Đồng nghĩa của guarantee

Alternative for guarantee

guarantees, guaranteed, guaranteeing

Đồng nghĩa: assure, back, certify, endorse, pledge, promise, secure, sponsor, stand for, swear, underwrite, warrant,

Trái nghĩa: guarantor,


Something that serves as an official confirmation of approval
seal authorisation authorization assurance confirmation ratification attestation authentication imprimatur licence sanction approval clearance permission warrant warranty agreement authority blessing charter consent endorsement validation approbation notification allowance stamp of approval permit subpoena summons concurrence security leave commission sufferance order granting license writ mandate papers fiat edict official document decree pledge testimonial green light credentials certificate written order credential passport carte blanche accreditation verification okay right word go-ahead say-so dispensation assent acquiescence seal of approval privilege concession command OK acceptance liberty franchise thumbs up nod prerogative power rubber stamp support favour favor directive injunction instruction empowerment entitlement freedom pass charge dictate backing ruling toleration document indulgence exemption grant O.K. process direction delegation advantage bidding demand call commandment behest ordinance ukase immunity court order precept diktat imperative pronunciamento apanage appanage nihil obstat tolerance rescript admission say so blank check birthright due arraignment claim indictment contract ticket title law countenance citation droit card safe-conduct canon statute patent firman rule stipulation regulation recommendation requirement independence perquisite indemnity admittance business green-light a blank cheque yes condonance condonation acknowledgment blank cheque sanctification acknowledgement power of attorney subpoena ad testificandum latitude free hand free rein leniency safeguard choice unconstraint self-determination assignment accord bond recognition proclamation deed pronouncement compliance dictum discount deduction reduction advice stamp access indenture briefing affirmation encouragement rebate discretion avowal bull promulgation understanding consensus harmony good wishes okaying strength ability impunity run endorsation passage letting irade decretal all clear honour boon honor decrease repayment right on OK'ing signature TRO paper replevin prescript official sanction refund weighting concern enterprise formal order visa certification conveyance pact endowment settlement allotment treaty refreshment stand adaptation adjustment accommodation deputation claim form habeas corpus voucher obligation proxy brevet agency temporary restraining order requisition laissez-passer triptyque carnet empowering badge legalization legalisation interest full authority complete discretion proxy in blank complete freedom unrestricted authority unconditional right no holds barred complete authority leeway full power say unconditional authority benefit merit priority justification pretension pretence pretense dibs


A written public announcement of intentions or of the terms of an agreement
declaration affirmation assertion profession avowal disclosure revelation attestation manifestation protestation testimony acknowledgement asseveration averment confirmation oath acknowledgment avouchment certification claim insistence pledge proof validation vow deposition maintenance statement admission advertisement allegation answer bomb broadcast enunciation explanation exposition expression information notice pitch presentation publication remark saying speech spiel story utterance hot air say so two cents' worth pronouncement proclamation promise swearing assurance ratification testimonial verification announcement okay affidavit green light sworn statement stamp of approval divulgence confession comment report observation communication word uncovering exposé aside publishing ventilation rundown exposure unveiling divulging picture discovery betrayal blow-by-blow pretence pretense leak news surprising fact surprise fact display unmasking denunciation unearthing showing airing exhibition reflection baring giveaway detection openness acquaintance awareness unfolding coverage thought rooting out opinion articulation account note communiqué evidence recitation words formulation promulgation observance wisecrack crack interpretation commentary comeback annotation mind regard illustration quip elucidation exegesis talk cognizance explication point conclusion gloss witticism verbalism verbalization narrative dictum wording bulletin recital vocalization broadcasting relation phrasing mention charge vocalisation manifesto voice presentment expounding description ejaculation back talk bon mot obiter dictum expression of facts reckoning expression of views release revealing divulgation leakage making known handout enlightenment revealment exposal impartation tip squeal snitch make unveilment self-disclosure impartance tip-off


