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Alternative for equalize

equalize /'i:kwəlaiz/ (equalise) /'i:kwəlaiz/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm bằng nhau, làm ngang nhau
    • (thể dục,thể thao) gỡ hoà (bóng đá...)


Make uniform in application or effect
level balance match equate regularise regularize square standardise standardize equal even make equal smooth even off make even adjust align commeasure communize compare coordinate democratise democratize emulate establish even out even up handicap level off level up make consistent make uniform parallel rival socialise socialize trim make level make the same bring into line line up offset balance out counterpoise counterbalance counteract make up for compensate neutralize nullify cancel out compensate for correct neutralise redress countervail equilibrize cancel annul negate counterweigh negative stabilize level out redress the balance balance up redeem stabilise equipoise regulate steady undo render ineffective outweigh make comparable counterweight atone for set off make up symmetrize proportional rectify equiponderate amend tip the scales average out invalidate tally pair liken defuse wipe out overrule overcome defeat countercheck make ineffective override subdue deactivate abrogate frustrate conquer paragon compare with agree average similize agree with regard represent treat hold consider be equal to indemnify square up be an antidote to support obviate make equivalent make identical stabilitate poise prop make good charge recompense requite counterpose account correspond to be commensurate be commensurate with normalize stereotype assimilate homogenize regiment brace correspond with mass-produce be equivalent allow for make restitution for make amends for make amends institutionalize systematize formalize make stable become stable keep steady order institute methodize oppose set tie collate attune readjust accord systematise institutionalise normalise formalise homogenise pair off come out come out even mass produce make regular


To pay off (a debt or creditor)
satisfy recompense compensate settle indemnify meet pay remunerate repay requite balance clear discharge equalise foot recoup reimburse square disburse liquidate atone close end fix pay off clear up make good pay back pay for pay in full square up dispose of pay up compensate for make reparation for take care of give payment to make reparation spring for tide over honour honor ante up defray pony up quit stand account for reward redress guerdon remit settle up return redeem make amends make amends to make restitution to make up for pay something off acquit exchange clear off eliminate amortize cash out amortise erase solve relieve repair fee tip refund vouchsafe award accord grant make redress for bear the cost make good on bear the expense foot the bill come through with make payment settle accounts with settle up with shell out dish out comp expiate counterpoise counterbalance countervail offset overcompensate propitiate atone for make restitution for pay money to make amends for make reparation to reciprocate respond retaliate match get even make restitution make restitution give in return even the score return like for like give tit for tat pay someone back in his get your own back restore correct give back make recompense for make up even up balance out pay something back rectify replace right mend rebate make reparations recover give money back pay dues square accounts with pay compensation pay damages pay costs make good for put right counteract neutralize cancel out answer nullify reconcile cancel apologise appease apologize annul negative make redress make recompense pay one's dues pay the price pay the penalty do penance redeem oneself absolve oneself say sorry take one's medicine even out equilibrize obviate decorate be equivalent charge outweigh allow for negate neutralise set off equal equipoise counterpose counterweigh account recognize recognise stroke give a present to give a bounty to make something worth someone's while give an award to


To match or rival in performance or extent
equal parallel match level balance make reach rival achieve meet approach approximate be equal with copy equipoise equiponderate tally touch be equal to be tantamount to tie with be even with break even with compete with contend with make even run abreast square with be as good as be as great as keep pace with live up to measure up to rank with rise to vie with be a match for be level with be in the same category as be in the same league as emulate compare with correspond to tally with equate with be the equal of amount to come up to be commensurate with be equivalent to coordinate with tot up to come to be identical to equate to be on a par with be the same as agree with keep up with hold a candle to rise up to add up to track match up with align with suit fit dovetail with answer imitate satisfy conform be like cohere with check with be consistent with comport with harmonize with rime with marry with rhyme with correspond with be consonant with fit the pattern be similar to correlate to jibe with coincide with sort with accord with chord with go with be comparable with equalise resemble echo mirror come near follow fulfil simulate come close to remind one of fulfill challenge take after look like bear a resemblance to bear comparison with come near to smack of be the very picture of bear resemblance to look a lot like mimic duplicate correspond match up to favour favor feature compare outdo be on a level with be comparable to bring to mind fill the bill be not unlike have a look of put one in mind of bear semblance to appear like comply with reproduce tie ape rivalize amount compete near model oneself on take as an example take as a model measure up get near pattern after conform to extend have earmarks of be in the same class as have signs of follow in the footsteps of follow the example of take a leaf out of someone's book be the spitting image of be the spit of be a dead ringer for be close to be the image of have the look of border on verge on be the picture of serve keep abreast of be good enough admit of comparison reflect fit the bill stand the test stand the pace stand comparison with arrive admit of comparison with coincide relate double replicate clone better beat be constitute approximate to parrot impersonate comprise sum total sound like seem like pass for have the hallmarks of be not dissimilar to have all the hallmarks of remind you of put you in mind of make one think of style oneself on get close to oppose evaluate measure up with measure up against take as a pattern do an impression of adopt the style of model after spell imply mean partake contest be on an equal footing with grow number pattern oneself after parallelize recreate repeat become effect aggregate scramble for go for go after complement represent make up nudge develop into jockey for position correlate with come within reach of close in on go up to creep up on stack up against be near to verge upon draw near be almost move toward be not a million miles away from draw near to touch on bear down on draw up to move in on threaten border get on for be alike be analogous to be in harmony with chime with chime in with keep pace seek to displace perform mime copycat be regarded as fill surpass outvie do contend ditto handle complete do like make like follow suit go like follow in footsteps model yourself on pattern yourself after discharge impinge connect neighbor march contact abut lie next to adjoin join neighbour lie near execute suffice gratify redeem cope with carry out

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