Đồng nghĩa của evict

Alternative for evict

evicts, evicted, evicting

Đồng nghĩa: expel, oust, turn out,


To expel (one or more people) from a place, property or group
expel oust eject remove bounce dislodge defenestrate dismiss expropriate extrude out throw out boot out drive out force out kick out put out chase out send packing turf out turn out drum out give the heave-ho heave out show out show the door shut out chuck out force to leave give the old heave-ho throw out on the streets toss out on ear throw someone out on their ear give the bum's rush heave-ho banish cast out exile displace deport get rid of run off discharge exclude chase rout give someone the boot sack slang give someone their marching orders ostracize reject fire ostracise can purge eliminate expulse expatriate cashier depose send away unseat topple boot axe ax push out thrust out outlaw give someone the push dethrone transport dispossess proscribe release relegate overturn shift bring down evacuate eighty-six throw out on your ear do away with give someone the big E give someone the air muster out bin off extradite clear excommunicate repatriate chuck move ban overthrow retire erase supplant defrock deprive uncrown unthrone unmake rusticate usurp discard withdraw turf empty dislocate drive off fling out remove from office get out pink-slip see the back of lay off give the gate put out in the street squeeze out give someone the bullet show the door to let go take out give someone their cards toss out give the elbow prohibit from entering debar blackball replace yeet black boycott ship out sling out show you the door attaint transfer reposition abolish terminate make redundant give someone their notice give someone the sack pull relocate expunge detach ship budge abstract smoke out suspend flush out take down send home hand someone his hat chase off throw unsettle keep out bar give notice turn off disthrone discrown disenthrone toss ditch unloose bump irrupt dump isolate set aside extradict sequester give the sack to throw overboard kiss goodbye give someone their P45 send off give the chop show the gate to omit step into shoes of take over cut delete remove from take away clear from send to a safe place move out strip slur disregard elide forget drive away chase away drop rid shake off give something a miss leave off leave out miss out drain vacate jettison extract express zero excrete exude upset clear away clear out draw out bring out project squeeze void emit disturb press thrust extricate knock over disentangle uproot free bring low knock out of place knock out of position pack off give the 1-2-3 bundle off remove by force dig out knock loose bring about the downfall of press out give off freeze out disfellowship cast off bust unfrock subvert impeach give walking papers break hand walking papers run out of town let out cut dead ride out on rail give someone his pink slip dispel lock out give a pink slip give marching orders consign separate court martial heave repulse scatter nix relieve of duty excuse deprive of office supersede declare redundant give the push to give the boot to give the bullet to disbar dehire unhire shed disqualify give one's cards give pink slip give someone the pink slip give bum's rush disestablish undo remove from power dissolve unchurch give notice to give the ax pension deselect disfrock wash out kiss off pay off shelve recall disemploy furlough depone turn away give warning repudiate denounce blacklist disown marginalize sideline invisibilize cut out marginalise leave out in the cold anathematize fordrive disband takfir curse ask to leave disperse demobilize liberate allow to go dispatch dispense with dispose of slough off bundle demobilise do without push aside demote give the hook downgrade degrade unhorse strip of rank give heave-ho sin-bin tell to leave the field red-card send for an early bath order off show someone the red card


To prohibit or interdict the participation or inclusion of
shut out exclude bar ban debar except eliminate ostracise ostracize refuse cover conceal hide mask veil shroud seclude close obstruct beleaguer blockade discontinue screen close out rule out count out freeze out keep out shut off lock out block out fence off keep off close one's doors to keep at arm's length reject expel blackball preclude prohibit proscribe repudiate disallow dismiss veto blacklist boycott snub banish throw out suspend embargo outlaw exile oust shun forbid spurn eject cold-shoulder ignore force out remove prevent black interdict drum out stop bounce avoid leave out send to Coventry drive out leave out in the cold give the cold shoulder deny omit block disregard bate set aside pass over kick out turf out boot out turn out cast out drive away out refuse entrance to extrude censor deprive vote against disfellowship kill cancel get rid of estop obviate discount cut out miss out put out put an embargo on ward off blank pass by run off brush off chase steer clear of rusticate slang deny admittance to say no to taboo place an embargo on coldshoulder slight deny entry excommunicate chase out hand someone the frozen mitt give the cold shoulder to rout drive off disentitle disqualify push out dispel exempt inveigh refuse to employ thumbs down consider undesirable hit list put on hit list enjoin declare ineligible suppress obscure repress erase forget leave in the cold foreclose inhibit refuse admission to stand in the way of restrict nix down negative cashier override circumvent check thwart shut out of limit shoot down stave off avert put paid to abolish revoke discard not consider recant forestall forfend deter forget about put a price on someone's head condemn blot out blank out wipe out neglect give someone the brush-off give someone the go-by give the brush stiff-arm turn back on cut off press out express squeeze out gouge out overrule disclaim throw declare null and void pass on disown put down overturn keep back zing give the thumbs down to countermand rebuff abjure reverse turn down squash quash disacknowledge invalidate disavow give the bum's rush show out give the old heave-ho chuck out expropriate defenestrate force to leave throw someone out on their ear dislodge heave-ho throw out on the streets give the heave-ho show the door toss out on ear heave out send packing turn your back on have nothing to do with stay away from impose sanctions wash your hands of hold aloof from withhold patronage abstain from ice out refrain from strike give a wide berth to pass up refuse to take part in expatriate drop isolate do away with relegate send away discharge repatriate deport shake off extradite extradict expulse see the back of displace sequester chase away transport give something a miss pretermit cut not bother leave off dispense with let something slide miss fail to include bypass fail to mention skip take out elide overpass withhold skip over factor out overleap cast aside disbar deny access to disclude occlude sideline not count refuse to admit prevent from entering refuse admittance shut the door on