To promise with certainty
insure indemnify underwrite back sponsor support bankroll cosign vouch for give earnest money for put up collateral for provide security for provide surety for pick up the check pick up the tab provide financial security for be ready to pick up the tab for fund finance pay for endow capitalize float promote subsidize patronize capitalise provide security put up money patronise grubstake stake subsidise foot the bill for pick up the tab for bank juice loan shark provide funds go for lay on one prime the pump provide capital for act as guarantor of put up money fo be a patron of be responsible for lend your name to put up the money for help act as a guarantor for answer for invest in furnish credit for provide money for raise dough put money into set up in business pay angel secure collateral provide for contribute to subscribe provide financing take the risk for assist give money to prop up shell out for aid cough up for fork out for pony up for endorse champion provide finance for give a donation to advocate further encourage maintain sanction donate money for leave money for indorse favour favor advance give backing to contribute enrich buttress chip in for ante up for settle up for treat someone to defray the cost of absorb obtain crowdfund crowdsource kickstart facilitate currency invest benefit bolster nurture abet further the interests of forward give a boost to open doors keep succor succour foster make a contribution to give support to pay a subsidy to shore up give a grant to give pave the way for lend support to cooperate befriend protect mentor backstop reinforce deliver bail out launch advise profit reenforce plump for plunk for subscribe to make affluent make richer feather nest make prosperous make wealthy line nest make rich make well-off dower bequeath will support financially kick in for give money towards settle money on stump up for donate money to bequeath money for vest in pitch in for


Give assurance
vouch affirm certify declare assert avow confirm testify verify maintain warrant asseverate profess corroborate vow witness contend support assure substantiate prove uphold predicate okay back sponsor avert cosign attest to rubber-stamp answer for swear to say so be responsible for act as a witness bear testimony get behind give an affidavit put forth sign for stand up for swear up and down aver avouch attest swear validate state insure endorse ensure allege claim secure insist pronounce authenticate proclaim argue vouch for protest purport lay down back up guaranty ice announce establish cinch ratify seal acknowledge promise pledge indemnify bear out vindicate testify to clinch protect bear witness to sustain cover underwrite say admit advocate confess sew up give credence to justify make certain bear witness nail down give proof of set the seal on lock up stick up for reassert reaffirm authorize defend evidence hold notify demonstrate move ascertain make sure document propound cite show opine represent stand by advance see to it check depose asservate repeat have a lock on see set swear on bible register lock on emphasize put forward authorise argue for put on ice provide evidence of emphasise sanction underscore second enforce manifest undertake close put the seal on cap wind up give an undertaking cross heart encourage give force to give weight to invoke postulate recognize settle stipulate posit provide insurance for adduce submit give substance to speak for give assurance of show the truth of own adjure venture volunteer make secure agree to pay give security to press countersign give evidence throw one's weight behind depose to concede allow grant recognise own up cross one's heart be proof of prove to be genuine accredit delegate mouth off shoot one's wad pop off shoot off one's mouth provide stand bail for be liable for go bail for assert under oath effect complete stand behind do not forget to satisfy oneself double-check take care be sure to be in no doubt lock in make certain of make sure of know for certain take an oath give grounds for set out arrange express stress voice utter convey commit make safe contract disclose tell buttress inform pass allegate render give testimony make out declare publicly state one's faith in affirm one's allegiance to acknowledge publicly make a public declaration of speak out bring forward affirm one's faith in reassure safeguard champion shield guard hedge espouse bolster plead foster stand for speak up for come to defense of plead for take up cudgels for come to the defence of be on the side of speak in support of go to bat for thump for reinforce approve lend weight to legitimize show to be true evince legitimise reenforce indicate exhibit show beyond doubt shore up strengthen expose present rationalize determine make evident reveal rationalise explain illustrate display circumstantiate permit denote check out condone legitimatize account for legitimatise bespeak be evidence of insist on show clearly demonstrate the truth of signify excuse elucidate legalize check up constitute reason legalise offer grounds for betoken point out showcase ostend do justice to expound give the stamp of approval to make plain make known consent to approve of make clear show to be reasonable give reasons for show once and for all submit proof submit evidence give substance to the fact that witness to witness to the fact that establish evidence produce evidence demonstrate the truth produce proof back something up qualify bear something out reflect ground underpin suggest objectify realise actualize realize test debunk reify try connote mark designate signal formalize agree put propose project prescribe note point charge dictate try on try out swear by clarify lay bare lay out give nod check on declare true double check be a sign of renounce sign off on extenuate fight for agree to assent to flag up discover formalise sanctify give proof provide evidence rehabilitate refute disculpate confute whitewash disprove suss out hold up pin down use as an excuse cop a plea plea bargain answer charges use as excuse respond find spell out constitute proof of constitute evidence of get across clear up fix result develop convince legitimate clear have a case add up press for push for insist upon decriminalize license give an explanation for merit enact regulate normalize ordain decree formulate legislate pronounce lawful codify launder be answerable for make allowances show cause show just cause for provide a rationale for prove to be reasonable speak in favor of make good on give a justification for decriminalise normalise licence demand deserve require entitle earn clean up declare legal rate give the green light to entail necessitate call for be a reason for be worth be deserving of be entitled to be worthy of be a defence of give ground for be a justification for explain away qualify for


