Đồng nghĩa của compensate for


To render useless or neutralize
negative cancel out neutralise neutralize counteract nullify negate render ineffective annul correct counterpoise make up for offset balance counterbalance balance out equalise equalize countervail redeem redress counterweigh cancel atone for compensate outweigh undo equilibrize even out even up invalidate rectify recompense requite atone expiate make amends for square make good make restitution for redress the balance make amends fix counter obviate countercheck counterweight right make recompense for equipoise repent set off pay back make reparations make redress for make reparation for ballast equilibrate equal out mend remedy restore indemnify equiponderate amend make good for repair put right lessen reduce contravene stabilise halt counterwork stabilize buck cross respond charge equal counterpose account go against tip the scales be equivalent allow for even equate level match pay the price for redeem oneself do penance for come out even oppose set pair off tie collate attune come out adjust parallel readjust accord defuse wipe out overrule overcome defeat make ineffective override subdue deactivate abrogate frustrate conquer square up be an antidote to repeal rescind reverse revoke countermand vacate avoid disannul void abolish quash retract recall set aside dissolve abate null render invalid vitiate annihilate strike down roll back obliterate render null and void scrub declare null and void overturn veto withdraw remove renege take back kill terminate nix do away with repudiate dump scrap recant renounce end disclaim axe torpedo abjure ax cast aside expunge erase call back call off put an end to bring to an end declare invalid declare blackball disprove impugn traverse stonewall ding belie efface blot out get off the hook discharge delete break with turn down put down rebut turn thumbs down nig zap scratch restrict confine renig squash limit trash call abandon abort drop bring to naught stamp out take out call all bets off wash out forget it blue pencil deny dismiss lift counterorder dismantle make void backpedal disown forswear fly in the face of cry off back out of rub out disallow disestablish rule against unmake discontinue suspend break off stop renege on disaffirm chop ditch backtrack on deracinate go back on waive supersede reject subvert get rid of knock out do in knock something on the head give the chop finish off

Trái nghĩa của compensate for

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