To vote against, especially in an exclusive organization
blackball bar ban blacklist debar exclude expel ostracise ostracize oust remove repudiate snub veto embargo shut out vote against boycott cashier disallow down drum out kill negative nix reject shun cold-shoulder disfellowship spurn throw out force out get rid of shoot down keep out give the cold shoulder leave out in the cold give the cold shoulder to eliminate prohibit except omit forbid refuse bounce proscribe banish ignore disbar black eject preclude interdict freeze out close out disregard discount disclude block suspend estop dismiss occlude obviate stop sideline rule out prevent bate deny access to leave out not count refuse to admit count out cut out miss out send to Coventry put an embargo on ward off prevent from entering put out lock out set aside refuse admittance drive out pass over shut the door on outlaw make illegal enjoin taboo place an embargo on criminalize inhibit criminalise restrain halt put an end to put a stop to suppress give the thumbs down to pass on put down cancel restrict freeze deny forfend censor spike stymie overrule hold up lock up declare illegal quash put the kibosh on give the red light to censure squash turn down thumbs down pass by zing declare null and void hinder deprive forestall oppose impede withhold check obstruct declare taboo shut down say no avoid sentence doom put the chill on destroy disqualify consider undesirable illegalize curse declare ineligible refuse to employ steer clear of hit list officially forbid close down pass up ice out close up condemn penalize penalise make something punishable declare something a punishable offence put on hit list nullify rule against decline pass cut give thumbs down defeat disapprove negate dissent not go for discountenance throw away burn refuse permission to put a stopper in bottle up keep lid on box in hang up bring to screeching halt put half nelson on cool gridlock cork jam up throw cold water on pour cold water on put chill on tie up put a lock on countermand rebuff reverse disown overturn invalidate disclaim abjure disavow throw say no to disacknowledge keep back


To shut off or keep apart, as from company, society, etc.
seclude isolate separate sequester segregate insulate confine quarantine withdraw cloister closet screen remove hide retire blockade conceal cover ostracise ostracize boycott embargo enclose immure cut off keep apart shut off keep away pull out split off sequestrate close off set apart detach island shut away cordon off divorce disconnect sever exclude block off seal off rope off divide fence off screen off curtain off partition off part split up close tape off protect dissociate cocoon shield break up alienate shelter distance disengage sunder shut up restrict cordon barricade block seal separate off bar rope maroon strand mark retreat divide off section off split end things withdraw from the world lock up imprison incarcerate partition select sort out ghettoize choose cushion free defend decouple disaffiliate disassociate avoid seclude oneself enisle secrete isolate oneself single out discriminate against ghettoise break off stand between come apart disband group sort part company undo go separate ways save safeguard closet oneself shut oneself away withdraw oneself cut oneself off set oneself apart remove oneself segregate oneself hide oneself away shut oneself off sunder out set aside separate out keep safe break from walk away break away keep at arm's length break with withdraw from place far off move away put at a distance tape treat inlay fill coat keep from harm line wad hold captive draw back set off wrap up in cotton wool disunite estrange abstract keep out keep in solitude form a ring around put a cordon sanitaire around


To throw away (something unwanted or useless)
throw away cashier chuck deep-six discard ditch dump eighty-six exorcise exorcize jettison junk lose pitch reject scrap shed toss unload cast off lay by shuck off slough off throw out abandon bin cast chase clear dismiss drop eject eliminate extrude refuse shuck slip unburden dispense with dispose of fling away fling off shake off throw off turn down free oneself of get rid of rid oneself of get shot of do away with cast aside get shut of chuck out toss out chuck away trash relinquish axe ax forsake expel throw on the scrapheap cast away see the back of remove clear out dispose have done with give up set aside throw write off root out weed out desert destroy fling can leave throw overboard slough toss aside part with cast out maroon wreck shrug off abdicate offload cull dispatch yield disburden thrust aside throw up put out to pasture throw aside sluff off shelve do without manage without cope without disown scrub make away with bung out bung away fling out sweep away dispossess banish exclude 86 knock something on the head pull the plug on demolish repudiate doff recycle decommission give someone the boot annihilate obliterate consign to scrap heap retire break up nix wash your hands of forgo away negative put aside cut fob off divest yourself of file in circular file relieve yourself of kiss goodbye adios kiss off make over auction deep six release let go unhand loosen one's hold on surrender loose one's hold on heave hurl resign eschew pack in resign from jack in quit shipwreck strand cast ashore leave stranded leave behind leave high and dry discharge boot out fire sack kick out send packing oust displace turf out give someone the bullet give someone their marching orders give the heave-ho show the door give someone the push moult omit disregard exuviate bounce terminate molt pink-slip drum out turn off muster out leave out let drop make redundant peel off give someone the sack give someone their cards let fall extract trim give the old heave-ho give someone their notice exfoliate sluff peel supplant excuse supersede bump replace bust flake mew melt off reduce take off freeze out lay off run out of town relieve of duty deprive of office give notice ride out on rail declare redundant lock out flake off skin scale renounce cede sacrifice disqualify boot break depose dethrone waive unseat delete dislodge slur elide erase forget cancel court martial let go of give away give a pink slip hand over deliver up ignore leave off topple force out defenestrate overturn defrock deprive uncrown unthrone unmake overthrow unsettle throw out on your ear give the bum's rush give something a miss take out miss out turn out out drive out rule out disthrone discrown usurp step into shoes of bring down take over disenthrone remove from office cross out cut out shut the door on

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