Đồng nghĩa của slough off


To throw away (something unwanted or useless)
jettison reject discard dump scrap shed abandon chuck ditch junk throw away throw out cast off relinquish desert drop unload ax axe bin cashier deep-six dispose of eighty-six exorcise exorcize expel fling get rid of lose pitch toss toss out cast aside chuck out dispense with eject forsake heave shrug off trash abdicate cast chuck away have done with hurl lay by maroon shuck off slough throw overboard fling away fling off get shot of get shut of throw on the scrapheap eliminate do away with molt moult throw off set aside see the back of exuviate slip let fall remove dismiss throw exfoliate part with shake off flake mew clear out sluff off peel off let drop throw aside cast out shelve exclude scrub offload nix bung out bung away cull dispose forgo away negative dispatch destroy demolish auction adios dispossess can recycle decommission annihilate obliterate wreck retire fling out 86 knock something on the head pull the plug on cast away give the boot wash your hands of sweep away thrust aside chase refuse evict extrude shuck unburden clear fob off divest yourself of file in circular file relieve yourself of kiss goodbye kiss off make over deep six root out weed out consign to scrap heap put out to pasture write off break up turn down peel sluff rid oneself of free oneself of skin flake off scale discharge boot out fire sack give up kick out let go send packing give someone the boot cut oust yield release displace toss aside turf out give someone the bullet give someone their marching orders give the heave-ho show the door give someone the push omit surrender disburden disregard bounce terminate pink-slip drum out turn off muster out leave out make redundant give someone the sack give someone their cards leave manage without do without cope without extract disown repudiate banish doff unhand trim put aside give the old heave-ho give someone their notice loosen one's hold on loose one's hold on supplant excuse supersede bump replace bust melt off reduce take off freeze out lay off run out of town relieve of duty deprive of office give notice ride out on rail declare redundant lock out renounce cede sacrifice disqualify depose dethrone waive unseat boot break delete dislodge slur elide erase forget cancel let go of give away hand over deliver up ignore court martial leave off topple force out defenestrate overturn defrock deprive uncrown unthrone unmake overthrow unsettle give a pink slip throw out on your ear give the bum's rush give something a miss take out miss out turn out out drive out rule out disthrone discrown usurp step into shoes of bring down take over disenthrone remove from office cross out cut out shut the door on


Make little of
make light of minimise minimize belittle underrate underestimate dismiss underplay understate play down talk down make little of trivialize undervalue trivialise deprecate misprize minify pooh-pooh hold cheap diminish downplay scoff at devalue discount derogate denigrate lessen disparage treat lightly depreciate de-emphasize downgrade soft-pedal tone down shrug off laugh off decry brush aside detract from discredit gloss over scorn deride defame knock underemphasize run down sell short sneer at bad-mouth put down ridicule mock soften vilipend reduce pan slam slate rubbish do down slag off pull apart write off take to pieces hit out at pick holes in deemphasize drag through the mud do a hatchet job on have a go at whitewash deflate detract moderate slur cry down mitigate pour scorn on asperse set no store by set little store by laugh at spurn disdain traduce diss dis trash disregard slight criticize cheapen vilify poor-mouth trash-talk qualify revile malign condemn abuse lower smear criticise kiss off roast bash cast aspersions on rate too low not do justice to do an injustice to treat as unimportant think little of reject degrade censure rap dispraise calumniate slander undermine wave aside weaken palliate cock a snook at brush off scorch dump on make nothing of take for granted restrain marginalize blister take down a peg undersell disesteem extenuate underrepresent tear down take down look down on think too little of look down one's nose at marginalise demean mute hold back hold in contempt minimalize temper make light misjudge despise knock off debase write down bring down poor mouth pooh pooh take a swipe at rip shoot down squelch shoot full of holes sour grapes squash cut down to size cut to the quick miscalculate miscarry not do justice be wrong about make a joke of joke about blast flame sneer speak ill of put hooks in pull to pieces impugn speak badly of tear into libel vituperate backbite devaluate decrease subtract from cut rate withdraw take away from prettify sugarcoat underprice give a lower profile modulate dumb down attach little importance to give little weight to think nothing of repudiate rebuff wipe slam-dunk ignore hold up to scorn treat with contempt sniff at turn up one's nose at express contempt neglect pass over put aside refuse to acknowledge overlook shut eyes to flout think no more of push aside sweep aside turn a blind eye to pay no attention to take no notice of forget about turn a deaf ear to have no time for put on the soft pedal euphemize blue-pencil subdue shush hush-hush go easy humble attack contemn disgrace denounce discountenance fault clamor against find fault with


To send away or order to leave
dismiss expel oust eject banish out bounce discharge rout chase deport discard disband boot disperse demobilise demobilize liberate bundle clear dispatch rid extrude throw out boot out kick out turn out turf out drum out cast out force out chuck out run off drive out let go send away send off show out cast off dispense with dispose of do without let out lock out push aside send home allow to go evict slang remove exile get rid of send packing scatter exclude displace reject dispel show the door ostracize drive away expulse ostracise push out expatriate break up relegate transport drive off thrust out ban separate bar give someone the boot shut out give someone their marching orders proscribe chase away defenestrate release dislodge split up rusticate put out give the bum's rush part company dissipate dissolve go their separate ways throw someone out on their ear debar sack cashier dispossess abandon outlaw extradite purge repatriate excommunicate demob heave out retire give someone the push pack off show you the door throw out on your ear bundle off give the gate shake off toss aside force to leave chase out consign send down repulse empty ship out give someone the bullet unchurch blackball expropriate disappear repudiate denounce isolate set aside extradict sequester blacklist squander leave vanish give the old heave-ho heave-ho throw out on the streets give the heave-ho toss out on ear anathematize eliminate black repel scramble sling out fling out disunite quell eradicate decommission disfellowship takfir curse fire suspend fordrive bin off bust fold destroy split part clear out see the back of disregard deactivate ask to leave do away with beat off give the elbow drop shelve demilitarise withdraw thin out disarm demilitarize go separate ways give the 1-2-3 lay off remove by force give someone the big E give someone the air give the hook give walking papers break it up go in different directions put to flight lay aside put out of your mind cast aside put aside cast away throw away forsake desert abdicate renounce abjure sin-bin tell to leave the field red-card send for an early bath order off show someone the red card cancel divorce give up write off shrug off

Trái nghĩa của slough off

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