Đồng nghĩa của indemnify

Alternative for indemnify

indemnifies, indemnified, indemnifying

Đồng nghĩa: compensate, recompense, repair,


To compensate for loss or damage
compensate remunerate reimburse recompense recoup repay requite satisfy pay repair pay back refund remit return settle make amends to make restitution to settle accounts with settle up with make good pay off make up for balance redress restore make amends reward square offset give back make restitution give payment to pay up counterbalance counterpoise countervail equalize redeem tip atone fix guerdon equalise award accord compensate for atone for square up pay for shell out spring for make restitution for make amends for square accounts with pay something back replace relinquish restitute make redress for recover make it up to fee make reparations give money back rebate vouchsafe grant pay compensation pony up pay damages pay costs honor a claim make repayment pay dues settle up ante up dish out reciprocate counteract respond neutralize retaliate cancel out match get even nullify quit make restitution cancel give in return meet correct annul negative pay someone back in his even the score return like for like get your own back give tit for tat foot discharge clear even out equilibrize even up obviate disburse liquidate balance out charge outweigh negate neutralise equal equipoise counterpose counterweigh account close end set off pay in full clear up be equivalent allow for tide over make reparation for take care of make reparation dispose of comp expiate overcompensate propitiate pay money to make reparation to make recompense for make up rectify right mend make good for put right answer reconcile honour apologise appease apologize make redress make recompense pay one's dues pay the price pay the penalty do penance redeem oneself absolve oneself say sorry take one's medicine decorate recognize recognise honor stroke give a present to give a bounty to make something worth someone's while give an award to


To promise with certainty
guarantee insure underwrite back sponsor support bankroll cosign vouch for give earnest money for put up collateral for provide security for provide surety for pick up the check pick up the tab provide financial security for be ready to pick up the tab for fund finance pay for endow capitalize float promote subsidize patronize capitalise provide security put up money patronise grubstake stake subsidise foot the bill for pick up the tab for bank juice loan shark provide funds go for lay on one prime the pump provide capital for act as guarantor of put up money fo be a patron of be responsible for lend your name to put up the money for help act as a guarantor for answer for invest in furnish credit for provide money for raise dough put money into set up in business pay angel secure collateral provide for contribute to subscribe provide financing take the risk for assist give money to prop up shell out for aid cough up for fork out for pony up for endorse champion provide finance for give a donation to advocate further encourage maintain sanction donate money for leave money for indorse favour favor advance give backing to contribute enrich buttress chip in for ante up for settle up for treat someone to defray the cost of absorb obtain crowdfund crowdsource kickstart facilitate currency invest benefit bolster nurture abet further the interests of forward give a boost to open doors keep succor succour foster make a contribution to give support to pay a subsidy to shore up give a grant to give pave the way for lend support to cooperate befriend protect mentor backstop reinforce deliver bail out launch advise profit reenforce plump for plunk for subscribe to make affluent make richer feather nest make prosperous make wealthy line nest make rich make well-off dower bequeath will support financially kick in for give money towards settle money on stump up for donate money to bequeath money for vest in pitch in for

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