Đồng nghĩa của consign

Alternative for consign

consigns, consigned, consigning

Đồng nghĩa: convey, deliver, entrust, hand over, send, transfer,


To entrust into the possession of safekeeping of someone
entrust commit give delegate trust leave vest pass assign hand intrust confide commend repose recommend commission grant authorise authorize appoint bequeath allocate place remit put issue hand over turn over give over hand down put in charge of transfer transmit deliver convey cede relegate confer pass on relinquish bestow hand on devolve charge allot make over sign over invest surrender yield task send depute refer dispatch present apportion cast give up confer on bestow on designate direct render ordain endow submit alienate abdicate appropriate forward route give to send on point license empower accredit abandon qualify will warrant enroll engage demise certify lodge deed resign enable devise licence post alien offer command lend charter turn in reach enrol cough up settle vouchsafe lay down grant to invest in entrust to deliver up deputize put into the hands of deputise vest in leave to consign to let go of ship address put into someone's hands proffer tender confine divert make something over to someone shunt redirect channel lay give custody of leave with give custody deposit with parcel out deposit render up mandate change reassign give free rein shift move entitle grace sanction award burden send on errand send on mission hold responsible for toss throw furnish pertain belong chuck promise employ destine provide impart donate give into the care of give into the charge of give into the custody of find employment for turn set aim level accord exchange bung patronise advance let store loan patronize aid arm permit encumber saddle load circulate find a job for install afford contribute put in someone's hands contact get mail give authority endow in let someone have legate put in the hands of allow to look after let out make trustee slot guide leave in one's will leave to by will communicate renounce instal ascribe offload dump put into hands of attorn foist waive pay square attach nominate name constitute decentralise decentralize postmark mark sacrifice dispense show steer instruct bid forfeit pass down make payment of make payment usher marshal marshall confide to pass to part with hand to fob off palm off fork out get rid of be handed down give away send to direct to deliver to fork up turn over to put in touch with pass on to shell out dish out pony up lay out ante up pay up forgo come up with disburse drop fork over pay out sign away come across with hand out chip in concede distribute supply dole out put up give out forsake stump up abnegate produce kick in mete out deal out spend expend prorate share out give in portion make with abjure do without gift lay aside lose outlay feed pledge disclaim pass round administer share pass out hand round hand in reject settle up put aside extend foot the bill volunteer dispense with quit come across foot devote disseminate set down stake defray the cost of abalienate say goodbye to divide send out dispose of withgo be deprived of be stripped of pay for go without pass up put in mete yield up pitch in divvy let go pay with plunk down demit give back give over to give round forswear inflict disown discard remise disgorge shed cast off find endue bless favour indue favor forbear decline renege deny unload put down finish with let fall spring splash out squander up splurge pay down blow release allow spare leave behind betray cast aside kiss goodbye forego prostitute eschew kiss goodbye to make a contribution have a whip-round come through club together make a donation handball escalate broadcast pin provide with present with slip furnish with supply with gift with refuse set aside spurn stand down from separate oneself from divorce oneself from step down from wash your hands of sign off step aside from return offer back stream apply spread free quitclaim terminate exhibit display instate target turn down lose out on carry relay send forth expose extract divide out partition measure give with lot let off drop off unveil declare ante deal cut in disperse parcel lot out divvy up split break up portion out ration out ration admeasure cut measure out divide up carve up slice piece up slice up give and take provide use of be generous with allow use of fulfil spring for front up achieve carry out make good on discharge implement live up to fulfill have deliver the goods carry through bear pull out roll out bring forward put forward bring out draw out bring to light give oneself over fall victim back down fold fold up give way suffer defeat accept defeat be overwhelmed throw in the towel cry quits climb down break knuckle under throw in the sponge show the white flag come to terms be overcome bow resign yourself capitulate relent lay down arms admit defeat be conquered budge be beaten defer give up the struggle buckle cave in raise the white flag concede defeat call it quits succumb


