Đồng nghĩa của relocate

Alternative for relocate

  • ngoại động từ
    • di chuyển tới; xây dựng lại


To move (something) from one place to another
move remove budge dislocate displace disturb leave quit reposition shift transfer transpose advance carry change flit impel migrate position push rearrange shove shuffle change residence move house change place go away pack your bags put somewhere else transport convey resettle transplant bring take emigrate send haul cart ship uproot fetch ferry move away deliver conduct evacuate lug truck transmit depart dislodge freight go dispatch tote immigrate move on rehouse up sticks change position pack off pull up stakes move over switch decamp relay defect convoy move out resituate trek travel misplace bear funnel traject import forward pack consign channel route send off move aside move along shift position step aside make room change places make way vacate translate interchange exchange replant repot exile run take over traffic pass sweep revamp recondition reset readapt reorient go overseas go abroad be posted schlepp shoulder piggyback get going set going clear out clear lift change the position of drag disarticulate break separate interrupt rummage perturb disunite divide unhinge adopt rescue move abroad carry away taxi onpass take away place in the center return to the middle put back in the middle place back in the middle split transmigrate carry over port cart off carry off put out of place disestablish locate change jobs change address change house passage move overseas post rehome issue remit knock out of place knock out of position move out of place depopulate reallocate address replace leave your country express shoot move around redeploy start a new life proceed send out get head cross hand-carry recenter locomote assign connect swap mail reshuffle reorganize redistribute schlep reorder hump direct substitute shuttle reorganise heave trawl tow convert sell heft sync transit draw support pipe syphon ride smuggle distribute export drop embark siphon upload implant negotiate graft ship out go aboard gather put on board send to take up an appointment assign to a post alter trade redirect impart airmail pull adjust buck circulate commission refer disseminate roll stir put in the post drop off put in the mail send on redispose rejig readjust barter take along pick up rationalize change around sort out rationalise restructure come carrying slide transact reverse bandy carry on propel cash in give and take deal in convert into flip-flop wrixle swap over inch nudge give way


To place someone in a given location or position


To dismiss from a job
remove dismiss discharge displace expel oust depose eject fire purge unseat dislodge dethrone eliminate move sack topple relegate retire supplant transfer abolish evict release reposition defenestrate detach evacuate expunge pull shift abstract ax axe bounce budge can cashier dislocate out ship boot out kick out throw out turf out muster out pink-slip see the back of take down give someone the boot give the bum's rush throw out on your ear give someone their marching orders show the door banish terminate drum out send packing get rid of turn out force out drive out turn off give the heave-ho give someone the push let go lay off chuck out cast out transpose exclude exile overturn disturb bring down boot overthrow put out run off give someone the bullet deport give the old heave-ho make redundant reject defrock rout remove from office give someone their cards chase give someone the sack give the elbow throw someone out on their ear expulse shut out uncrown discard thrust out unthrone suspend push out deprive unmake bump slang impeach drop turf heave out give someone their notice give the boot bin off give notice to give someone the big E give someone the air upset break dispossess usurp unfrock shelve debar ostracize discrown fling out transplant give someone notice give one notice ostracise send away dispel push put an end to give walking papers remove from power dissipate misplace ban subvert eradicate uproot bring low disqualify defeat knock over degrade pension deselect disfrock recall disemploy furlough depone overwhelm bust replace eighty-six chuck freeze out knock out of place knock out of position disestablish transport give the sack to force to leave bring about the downfall of do away with sling out show the door one let one go run out of town pay off give someone his chase out let out wash out turn away give warning throw out on ear ride out on rail give the ax give the gate give one the gate give the sack show the door to throw out on the streets give a pink slip give somebody their cards toss out give marching orders rusticate throw someone out disbar keep out bar consign demote throw triumph downgrade blackball move on heave expatriate blacklist prohibit from entering unhorse black put out of place excuse yeet strip of rank put out in the street sever connections court martial nix supersede hand someone his hat chase off give the boot to give the bullet to expropriate unsettle give heave-ho fordrive get going set going give the push to extrude give somebody the boot give somebody notice move out of place give someone the gate put away give someone his or her walking papers give someone the ax give someone the pink slip dehire unhire shed ask to leave disthrone disenthrone separate rummage perturb disunite divide unhinge disarticulate interrupt declare redundant drive away change the position of give the hook show you the door deprive of office extricate disentangle hand walking papers give one's cards give somebody the sack give pink slip give somebody the pink slip pink slip give somebody the push give bum's rush take over show out heave-ho toss out on ear pack off give the 1-2-3 bundle off remove by force relieve of duty free lock out quell rearrange step into shoes of dig out get out shuffle position disregard disperse tomahawk cut downsize reduce hatchet poll decimate cleaver allay knock loose change scatter explain reshuffle reorganize redistribute alter resolve clear adjust redeploy reorder scale down cut back slim down redispose rejig readjust overcome beat master roll stir toss ditch unloose shake off lay aside irrupt dump lick conquer crush destroy level put out of your mind throw overboard kiss goodbye send off squeeze out drive off clear up ruin trounce undo subdue overpower demolish withdraw give someone their P45 give the chop show the gate to subjugate upend dissolve raze vanquish reorganise slide locomote tip liquidate exterminate tumble overrun propel take away move out knock down put paid to shove inch nudge remove from clear from bring to ruin give way change position send to a safe place give notice kiss off