To bestow legal or official authority to
accredit approve authorise authorize empower license certify commission recognise recognize warrant appoint endorse sanction back champion favor favour support advocate depute promote recommend charter enable invest licence qualify ratify vest entrust certificate vouch for put one's seal of approval on entitle permit delegate charge privilege allow grant mandate capacitate give authority to ordain nominate endow designate elect deputize let validate detail OK deputise give power to give permission give authority install assign inaugurate consign name select choose pass honour provide honor engage rubber-stamp adopt enfranchise legitimize instal constitute give permission to give the right to okay legitimise swear in grant the right to co-opt give the go-ahead to give someone the authority give the thumbs up to give the green light to give the OK to countenance consent legalize legalise be authorised give a right to confer a right to give a certificate to give a diploma to be authorized contract task equip trust bestow confer cast order allocate allot commit intrust give nod place trust in farm out instruct dispatch command bid give the green light say the word give the go-ahead give the word give grace award confide to acknowledge induct rate make eligible give the means to invest with power give means to give the power to instate present grant the right give the right initiate arm have coming fit for be in line for confer a right qualify for appreciate greet crown enthrone bestow on confer on endow in vest in anoint uphold seat grant to put in someone's hands give to consign to entrust to invest in consecrate establish baptize officially approve franchise be acquainted with accept as valid be familiar with put the seal of approval on be on familiar terms with grant authority to grant authorization to give authorization to bequeath baptise grant leave to suffer give a licence to grant permission to give leave to grant a licence to give a permit to grant a permit to admit to office give approval to employ place hire give a blank cheque to give the stamp of approval to pick attach decree tap enjoin take on sign up install as vote in enroll recruit enrol enlist pay sign on retain bring on board post appropriate secure the services of send put on the payroll secure make set take into employment earmark transfer apportion fee assume lay on take on board have on the payroll refer sign reserve relocate reassign devote contract for move set aside lend truck with put on have in employment vote second draft slot relegate title fix tag draught book tab label create cast as stipulate specify dispense ascribe distribute procure acquire indicate lot ration mete hand over burden ink decide on dole out saddle give out shell out dish out hand out take into service fill a position take into one's employ advance find employment for invite find a job for coopt station put promote to conscript accept add elevate to call lay christen proffer denominate apprentice indenture shift frock take tender direct pin come on board encumber load keep on the payroll design apply level assign temporarily accord decide upon target aim confer holy orders on flag state pinpoint define assign the part to give the part to devolve pass on identify opt peg particularize mark finger prefer relinquish hand on turn over plump for particularise pin down button down point out settle on put down for divvy issue vouchsafe make known mark out administer dole dub share select for admeasure cut budget slice determine install in downlink disperse choice reference download share out divide out split up measure out divide up parcel out divvy up deal out portion out ration out cut the pie mete out detail for induct in ordain in institute in stipulate for decide on for choose for keep hang on hold responsible hypothecate divide set apart prescribe fork out bring in give a break give job to add to payroll find help give work put to work


Decide on conditions
stipulate lay down require specify agree contract covenant demand engage impose pledge postulate promise provide settle state arrange bargain condition designate detail instruct make name order particularise particularize prescribe slot specificate specificize insist on insist upon set down set forth set out state clearly pin down spell out lay finger on make a condition of make a point put down for make a precondition of make a proviso of determine ordain itemize enumerate decree underwrite ensure establish have as a condition make it a condition list instance individuate relate distinguish delineate cite describe itemise give details be specific about define set fix appoint choose decide select indicate mention tag individualize individualise point out decide on command dictate pronounce catalogue frame communicate declare announce identify note reveal schedule quote show limit nominate catalog draw up specialise conclude specialize peg refer to resolve make known pick out resolve on lay out tick off agree on fix on settle on get down to brass tacks pinpoint earmark devote allot prearrange finalize arrive at recommend rule direct enjoin finalise solve work set aside confirm allocate assign formulate set a date for work out point to gesture towards promulgate mark out recite rehearse guide recount narrate fix up decide upon present expound elaborate explain tabulate summarize write prescription make provision for agree upon portray numerate depict write a prescription for divulge disclose express say exhibit uncover embellish circumstantiate epitomize recapitulate tell spread analyse summarise epitomise analyze notify produce record register admit pick take give an account of report on fly speck quote chapter and verse sweat details reel off call adopt elect handpick label prefer favour favor cull term optate cap make it known style dub plump for go for opt for hand-pick cherry-pick make a choice single out make a selection settle upon drop notice put it on record come out with christen entitle brand classify denominate explicitize advert to inventory give explicitise precise finger tab blueprint title class baptize touch upon put down show clearly touch on button down be specific bill characterize denote clepe draw a picture put finger on go into detail authorize cognominate nickname deputise authorise baptise deputize characterise get to the point come to the point