To send (goods) to a particular person or destination
send dispatch transfer transmit ship convey forward transport post mail deliver route address shoot send off pack off remit move freight carry shift direct take bring run bear ferry conduct relocate haul redirect airmail express put in the mail put in the post send out locate issue fetch lug cart send by post get off dispatch by post tote pack remove hand-carry schlepp shoulder truck piggyback send to take up an appointment assign to a post advance impart circulate relay drop off export smuggle drop distribute embark send on put on board go aboard ship out drag transplant displace transpose drive lift pick up collect hump pass heave tow draw get give a lift to buck trawl pull reposition funnel convoy chauffeur tug channel traject schlep import yank fly carry away switch give a ride to shuttle airlift guide give a lift sweep resettle uproot hoist go for trail call for dislocate escort lead emigrate usher hale take along carry off take away go to get cart off load up stop for come and get shlep heft airdrop winch take over bus translate port support pipe gather blow puff transport in bulk syphon ride move across interchange exchange change siphon rearrange draggle take off immigrate revamp readapt reorient recondition reset manhandle traffic waft streel come carrying budge carry on come by take on humph taxi onpass shuffle reallocate obtain retrieve disturb replace vellicate snap transport by air unload deposit move around carry over propel push move over go and get leave drop in for bring back bring to go get pull along wash float draw forth get a hold of drop-ship put off allow to alight bear away sweep away wash away pilot take round accompany show put out put on fork over dish out chaperon steer shepherd come across with see attend herd assist help marshal marshall trailblaze show the way companion belead decamp depart vacate migrate flit quit move house up sticks go away pull up stakes move away


To assign to a particular class or category
classify categorise categorize class group sort grade rank order arrange codify peg range place assort compartmentalise compartmentalize distinguish type label catalogue organise organize separate file pigeonhole relegate brand systematise systematize index distribute compartment assign digest typecast rate tag list tabulate catalog systemize tab bracket name divide put allot alphabetize allocate coordinate segregate size ticket collocate docket stratify match correlate number regiment break down button down size up put down as put down for put into sets put away rank out take measure designate characterize characterise mark identify describe define specify stamp call style methodize denominate term dispose marshal dub title evaluate sort out marshall regard individualise individualize stereotype christen judge nominate typify collate individuate lay out fix log array consider value entitle constitute assemble set clepe baptize slot nickname structure character register put in order baptise portray inventory compile graduate present estimate select triage represent differentiate sift valuate record pronounce depict singularize score sequence gage position discriminate gauge figure establish set out single out line up sketch draw up denote indicate personalise personalize put together chart part mark out stand enumerate qualify determine partition signalize decide itemize denounce recognize extricate know itemise paint standardize collect outline discredit reckon pillory defame make out set apart tell apart stigmatize ghettoize show delineate vilify compare ghettoise signalise assess draw pick choose disgrace detail analogize feature bill regulate hail recognise symbolise exemplify illustrate symbolize standardise declare cognominate stigmatise relate knight peculiarize authorize authorise refer to ordain decree describe as hail as sectionalize tabularize formulate split appropriate apportion mete sticker calibrate be settle include quantify hold appraise account line allineate bias suit conventionalize put a label on mark down put in place summarize condense cast archive earmark manage winnow riddle cull screen comb code summarise inform normalize gather accession hallmark proportion belong to measure make up disparage condemn type cast bring together enter put in shape normalise institutionalize institutionalise address post arrange in order liken slur regroup colligate reclassify subcategorize recategorize confer bestow focus organize systematically portion show to be enrol couple assimilate equate yoke twin pair take to be diagnose analyze spot pinpoint demarcate finger ascertain gather together give a name accumulate combine aggregate divide up arrange in a series calculate guess conjecture make suppose appoint inscribe confer knighthood upon identify as give the title of give a name to give a handle put tag on make an inventory of pour scorn on cast a slur on cast a slur upon adduce compose specialise enroll book insert elect count tell from determinate figure out set off mark off diagnosticate tell between check examine verify specialize put down model epitomize personify chronicle render recount evoke display announce install delegate commission handpick regard as identical stipulate narrate interpret picture exhibit express introduce unfold resolve employ analyse vote in opt for point to cherry-pick propose instal decide on settle on put one's finger on pin down conclude settle upon sign up take on deputise deputize emblematize epitomise embody instantiate report state realise realize set side by side regard as the same be considered be characterized be described be counted discern expose set forth be named be characterizable censure besmirch difference secern be designated be eligible be considered as taint be distinguished meet the requirements of contrast tell the difference discern a difference recognize a distinction know what's what separate the sheep from the goats sever discrepate separate the wheat from the chaff contradistinguish severalize split hairs perceive note remark draw a distinction label negatively accuse of being


