Đồng nghĩa của toss aside


To throw away something unwanted
get rid of discard dump remove scrap bin chuck ditch junk lose offload dispose eject eliminate expel jettison trash unload cull dismiss dispatch drop shed cut dispense with dispose of do away with throw away throw out toss clear out reject toss out cast aside cast away cast off chuck away chuck out part with deep-six eighty-six fling off root out thrust aside weed out shuck off write off get shot of get shut of throw on the scrapheap banish can cast out put aside abandon cashier slough off fling away exorcize exorcise pitch lay by axe ax forsake cast see the back of relinquish slough leave have done with throw off disburden throw desert give up shrug off throw aside throw overboard shake off unburden destroy maroon fling shuck put out to pasture wreck exuviate shift moult discharge let drop molt free oneself of leave behind foist rid fob off peel off unlade yield slip rid oneself of palm off off-load let fall disown manage without do without cope without shelve scrub fling out make away with doff repudiate set aside sweep away dispossess bung out bung away give someone the boot knock something on the head pull the plug on annihilate recycle obliterate retire decommission consign to scrap heap break up demolish chase refuse turn down evict extrude clear slash divest yourself of file in circular file kiss goodbye adios kiss off auction deep six relieve yourself of make over walk out on forget surrender let go release unhand loosen one's hold on loose one's hold on shipwreck strand flake off sluff flake skin peel exfoliate scale mew heave hurl abdicate throw up leave high and dry cast ashore leave stranded lighten disencumber take a load off disgorge break bulk void discommode unpack relieve deposit devolve distribute pass on empty tip empty out debark delegate unship tip out free from relieve of transfer divest

Trái nghĩa của toss aside

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