agreement with hold with espouse fess adopt be united cognize know perceive note be as one be aware of be conscious of take on board take an oath come out of closet attest to cop a plea be wise to be as one man be down with wear fess up to stoop feel weather league collaborate join conjoin unite concert cooperate conspire divulge deign disclose declare give the stamp of approval to descend brave hack give five expose vouchsafe be in harmony coadjute harmonize meet fall in band together team up correspond combine band be in accord equal harmonise sweat spill sing leak let out indicate go into details communicate narrate talk make a clean breast of make public blow the lid off squeal about make known come out of the closet cop to confide proclaim bring into the open give away bring to light state uncover make a clean breast tell all about bare spill the beans about blurt out get off your chest cough up spill your guts tell blow the gaff on unveil go through wait out sit and take it be together be consonant with be in agreement be in accordance come together humble oblige lower demean condescend lower oneself be courteous enough deem it worthy of oneself debase oneself degrade oneself think fit be courteous toss a few crumbs lower yourself come down off high horse see fit demean oneself


To give up or hand over something, typically on compulsion or demand
relinquish cede forgo waive yield abandon forfeit forswear commit concede deliver give up render sacrifice transfer forsake grant cough up hand over lay down turn in turn over yield up deliver up part with let go of renounce give abdicate leave resign give over consign pass drop set aside entrust assign hand delegate transmit lose do without devote dedicate allocate make over sign away vest give away pledge trust reserve allot consecrate intrust remit confer submit convey discard pass up sign over lay aside bequeath give in pass on put aside let go abjure spurn refuse go without forbear dispense with eschew forego neglect allow relegate earmark apply save apportion repudiate appropriate withgo turn down hand on dump shed reject ditch set by hand in come across with give up to pay cast off say goodbye to commend confide repose fork out provide disregard designate offer devolve decline disavow fork over cast give over to fork up disclaim disown refrain release alienate bestow betray kick spare withdraw let pass refrain from desist from pay with abstain from pass by set apart lose out on swear off give back do away with put in cast aside get rid of dispose of be deprived of be stripped of turn over to will present offer up afford disgorge put down finish with set down let fall return render up extend volunteer vow supply furnish find feed prostitute proffer pay out gift divert waste squander depute shell out settle up dish out lay out pay up refer kiss goodbye kiss goodbye to leave behind free abstain skip miss commission redirect charge offer back offload channel place task jettison resist foist tithe step down from step aside from abnegate junk scrub axe scrap pony up stump up foot the bill ante up come up with make with decentralise decentralize desert deed alien change reassign renege on ax stop using ignore blow fold communicate vouchsafe capitulate abalienate accord remise hand down pass down pay a tithe on stop having cut out recommend pass to hand to give to give way fritter away expend bypass dismiss botch turn your back on have done with back down cut loose drop out kiss good-bye opt out stand down antedate dispense sit out steer clear of withhold from give something a miss leave out keep from pack in leave alone fob off palm off be handed down defray the cost of defer postpone toss throw chuck cashier throw in the towel throw in the sponge take the pledge take the oath quit cold turkey let go by precede fail to take pass over fail to take advantage of fail to grasp let slip drop the ball drop like hot potato concern bind obligate delay stay remove shelve table suspend prorogue renege disburden unload unhand pay for antecede preexist predate quit shuck off fling off fling away loosen one's hold on throw away loose one's hold on restrict hold up hold off put off miss out on


To formally give up a position of authority
abdicate abnegate cede relinquish resign renounce step down from step aside from abandon give up yield abjure forgo forsake waive hand over drop disclaim forswear quit leave vacate repudiate reject demit quitclaim renege deny cast aside disown refuse disavow decline withdraw spurn eschew retract sign away recant opt out bag it bail out stand down from cast off wash your hands of turn back on terminate discard revoke rebut chuck refuse to acknowledge retire from depart from resign from forego disgorge disinherit shirk avoid desert turn over concede sacrifice bow out of walk out of pull out of jack in unsay disallow repeal foreswear forbear kick sign off turn down withdraw from divorce oneself from separate oneself from refrain shun abstain deliver up abstain from refrain from retire render sell out step down leave holding the bag leave in the lurch leave high and dry take back cancel negate annul gainsay recall disaffirm abrogate rescind nullify countermand renege on contradict quash abolish invalidate reverse welsh void call back turn your back on call off back out of refute negative disconfirm disacknowledge undo delete obviate withcall erase scrub dispense with overrule override call abort set aside scrap worm out of remove nix pack in disannul obliterate dismantle make void backpedal dismiss lift counterorder render invalid weasel out of exclude back down back off expunge back out go back on your word eat your words cry off declare null and void wipe out rub out annihilate abate undermine renig impugn contravene vitiate drop out refuse to accept apostatize throw off backtrack elude efface do away with null dial back weasel out cut discharge purge omit escape dodge disdain duck evade edit black censor shy finesse scape shake elide kill dele ditch ink out render null and void strike down cross out declare invalid blot out blank out cancel out roll back block out blue pencil root out black out strike out x out blue-pencil stroke out sweep away put a line through put an end to stamp out take out edit out X out snuff out white out cut off stay clear of fight shy of not touch have nothing to do with steer clear of let well enough alone get around have no truck with shy away from shuffle out of keep clear of give a wide berth to swear off apologise nig go back on eliminate retrograde retreat recede apologize retrocede suspend backtrack on end relations with send packing reel in fall back take in do a U-turn on rule out draw back row back on forget it have change of heart change one's tune change mind do an about-turn on cut off without a penny refuse to recognize have nothing more to do with

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