To receive, usually as return for effort
secure obtain acquire gain get land procure attain buy earn score access capture cinch garner win achieve assure bag carry draw ensure find guaranty ice insure reap take grasp have hook purchase realise realize bring in come by get hold of get possession of knock down pick up pull down chalk up give security lock up make sure make sure of rack up win possession of get your hands on net make snag grab receive collect seize cop clinch accomplish nab collar gather reach snap up nail snare derive be given take possession of appropriate wangle catch hit carry off lay hold of notch up clock up glean amass come to have pull off fulfil effect fulfill produce get one's hands on consummate snatch annex annexe arrive at swing scoop possess oneself of log come into corral take receipt of pull in compass pocket ring up be awarded come into possession of come away with walk off with get one's mitts on walk away with inherit lay hands on bring off latch onto trap fetch establish clear bring about complete take home strike accept get hands on pull sew up clean up wrap up detain execute accumulate grab hold of carry out perform effectuate gross perpetrate glom prehend act on hustle take advantage of conquer manage lay one's hands on return prosecute bring do locate haul in apprehend act upon take in jump at leap at pounce on bring to fruition record seize on take up follow through with build up yield come in for abduct arrest harvest finalize be presented with be in receipt of profit grapple grip be paid negotiate command get one's fingers on have conferred on one wrest finalise bear engineer commit get a hold of take into custody scare up gather up bring home cash in on latch on to seal put through succeed in carry through warrant encounter assume pot come up with ensnare retrieve accrue settle recover enlist conclude capitalize on get into one's hands be sent blag be provided with gain possession of meet maximize cull reify rake in bust rap fix take prisoner pinch possess own accept delivery of redeem claim nail down pay for nick pay hold finish scrape together finish off maximise clutch give invest in succeed shop for get paid lift make a purchase of put money into make the purchase of corner contract for sign for take delivery of perfect discharge polish off get in exchange splash out on get done go for make good on grasp with both hands round up feel your collar grab at deliver on follow through on bring to completion register contract engage adopt steal captivate uncover discover unearth profit with understand notch something up bank know feel touch sense hit on turn up ferret out nobble walk away close out put away decide realize a profit of make a profit of search out maneuver manoeuvre work pluck catalyse catalyze actualize retain enjoy make certain be appointed to close induce solicit bring to light run to earth merit justify deserve take over glom onto make a profit turn in save hoard schlenter salvage occupy ingather be one's lot meet with fall to the lot come across come upon luck into fall upon happen upon stumble upon take into one's possession agree to receive notch make it to knock up source advance ameliorate work out go through with arrange get to rise to kidnap entrap take captive accede to get at drum up scrape up lay up gobble up attract hit up hold out for lay claim to trace track track down go through be successful score a success make use of set up get something done patronize be elevated to climb to get in fix up sort out afford beg borrow or steal take hold of take hostage bring around get as a result patronise turn wrangle be deserving of sock buy out manage to get make a haul prevail upon buy up run in tie up market for sell for have a right to exploit use knock off trade for make a purchase deal in make a buy go shopping for be entitled to be worthy of restrain pursue make the most of repay honor conduct honour reel in feel someone's collar make fast buck pay one's dues be gainfully employed make it big swoop down on swoop on snap something up seize hold of accept eagerly welcome with open arms grab with both hands go for enthusiastically show enthusiasm for satisfy gaol roust take in for questioning jail incarcerate imprison toss in jail throw in jail put in jail put the cuffs on book put the arm on tree utilize pay out be in line for bring home the groceries bring home the bacon eke out recoup be worth do justice to take care of pull something off live up to make it nail it put it over do the trick get there keep faith with put the tin lid on do a bang-up job get someplace fulfill one's potential make hay do one proud be true to pay off pay dividend make a killing show profit utilise milk gain from profit from derive benefit from put to advantage play on take action on benefit from jump on build on put to use follow up on turn to account profit by clasp market avail oneself of confirm clench set verify substantiate bargain for go shopping barter for cling to make certain of not let go of hold on to handle adhere wring wield palm keep close hang on to have in one's hand hold close lock on lock in have a lock on set the seal on put on ice know for certain

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