Đồng nghĩa của conform

Alternative for conform

conforms, conformed, conforming

Đồng nghĩa: agree, assent, comply, obey, submit,


(conform to) To comply with rules, standards, or laws
follow obey observe satisfy fulfil heed meet uphold accept fulfill acknowledge respect embrace keep mind abide by adhere to comply with agree to agree with stand by stick to accede to acquiesce in consent to hold to keep to accommodate to accord with acquiesce to conform to conform with fall in with adapt to defer to go along with match up to submit to yield to act in accordance with be in accordance with pay attention to act upon adjust to be ruled by goose-step to be dutiful to kowtow to measure up to toe the line abide by the rules adhere to the rules comply with the rules don't make waves follow the rules obey the rules observe the rules play by the rules stick to the rules act in accordance with the rules keep to the rules do what one is told knuckle under go by the book play it by the book go with the flow don't rock the boat comply act honestly keep in step agree acquiesce submit yield play the game play fair be fair go to the wall for follow tradition be conventional follow convention adopt cooperate fit in adapt follow custom adjust follow the crowd run with the pack swim with the stream be a good sport go by judge from surrender succumb take orders do what is expected come to heel hold fast concur get into line give way answer get in line serve do as you are told accede cave in do as one says do one's bidding assent be loyal to accord play second fiddle give in live by respond do one's duty take as guide be guided by honor honour carry out pay heed to execute perform take heed of implement discharge fill assent to cooperate with stick by fall in line with regard be in conformity with complete keep faith with make good on be true to note accord to stick with do as told recognize bear in mind be heedful of redeem effectuate live up to follow through with concur with recognise consider take into consideration follow orders watch make good notice take into account be mindful of effect take notice of take to heart be faithful to act according to carry through respond to bow to listen to mark attend to give in to have regard to attend take note of bear out pay regard to be as good as pay attention dig get a load of be faithful be in agreement with see through be governed by act on make it through be true give ear to pick up be bound by stay in line get through go through with match endorse support grant approve of hold acquit consecrate sanctify shake on take as a guide give allegiance to remain faithful to harken take notice take note believe give heed to do as one is told by behave according to have regard for hark hearken concentrate on hang on give a thought to give heed take heed listen hear come around to cave in to concur in knuckle to acquiesce with fit in with play ball appreciate show consideration for show regard for concede to achieve realise dispatch do realize bring about accomplish bring off conduct accommodate have due regard for put up with grin and bear it suffer lump it endure be subject to humour humor take it lying down appease wear withstand stomach stoop to brook be regulated by indulge tolerate remember be aware of be cognizant of sympathize with make allowances for keep in mind take cognizance of call to mind think of allow for baby-sit see mind the store be cautious of give ear sit watch over catch spot keep eye peeled watch out keep tabs watch your step be aware give care ride herd on be alert to watch out for watch the store


To adapt to a given environment or standard
adapt adjust blend follow match acclimate acclimatise acclimatize accommodate assimilate condition fit integrate reconcile shape suit tailor acculturate attune fashion reconciliate tune doctor edit habituate be conventional follow convention follow custom follow tradition keep in step fit in run with the pack tailor-make be guided by follow the crowd swim with the stream follow beaten path roll with punches go along to get along put accustom familiarize harmonize alter harmonise familiarise regulate modify proportion set coordinate customize change naturalize naturalise quadrate customise fix convert mould align domesticate arrange mold settle compose become accustomed square get used to get used familiarize oneself with come to terms with mediate prepare propitiate adopt harden season conciliate key acculture balance revise cut modulate accord tighten pattern readjust make reshape introduce design transform tweak tune up organize organise get accustomed trim orient become seasoned fix up familiarize with become naturalized come to accept find your feet grow accustomed to shape up become used to learn to live with make consistent bring together prime plan inure realign establish become inured temper ready process become resigned resign yourself jack up treat string pitch dial style orientate make appropriate to make fitting to make appropriate for make fitting for position plot counterbalance compensate size put in position measure put in place dispose soften true up set straight toughen acquaint initiate gear climatize become established grow wild grow naturally make agree custom-build personalise dovetail custom-make personalize absorb incorporate make ready comply play oneself in learn about turn face locate determine correspond be in harmony with be in tune with be in accord with cut to fit make to measure make to order find one's way around get your bearings become accustomed to accept homogenize mesh band mix meld blend in habituate oneself orient oneself reconcile oneself reunite take in homogenise grin and bear it get your act together do as Romans do swim with the tide acquaint yourself with fit in with find one's feet in get it together familiarize yourself blend in with become similar become like frame sculpt form cast model pacify sculpture create placate appease carve hew whittle mollify throw together crystallize mint roughhew assemble pat forge block out knead block manipulate crystallise smooth chisel fabricate arbitrate merge mitigate assuage re-establish intercede join cool resolve differences between restore harmony between bring back together get together on bury the hatchet kiss and make up restore friendly relations between make peace between bring to terms come together bring back together again make matters up win over restore harmony make up patch things up re-establish friendly relations between revamp rectify calibrate rearrange order rejig rework enhance reform improve repair vary correct amend normalize remodel redress jigger recast overhaul normalise grade sharpen twiddle focus troubleshoot mend straighten sort fine-tune bring into line fiddle with make good put right set right patch up see to make conform put in working order set to rights work construct hammer build chip metamorphose pare engrave affect incise mutate reconstruct beat refashion transmute transfigure restyle manufacture influence direct control guide lead render decorate sculp pound rough-hew malleate develop etch slash evolve remake draw rebuild inscribe configure redo reorganize morph redesign transpose shift refine translate refit diverge tool recondition beat into shape transmogrify reorganise transubstantiate make over make adjustments to make alterations to beat out set up craft flatten ply shave steer sway score peel produce jockey thumb finger found roughcast qualify ornament stamp erect devise bend chase embellish turn out knock together resolve depict portray describe crop file put together dress progress ax hold stroke axe strike prune make improvements to hack die-cast materialise reduce commutate clip deform square off slice grave materialize dissect insculpt sunder divide scribe stipple cleave dissever indent grow file down renovate revolutionize reorient renew present cut in slices remould reorder generate become retool reorientate reshuffle alchemize rehash reconstitute upgrade metamorphosize update redevelop manicure rehabilitate interchange permutate denature recalibrate diversify warp rejigger reconfigure remold regenerate permute cook refurbish transfer commute switch redraft revolutionise stir up make innovations turn over new leaf turn the tables turn the corner change completely shift gears sing different tune switch over turn upside down turn around do up tamper with categorise imitate copy emulate categorize