To force or break apart
disjoint decouple disassociate disconnect disjoin dissever dissociate disunite divide divorce part ramify resolve separate sever split sunder uncouple unlink unyoke break up disarticulate dislodge dismember luxate move come apart detach isolate disengage break remove undo cut off split up segregate cleave unfix dislocate break off unhitch disband rend unfasten disentangle abstract diverge cut disaffiliate displace rive partition dichotomize untether slice unhook dissolve section set apart put out of joint loose break apart take apart put out of place free withdraw disassemble loosen distance disrupt branch dismount alienate spread dismantle tear off bifurcate segment subdivide dissect keep apart break down divide in two split in two cut in two abjugate unstrap untie delink factionalize unclasp splinter extricate reduce decompose unbuckle unbolt unmarry draw back disintegrate unbutton unpin distinguish put away scatter clear disperse embroil estrange unsnap unclick rupture unravel go separate ways dock bisect amputate uncombine tear chop off hew off shear off slice off hack off lop off pull apart cut up set at odds divide up tear apart carve become disconnected come away become detached itemize portion open particularise strip particularize articulate itemise factor wedge apart break open set at variance fork move apart divaricate put asunder draw apart branch off branch out fork off turn off unhinge unjoint slip subluxate put out drive apart come between drive a wedge between set against disaffect pit against one another tear asunder triangulate alien sour disgruntle antagonize unbridle wean antagonise set against one another sow dissension go in different directions cause dissent cause disagreement among release unbind dispel interrupt liberate shatter unlock disturb crack leave turn away disentwine unloose drive away disillusion disunify disenchant make unfriendly sow dissension between push away make hostile to put at a distance stir the pot set free turn your back on pit against cause a rift sow dissension among cause to disagree cause disagreement put to flight sow disaccord go their separate ways part company meddle intervene interpose interfere make indifferent withdraw the affections of fracture burst quit fragment unzip rift crumble puncture breach unwrap shift transfer rip asunder unfetter unlace unmanacle unshackle bust clip off nip off pull off prune off schismatize reposition budge transpose strip off cause disagreement between put at odds unlash unseal fragmentize repel discompose upset disquiet agitate rip in two split down the middle disappear dismiss demarcate hack rip off disembarrass untangle ease break away differentiate unloosen let out unshut unclose unblock unknot unstop polarise polarize vanish rout create a rift in create a schism in distance oneself cause a rift between quarter rip chop halve slash dissipate demobilize banish pierce smite send off demobilise drive off chase away insulate cut loose cut out sequester crack open chop up split open lay open slice up rummage perturb misplace quarantine seclude get rid of make hostile withhold drive squander send chase cocoon exclude cloister migrate clear out set asunder disject lose move in different directions dissatisfy divert close off shut away seal off confine keep out screen off cordon off rope off fence off island keep in solitude put a cordon sanitaire around form a ring around block off shut off tape off partition off curtain off sever connections between set at odds with cause antagonism between destroy the affections of put on the outs

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