Đồng nghĩa của ante up


To pay what one owes (a debt, a bill etc.
pay the bill cough up fork out pay pay up settle the debt settle up shell out pony up give stump up spring for dish out settle foot lay out recompense pay out part with spend chip in hand over clear pay off expend donate discharge disburse meet liquidate balance stand contribute quit foot the bill put up kick in fork over outlay splurge drop grant satisfy pitch in come up with accord devote come across pledge offer hand out defray dole out put in lavish gift provide square squander furnish commit impart award blow dispense fork up pay in full present bestow render deliver pick up the tab remit invest yield honour surrender relinquish confer bail someone out honor endow bequeath subscribe volunteer give up turn over give out give away come across with come through splash out ante pay for make with finance pick up the check dissipate waste hand supply compensate sponsor sacrifice remunerate reward leave pass subsidize proffer advance reimburse transmit extend throw in share spring stake entrust guerdon vouchsafe give a donation of blue make a donation of square up make good defray the cost of put out provide with sweeten the pot furnish with present with lash out pay down gift with plunk down let someone have subsidise account for do one's part repay produce cede up relieve lend lay down turn in deal will pay back acquit slip spend money venture fritter away supply with out make over front up come up with the money meet one's obligations make payment use up speculate knock down allocate gamble risk sink in plough in lay on confer on someone get it up make a contribution of feed the kitty pass the hat make a gift of give of get in the act put oneself down for endow with stump something up pop for redeem lay something out bear the cost bear the expense shell something out spend money as if it grows on trees pour down the drain throw around like confetti spend money as if it were going out of fashion spend like water throw money at throw down the drain spend money as if there were no tomorrow spend money as if it were going out of style indemnify requite recoup clear up exchange cash out tip fee give payment to redress back sign autograph ink underwrite enroll set register buy promise make a donation chip into make a contribution make a deal contribute towards enrol signature make a subscription second give to sign up donate to pitch into give money bequest fund distribute purvey afford transfer mete pass on sweeten the kitty assign dower tender enrich waive renounce abdicate abandon resign let go of give over forfeit concede forgo lay aside deliver up give in sign away consign trust intrust delegate vest relegate convey lose submit forsake commend yield up let go cast off sign over hand in shed forswear pay something out recommend repose confide loan render up give back credit club together inject find feed have a whip-round put aside put down finish with set down let fall sub pay in advance supply on credit accommodate someone with step down from step aside from abnegate sacrifice something spare kiss goodbye say goodbye to leave behind betray forego pay with prostitute withgo be deprived of eschew do without be stripped of go without pass up kiss goodbye to cast aside fold give way communicate allow throw in the towel throw in the sponge capitulate abalienate remise back down cut loose take the pledge forbear desert ditch drop out kiss good-bye withdraw discard opt out cast repudiate take the oath let pass stand down turn down quit cold turkey let go by swear off dump drop like hot potato


To furnish with, or cause to be present
provide furnish prepare equip implement make available plan accommodate arrange for procure ready add advance allocate allot assign bring forth come up with distribute donate extend fit fit out fork out issue lay out lend line part with pony up put forward put up spare turn out accoutre afford apportion arm array attire cede deal out deed dole out fix up give grant hand kit out make over mete out offer outfit parcel out ply with portion present prorate provision purvey render rig rig out stake stock supply transfer yield cater to come with give out hand out line up make up raise rig up rustle up set up stock up stump up instal install manage organise organize bestow arrange dispense hand over deliver impart gear gird endow appoint cater produce fit up confer throw accouter assemble serve administer hold find host lay on have kit up set aside feed allow disburse award put on give away proffer accord get ready bear dish out bring contribute prep devote deck kit send inject disseminate tender provide with shell out pay out let someone have avail sort systematize improvise cobble together lay something on grant access to free up release whip up knock up concoct knock together groom suit run fix fill systematise conduct man discharge loan adorn deal invest turn over leave reserve take care of scrape up put together cook indulge make deck out earmark divvy get up trick out trick up credit lot share designate gear up circulate trap out include tote relinquish pack load deduct remit pay mix dispatch sub pay in advance supply on credit cough up load up appropriate partition consign disperse pass out begive pass around divvy up diffuse favour ration favor measure out give up mete measure sell heel up pack a rod accommodate someone with lug iron rod up contain let lend-lease entrust oblige trust permit shark slap together be responsible for loan shark lay on one pass reach toss chuck bung buck pass to present to transfer to hand over to deliver to convey to give over


To interrupt a discussion for the purpose of making a comment
chip in interpose interrupt break in chime in intrude cut in interject butt in collaborate conate help partake participate pay subscribe come through go Dutch stump up take part go shares in share the expense intervene interfere interfere with horn in cut off obtrude interpolate chisel in move in join in join the conversation have your say add one's pennyworth put your two cents in speak up voice your opinion pipe up have one's say exclaim put one's oar in remark parenthesize interrupt with speak put one's pennyworth in comment heckle cut in on disturb barge in intrude on intervene in disconnect arrest separate crash hinder disjoin insinuate in check disrupt break in on infringe cut prevent shortstop barge in on disunite divide bother intersect stay inject bust in put in horn in on break someone's train of thought break train of thought come between chip in on butt in on edge in muscle in crowd in muscle in on cut short get in the way work in chime in on push in meddle breeze in rush in storm in squeeze in walk in mediate intercede burst in gatecrash encroach intermediate arbitrate negotiate step in involve oneself shove in skip the queue jump the queue stumble push charge shove collide come moderate sandwich intercept catch poke pry snoop nose impinge invade trespass mess overstep infiltrate creep interlope intermeddle worm inch stick your oar in put one's two cents in stick your nose in poke one's face in muck about muck around charge in pester get into the act entrench trench elbow in appropriate impose oneself arrogate violate impose yourself entrench on tread on someone's toes usurp worm in make inroads into step on someone's toes eat into make inroads invade someone's space stick nose into conciliate get involved interpose oneself interpose yourself put in two cents settle put your oar in insinuate oneself involve involve yourself sever act as an intermediary mix in take a hand reconcile act as peacemaker part

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