To form a pleasing relationship with
agree fit accord blend chime cohere consort coordinate correspond go groove harmonise harmonize square tally assort attune click complement correlate dovetail synchronise synchronize be compatible match up be in harmony chime in be in agreement be in tune fall in go hand in hand go well go together coincide jibe check comport chord match answer rhyme sort rime consist be consistent suit relate parallel concur fit in equate be consonant reconcile be congruous concert fall in with mesh concord integrate quadrate equal conform to assimilate resemble correlate with check out reconciliate tie in go well with fit together accommodate follow compare conciliate meet systematize sync acquiesce be related key resonate unite arrange combine accord with agree with adapt symphonize systematise adjust be consistent with get along with proportion bring together bring in line be in harmony with be the same as be similar to be harmonious gel interlock comply march clue affirm assent sound like blend in mix tie comport with measure up be on the same wavelength sit eventuate overlap befall identify partner set off be in accord be in line be verifiable be accurate sync up slot in come together join together sit with be well coordinated come about organize dance chill enjoy listen satisfy associate connect be the same be alike marry up be identical observe keep uphold obey level concur with be agreeable to be healthy for be good for be acceptable to be equivalent be equal reflect mirror affiliate pool interrelate manage order balance gee coincide with dovetail with approach relate to tally with be congruous with touch reciprocate be consonant with link amount equate to be compatible with rival be parallel chill out regulate jibe with tie in with be in agreement with be in tune with match up with comply with adhere to abide by quarterback atune organise direct conduce make something consistent correspond to make something correspond partake of lip sync make agree make conform square with agree to be identical to keep to match up to align with conform with homogenize act in accordance with acquiesce to go along with be in accordance with shape up get it together cooperate set sing homogenise synthesise carol compose tone unify tone in synthesize orchestrate tune make consistent bring in line with bring in tune with be of one mind be in unison chime with go with fit in with bring in tune get along hit it off work well be of like mind be like-minded be of the same mind get on be connected see eye to eye be in accordance be similar vibe bond suit each other syncretize make congruent make harmonious make compatible jell belong meet with approval feel a rapport be on same wavelength warm to each other take to each other settle down get on like a house on fire be assimilated get along like a house on fire be friendly go off well cause to sit easily with cause to be in agreement cause to sit happily with


To accept or consent by silence or by omitting to object
acquiesce accept allow approve submit comply yield concur surrender accede agree assent consent permit succumb tolerate capitulate respect brook subscribe accommodate adapt adjust bend buy concede ditto jibe OK okay reconcile suffer yes cave in give in abide by agree to assent to bow to comply with consent to concur with conform to go along with yield to play ball stand by submit to toe the line accept tacitly cooperate with give in to give the nod to go along let pass say yes to come round give the green light to give the thumbs up to hoist the white flag cry uncle give approval to give consent to give one's assent to give one's blessing to say the word say uncle shake on cut a deal roll over and play dead give the go-ahead to acquiesce in knuckle under endorse sanction ratify bless authorize recognize warrant validate back support grant confirm pass mandate license espouse accord adopt embrace recognise licence authorise adhere accede to kowtow cave relent rubber-stamp concur in budge give the nod give the OK to defer blink subscribe to pass on observe bow knuckle truckle heed quit give the stamp of approval to give permission give one's leave give five act in accordance with be servile say yes approve of advocate throw in the towel sign back down countenance agree with give up sign off on give the go-ahead see eye to eye accredit uphold make concessions formalize affirm condone clear certify admit defeat approbate undertake engage finalize homologate favour favor give way seal give your blessing concede to finalise formalise give carte blanche be in accord hold with be of the same opinion be in sympathy acquiesce to get behind be of the same mind defer to throw in the sponge show the white flag raise the white flag relinquish give jump at the chance let fold give permission for compromise go with the flow second recommend nod roll over champion make a deal make law rubber stamp stump for buy into lap up push for make valid take up O.K. thumbs up greenlight give go-ahead bind boost undersign believe in signature cosign obey change your mind authenticate toe the mark bow down to be guided by pay attention to play along with acknowledge soften set establish show agreement concede defeat comprobate astipulate come round to cave in to enter into be game for surrender to give the green light back down to relent to give way to waver hesitate weaken vacillate align with put John Hancock on be in agreement with give stamp of approval fall victim sympathise sympathize ease off ease up reach a decision be in favour of be down with be sympathetic towards be as one be en rapport with be well disposed to side with be overcome by be conquered by be overwhelmed by concert league cooperate conspire collaborate join conjoin unite be in harmony band coadjute harmonize meet fall in band together equal team up harmonise correspond combine be in accordance be together come together be consonant with be in agreement

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