To exile, banish, remove, or send away
relegate exile banish displace expel deport dismiss ostracise ostracize eject expatriate expulse oust remove transport throw out cast out extradite out kick out turn out boot out turf out bar discharge ban evict drum out proscribe bounce drive out drive away give someone the boot exclude fire cashier sack defenestrate repatriate reject outlaw slang rout excommunicate chase chuck out evacuate dispossess send packing run off throw out on your ear give the bum's rush see the back of show you the door show the door send away give someone their marching orders separate uproot sentence sentence to transportation ship out throw someone out on their ear extradict isolate rusticate extrude drive off sequester set aside shut out do away with chase away shake off purge unseat depose dislodge topple dethrone eliminate move supplant retire transfer release reposition abolish shift expunge pull relocate detach ship axe ax abstract dislocate budge can muster out pink-slip take down debar blackball blacklist black push out thrust out sling out fling out get rid of suspend fordrive heave out bin off bust ask to leave give someone the push give the elbow give walking papers give someone the big E give someone the air give the hook terminate force out give the heave-ho turn off let go lay off boot give someone the bullet give the old heave-ho give someone the sack make redundant overturn defrock bring down give someone their cards overthrow disturb put out give notice transpose remove from office uncrown unthrone deprive unmake bump impeach turf give someone their notice give notice to give the gate discard break usurp unfrock discrown drop upset misplace subvert disqualify degrade pension deselect disfrock shelve recall disemploy furlough depone replace eighty-six chuck freeze out knock out of place knock out of position disestablish give the sack to force to leave bring about the downfall of run out of town pay off give someone his chase out let out wash out turn away give warning ride out on rail give the ax show the door to throw out on the streets give a pink slip give someone the pink slip toss out give marching orders keep out throw demote downgrade move on heave unhorse prohibit from entering undo triumph overwhelm defeat yeet excuse strip of rank put out of place dissolve expropriate nix supersede put out in the street sever connections court martial give heave-ho give the boot to give the bullet to put away give someone his or her walking papers unsettle remove from power dehire unhire shed get going set going give the push to move out of place send home hand someone his hat chase off disthrone disenthrone rummage perturb disunite divide unhinge disarticulate interrupt declare redundant hand walking papers give one's cards give pink slip pink slip give bum's rush pack off give the 1-2-3 bundle off remove by force show out heave-ho toss out on ear deprive of office change the position of extricate knock over disentangle take over relieve of duty free bring low lock out step into shoes of dig out get out tomahawk cut downsize reduce hatchet poll decimate cleaver knock loose clear scale down cut back put an end to slim down toss ditch unloose irrupt dump throw overboard kiss goodbye send off squeeze out give someone their P45 give the chop withdraw show the gate to take away move out remove from clear from send to a safe place kiss off


To hope for, or aspire to, a goal or dream
intend mean plan aim propose contemplate purpose design aspire expect earmark hope allow calculate desire destine determine envisage go look meditate purport scheme want wish be determined be going be looking foresee have every intention have plans have the intention anticipate appoint attempt be plotting be resolved connote decree dedicate designate devote endeavour endeavor essay have in view have resolved indicate ordain plot reserve resolve strive think try have in mind have set out mark out set apart think of add up aspire to figure on hope to look forward set aside set out angle direct conceive contrive devise fate predestine preordain prepare seek predetermine decide consider orient count on steer foreordain prearrange doom premeditate target slant envision undertake commit pitch shape mind make plans orchestrate foredoom arrange orientate engineer organize set your sights on focus reckon on make up your mind organise will schedule covet insinuate set up bargain for prescribe conspire imagine start out have a mind ponder pursue visualize visualise assume trust suit make have a mind to work towards think to bid for make up one's mind commit oneself think about aim at be eager level assign mean to give thought to expect to zoom in on zero in on think likely bank on plan on depend on rely on consecrate allot attend take care await position preform tailor draft outline craft create budget develop concoct fashion make fitting train point adjust doom to frame strategize adapt construct fit gear choreograph blueprint equip draught project scheme out strategize about map out lay out choose plan ahead agree elect opt conclude figure settle on settle upon take a decision come to the conclusion settle on a plan of action remain firm reach a decision make a point of make a decision take a stand come to a decision

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